Charlottes Diaries (Part 23 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 23 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

November 2002
I can’t believe this year has nearly finished already! Anyway this months adventures were really fun and I enjoyed them immensely. In them you will find: interracial sex, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, S & M, Bondage, lesbianism, dogging, Web Cam sex, hand jobs and masturbating. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed doing them!
November 2002 – Adventure 1
One of my husband’s favourite films is 91/2 weeks, and he especially likes the scene when Kim Basinger is sitting in her underwear on the edge of the bed, blindfolded and not knowing what was going to happen to her with Micky O’Rouke standing watching her. I have a fantasy where I like to be fucked by total strangers! With his birthday coming up I started to wonder whether I could somehow combine both of them. I started to plan one day when I saw an old copy of the Daily Sport newspaper. After reading some of the sex contact adverts that were in there I made my own up and sent it in, this is the ad:
Nymphomaniac Wife will travel to meet
well endowed men to F*** her while husband
watches. Ipswich Area.
So far so good, I waited for my advert to appear in the newspaper. Then I followed the instructions for retrieving my replies. My ego felt quite deflated when I only received two replies after a week of advertising every day! Anyway I had two men that wanted no strings attached sex with me and I made contact with both of them and told them what I wanted to do and they were more than happy to do it for me.

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   I had a week to go before his birthday when I booked the hotel room and arranged everything for the Saturday before his birthday.
On the Saturday afternoon, as a surprise his mum turned up to stay the night to baby sit for our two daughters (The eldest already knew that we were going out for the night and she kept the secret from him). I had secretly packed a case for us and put it in the back of the car ready and we sprung the surprise night out on him. After his initial shock he was really pleased that we were going out somewhere together as a couple.
As I drove us the ten miles to the hotel I explained to him what I had set up, he was really pleased that I’d thought up something on my own for a change. Once we had registered we popped out for a light meal and then went back to the hotel. I had a quick shower and made a couple of telephone calls to my two strangers and told them what room we were in and what time I wanted them to arrive. I then dressed in matching black lacy knickers, bra, suspender belt, black stockings and red high heeled shoes. Then I got out of the case a wide leather belt that had two rings one either side and a large buckle, I put it on around my waist and then turned it around so that the buckle was nestled comfortably against my back, Then I took two leather wrist straps out and put them on, they had clips that could be clipped into the rings on the belt! Then once I had applied a thick layer of very red lipstick to my lips I sat down on the bed and said to Dave.
“I haven’t met these men, they are total strangers to me, and that is how I want it to stay. They will be arriving in about twenty minutes. I want you to tie this blind fold over my eyes tightly, right now so that it will not come off during tonight’s sexy games. I will then sit here wearing it, waiting for them to arrive. Using my imagination to think about what they will be like and what they will be doing to me. ”
Dave did as I asked him, and once I was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for them he said to me
“Charly, tell me what you’re imagining about them and what they are going to do to you tonight?”
I sat there for a few minutes thinking and soon pictures of my strangers started to form in my mind and I started to describe them to him.

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“They are both in their mid to late twenties. They have both got blonde hair and are about the same build and height as you are. They feel as if they have average sized cocks through their trousers as I grope them. ”
I was interrupted by a loud Knock, knock on the door I stopped speaking and Dave went and answered the door. Standing there were two men, He told me later that he guessed one to be in his late twenties and the other must have been in his later thirties or early forties. They were both about six feet tall and they were black! He ushered them in and led them through to the bedroom!
I was still sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs together and hands held in my lap, head bowed. The first thing the two men did was to totally undress themselves, later Dave told me that he thought to himself ‘Charly’s sure in for a surprise tonight both of these men are hung like the proverbial donkey, and that was when they were hanging down soft!’ They then both walked over to me and took me by my hands and pulled me to my feet, then while one of them kissed me and groped my tits through my bra, the other one slid his hand down inside my knickers and began to finger fuck me, making sure that between thrusts into my already wet cunt he rubbed my clit, as he continued to do that the other one stopped kissing me and removed my bra and started to kiss, suck and bite my firm breasts and nipples alternately. Between the two of them they soon had me orgasming for the first time that night, and if it hadn’t been for the fingers that were buried deeply inside my cunt my trembling legs would have collapse and I would have ended up in a heap on the floor.
As they had been playing with me Dave had seen their cocks start to swell and start to get ridged! And told me later that he was impressed! He guessed that neither of them was less than a foot long, but the thickness of them was what really got his attention, they looked as if they were somewhere between 21/2” to 3” in diameter at the thickest point. And it was then that they both took my hands and placed them on their cocks.
“Oh my, aren’t you both very big boys?”
I sexily cooed as I stroked my hands up, down and around them.
After a couple of minutes of this they stopped me and laid me on my back across the single bed (Now Dave understood why I had booked a room with a double and single bed in it!). One of them moved around the bed and stood next to my head and he guided my hand to his cock which I hungrily sucked into my mouth and sucked and licked it all over. The other one knelt down beside the bed between my legs. He pushed them up closed together so that the heels of my shoes dug into the bed and he let go of my legs.

