Charlottes Diaries (Part 27 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 27 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

May 2003
In these adventures you will find; female masturbation, fucking with vegetables, oral & vaginal sex, finger fucking, dogging, exhibitionism and interracial sex. I really enjoyed fucking my self with the big cool cucumber!!
May 2003 Adventures 1 & 2
This month’s adventures are slightly different as I think that there has been more planning gone into it that my usual sex adventures. I’ve just started a Web site of my own called what else but Charlottes Diaries! We realised at an early stage in planning of this site that we would not be able to use any of the hundreds of pictures that we already have because we couldn’t get model releases from the people who have taken part in them as in most cases they have been anonymous participants, just there to provide a cock or pussy to fuck!
As you can imagine this could be a big problem when you want to have three main sections on your own porn web site! The main sections that we have chosen are: Charlottes Diaries – Sex adventures, Picture Galleries and Video clip galleries. We will also have sub sections like a contact us Email address, and links to other similar amateur sites. So how did we get started on gathering pictures and video clips, well firstly Dave spent hours and hours on the internet looking at various web sites on various porn subjects to see which sites / subjects got most hits. After noting down the subjects with the most hits we decided upon a short list of subjects to start with, and we decided to start a new section for ourselves too! Our list is like this:
1) Straight fucking (1 on 1).
2) Bi-sexual (1 on 1 female)
3) Straight Gangbang
4) Bisexual/straight gangbang
5) Dogging
6) Dildo’s
7) Fruit & vegetables
8) S&M
10) Masturbating (male & female)
11) Lingerie
12) Blow jobs
13) Pussy licking
14) Cumshots

So it’s a varied list now all we have to do is to start taking pictures and videos (to make into clips), easier said than done, men and women want to fuck me but as soon as you ask them if they mind having pictures taken and videos made of the session they run a mile or refuse. So to start with Dave and me are taking our own pictures and make videos that just star us, it takes longer as to make a video of a fuck scene and stills you need to either be in two places at once or do it twice Mmmmmm I wonder which one we went for!!!! Dave as usual is efficient and using a tried and tested method created story boards for each scene, its strange reading what you have to do before you do it, but it does make doing it twice easier, even if they are slightly different each time.
I’ll describe a couple of the sessions that we have had as adventure 1 and then I will go into how we arranged a naughty Dogging session with only participants that were willing to be photographed allowed to take part as adventure 2. For our sessions Dave set up the video camera and this is how they went:
I was wearing a matching blue button up blouse and button up skirt, the skirt buttons up the front allowing you to show as much or as little leg as you want to.

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   Underneath I was wearing matching dark blue knickers, bra & suspender belt with black stockings and black high heels. Dave had blue jeans and black T-shirt and we were sitting on the sofa.
Dave took my face in his hands and began to kiss me hard on my lips; I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back. I was already imagining how many people around the world would watch this video and the exhibitionist in me took over… Mmmmmm my pussy was already starting to soak my knickers with cum and that just turned me on more and through our passionate toe curling kiss I moaned in sexual pleasure. It wasn’t long before Dave unbuttoned my blouse, pulled it open to reveal my bra covered breasts and started to squeeze and tease them through the lacy material. Then with one hand Dave reached around behind me and released the clip holding my bra together and with the other he pushed it up off my sensitive little breasts and started to tease, lick, suck and bite both of my breasts and nipples in turn. It wasn’t long before he had me moaning out loudly and crushing his face to my breasts. As I got closer and closer to my first climax I started goading him and begging him and even ordering him to bite them harder. To his credit he did as he was asked and increased the pain and pleasure that I was feeling in my nipples and tipped me over the edge of my trembling orgasm.
For a few long moments I clasped him hard to my breasts while I calmed down a bit. Then I pushed him off me and slipped both my blouse and bra off before grabbing his cock through his jeans, after grabbing and squeezing it a few times I unzipped his jeans and pulled his throbbing cock out and after lightly kissing the tip of it I hungrily sucked it into my mouth. It wasn’t long before I had him moaning with pleasure. I wanted better access to his cock and balls so I briefly stopped sucking his cock and got him to remove his jeans and underwear. I kept him standing side on to the camera so it could clearly see me sucking and licking his cock & balls, after about ten minutes I felt his cock starting to stiffen & swell even more so I pulled it out of my mouth and let it rest on my tongue as it started to cum. As it squirted cum towards my mouth and with cum dripping from my tongue and chin I sucked his cock back into my mouth and sucked all the remaining cum from his cock, then to finish off I scooped the cum from my chin and licked it all off my fingers.


