Charlottes Diaries (Part 32 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 32 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

October 2003
All I can say about this month’s adventure is included in this month is FemDom, Dildo’s, BDSM, oral, anal & vaginal sex.

October 2003 Adventure 1
I’m glad that this month is warm in the evenings because having sex outside can be a little uncomfortable. For this adventure Dave just watched and didn’t get involved, and again this adventure came from an invitation that I got from our web site Charlottes Diaries. It came from a bi-sexual woman who was looking for some naughty no strings adult fun when her husband was away. After explaining that Dave now accompanied me on most of my adventures even if he didn’t join in and getting her OK about him coming too we made a date and went out for the evening! Karen’s house turned out to be huge, it stood on its own out in the countryside near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
To give us time to relax with each other Karen brought out a bottle of Champagne, which between the two of us we finished quite quickly, Dave was driving so he stuck to a fruit juice. It wasn’t long before she slid over onto the sofa beside me and started tentatively kissing me, when she met no resistance her kisses became more passionate and demanding and we were soon French kissing each other. Just her kisses had me moaning deep down in my throat, and when she slipped her hand inside my jacket and squeezed my breasts through my blouse and bra she had my cum soaking my knickers.
Soon we were all over each other, kissing, squeezing, caressing and fingering each other until we both made each other climax.

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   We took a few minutes to recover during which we continued kissing each other. Karen then stood up and taking my hand asked me to come with her and with her other hand she took Dave’s hand and led him too. We went from her living room up to what she called her sewing room; we didn’t see much evidence of sewing, just a table, chair and cupboard.
She stopped outside the cupboard and said to me/us,
“Now we can have some naughty fun, strip down to your undies Charly!”
I did as she said, and she did the same, strangely we were both wearing the same underwear; we were both wearing black knickers, bra’s hold up stockings and black high heels.
“Do you like playing FemDom games Charly?” Karen asked before she opened the cupboard. I looked her in the eyes and almost groaned out loud before I answered her question with an almost desperate;
“Yes, I do!”
Karen told me to turn round and kneel down on the floor, I did as she asked and I heard her rummaging for something in the cupboard the next thing that I knew she was stretching a black latex rubber blindfold over my head and covered my eyes totally! Again I could already feel my cum leaking from between my pussy lips into my already wet knickers. Then hoarsely, (obviously she was getting turned on already too!) she whispered in my ear,
“Trust me and enjoy, I’m just going to put a pair of leather wrist cuffs on you Charly. ”
I just moaned out my feelings about them as I felt each one fastened around my wrists, but at the same time I wondered why they weren’t joined together the way handcuffs should be! I didn’t have many seconds to wonder about that before she put a wide leather dog’s collar around my neck and clipped a lead to it. I’m glad that I was kneeling on the floor, because if I had been standing my legs would have not supported me and I’d have ended up in a heap on the floor. Since my ‘retraining’ recently, I love being dominated during sex now, I get so uncontrollably turned on. Heard her putting something on and then I felt a little tap on my bum form what felt like a riding crop and Karen said,
“Get up Charly; we’re going for a walk. Trust me and take my hand. ”
I did as she asked and she carefully led me/us back down stairs and then she let go of my hand and pulled me along by the lead out into the garden. Even though it was warm, my nipples got hard as the night air touched them through the material of my bra and I could feel the cooler air on the damp patch between my legs too!
After a few feet we left the path and the heels of my shoes sunk into soft ground as we walked down her garden, later I was to learn that we had walked down into the small spinney in her garden that concealed her ‘gazebo’. Carefully she led me/us through the trees and into her play house.