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   I just let them fall wide open, and when he started to lick my cunt I briefly stopped sucking on the other cock and gasped out.
“Oh yes, lick my cunt, tongue fuck me ‘til I cum……Oh God that feels so good. ”
Then I carried on sucking on the cock nearest my mouth, but at the same time with one hand I reached down and crushed his face against my horny cunt!
It wasn’t many minutes before I came with violent jerks of my hips, arching of my back and loud gasps of pleasure. As soon as I had calmed down the one that had so expertly licked me to an orgasm stood up and took his visibly throbbing cock in his hand and guided it towards my glistening slippery cunt lips. Slowly he rubbed the huge swollen end of it up and down along the wet lips covering it in a mixture of his spit and my slippery cum. After about a minute of doing this he stopped and with one hand he parted the lips of my cunt and stretched them wide, then with his other hand he guided his cock into my opening. With a plop I pulled the cock out of my mouth and gasped out
“Oh yes, fuck my horny cunt, get it all into me. ”
And as he forced his cock slowly into me I went back to sucking and licking the other cock.
Slowly he forced his cock into me and Dave watched as my cunt was stretched tightly around it. Then as he began to fuck me, pulling his cock out and forcing it back into me I stopped sucking on the other cock and laid back and started to crudely beg to be fucked harder. With one hand I continued to wank the other man’s cock whilst with the other I reached down and felt the cock sliding in and out of my by now very slippery cunt. Dave told me later that he did notice that he wasn’t fucking me with all his cock. In fact he said that he thought that he was keeping about four inches of his cock out of me, so he said across the room.
“Stop fucking her, I want her to fuck herself on you. Lie on the bed and make her ride your cock.

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He said back to Dave
“But it’s too big for a white chick to fuck. ”
“Just make her do it. ”
Dave replied. Slowly he pulled his cock out of me and between them they guided me so that I was squatting over his cock and ready to plunge his cock into my horny cunt. Before I did Dave walked over to us and clipped my wrists to the belt so that I couldn’t move them or stop myself from taking all of that cock into me once I sat my self down on it. (He knew that this would turn me on even more!). Then I was ready and Dave whispered in my ear
“Take his cock into you until you feel his balls against your bum, you white slut. And fuck yourself on it until you both cum!”
Then he stepped back and said loudly that the black man that I was riding said that his cock was too big for a white woman to take!”
(Red rag to a bull!!!).
As soon as I felt the tip of his cock touched my slippery cunt lips I just let myself go and plunged all of his cock into my slippery wet cunt and I made sure that I grunted and gasped in satisfaction when I felt his balls against my bum. And I cried out
“Oh God I can feel you up inside my belly, it’s so good to be full of a real cock. ”
Then I started to move myself backwards and forwards, up and down making my self cum time and time again. Then after a few minutes of riding his enormous cock like that he reached under my legs and took hold of my waist lifting my feet off the bed and started to grind my cunt down onto his cock as hard as he could. I just loudly cried out “Oh yes, yes, oh Dave I can feel him, he’s so deep in me, Oh God I can feel him squirting his cum into my belly, I can feel it and it feels so hot, Mmmmmm!”
(On one of the pictures that Dave took you can clearly see the outline of the tip of that huge cock pressing outwards against the skin of my tummy). Dave didn’t say anything he was to busy watching everything that was going on. For a few minutes I lay forwards on his chest while we recovered.