Dave gratefully sat down a took a few moments to recover before undoing most of the buttons on my skirt and with practised ease he pushed my legs apart and slipped his big hand inside my knickers and down between my slippery bald pussy lips and started to finger me. After a few minutes he stopped and finished unbuttoning my skirt and let it fall off onto the sofa before pulling my knickers down and off.
Dave knelt on the floor between my legs and started licking and sucking my clit and pussy lips and he soon had me groaning out sounds of my sexual arousal and pleasure. I was really turned on and he knew it so he stopped, moved slightly to one side so the camera could see him slipping four fingers into my very slippery pussy and laying his thumb down over my sensitive clit before starting to finger fuck me and rub both my internal ‘G’ spot and my clit at the same time. Within seconds I came loudly, when I tried to reach down and stop him he just grabbed hold of my wrists and pressed them down against my breasts while he kept on finger fucking me which started me having multiple orgasms, as one was exploding through my body another was already building ready to take its place. After a few minutes of this heavenly torture he stopped and let me calm down a little.
I couldn’t wait any longer I needed cock, I pulled him back up onto the sofa, turned myself around to face the camera grabbed his cock and lowered myself down onto it. (Oh god I’m getting even slippery and hot between my legs just writing this down. ) Slowly at first I started moving myself up and down on his cock, then as another orgasm started building inside me I just started fucking myself hard on it, grinding and rotating my hips until his cock was moving against that sensitive G spot of mine until I came again. Dave didn’t give me any rest this time and he made me turn around and face him and slide myself down onto his throbbing cock again. This time he played with my breasts and nipples, sometimes even pulling me down to his mouth and taking each nipple in and teasing it hard. Dave also started thrusting upwards to my downwards movements forcing his cock in deeper, Oh god it was too much for me and I came again very quickly, but Dave didn’t. Somehow, Dave managed to manoeuvre us into a kneeling doggy fashion and fucked me until he came inside me. As soon as I felt his cock start to cum inside me it triggered another climax in me too.
We stayed in that position for a few minutes just recovering, then Dave pulled out of me, he turned me around and made me suck and lick all our mixed cum off his cock before he went over to the camera.

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   The last shot was of me bending over to pick up my clothes showing cum slowly oozing from my well fucked pussy!
Our next foray into video & stills filming was a session with me wearing a crotchless black fishnet body stocking under my blue dressing gown, and this is what we filmed and took stills of: I walked into the kitchen with a porn magazine and sit down at the kitchen table and start reading it. It wasn’t long before my hands strayed inside my dressing gown allowing it to fall open and I started to absentmindedly tweak my nipples through the fishnet until they stood up hard and sensitive, and I rubbed them for a few moments sending tingles of pleasure down through my body to my pussy. A few pages into it and I slipped my fingers down between my legs and began to finger myself, I gently slid my fingers in to the entrance to my pussy to find that I was already starting to leak cum from my pussy! I dipped my finger into it rubbing it over my clit before slipping my finger into my pussy. Quickly I pushed a second and third finger into my pussy to help relieve the craving for a really huge cock that was already growing deep inside me. (Dave had been alternating between being above the table and below the table so that he didn’t miss any of my sexy performance. ). I read a story in the magazine about a woman fucking herself to a mind blowing orgasm with a cucumber and I found that it got me really turned on! I stopped reading and after letting my dressing gown fall to the floor I first went to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of baby oil and then to the fridge and picked out the cucumber that I knew was there!
After pulling the wooden kitchen chair with the arms out and away from the table I sat down on it with my legs hung over the tops of the wooden chair arms spreading my legs wide open and showing my already glistening pussy to the cameras. I reached over to the table where I had put the baby oil and cucumber and opened the bottle of baby oil, I squeezed a puddle of it onto my hand and rubbed it all over my pussy lips and worked it inside my already slippery pussy. Then after squeezing another puddle of baby oil onto my hand I placed it down on the table and picked up the cucumber! After kissing and licking the tip of it sexily I sexily covered it in baby oil.
Slowly and mostly for the camera I started rubbing it up and down my pussy lips, sometimes stopping just long enough for it to start to part my pussy lips. Then I slowly started to work the cucumber into my pussy, I really did try to take it slowly performing naughtily for the camera, but as soon as it started to push its way into me I couldn’t help it I just thrust it in as far as I could. I couldn’t stop myself I just started fucking myself with it, I alternated between very fast short deep thrusts to long slow thrusts with me pulling the cucumber all the way out of my pussy before pushing it all the way in, it wasn’t long before I was moaning out loudly as my climax built inside me. A few fast deep thrusts and I came with my body shuddering and jerking as my pussy spasmed and flooded cum out over my hand and down onto the floor.
Now on to the more interesting part of this month’s sexy adventures, by now you all know that Dave is very good at arranging sexy adventures for me, so he arranged this first Dogging adventure where we filmed it for our web site. Dave found an adult Dogging/swinging web site called Melanies and arranged it all through there.


