Charlottes Diaries (Part 22 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 22 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

October 2002
My diaries have given one or two of my friend’s ideas and in some cases the courage to try them for themselves! That’s what happens in one of these adventures, I hope you like them! In these adventures you will find, Lesbianism, rape, oral sex, vaginal sex, masturbating, fist fucking, toys, S&M, anal sex, cross dressing and strap-on sex. I’m sure Dave will agree with me now, you can have a huge amount of sexual fun together in your own home if you’re willing to try new things!
October 2002 – Adventure 1
Well diary this adventure is no different to all my other adventures, it makes me wet and horny just thinking about the things that I’ve done. But first a few details, as I have been having these sex adventures I have been scribbling them down and my husband Dave has been typing them up for me. Each one that he finishes I pass onto one of my closest friends (who knows all about what we get up to) to proof read before adding it to the manuscript for this second volume of Charlottes Diaries. Any way the last time I passed one on to her she asked me if I would experience her kinky sex fantasy for her and tell her all about what it was like, then perhaps she would actually try it without telling her husband! This is what she said to me,
“I want to be raped!”
She paused to see my reaction, I said nothing but I have actually been raped three or four times during some of my more bizarre adventures which I haven’t written about. Then she carried on to explain, this fantasy
“I fantasise about being raped, I would know that it was an arranged rape, but still a rape if you see what I mean. ”
I acted dumb so she said
“I would arrange for someone to rape me at a given time and place, so you see I would know that it was my rape fantasy happening!”
Anyway to cut a long story short she gave me all the details of what she wanted (including what I should be wearing) and asked me if I could experience it for her first (and let her watch) and then if it was convincing and naughty enough then I was to arrange for exactly the same man to rape her too! Mmmmmm arranging for something like that seemed like a tall order to start with and it took me two or three weeks of searching the internet and local clubs etc. before I was able to find what I was after and this is how it turned out………(By the way my friend was sitting quietly in the corner of the office just watching all that happened. )
I hate being the last to leave a building, but I was the only one left to lock up on this dark October night. I work in a parcel shipping office on the outskirts of a big town and unusually I had been left to lock up at 5.

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  30 pm. I sat there watching the clocks minute hand slowly passing five o’clock when the door to the office opened and an older man walked in with a parcel. We passed pleasantries as I processed the paperwork for the parcel and he dropped the line
“All on your own then?”
Into the conversation not thinking I replied
“Yes, they’ve left me to lock up at half five. ”
I never thought anything of it as he left the office, then the strangest of things happened the main lights in the parcel dispatch area went out and he came back through the office door, only this time he was carrying a very sharp looking knife. Instinctively I reached for the phone, but he just grabbed it and ripped the wire out of the socket!
“W W W What do you want. ”
I managed to stammer, He just replied
“To fuck you. ”
I felt slightly scared of this man as he was quite a large man compared to me. I found myself instinctively pleading
“Please don’t hurt me, please don’t rape me. ”
But he just clambered over the counter and was soon pressing the knife blade against my throat!
“Lift your skirt up you cock teasing slut you. ”
He commanded. When I didn’t move he pressed the blade closer to my throat, I gulped and did as he told me and lifted my skirt up at the front.
“Mmm sexy black knickers and stockings too!, I like that. ”
He said, then he commanded me to push my hand inside my knickers and ‘wank’ my self off! I knew what he wanted me to do, so this time I didn’t hesitate. I slipped my slim fingers into my already wet and slippery pussy and started to alternate between finger-fucking my self and rubbing my very sensitive clit. It wasn’t many minutes before I arched my back, lifting myself off my seat as I climaxed loudly.

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He didn’t give me many seconds to recover before he roughly pushed me off my chair onto the floor, then he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me into a kneeling position in front of he and he said,
“Now get my cock out and suck me off you whore.
I was already so horny that I instantly did as he told me and unzipped his cock, slipped it out between his flies and started to lick and suck it all over. As I got more turned on I reached into his trousers and cupped his balls in my hand as I sucked on his cock and as he thrust his cock deeply into my mouth I heard him gasp out,
“Oh, fuck yes, swallow my cum bitch. ”
I did as he commanded. After a few minutes of heavy breathing he returned his attention to me and still with my hair tightly held in one of his hands he pulled me up onto his lap and roughly ripped my blouse open to reveal my black bra, and he lifted my tits out of each bra cup and started to roughly squeeze and tease me breasts and nipples. I groaned out loudly and he whispered in my ear
“You like that don’t you slut?”
I didn’t say anything. Then he moved the knife from my throat and pushed it blade first up my skirt (which had fallen down to its normal position) then he pushed the tip of it out through the material of my skirt and cut downwards until my skirt parted exposing my knickers and stockings.
Out the corner of my eye I saw a movement and realised that my friend had moved closer to watch what was happening. Then he went back to squeezing my tits and he also (after placing the knife on the floor next to him) slipped his hand inside my knickers and started to finger fuck me and wank me off again. I couldn’t help myself and I came two or three times in quick succession, all the time he keep saying all the dirty things that he was going to do to me. At this point I tried to get away from him and as I tried to run he grabbed me and pushed me down onto the ground, for a moment or two he looked around and then he saw the large roll of parcel twine that we have in the office and he pulled a long length from it and tied my hands behind me and my arms to my body so that I could move them even if I had wanted to.
I heard a gasp of pleasure from over where my friend was and as I looked over to her I saw her easing her hand from inside her skirt and knickers, this was certainly turning her on too! Then the rapist forced my legs apart and ripped my knickers from me with more force than was really necessary, I couldn’t help myself, I cried out in pleasure at the naughty pain that I felt across my pussy lips! I managed to regain my composure a little and started to beg him again not to rape me, he just told me to shut up and he rolled me over onto my tummy and pulled me up onto my knees with my face still against the floor. With no warning at all he started to force his fingers deeply into my very slippery pussy, I could feel the roughness of them as they stretched me wide. He wasn’t gentle either he just forced them into me and started fucking me with them, I cried out once or twice in pain as his straight fingers dug in me but he soon had me close to climaxing again. Each time he thrust his fingers in and out of me he was dragging his thumb backwards and forwards over my sensitive clit.