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   Then the other man released my hands and helped me off the other man’s softening cock and forced me down onto my back, still with my blindfold on and without waiting he just thrust his pre-cum covered cock deeply into my cunt and fucked me furiously for what seemed like ten minutes. I lost count of the number of times that I climaxed during that fuck but it was well into the twenties when I lost count. During that time my first lover pressed his rapidly softening cock against my mouth for sucking which I hungrily did, tasting the heady mixture of our cum as he forced as much of his soft cock into my mouth as he could, and my warm mouth soon had him hard again!
Between sucking his cock and being fucked I managed to gasp out
“Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck my white cunt hard, give me all you’ve got, fill my cunt with your seed too!”
That seemed to be the trigger that he needed and he reached down and grabbed my ankles and folded my legs over and made the one who had his cock deep in my mouth, hold them whilst he grabbed my waist and then after he gave my cunt a few deep thrusts he emptied his balls into me too. This time I didn’t get a rest, the other black man pushed my second lover off me and pulled me around so that I was on my tummy lying across the bed again and he fucked me doggy fashion, wonderfully thrusting his huge cock into me for a good twenty minutes before he came into me again. While he was fucking me for a second time I was hungrily sucking the other one’s cock hard again, only this time I gasped out to him
“I want you to wank your cock off into my mouth. ” He grunted to me that he didn’t care where he came, as long as he came!
I’m still not clear as to which of the two men came first but they both filled me with their cum. Although the one that had been wanking himself off into my mouth came with such force that he squirted his cum in my mouth, over my face and in my hair! After that the three of us were exhausted and the two black men thanked me telling me what a fantastic fuck I was for a white chick and left. I just lay there still with the blindfold on, with a very satisfied grin across my face.
I was stirred from my sexual daydream when Dave knelt on the bed between my legs and looked down at all the cum that was oozing out of me and he told me to stand up next to the bed for a moment while he laid down, then Dave helped me back onto the bed and guided me until my cum dripping cunt was directly over his mouth and he said to me
“I told you when you fuck other men in front of me I’ll lick you clean. ”
And he then pulled my cunt down onto his mouth and sucked and licked the mixture of cum out of my cunt. As his little tongue flicked over my clit I reached down with my hands and crushed his mouth to my sticky cum filled cunt and I gasped out.
“Yes, that’s right lick they’re seed out of me, taste the black man’s seed that I’ve had in me tonight. ”
And he did and he kept licking, biting and sucking until I came again, crushing my self down hard onto Dave’s mouth again.
After calming down again I moved my self around and straddled Dave’s cock and eased it into my very slippery cum filled cunt and started to ride it. I feel so insatiable since I had our second child, and it is wonderful in some ways and a curse in others.

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   After a few minutes I slipped his throbbing 9” cock out of my cunt and moved my self so that my tits were next to his cock and I wanked his lovely nine inches of throbbing cock off all over them. This time however instead of getting soft Dave stayed hard and I couldn't believe my luck. For a few minutes I sucked and licked his cock, tasting a mixture of my own cum, his cum and my two strangers cum. Then I decided that it was time that I was fucked up my bum. I laid on my tummy and wiggled my bum in the air,
"Fuck my bum hole Darling, fill it with your cum!"
He didn't need a second invitation, firstly he grabbed my hands and clipped them to the belt again and then he slid his cock deeply into my cunt and moved it around covering it with slippery cum and then he forced my bum cheeks apart with his hands and thrust his slippery cock deeply into my bum and fucked me for what seemed like hours, making me climax four times before he started to feel a tingle in his balls. As he felt his cum flooding up his cock he thrust it deeply into me, pumping his seed into my bum. As he caught his breath, Dave managed to gasp out to me
"I have never felt as turned on as I did tonight watching you being fucked by those two strangers. You're such a horny tart, aren't you?"
I stayed quiet for a few moments as he eased his softening cock out of me and I rolled onto my back and he unclipped my wrists. Slowly I began to wank my self to another climax and between gasps of pleasure I cried out
"All the fucking time, I just can’t get enough!”

November 2002 – Adventure 2
By now you will know that I get really turned on and enjoy having sex with total strangers, you can’t imagine how thrilled I was to find what’s called a dogging spot within five miles of our home. It has become one of our regular places to go together for some naughty fun. I only go there with Dave as I feel although it would probably be safe enough for me to go there on my own, I prefer Dave to be there too, (And I know how turned on he gets when he sees me fucking other men & women!).
Anyway back to this particular visit, considering its December the weather is quite mild and the night-time temperatures are not too low to stop me and other people from having naughty fun in the fresh air. On this occasion I decided that I would tease Dave and make him so horny that he would be leaking pre-cum into his underwear all night and not let him fuck any of the other women that would be there, and then make him wait until we got home to fuck me. I set my plan and arranged everything for that night…….
Once we had both showered and just as we were getting dressed to go out I asked Dave if he would wear some of my undies, under his clothes.

