Charlottes Diaries (Part 19 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 19 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

July 2002
Just a quick sentence this time, in these two adventures you will find: Dogging, threesomes, fucking, oral sex, BDSM and a little light S & M.
July 2002 – Adventure 1
By now you realise that I am a whore at heart, one night whilst Dave was out with our oldest daughter I watched a television program on one of the latest sexual crazes that is starting to sweep the country. It is called Dogging, this is basically where couples drive to designated locations and after some complex flashing routines with the interior lights and brake lights, they begin to have sex. The idea being that other people watch through the windows and if they are lucky they are invited to have sex with the woman!!!!I kept on about trying it and eventually Dave looked up the nearest site to us on the Internet, surprisingly it was quite close. He asked me how serious I was about trying it. I jumped at the chance of trying it, and started arranging for a baby sitter for the next Saturday.
Saturday evening came and the baby sitter arrived, we left and after driving for about three-quarters of an hour we arrived at the car park. As we swung in we saw several cars parked at discrete distances from each other, one or two had people, (Mostly men, but there were one or two women too!) gathered around them. They didn't seem to be particularly bothered as we drove past them and parked. We sat in complete darkness for a few minutes and looked over at the other cars in the car park.

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   With my good night vision I could see the group of people moving from one car to the next, and when one of the cars door opened and I watched as several of the men and one of the women took turns at going into the car, and I can only imagine that they had sex with the woman, man or both!
I was starting to get fidgety so whilst I climbed over the seats into the back of our 110 County Station-Wagon Landrover Dave flashed our interior light in as near to the right signal as he could guess that we were going to be fucking. Before he joined me in the back of the Landrover, he made sure that all the doors were locked. Before we had left home Dave had slipped two six foot long foam sofa bed cushions into the back of the Landrover so that we would be comfortable when we had sex in front of the watching strangers, he had also folded the middle row of seats down so that they were convenient seat heights for him to sit on so that I could give him a blow job and show off my lovely bald cunt at the same time.
I could hardly wait and was stripped down to my sexy quarter cup bra, crotch-less knickers, stockings and suspender belt before Dave was even in the back with me. He madesit on the folded down seats and lean backwards, I willingly did this and he sat next to me and started to kiss and suck on my exposed nipples and breasts, I moaned out really loudly, and it both surprised him and aroused him at the same time (I am not usually a very vocal lover!). He carried on doing this for a few minutes, until he could see faces pressed against the windows of our vehicle. He whispered to me that people were watching us. I just groaned and said quite clearly,
He whispered that he would if I let him put my latest present on to me, I whispered what present? Dave then slipped a nipple chain out of his pocket, when I saw what it was I said
"Oh my, yes you can"
As he slipped each loop of the nipple chain onto each nipple and fastened them I cried out in ecstasy. He made me lean backwards again and he knelt between my legs, in the light from the interior light he could see that the material of my crotch-less knickers was already soaked and glistening with my slippery cum. Before he started to lick my cunt he made sure that he eased the two edges of the knickers as far apart as he could so that everyone that was watching could clearly see that I had a lovely bald cunt. Then with his little tongue he started to lick my bald cunt lips clean before starting to lick and suck on my clit. Then as he was sucking on my clit he reached up for the nipple chain.
As he continued to lick and suck my clit, he gently pulled on the nipple chain, as he knew that I love to have both my nipples stretched and tweaked during sex. I grabbed hold of his head with both of my hands and crushed his mouth against my cunt and gasped out
"Pull it harder!”
And I groaned out loudly again and cried out
"Do it again, HARDER!”
As he did as I asked and pulled on the nipple chain harder, I started to cum loudly repeatedly crushing my bald cunt lips and cum oozing cunt against his mouth for him to hungrily lick clean the way that he does so well. For a few moments I relaxed and recovered my senses.

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   Then I told him to drop his trousers and sit where I was sitting so that I could give him a blowjob. He willingly jumped at this chance of a blowjob, as he was extremely horny and ready for some sex himself.
As we swapped places I whispered in his ear that I would like to unlock the back door at some point during the blow job that I was going to give him and let some of them fuck me as I was so horny, but I also said that I didn't want to see who they were so that it added more mystery to the sex when it was with total strangers. Dave thought about it for a minute and then said to me slip both of your stockings off and use them as a blindfold. I thought that was a wonderful idea and I did this and then started to give Dave a blowjob. After a couple of minutes, I stopped and with a trembling voice said to him
"Unlock the back door for them will you?"
He did as I told him and opened the back door. As the cool night air rushed into the Landrover and he sat back down for his blow job I said out in a clear voice
"Come in and fuck me while I give my hubby a blow job! There's a pile of condoms on the seat near the door. "
There was quite a rush as four men of various ages clambered into the back of the Landrover with us. I knelt there with my blindfold on, and with my mouth wrapped around his throbbing cock and restarted the blowjob that I had started a few minutes before. As I sucked and licked it I wiggled my hips encouragingly at the men; surprisingly the first to get behind me (According to Dave) and slip his cock into me was an older gentleman. As he started to fuck me a couple of the others reached around me and began to tweak my already sensitive nipples again. As I sucked on Dave’s cock I started to climax, it wasn't just one explosive short orgasm it was a long almost continuous one. The older gentleman only lasted a few minutes but it was whilst he was thrusting into me that I gave Dave a very deep throat blow job, just the way he loved it. (Afterwards I told him that it was a combination of the thrusts from the man that was fucking me, my own intense sexual stimulation and plain luck. ) He didn't care at all what it was, all he knew was that the moment that his cock thrust downwards into my throat and he felt the lips of my mouth pressed around the base of his cock he unloaded jet after jet of cum deeply into my stomach.