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   I was so close that I remember screaming out at him “You must be a fucking queer, if that’s as hard as you can finger fuck me. ”
That did the trick and he finger fucked me as fast and hard as he could. I climaxed loudly and jerked hard against his hand as I did so and he cried out in pain and virtually threw me off his hand!
It turned out that I sprained his wrist! Ooops! Anyway he carried on with what he was doing and started to roughly abuse my breasts, he started by grabbing them and twisting them, biting them and sucking them he even slapped them and he kept saying what a slut I was and I came again, I just love sexy pain. I don’t like the thought of being beaten up but I really get off on naughty sexy pain! He couldn’t control himself any longer and he rolled me onto my back and got his cock out and started to rub it up and down over my very slippery pussy lips, Then he reached down between my legs and pushed three fingers into my pussy and stretched my pussy lips open before forcing his cock in beside his fingers. Slowly he started to rape me, thrusting his thick cock in and out of my sopping wet pussy. As he got more and more turned on he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and forced me to lick my own cum off them before he went back to mauling my tits with it. Then the strangest thing happened my friend shouted out in a loud voice “That’s right rape her, fuck the whore hard, make her beg for you to fill her cunt with your hot cum!” Hearing my very mild mannered friend exclaiming like that momentarily took my attention away from the good fucking that I was getting. I couldn’t believe it he stopped fucking me, took his cock out of me and picked up his knife again. He came back over to me and pushed his cock back into me, as it slid deeply into my pussy he started to very slowly fuck me. As he built up my climax again he pressed the blade of the knife back against my throat and growled at me,
“Beg for me to fuck you, beg for my seed deep in your belly bitch!”
I managed to gasp out
“No, don’t cum in me. ”
(At this point I didn’t know that he had turned his hunting knife over so that the blunt side was against my tits, but he had). He moved the knife down to my tits and growled at me again
“Beg for me to cum in you or I’ll cut your tits off!”
As he said that he pressed the cold metal against my tits. I panicked for a moment and started begging him to fuck me hard and deep then I said it
“Rape me hard, fill my cunt with your cum!”
And he did, I felt every squirt of his hot seed as he filled my pussy up with it. When he had finished he left me lying on the floor and left the building.
My friend didn’t say anything, but she came over and knelt down beside me and pulled her skirt up around her hips.

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   Then she reached down between my legs and gently pushed them apart and surprised me by pushing two or three fingers into my cum filled pussy and scooped out loads of the rapists and my mixed cum out of her hand. Then she pulled the top of her knickers open and plunged her hand down between her pussy lips squeezed her legs together and climaxed loudly beside me. After a few moments she calmed down, wiped her hand on the inside of her skirt and whispered in an embarrassed way;
“You didn’t mind did you?”
Indicating my pussy and her hand.
“No, no of course I didn’t!”
I said. She then found a pair of scissors and released me, I dressed in my spare clothes and as we left the building she said to me.
“Make that happen to me too, and I want you to watch me this time!”
Unfortunately she doesn’t want me to write about that in my diaries as we got carried away afterwards and I made love to her, and much to her embarrassment she liked it and made love to me too! The things I’ll do for my friends!

October 2002 – Adventure 2
Hi well it’s the last weekend of October already and we simply just haven’t had time to go out and have some fun for a second time this month, so I’m just going to write about one of the kinky sessions that we had this month at home. As you are all aware by now my lust for sex of any kind is insatiable, virtually everything that I see or do makes me think about sex and makes me horny, I’ve even been known to slip into the toilets at work and wank myself to a quick orgasm simply just to make myself feel good and more relaxed.
Anyway this is what happened on one of my nights off. I had been feeling horny all afternoon and had slipped upstairs several times for quick sessions with my fingers and once even with one of my many dildo’s and each time I thought more and more about what I was going to do with Dave that night, by the time that the girls were both in bed my plan was made. First thing we did was we both had a warm bath together and soaped each others important places etc. Then while Dave settled down to watch television I disappeared upstairs were I dressed myself in a set of black lacy lingerie, some long black high heeled boots, a black mini skirt and red Tee- shirt and then I raided my naughty toy box for some adult sex toys and put them in a zip up holdall along with a couple of hardcore porn video’s. I sidled downstairs to our living room and after dropping the bag loudly on the floor at my feet I stood with my back against the door and ordered Dave to go upstairs and put on some girly clothes.
After a quick snog, he went up and got dressed up for some kinky sex together. When he came down he was wearing black fishnet suspender tights, black knickers, black bra, black short skirt and a white shirt.
“Mmmmmm, you look kinky, but not quite kinky enough.

