Charlottes Diaries (Part 18 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 18 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

June 2002
June again and it’s our birthday month! Dave has been up to his tricks again and I get to have lots of fun as usual. In this months adventures you will find; latex, interracial sex, sex with strangers, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, Dogging, BDSM, S & M, toys, lesbianism and lots of masturbating! I have such good birthday presents….
June 2002 – Adventure 1
It was about seven o'clock on Friday the 16th of June, I had the night off and our daughters were in bed asleep. I was sitting next to Dave on our sofa and he leant over and gave me a passionate kiss and whispered this in my ear
"Darling why don't you go up stairs and buzz all your bits and pieces and have a quick bath as I have a surprise for you. ”
"Which bits and pieces do you want me to do?"
I asked as I stood up and started to go up stairs,
"All of them, including your arms and legs too. "
He replied. I returned after about an hour wanting to know what my surprise was.
Whilst I was upstairs he had spread our picnic blanket out on the ground and he had placed a chair on it, he told me to stand in the middle of the blanket and told me that I had to just relax and do as I was told. Then from behind a chair he brought out two pots of liquid latex rubber, one was black and the other was red. he also brought out two paintbrushes.

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"This is part of your Birthday surprise, just stand still and do as I tell you and I think that you will like the results. "
I said.
"I watched a program on using this stuff as clothing and think that I have a good idea on how to use it in the ways that they instructed. ”
Firstly he opened the red bottle and started to paint onto me a pair of knickers, this involved me lifting one of my legs and resting it on the chair so that he could create a pair of knickers that not only sealed across my openings but also that filled in the groove between my sexy pussy lips. About four layers later he had finished them and they looked perfect, as he waited for each layer to dry he also painted onto me a red bra with as many layers, both the knickers and the bra looked real (the layers had built up to look like the thickness ofmaterial. ).
Dave then borrowed my eyeliner pencil and drew a T-shirt type neck line across the back of my neck and also a V neck line on the front of my chest. Again with the red he painted a red panel inside the V neck line to simulate a T shirt type top, after that he painted my body black all over, covering both the knickers and the bra to make it look as if I was fully clothed. By the time that it had all dried it was about nine o'clock and just starting to get towards dusk, he asked me how I felt? I said that I felt very sexy. He then said to me
"You do realise that tonight when you get fucked it will be just like losing your virginity again?"
He questioned. I gave him a quizzical look and he went on to say
" Just think about it, there is a tight thin layer of latex stretched across your pussy hole and when a cock presses against it, it will stretch and then all of a sudden give in and the cock will be able to force it's way into you, just like the first time!!!!!!!”
I said;
"Perhaps it will. "
He then kissed me again, gave me my car keys and said,
"I dare you to get in your car, drive through town, and pick a man up. Then take him to somewhere on one of the industrial estates, then first get him to peel off some of the latex around your nipples and give them a good sucking and then get him to fuck you good and hard, forcing his cock through your protective covering. "
"Don't dare me, I might just do it!"
I replied.

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He said again. With that I picked up my long coat, put it over my arm and went out to my car.
From the moment that Dave started to paint the latex onto me, my heart began to pound and I started to get horny. When he dared me to go out and get fucked I thought that my heart was going to leap from my chest it was beating so hard. Picking up a complete stranger and having sex with him is one of my most favourite sexual fantasies and when he dared me for the second time I found that I couldn't speak, I was so turned on and excited. I found that being naked except for a thin covering of latex rubber was such a turn on in its self, but actually going out like it practically had me climaxing as I walked out to my car. As I drove in to town I tried to plan what I was going to do that night. On my way into town I drove around one of the nearest industrial estates and chose the place that I was going to take my stranger if I found one. I found a nice dark corner near a camping shop and then turned around and continued into the town centre. I made my mind up to try two places, firstly I was going to drive the complete length of the main road through the town centre and planned to call over ANY single males(It didn't matter whether they were attractive or not or whether they were black, white or yellow, I didn't have to fancy them I just wanted them to fuck me!!!!!) that I saw and ask them if they fancied a quick fuck, If I couldn't find anyone along there I was going to drive to one of the night clubs get out of the car and walk over to the nearest single male and proposition him for sex.
I turned off the roundabout and pulled into the main road, as soon as I could I pulled over to the side and parked for a few minutes to catch my breath and prepare myself. I got myself into the right frame of mind. A few deep breaths later I was ready and I pulled out and drove slowly down the road, I was surprised that by the time I reached the main part of the road through the town centre that I hadn't seen anyone at all. The lights were at red and as I waited for them to change I saw the door of the pub a few feet away open and a tall person stepped out into the street and started walking away from me. I felt myself trembling inside as I opened my window and pulled away, in the darkness I pulled over close to him and slowed down to a stop and called him over "Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me please?"
I said.