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The amazing thing was that I hadn't even gagged! As he recovered and just as I pulled his cock out of my mouth, my first lover came with several hard deep thrusts into me. Once his breathing had returned to normal, he eased his rapidly softening cock out of me and the second of my lovers replaced him. The first lover said across to Dave
"Here mate my cock is covered in cum, will she lick it clean for me?"
I was still wearing my makeshift blindfold and I turned my head towards the sound of his voice and very sexily cooed
"Come up this end and I will lick it clean for you!!!!"
As I started licking his cock clean he said to Dave
"Your wife's a real cock happy slut isn't she?" He replied "You'll never know just how much of a horny slut she is!!"
Once I had licked his cock clean he did his trousers up, thanked me and left. During this time the second of my lovers gave me a really good fucking, making me cry out loudly each time my body was racked by another multiple orgasm. Finally he came and he had his cock licked clean too. The other two didn't last more than two minutes each and they didn't stop to have their cocks licked clean; they just left without saying anything.
As the last one climbed out of the Landrover I said
"Lock the door and fuck me, doggy fashion, the way that they did. "
He closed the door and locked it, As I reached over to turn the interior light off I looked for the empty condom wrappers, I couldn't find them and I said as much to Dave, he just said
"Don’t worry about that now, just get back on your knees and let me fuck you!”
I was so wet and slippery that even with his nine inches of hard cock he could hardly feel any friction on his cock this made it very difficult for him to cum. But cum he did, as he watched as I pulled on my nipple chain again as we fucked, until I climaxed again.
Afterwards I wiped my cunt clean with a hanky and Dave wiped himself dry too. We both redressed and drove to the closest pub for a drink.
Whilst we were there I dashed off to the toilet, when I came back I told him that when I had sneezed a huge amount of cum had squeezed out of my cunt and had started to ooze down my legs. There had been more cum there than there would normally be if only he had cum into me!!!!! When we left the pub and before we drove home, we counted the condoms that were on the seat. They were all still there, in our haste we had never checked to see if they had used them or not. They hadn't! On our drive home we talked about it all and I got so turned on again by talking about how it had felt for me that I lifted my skirt and made myself cum using my fingers!

July 2002 – Adventure 2
My or should I say our monthly treat of visiting my favourite dogging spot has come and gone again, I’m addicted to sex with strangers, I just love not having the complications of a emotional or romantic nature, just sex and that’s all I want from it.

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   Luckily Dave loves to watch me fuck other men and women so I’ve got all I want with our loving marriage for the emotional and romantic attachments and lots of horny sex with other people fully supported by my loving husband, what more could a girl want?
After a very emotionally stressful few weeks with my father being quite ill in hospital and not knowing whether he was going to live or die I needed my fix to help me relax and unwind, Dave is very good for me in that way as sex with him is always very good and he can make me climax so many times over the course of an hour or more that I often loose count before he cums in one hole or another of mine!!! Anyway he always manages to find some little twist to add to our night out and this time was no exception….
We left the house once the baby sitter had arrived at about 8. 30pm and headed off once we were out of the village he pulled into a field (We were in our Landrover). Then he first went to the back and opened the door, he then uncovered the double sleeping bag that he had hidden in there and spread it over the raised cover that we have in there to bring the middle of the floor up to the level of the seats. Then he lowered the backs of the middle row of seats which then gives you a space resembling the size of a double bed. Once he was happy with that he made me take my long Mac off and all my clothes. He then gave me an all over fishnet body stocking (I noticed as I slipped it on that he had sewn up the open crotch area!). Then he gave me my red high heeled shoes to put on, then my long Mac and finally he put a studded dog’s collar and lead on me! It made me go all weak at the knees and tingly inside my pussy as he pulled me into the front seat of the Landrover. We continued onto the dogging car park and parked up. Dave then said to me
“Tonight I’m going to get you fucked by three men and whilst they are doing that to you in the back of the Landrover, I’m going to find you a couple to go and fuck afterwards!”
I said to him
“Can’t we do it the other way around?”
“No, I want you to be thinking of how horny the sex will be between you and another woman whilst you are fucking the men first!”
then he went on to say
“Once we are out of the Landrover I will be leading you around and I want you to walk around with your Mac open and let everyone see how you are dressed, I will get three men together and tell them what to do to you, and yes I will tell them about the box of condoms that are laying on the bed for them to use!”
It wasn’t long before several men were hanging around us as we walked around, then he ordered me to kneel down on the grass, I did as he told me he then called one of the men over to us and gave him the lead and said to me
“Be a good little bitch and suck this man off.
The man couldn’t get his cock out fast enough and Dave walked off and left me to it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dave talking to three men, and I saw them all walk over to the back of our Landrover. After a few minutes of sucking on this stranger’s cock he grunted out loud and filled my mouth with his cum, I swallowed every drop and suck it clean before tucking it back into his trousers for him. As I stood up there was a small round of applause from the gathered people there as the man handed the lead back to Dave.
Dave led me back to the Landrover and made me climb in the back, take off my coat and lay down on my back.