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I reached into the bag and brought out a black long wig and made him put that on and clipped it up.
“Now you slut, turn around and put your hands behind your back. ”
I commanded. Dave did as I told him and I used a short length of rope to tie his arms behind him, (I tied the rope around his elbows so that nothing was touching his wrist which has some painful scars on. ). Then I pushed him down onto our long sofa and reached into my bag again.
I put one of the hardcore videos on and sat down to watch it with him, while we watched it I pulled my mini skirt up and slipped my hand inside my knickers and began to masturbate in front of him. Sure enough it soon had his big cock throbbing and twitching under his skirt straining at the flimsy material of his girly knickers. I finished fingering myself to a body arching climax and then I turned my attention to Dave. I took out from my bag the black riding crop that I have and traced across his breasts (He was a girly so it is not a chest at the moment) and then I gently, but firmly started to tap each nipple in turn and then gently stroking each one with my hand, I kept repeating it making each nipple sensitised to touch. Then I moved down to his cock and balls and gently started flicking them alternately through the material of the skirt and underwear and I soon had him squirming around in pleasure. All the time I was teasing and telling him how much I liked hurting him and it seemed to turn him on even more. Then I lifted the front of his skirt and changed over to using my dildo cat of nine tails whip and just concentrated upon whipping across his nipples and cock, I increased how hard I was whipping his swollen cock end so that it stimulated it enough to make him cum in his knickers. By this time I was really horny again and needed a good fucking (Just as I knew I would be), I released his arms and once his cock had started to go soft I made him put on my rubber dildo pants over his underwear (still wet with his cum) and told him to lay on the sofa again.
This time I pulled my knickers to one side and impaled myself on his rubber cock and started to ride it.

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   I rode it and made myself climax five times, changing positions two or three times. Once I was really satisfied (and slightly tired) I eased myself off his rubber cock (leaving it covered in my slippery cum) and told him to take them off carefully. Once he had them off I pulled his cum covered knickers down and whipped the dildo clean with them, and before he was allowed to pull them up again I laid back onto the sofa with my legs wide apart and slid four of my slim fingers into my very slippery cunt and hand fucked myself for a few moments and thoroughly covered them in my cum too (I know how horny this makes Dave) then I wiped them all over his cock and balls too, before I made him pull up his girly knickers. Judging by the stiffness of his cock again he was horny again, and as he tucked his cock in and lowered his skirt again I made him put on a blindfold.
Once the blindfold was on I strapped on my big strap-on dildo and told him to get down on his knees, he did as he was told and still wearing all my clothes and the strap-on I stood in front of him and pressed my rubber cock to his lips and told him to suck me off. I stood and watched him sucking and licking my cock, sometimes when he took it in his mouth I took hold of is head and fucked his mouth a few times making him take it deeper. It wasn’t long before I was really turned on again, and I knew that he was too. I told him to pull his knickers down and too lay down onto his tummy on the floor, whilst he did as he was told; I covered my big dildo in baby oil and knelt down behind him.
“Lift your skirt up you slut, I’m going to give you a good fucking now!”
I said. Then I laid the big cock shaped dildo onto his bum cheeks and said
“Show me how much you want me to fuck you. You push me into your fuck hole. ”
Dave reached behind me and did as I had told him to. He grabbed my cock and worked it deeply into his fuck hole, all the time he kept telling me how good it felt to be fucked by me, how much he liked me being in charge etc. I climaxed in about two minutes, but I was determined to have more pleasure from fucking him.
I pulled my cock out of him and laid down on the sofa and told him to fuck himself on my cock and make me cum, Dave did as he was told and straddled me taking hold of my cock again he eased it into his fuck hole again and rode me.

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   Again it wasn’t long before I came again. I was still horny and enjoying being in charge of this sex session, so I pushed him off and led him around the back of our sofa, bent him over the back of it lifted his skirt up and fucked him again until I came. As I leant against him he gasped out “Don’t stop make me cum. ”
I pulled his knickers up and led him over to the sofa again and let him impale himself on me and ride me until he came in his underwear again. We both laid there gasping for breath, basking in that after sex feeling for several minutes before Dave got off me and went and got cleaned up. Afterwards he told me how much he had enjoyed our naughty little session and how horny it had made him when I had eased four fingers into my pussy and covered his cock and balls in my cum, and how much he had enjoyed having his nipples and cock whipped through his clothes etc. and how much he had enjoyed being fucked. I enjoyed it too.
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