   I think that I will let Dave explain what and how he arranged it:
The first thing that I did was to post an email on the Meet Me contact board on Melanies web site saying “Couples & single males wanted for dogging meet at Haughley in Suffolk, email reply with undressed picture if possible please”. I purposely didn’t say when so that as the replies came in I could vet them for what we wanted and then contact those ones and ask them whether they minded being filmed/have photos taken, I also did the same but advertising for a well endowed black man for the same thing.
As you can probably understand there were hundreds of replies and it took a while to sort through them before I whittled it down to six white men, (I only had tree couples reply and they didn’t want to be filmed) and two supposedly well hung black men. After looking at the photos of the black men I chose the one with the biggest looking cock as I know that having her pussy stretched and filled up with big cocks always gives Charly the biggest climaxes. I then emailed the date, time and place to the seven of them with details of what we wanted to do during the dogging session and they all emailed back and confirmed their attendance etc. Once they had all confirmed their participation I told Charly all about them, she got so excited that she jumped my bones there and then in the kitchen on the floor! Back to Charly now.
This is roughly what Dave said to me, I’ve arranged a dogging session for you where you will be gangbanged and then have dessert of a foot long big black cock! Mmmmmm I will now tell you how it happened. Firstly we met up with all the participants and got them al to sign model release forms and told other Doggers that were there that we would be filming this event and that perhaps they should move away from the area near us just in case they got in the film and stills, when they heard this they moved really quickly and we were left with just the people that we had arrange to do it with.
We started the filming and picture taking with me getting out of the car and taking off my long MAC showing me wearing matching red and black ¼ cup bra, thong, suspender belt, black fishnet stockings and red high heeled shoes. The cool night air soon had my nipples standing up sensitive and hard, from the car I moved into the middle of the six white men and between them they started playing with my breasts, nipples, pussy and bum-hole. I was soon so excited that I started reaching out for cocks and soon found myself bent over with a cock in my mouth and a cock inside my pussy. All the time the flash of our camera kept going off and that just made me even wetter and naughtier. As the man pounding my pussy with his cock started cumming inside me, the cock in my mouth came so much cum that I choked on it and as his cock continued to cum it slipped from my mouth and covered my tits with cum too!
I took a few moments to recover and I made a plan up in my mind. I made one of the men lay down on the ground and I impaled myself on his short thick cock, I grabbed hold of another cock and guided it to my pussy from behind me and got him to push his cock in next to the other one and double penetrate me, Oh god my knickers are already soaked with my cum, just writing this down for Dave to type up. I then pulled another cock to my mouth for sucking and I just let them all fuck me until they had finished and we had got several photos of the whole session.

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   You may remember that Dave arranged for a well endowed black man to be there too, I hadn’t forgotten him either, he was just standing in the shadows watching all that was going on, waiting for his turn.
After the cocks in my well fucked pussy slipped out and I cleaned them up with my tongue it was time for the black man to fuck me. With everyone watching I took his hand and led him over to the nearest picnic table where I released his already hard cock from his trousers and underwear. Someone in the crowd around us said;
“Look at the size of his cock it’s fucking huge!”
Indeed it was huge, it was at least a foot long and three inches across and as soon as I saw it I felt my pussy twinge with expectation. With the cameras still taking pictures and filming us I dropped down onto my knees on the grass and started licking it all over and taking a small amount of the tip into my mouth. He couldn’t wait any longer and he lifted me up onto the picnic table, laid me down on my back with my legs on his shoulders and started feeding it into my hungry slippery pussy.
Thankfully my cunt was already full of very slippery cum and his cock although big slid deeply into me with ease. He started fucking me alternating between short quick thrusts and long deep hard thrusts and he soon had me moaning out loudly in pleasure, I started saying all sorts of naughty things to him, but the one that seemed to get him going the most was when I gasped out;
“C’mon Nigger fuck my white cunt hard, give it to me deep!”
Between thrusts.
He stopped fucking me, pulled his cum covered cock from me. Then he turned me around on top of the picnic table and climbed up on it as well. Then he replaced my legs on his shoulders and pushed his cock back into me. I gasped out;
“Oh god that feels so deep. ”
He called out to one of the men watching to come over and he pushed my legs all the way over until my feet were touching the top of the table above my head and told the man to hold them down. Just that movement made his cock slid in even deeper and I gasped in pleasure again.
Slowly this time he started to fuck me deeply, deeper and deeper he forced his cock.

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   Faster and faster he thrust down into me, it felt so good each time he got deeper and deeper all the time he was grunting out;
“Take it, take it bitch. ”
I kept gasping out
“Hurt me, hurt me, give it to me, give it to me. Fill me with your seed!”
Oh god, my belly still remembers how good it felt to be fucked by that big cock and I still remember how loudly he shouted out when he filled me with his cum and how the crowd all applauded when he finally filled me with his cum.
After we finished fucking, Dave made sure that he got lots of good shots of the black cock covered in white cum pulling out from my pussy and of my pussy gaping open with cum all over it and in it. After thanking everyone for their help we got cleaned up with baby wipes and towels and we went home for a well deserved rest.
The following evening we watch the video and had some fantastic sex afterwards, Dave is now teaching himself how to make that video into short clips for our web site and he has already started publishing the still pictures on there of that night!

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