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   As you all know by now sometimes he likes to wear my undies when we have sex together for an extra thrill because it’s naughty! He reluctantly agreed and I gave him a pair of suspender tights, a shiny, lacy pair of black satin knickers and matching bra. (I knew that if he had them on under his clothes then he wouldn’t want anyone else to know so therefore he wouldn’t fuck anyone else while we were out. Sneaky aren’t I?). I dressed myself in a quarter cup bra, matching crotch-less knickers, suspender belt and stockings, a micro mini-skirt that shows my knickers when I walk, over the top of all of those I put a loose fitting dress so that the baby sitter wouldn’t see what I’d really be wearing that night when we were out. Once the babysitter had arrived, I slipped my long Mac on and we left for my favourite place. Once we had driven about two miles Dave pulled over into the entrance to a field so that I could remove my dress and just have on my coat over what I was wearing for sex that night. (I put the dress back on before we leave for home!).
Once I was dressed how I wanted to be we continued onto our destination. This time however once we arrived and parked in a spot near the other cars instead of flashing our interior light I decided that I wanted to walk around and watch some of the other people that were there having sex in their cars. I knew what I was looking for and it wasn’t long before I found a couple that wanted some company for sex.
“Hi, can I join in with you both?”
I asked as a car door was opened by the slim woman that was riding he partners cock for all she was worth. Between gasps she managed to say;
“Oh god, yes please, I’ve never done another woman before!”
As she continued riding her man’s cock she gasped out in orgasm and he cried out “Don’t stop, I’m nearly…. ”
And with that he grabbed her waist and thrust upwards deeply into her and filled her with his cum.
While they calmed down, still with his cock deeply buried inside her, I slipped my coat off, handed it to Dave to hold for me and climbed into the car beside them on the back seat. Before she could say anything I leant close to the woman, and then I gently but firmly took her face in my hands, and started to kiss her.

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   Momentarily she hesitated and tried to pull away, but as she felt my hand cupping one of her breasts and gently squeezing she responded to my kiss with as much passion as I was giving her. Reluctantly I pushed her away and trailed my tongue down over her throat and down to her firm young breasts, then as I sucked the first of her nipples into my mouth she groaned loudly. As I started to suck backwards and forwards between her lovely tits she clasped my head to them and said;
“Bite them, suck them harder. ”
So in response to her demands I did and she groaned loudly again and she started to grind herself on his cock again. He then leant forwards and started to suck on one of her tits while he also groped and played with mine, I couldn’t help myself, I was so turned on by what I was doing that I had an orgasm just from doing that with them. Moments later she came too.
She pushed us both away from her and climbed off his cock and asked me if he could fuck me while I go down on her.
“I thought you’d never ask!”
I said and as she laid down across the back seat with her legs open, I stood on the ground just outside the car and bent over into it so that I could give her a good licking with my long tongue, I was so turned on that my own cum was just starting to dribble down between my thighs when she called out to Steve,
“Go on then, fuck her, stick your cock in her too. ”
Soon I felt unfamiliar fingers probing between my slippery pussy lips and I groaned quietly, then I felt his cock pressing into me and for a few seconds I stopped to enjoy that feeling of deep penetration from a decent sized cock, Mmm! Then as he started to thrust his cock into me I returned to licking her pussy. I was glad of one thing, and that was that she had a bald one just like mine. I find them so much nicer to lick than hairy cunts. I was still licking and sucking and nibbling on her pussy when I felt and heard him cum, I wasn’t quite ready to cum again myself so as I felt him pull his rapidly softening cock out of my cunt I concentrated on making her cum.
To my surprise I was taken hold of by someone else, and I felt another cock pressing against me, I stopped to protest but the woman grabbed me by my hair crushed my face against her cum filled cunt and gasped out
“Don’t stop, lick me out and make me cum!”
I thought to myself, right if you want to cum so much, I’ll make you cum. I then started to alternate between using my tongue to lick her mans cum from her and slipping each of my small, slim fingers and thumb into her until they were all covered in their mixture of cum, I squeezed them all together and eased them all about half way into her and gently finger fucked her while I licked furiously on her clit. Then with my free hand I reached up and started playing with her tits too.