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   I heard him say something and he came over to my car and leant down to the window, he was black, I hadn't really prepared myself for that possibility and my mouth went really dry and I could hardly speak as I reached up and switched on the interior light. I heard him gasp as he saw what I had on. Really I may as well have been naked!!!! I regained my power of speech and in almost a whisper I said to him
"Do you want to fuck me, Yes or No?"
In his afro-Caribbean accent he said something like
"Sure honey, if that's what you want"
And he walked around to the passenger door and got in. At one point just as he passed the front of my car I nearly drove off, but I knew that I'd gone too far to stop now even though I didn't really like the thought of a black man fucking me this time.
I drove us around to the place that I had picked out earlier and parked as far back into the shadows as I could before I turned the interior light back on again. We both pushed the seats as far back as they would go before we reclined them. He then reached over and started to grope my breasts, my nipples were already standing up hard as JCB starter buttons and were feeling very sensitive, as he played with them he asked me about the rubber that I had on. I told him that it had been one of the birthday presents that I had received from my husband that day. He went quiet and stopped squeezing my tingling breasts. I reached across and placed his hands back on my breasts and told him that it was alright and to tear the latex off my tits and suck them, he didn't need telling twice and once he had started the latex tearing he ripped large strips away from my sensitive nipples and I cried out loudly as I climaxed. He then sucked my tits for a few minutes before I stopped him and reached for his zip to release his cock, I found it difficult to get it out and in the end he slid his trousers and underwear off himself and lay back on the seat for me to see his largish pre-cum covered cock. I took hold of it with one hand and plunged it into my warm wet mouth and sucked and licked it for a short while, it was a real turn on when I felt him take hold of my head and guide it up and down over it, telling me all the time whether to suck, lick or nibble it, Mmmmmm!!!!!.
I lay back on my seat and asked him to suck my nipples again and he did so and then after a couple of minutes he started to reach down towards my aching pussy, I stopped him and said
"No, not like that lover. I want you to force you way into me using just that lovely hard black cock of yours. "
With that I got out of the car and walked around to his side of the car and opened the door, I asked him to get out while I laid down for him, this he did.

