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You: hi
Stranger: heeey
You: asl?
Stranger: 22 f aus you ?
You: 20 m usa
Stranger: nice where abouts ?
You: new york
Stranger: ive always wanted to go to new yrk !
You: i dont live in the city tho i live in upstate ny
Stranger: its still new york
Stranger: :L
You: lol :)
You: so whats up?
Stranger: nothing much really just laying down its soo hot over here what bout you ?
You: just got home from a swim meet trying to keep warm its freezing here lol :P
Stranger: oh my god seriouuus !
Stranger: if i was there id try & warm things up for you
Stranger: :P
You: ohhh really ;)
Stranger: really really
You: how would u accomplish that??
Stranger: for me to know & you to find out
Stranger: ;]
You: why dont you tell me ;)
Stranger: maybe id put my body up against yours ;]
You: oooo that would be nice! would you let me kiss you? ;)
Stranger: id let you do whatever your heart desires ;]
You: what would that include?? enlighten me
Stranger: your heart yuo should know ;]
You: well you can guess what its saying
You: ;)
Stranger: i dont like guessing why dont yuo just give me a demo ;]
You: oooo is someone horny?
Stranger: very
Stranger: lool
Stranger: your not ?
You: ohhhh i am baby
Stranger: mhhmm
Stranger: ;]
You: so would you like your demo? ;)
Stranger: just let me take my clothes off first ,
Stranger: or
Stranger: do you want to take them off for me
Stranger: ;]
You: ooo ur gonna get alllll into this ;) and yes thats would just be the beginning
Stranger: come take it off then ;]
You: ok :) then once i have them off i would start to masssage your tits
Stranger: then id start to rub you through your pants
You: and we would lie down on the bed together and you would take off my pants and id take off yours and id use one hand to rub your pussy and clit and the other one on your tits
Stranger: id start to moan a little
You: then i would slide one finger into your already wet pussy
Stranger: id start to give you hand job
You: i would start to figer you. slowly at first thn faster and faster all while rubbing your tits
Stranger: i moan louder , & tell y ou to start sucking my tits
You: i would use my tounge and lick and suck each of your nipples
Stranger: oofftt , than id push yuo off me , & slowly make my way down to your penis
Stranger: while staring you right in the eye
You: id kiss every inch of your body as you make your way down. . thn you start to lick my dick
Stranger: i tease your dick ,
Stranger: then i lick it slowly i go
Stranger: up & down
Stranger: up & down
Stranger: i make my way to your testicles
Stranger: & i suck on them
Stranger: i suck on them hard
You: i reach down and pull your hair back and look at your beautiful eyes and then force my dick into your mouth
Stranger: i devour your dick
Stranger: & suck on it as hard as i can
You: i push it all the way down your throat and you start to choke a little and then i push my dick in and out of your mouth all looking at you
Stranger: mmmm i love it ;]
You: meee tooo. . .
Stranger: as your shoving your dick in & out of my mouth
Stranger: im playing around with your testicles
You: thn i pull out of your mouth and we switch positions and i get my mouth near your pussy and you get yours by my dick and you start to suck me again as i lick your pussy
Stranger: i start sucking you as hard as ive ever sucked befooore
You: and i start you eat your pussy rougher and rougher sticking my tounge right inside you
Stranger: fuck yees
You: i move my tounge around and eat your pussy and tease it with my tounge
You: as you take my dick all the way down your throat
Stranger: mhhmmm , fuck yeees !
Stranger: then i siwtch positrions
Stranger: i lie you down on your back
Stranger: & i put your cock into my pussy
Stranger: & start riding it
Stranger: i go up & down
Stranger: up & down
Stranger: my tits are jiggling everywhere
Stranger: i move side to sidee round & round
You: as your riding my dick i push up even harder into your pussy and my dick is all the way in upto my testicles
You: and you bounce and i push in and out in and out
You: i reach up and grab your tits and rub them as your bounce and move round on top of me'
Stranger: ii moaan louuder & louuder
You: and i push harder and harder as you get closer to your orgasm
Stranger: mhhmmm
You: i roll you down below me and i get on top of you and start fucking you even harder. . the pleasure overwhelems you as i ram my dick deep into your soaked pussy
Stranger: i screaam harder
You: and you have an orgasm and your pussy colapses around my dick and i push harder and harder as im about to cum
Stranger: fuck me like youve never fucked before
Stranger: i pull you in closer with my legs
Stranger: i want you totally inside of me
You: i push all the way in all the way to my balls and i feel them start to tighten as i start to cum
Stranger: i scream really loudly the pleasure is overwhelmingg ,
Stranger: cum inside of me
Stranger: release it all in me
You: i cum deep inside your pussy. . you feel the warm cum in your belly
Stranger: mhmmmm . feels like heaven
Stranger: do have any more cum left for my tits ;]
You: is that even a question
Stranger: ?
You: of course!!
Stranger: well put your dick between my tits
Stranger: lets see if i can lick your dick while it passes through my tiits
You: i put my dick between your tits and start to titty fuck you
Stranger: i seee your dick coming up from between my tits i try & lick it
You: i push all the way thru and you lick it as it comes
Stranger: mhmmm , i then grab onto your dick
Stranger: & start sucking it
You: i push my dick all the way into your mouth
Stranger: as yur push it i suck harder & kaerder wanting you to cum in my mouuth
You: i feel myself about to cum again and i push all the way in and cum in your mouth
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: i suck it all down
Stranger: & i continue to suck you
Stranger: then i take your dick out of my mouth
Stranger: & move into the lounge
Stranger: i invite you to comee ,
Stranger: i get onto the table
Stranger: with my legs wide open
You: and i go down again and start to eat your already destroyed pussy
Stranger: i moaaan
Stranger: suck me harder
You: i step up the intensity i suck you more and more teasing your pussy with my tounge
Stranger: i start to shove my pussy in yuor face
You: i get the pussy juices all over my face and i lick it all off
Stranger: i turn around
Stranger: and tell you to fuck my as
You: my dick is already hard again so i put my finger in your pussy and use it to lube up your ass. and i slide my dick in.

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