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   After a few minutes of this she was groaning and thrashing about, I know that the man fucking me was replaced at least twice more during this time, they just didn’t seem to be able to last very long in me when they saw what I was doing with her in the car.
Then to her surprise I nipped one of her nipples hard and she cried out both in pain and surprise, then at that moment I pushed my hand deeply into her pussy and fist fucked her for a few seconds until she cried out as she climaxed loudly. As she calmed down and stopped jerking her hips I slid my hand out of her.
“Oh you’re such a good fuck. ”
She said, and then she growled sexily
“It’s your turn now, come and lay down for me. ”
I could hardly wait and as we moved past each other I stopped her and French kissed her again so that she could taste her own cum on my lips. She just moaned sexily. Once I was lying on my back across the seats I parted my legs and for the first time noticed all the sticky cum that had leaked out of me and was coating my thighs and pussy lips. Then before I knew it I felt her hair rush against my legs as she leant down between them, then I felt the warmth of her breath on my thighs and the gentle tentative caress of her tongue as it licked up along each thigh, cleaning the mixture of cum off them, but teasingly stopping shot of my cum filled pussy. I heard her moaning to her self and guessed that her cunt was receiving the same mixture of cocks that I had when I had leant into the car. Then I felt her cool fingers parting my swollen pussy lips as she opened them ready for her….
”Oh god that feels so good”
I cried out as she plunged her tongue deeply into my trembling pussy. After about two or three minutes of this stimulation to my juicy pussy, and even though as she was being fucked the intermittent stimulation of her mouth starting and stopping was enough for me and I locked my legs around her head crushing her mouth to my cunt as wave after wave of a huge climax tore through my body. Moments later she cried out loudly as she came too. Once the man had finished fucking her cunt we both got out of the car, and as Dave handed me my coat the gathered mixture of men and women applauded the two of us for our show and the number of men that had fucked us both!
Afterwards we stopped briefly at a pub that was near by and had a quick drink and then we went home, after paying the baby sitter and seeing her off Dave disappeared upstairs for a few moments and returned After making sure that our daughters were asleep carrying a few items! He then pushed me firmly against the wall, took hold of both of my hands and held them together with one hand and with the other he pulled my dress up over my head, only releasing my hands briefly to allow the arm sleeves of the dress pass over them.

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   Then he emptied the plastic bag onto the floor, that had the things that he had brought down from upstairs in and he tied my hands together, leaving a length of the rope for him to use as a lead. Then he tied a blindfold around my head making sure that I couldn’t see and he lead me upstairs to our bedroom and tied my already bound wrists to the bedpost and left me there, I heard him go downstairs again but I didn’t know what for. Once he was back in the bedroom he locked our bedroom door. I heard him moving about our room opening and closing cupboards and arranging things. I also heard him switch on his computer, which seemed very strange to me!
Finally he came over to me and before releasing my wrists he put a pair of metal handcuffs on me, once he released me he guided me to what I now know was our coffee table with a spare quilt laid over it. He sat me down on one end of it and told me to relax and enjoy all the naughty things he was going to do to me!!! He pushed me backwards down onto the table, he then tied the rope around the middle of the handcuffs and pulled my arms up so that they were above my head and out of the way and tied them down to the table legs. Then he tied each of my legs to the table legs so that my legs were held open, allowing my still very sticky pussy lips to open, allowing some more of the thick salty cum to start oozing out of me again! Then I could hear and feel him moving about me and looking closely down between my legs and then he stood up and I heard him slip his shoes, trousers and shirt off and another sound that I couldn’t quite recognise and he came back to me. Dave then roughly grabbed my breasts and squeezed them and tweaked my nipples until they were standing up hard ready for sucking, but he didn’t. Instead he made me gasp out as he dragged the tails of my whip across my sensitive nipples, he whispered quietly in my ear
“I’m going to stimulate them with this and see if I can make you cum!”
Later I was to find out that he held the tails about half way along them and started flicking my nipples with them. After a couple of minutes he seemed to realise that although he was making me feel nice it wasn’t quite enough so he started to use my whip by the handle, flicking the tails down across my nipples with more force, I rewarded his efforts with a gasp of pleasure (and a little pain!). Dave then started alternating between hard strokes and soft strokes, each one bringing me closer and closer to the edge. Then he stopped whipping my tits and I heard him breathing heavily and soon I felt the warm splashes of his cum across my breasts and as each jet of cum hit my sensitised nipples they felt like little electric shocks. When he finally stopped squirting his saved up cum from all of the evening’s earlier events, he used his cock to rub it all over my tits. Then he whipped them again, hard two or three times in succession and I came loudly! The combination of the wetness of my cum covered breasts and the leather of the whip tails made the stimulation too much to bare and I arched my back clear of the table as wave after wave of intense pleasure passed through me.
After a few minutes of whispering naughty things in my ear again he moved down between my legs, Dave then proceeded to lick all around my pussy lips, licking the thick covering of the mixed sperm from them.