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   I then lay down on the passenger seat and spread my legs as wide as I could, he then knelt in the passenger foot-well and I took hold of his cock and positioned it against the area where my slippery entrance was. I could feel my cum all slippery around my pussy lips inside the thin layer of rubber and felt a shudder of anticipation when our hands brushed against each others as he took hold of his cock. I laid back. Relaxed and gasped out to him
"Take me, fuck me hard and deep".
He didn't need telling because just as I started speaking I felt him push forwards with all his weight forcing his rigid black cock into me; I could feel the latex stretching into me as he forced his way into me. He was really struggling to get his cock into me and I could feel him pressing harder and harder against me and his cock was about two inches into me when the latex ripped exquisitely and his whole cock was thrust deeply into me, making me cry out in pain, surprise and pleasure. It was wonderful!!!!!! He then started up a frantic rhythm, fucking me as hard and deeply as he could, I can't remember how many times he made me climax before he came inside me, but it was at least twice. All the time he was fucking me he kept telling me what a fantastic fuck I was for a white girl. Once we had got our breath back he climbed off me and stood outside the car and started to put his trousers back on. Before he could I swung my legs around and leant out of the car and sucked his cock clean for him tasting the wonderful flavour of our mixed cum on his cock.
We then returned the seats to their correct positions and I dropped him at the traffic lights in the town centre, as we drove along he asked me if I had receive any other presents for my birthday and what were they. As he got out of the car I said to him
"By the way yes I did receive another present from my husband"
He asked what it was and I replied
"It was YOU".
We then said good bye and I drove home quickly, all the time our mixed cum was leaking out of my well fucked pussy and by the time that I arrived home it was all over the inside of the latex around my bum, pussy & thighs. I walked into our house from our car parking area wearing just what was left of the latex body covering, with my breasts and pussy bare and on display for anyone to see that wanted to!!!!!! Once indoors I sidled over to Dave, told him to lie on the ground. I then straddled his face and made him first to look closely at my well fucked'BALD CUNT' and then I forced it downwards onto his mouth and made him lick and suck me clean whilst I played with his cock.

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   When I felt that he had cleaned me out properly I impaled myself on his cock and rode him and told him all about my fantastic experience until we both came closely together, then I made him lick me clean again while I sucked his cock back to life for another fuck!.

June 2002 – Adventure 2
So much has happened over these last two months it is hard to know what to write about first, I think first I will say that I now have a regular woman to have sex with whenever I fancy some Bi action. We are both married with children. The only difference between us is that her husband doesn’t know that she is bi-sexual, and as she knows her husbands views on that subject she is never going to tell him!
Secondly the same woman also loves having sex with both Dave and me as a threesome, and she loves being dominated! It’s a wonderful arrangement that suits us all and she lives quite close to us too. As you can imagine we have met up several times over the last few weeks, and it was at one of our wonderful bi sessions that I told her all about my addiction to Dogging (I had to explain what it was!) and she said that she would love to try it one day, and then she told me about how she really loved being dominated and longed for her own husband to dominate her sexually and make her do naughty sexy things, but he is strictly a missionary position, use her for sex and never worried about whether he had satisfied her or not!!!! How Victorian is that, Dave has always said to me that satisfying the woman during sex is most of the thrill of it for him and he can’t understand why other men don’t think that way?
Anyway last Friday night, I think that it was either the 26th or 27th of June we arranged for a night out with Sandy (Sandra), our two girls were staying at their Nanna’s for the weekend, so she was to come to ours and we would go out from here in out long wheelbase county station wagon LandRover. All I told her was that Dave wanted to play a naughty sexy game with us both and that she was to bring the sexy undies, and red high heels that we had chosen together when the two of us went shopping and her long coat. Anyway Sandy arrived at 8. 30pm as we had arranged and when she came into our living room I was kneeling next to Dave’s chair, I was wearing black matching knickers, bra and suspender-belt, black fishnet stockings, red high heels and a studded dog collar. On our coffee table there was another dog collar and two leads.
Before she could say anything, Dave pushed her across the room and roughly down onto his chair and growled at her,
“Do as you are told slut, you’re my slut tonight. ”
He then told her to stand up and he told me to strip the clothes off her that she was wearing. I don’t know whether Dave noticed it but I felt her trembling with excitement as soon as I started undressing her, and by the time that she was naked, her chest was blushing very red with pent up sexual excitement. Then Dave told me to dress her in the matching sexy black undies as mine and the red shoes, and then he told me to put the collar on her too. That was too much for her and she fell to her knees as a body shaking orgasm tore through her body and made her legs collapse under her. Luckily I caught her as she dropped and I eased her down onto her knees.