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   He got into the Landrover from one of the middle doors and took the lead and tied it to the bottom rail of the seat, holding me down onto my back! I nearly came then, it made me so horny! Then the three men got in with me one laid down each side and each of them tucked my arm underneath them, pinning me down even more and the other knelt between my legs, then Dave got out and shut the doors and left them to it. First they started by groping my tits and pussy through the material of the body stocking then two of them kissed my nipples through the material and I started moaning loudly, I was getting so excited! Then one of them ripped a hole in the fishnet around one of my tits and sucked my nipple into his hot mouth, I was in heaven, the other one followed suit and did the same and I came arching my back, crying out for more. Then I felt fingers pressing against the material of the body stocking covering my very slippery pussy, first he started by rubbing me then more desperately he started to push the material into my cunt with his fingers so that he was finger fucking me, the material didn’t tear at all and he just kept fingering me and they kept sucking and playing with my tits, then he stopped fingering me and I felt the familiar feel of a hard cock being pressed into me. But it didn’t go in very far, the material still hadn’t torn, he pushed harder and harder forcing more and more of the material into me, making it stretch tighter and tighter across my pussy lips until all of a sudden it tore and he was thrust deeply into my horny cunt! He entered me so hard and fast that I was slightly winded and had to gasp for breath as he fucked me hard and fast. He soon had me climaxing time and time again until he cried out
“Oh fuck, Oh Fuck I’m cumming!”
And he did, squirt after squirt of hot semen filled my cunt, jerk after jerk of his hips forced it deeper into me, until he had finished. Then as he pulled his cock out of me he said
“Oh fuck I’m sorry the condom’s split, I came in you. ”
I said something like oh that doesn’t matter and he swapped places with one of the others and they repeated the whole process over again, but they didn’t bother with the condoms after that, all the sucking and licking, all of the fingering of my now very slippery cum filled cunt and of course the very fast and furious fucking of my pussy. I was enjoying the sex so much that I didn’t even hear Dave get back into the Landrover near my head, the first thing I knew of it was when he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced his hard cock into my mouth for me to suck. Just doing that made me cum instantly and it wasn’t long before the last of them filled my cunt with his hot seed and I was able to concentrate on sucking Dave off. Thankfully he didn’t last too long this time and he filled my mouth with his hot seed too!
After thanking me for the great sex the three men left and Dave released me from the collar and lead and passed me a towel to wipe between my legs with. He then told me that he’d found another couple, but the woman would only make love with me she wouldn’t let her man fuck me. I was quite happy with that, as I had already had plenty of stiff cock inside me. We walked over to the car and he got out and stood outside it and they watched me get into the car with her and it wasn’t long before I was sucking on her huge tits and she was fingering me, then I pushed her away from me and I kissed my way down to her slippery cunt. As soon as I started to lick and suck on her pussy I knew that she had already had sex with him as I could taste the mixture of male cum and female cum oozing from her and I sucked and licked it all out of her and made her climax loudly. Without saying anything to me, we swapped positions and she went down on me too.

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   After a few seconds of tongue fucking me she stopped briefly and said
“Your sexy bald pussy is full of fuck juice, how many of them have you let fuck you tonight?”
I pushed her mouth back down to my pussy and replied
“Don’t stop and I’ll tell you. ”
As I felt her tongue continue it licking of my sticky cum filled pussy and clit I managed to gasp out,
“I’ve been fucked by three of them and I’ve given two blow jobs!”
Then after licking loads of sticky cum out of my cunt she started sucking and licking my clit and she made me climax quite quickly too.
Then she called her man over and told him what I’d done that night and she then said to him
“Watch me. ”
She then pushed three of her long slim fingers into my slippery pussy and scooped loads of the thick sticky cum out of me and then very sexily finger fucked herself with her cum covered fingers until she came again, and as she came she gasped out
“There are you happy now, I’ve got other men’s cum inside me too now?”
She then asked me to get out of the car so she could fuck him again. We went back to the Landrover, I dressed in the clothes that I had left home in and after a quick drink, and a freshen up in a pub’s toilet we went home.

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