   Then he gently covered my entrance with his mouth and sucked the cum out of my pussy, leant forwards over me roughly took my face in his hands, forced my mouth open and kissed me allowing the cum that was in his mouth empty into mine. Then pushing my mouth closed he said
“Swallow their cum you slut, taste what they were like inside you. ”
Once I had swallowed it he returned to between my legs and this time he slipped two fingers into me and he started to rub what I can only describe as my ‘G’ spot, after a couple of minutes of stimulating it with his fingers he had me cumming and cumming, I couldn’t stop. It was so good that I had to beg him to stop, but he didn’t, he just kept making me climax again and again, over and over…. . I can’t describe how good it felt.
As I was gasping for breath, trying to recover from my multiple climaxes he forced his semi-hard cock into my mouth, forcing me to suck and lick it until it was back to being rock hard again. Then he moved away again and made some noise across the other side of the bedroom and this time when he returned he went straight down between my legs and released them. Then he tied some rope to each of my ankles and forced me to fold them up towards my head and he tied the other ends around my wrists, which were still tied to the table legs. Then I felt it, he had strapped on one of my dildo’s and he started to fuck me with it, somehow if felt as if he had strapped it on underneath his cock and as the dildo thrust in and out of my cunt, his cock was rubbing backwards and forwards across my clit sending shivers of excitement through my body. Deeper and deeper he worked it until all eight inches of it was buried deeply inside me, making me groan with pleasure every time he thrust it in and out of me. Then he pulled it out of me, I let out a cry of frustration. All he said was
“Shut up bitch. ”
And he then pressed the slippery cum covered tip of it against my bum and forced it in there, and at the same time he pressed the throbbing end of his cock into my well-used pussy. Once he was satisfied that he had work them both deeply into me he started to fuck me, first slowly the as he got hornier fast and furiously.

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   I was so fucking turned on by the feeling of helplessness and horniness that I started to goad him on
“Come on you can fuck me harder than that can’t you?”
“Can you feel their cum covering your cock as you fuck me, they fucked me harder than you are!”
And things of that nature, sure enough I knew by the way he was thrusting that he was close to cumming so I cried out
“Whip my tits again, make me cum!”
I don’t know how he retrieved the whip but he did without hardly altering his thrusting and because of a combination of how hard he was thrusting into me and how exited he was he whipped my tits really hard, it hurt and I came moments before he did. It seemed like an age before he moved off me and left me there whilst he went and got cleaned up. Then he released me and let me get cleaned up. When I returned to the bedroom, I was ready to sleep, but he was sitting at his computer watching something. As I passed behind him I glanced at it and saw myself being whipped across my tits and I stopped in my tracks.
“You filmed us at it?”
I half exclaimed and half asked.
“Of course I did you horny tart!”
He replied and then he started the half hour clip from the beginning and I saw him tie me to the bed and arrange the room, then I saw him tie me down to the table and undress down to the sexy undies that I had made him wear. I saw close ups of my well fucked pussy leaking the mixture of my earlier cum gathering adventures down my thighs. I saw him actually doing all those other things that he did to me and I wanted more. I sucked his cock hard again and rode until we both came again and then we fell asleep.

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Madrid is known for its busy nightlife, beautiful buildings, and diverse culture. But the city is also known for its thriving sex business and the many women who work there. Even though prostitution is allowed in Spain, there are still many problems with it, such as abuse, trafficking, and violence against sex workers.Madrid is home to a big population of prostitutes and escorts for those seeking a more personal encounter. These experts are well-versed in delivering various sexual services and can adapt to your individual needs and preferences.

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If you're wanting to add some variety to your sex life with some new toys or accessories, Madrid offers a broad variety of sex stores to suit your needs. Erotic Feelings, Sex Toys Centre, and La Maleta Roja are just a few of the city's many reputable sex stores.Madrid is a young and dynamic metropolis renowned for its cultural richness, historical significance, and exciting nightlife. Did you know that Madrid is also a popular destination for couples seeking both adventure and romance in the bedroom? If you want to spice up your sex life or try out some new sensations, Madrid is the place to go.