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   Once she had recovered her composure Dave made us both put our long coats on and also clip a lead to each others collars, finally after we each handed him the looped ends of the leads he gave me a rolled up picnic blanket to carry and he gave Sandy a 22” long double ended dildo to carry.
He then made us both walk out to the LandRover and climb in the back. By then it was just gone nine, it was still warm and also light enough to see clearly by. He then without telling Sandy where we were going or what we were going to be doing he drove us to the Dogging car park. As soon as we turned into the car park I heard her give a gasp of satisfaction, After driving around the car park slowly to see how many people were already there enjoying themselves, he parked near the back beside the picnic tables. After letting us out he took hold of our leads and made us both take our coats off and leave them locked in the LandRover. He made us carry the items that he had given to us and made us walk all the way around all the parked cars, partly so we could see what other people were up to and partly for them to see us and hopefully be interested enough to follow us.
Dave chose a place just behind the picnic tables and made us spread the blanket out and then both kneel in the middle of it. As a mixture of couples and several single men started to come over to us Dave knelt down beside us and whispered in our ears that we were to put on a show for everyone to watch, ending up by both of us sliding the double ended dildo into each other taking it in turns to slide it backwards and forwards between us, fucking each other at the same time until we both climaxed. We were both so horny that we soon had each others tits out and were stroking, sucking, licking and biting each others nipples. We both came quite quickly, although I came first that time.
I then pushed Sandy down onto her back and pulled her already very damp knickers off her and licked, sucked and fingered her to another climax. Sandy then did the same for me and I remember crying out really loudly for her to make me cum and when she did, I remember that my back arched so much that it came off then ground and I stayed that way jerking with each wave of pleasure that rolled through my body. As I calmed down Sandy reached for the dildo, once we had positioned ourselves so that we were sitting in front of each other with our legs wide open we slid each end of the dildo into our very slippery pussy’s and our gathered audience cheered as we fucked each other with it. I remember vaguely hearing one woman shouting out for us to fuck each other harder so we did and it wasn’t long before I was having multiple orgasms a few minutes later Sandy climaxed too.

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   As we sat there getting our breath back Sandy slid the dildo out of us both, turned the ends around and gently pushed the end covered in her cum into my mouth for me to lick clean while she did the same to the other end! The crowd cheered!
While they were still clapping I whispered something in Sandy’s ear, she wasn’t very keen on what I’d said so I went over to Dave and told him. He gave Sandy a very angry look and went over to her and had a whispered conversation with her, then he unclipped her lead and led her over to the picnic table with everyone watching. He bent her over it folded up the lead and whipped her across her bum cheeks, she squealed out in pain and pleasure and he loudly asked if she was going to do as she had been told, she managed to say No I won’t and he whipped her another two times before she said yes and she crawled on all fours back to me on the blanket. Once we were both sitting there Dave announced to the crowd of Doggers that his two ‘BITCHES’ wanted to fuck everyone, male or female! A cheer went up and they all applauded again. Dave unclipped my lead too and we were both soon surrounded by men and women.
I think that there were about thirty people there, most of them were men, but there were about eight or nine women too. All I can remember about that sex marathon was that I licked and sucked several pairs of tits and pussies and that my cunt was filled to overflowing with cum. The last thing that we both did was to sixty nine together licking copious amounts of cum off each other until we both came again. We got home about eleven o’clock and had a quick shower each, Dave then asked Sandy if she had enjoyed being made to do those sexy things, she gave a tremble of excitement as she told him that she had. Then just before she went he grabbed a handful of both of our hairs and forced us down onto our knees in front of him and told us both to suck him off! This was almost too much for Sandy and she just had to wank herself off at the same time we sucked his cock. With both of us sucking and licking it at the same time we soon had him cumming his load, luckily Sandy had it in her mouth at the time, and after sucking every drop from it we shared a passionate cum swapping kiss together before we both swallowed some of his cum.
Before she left Sandy took a draft copy of my diaries so far, after reading them she rang us and wants Dave to make her do some of the kinky things that he and I have done together and some of the kinky things that I have done with other people. This could get very interesting in deed. Watch this space.

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