This story is totally true

My wife and I have been married 20yrs though she was a girl about town before we met having sex will well over 100 guys, I believed she had been looking for love.
About eight years ago we both decided to make our sex lives more interesting, we would go out at the weekends and she would wear flimsy tops without a bra and she has lovely noticeable nipples.
That went on for a while until we decided we wanted it a bit dirtier so she said we should arrange to meet guys in car parks where she would lie down in her reclined car seat and strip off, spread her legs and frig herself while the guy would stand outside the car and wank off.
This was good but she then suggested she hand them her knickers and they cum in them, she would then put them on and me and her would go for a drink after wards.
This was good until one evening it started to rain and she said to the guy, jump in the car where they both had foreplay sex with him wanking off over her body and cunt.

Then one night a guy called Tom who had been in the car a couple of times already, while he was licking her cunt and fingering her, he rubbed his huge bell end on her wet cunt and I was shocked when she asked him to put his cock up her, they fucked really good and hard and it was obvious she was in pleasure heaven, he came over her belly and that was her started, there was no stopping her after that.

I have never been allowed to as much as look at a girl and I accept that.
Since her first fuck she has let every man we meet up with fuck her which is fine.

The last guy she met Dave, we met in a hotel and I had parked quite far away, she had full sex with him on the bed while I sat in a chair, he then knelt over her and wanked off over her face and in her mouth where she swallowed it, they were good together and she really enjoyed it, she had an orgasm with him then wearing just a fishnet top and high heels only she said she wanted me to go and bring the car nearer the hotel, as I was leaving she knelt on the bed and stuck her arse in the air sticking her arse and cunt up and waggled it about.
I did as I was asked and went to find where I'd left the car, it took me half an hour to get back, she was lying on the bed while he opened the door for me, she was still bottomless.
After a while they started having sex again and he was licking and fingering her cunt while she frigged herself, her hips raised thrusting herself onto his fingers and tongue she had an explosive orgasm, she then said " wow three orgasms " then she quickly said "oh I mean two ".
When we got home she confessed to me she had had a massive orgasm with him while I was getting the car.

My wife has always refused me fucking her arse and I have begged her but she has always refused me, she has however in the last two or three months been asking me to finger and tongue her arse which I have been glad to do, she has told me I cant fuck her arse but she has told me she wants Dave to fuck her up her arse when I am not there, I said when I'm getting the car and she said what will happen is when we arrive and chat for a while, she will then go to the bathroom where she will change into her tiny black seethru baby doll nighty with back seethru matching knickers, then she will come through and lie on the bed and at that point I have to leave and not return for an hour, she will still have her nighty on and she said if her knickers are on its because she or him would have put them back on, she will then get dressed and we leave and go home.

Where is this going, is my wife a true slut, she tells me her main thing in life has always been to have sex with different men, she also told me recently that when she was 10yrs old she used to fuck herself on the bathroom floor with the shower to tap rubber hose connector.

When I met her everyone said to me she was a slut and everyone had fucked her, she said to me "men don't seem to like girls who like a lot of sex " so now she is getting back to where she was but now she tells me she would never stop fucking other men.

She has also told me she has been secretly thinking for the last four months she would be more turned on having sex with men on her own without me there.

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Am I married to a raving slut ?

The photo is of her having fun with a well hung 8" cock guy called Joe.