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   Inside there was a low wide bench covered in a white sheet with a few sex toys and equipment lying on the floor next to it. Near one wall there was a rope hanging from one of the beams with a metal ring fixed to one end. Karen led me over to the wall and told me to hold out my hands, I did as she told me and she clipped the wrist cuffs to the metal ring, then she pulled on the rope until my arms were stretched above my head and she tied the rope off. The next thing she did was to fasten some sort of bar between my ankles that spread my legs open, she must have noticed the wet patch between my legs because she said as she rubbed her fingers against the damp patch in my knickers,
“Mmmmmm you dirty little slut, you really get off on this don’t you?”
I managed to gasp out,
“Oh yes!”
Now for the next little section of this adventure Dave is going to describe what he saw Karen doing; Even though I wasn’t going to be part of this adventure I was already really turned on by what I was watching and this is what I saw: Karen stepped away from Charly and picked up her riding crop, she then returned to where Charly was hanging and she started to trace patterns around and across Charly’s bra covered breasts, looking at Charly her chest was already flushed red and I knew she was close to cumming! Then Karen tapped across each breast hard enough to make Charly gasp out in surprise and pleasure and to make her nipples rise up hard through the material of her bra. Then Karen leant forwards and gently squeezed each breast in turn and kissed the nipple through the material. That was too much for Charly and she cried out loudly as she climaxed.
Karen quietly came over to me and whispered a request in my ear. I nodded my agreement to her request. At this point I think that I should describe Karen for you; In her bare feet I think she wouldn’t have been above four foot six inches, she was painfully skinny with little or no breasts although she did have abnormally large nipples. She had short dark hair with beautiful green eyes and just like Charly she kept her pussy bald! Right back to the plot, I quietly walked over to where Charly was and slipped my hands up inside her bra and ripped the cups apart for Karen. As soon as I stepped back Karen slapped her riding crop across Charly’s breasts again and she cried out, at the same time Karen pushed her hand down into her own knickers and started masturbating herself. With each successive lash of the riding crop across Charly’s breasts the more fevered her fingering became and the louder her moans of pleasure became. All of this attention to Charly’s breasts was having the desired effect on her too, and I could tell from the sounds she was making that she was close to climaxing again. Karen dropped her riding crop and leant forwards and took one nipple into her mouth and squeezed the other with her free hand and continued caressing her own pussy. I’m still not sure who came first that time, but it was very close.

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   For a few moments Karen leant against Charly gasping for breath, then slowly as her breathing returned to normal she started kissing her way back up Charly’s chest, up her neck, over her chin until she was again kissing her passionately on her lips.
After kissing for a couple of minutes Karen pulled away and lowered Charly’s arms down, unclipped them from the metal ring and re-clipped them together behind her. Roughly she pulled her across the room and told her to get down on her knees. Awkwardly Charly got down onto her knees and she roughly pushed her forwards so that she was leaning against the bench near where I was sitting, then holding her down with one hand she pulled Charly’s knickers half way down her thighs and without warning she thrust the big strap on dildo that she had put on in the house deeply into her sopping wet pussy. Charly gasped out in surprise and pleasure as it penetrated her, soon she was gasping out demands to be fucked harder. By this time Karen was covered a light sweat as she pistoned the dildo in and out of Charly’s cunt. I watched as they had sex together, it will never cease to amaze me how when using a strap on dildo both women climax, I can only guess that there is enough stimulation to the one wearing its pussy that it makes her cum too, or it could be that it is the act of fucking another woman that way and making her cum that triggers it??? Anyway it wasn’t long before they both came again! This time though Karen didn’t take any time to recover, she just pulled the dildo out of Charly , grabbed a handful of her hair and holding the dildo with one hand and Charly’s hair with the other she forced the dildo into her mouth and said;
“Now suck your cum off my cock you slut!”
Charly didn’t argue, she willingly swallowed the dildo sucking and licking all her own cum from it. Seconds after having it forced down her throat Charly managed to somehow twist her head away from the dildo as she climaxed (Charly loves to be forced to suck cock, and it always turns her on so much that she orgasms!).
You can’t begin to imagine just how turned on I was by now and as they continued to have sex together, I got my rock hard cock out and wanked it until I unloaded a huge dollop of sticky cum on the floor.
Karen wasn’t finished with Charly yet and after removing the strap on dildo and her own knickers she released Charly’s hands and laid down in front of her with her legs wide open and almost whispered,
“Lick me!”
Charly didn’t need asking twice and using her hands to find her target she lowered her mouth down to Karen’s pussy and using her lovely long tongue she licked, sucked and nibbled Karen to a body shaking orgasm. It took Karen longer to recover this time and while she did she told Charly to remove her blindfold, then she told Charly to pass her riding crop to her from the floor.
Karen’s breathing had returned to normal when she told Charly to put the strap on dildo on Charlotte did as she was told without question, then still lying on the bench with her legs wide open Karen huskily growled;
“Fuck me Charly, fuck me!”
Now I’ll hand over to Charly;
I knelt down between her legs again, only this time I took my time and started by teasing Karen’s pussy lips with the tip of the dildo first. Only when she tried to push herself onto the dildo did I stop teasing her and gently started to ease the tip of the dildo past her listening pussy lips. Slowly at first I fucked her, as I thrust in and out of her I pushed deeper each time. Soon I had her moaning out loud as she climbed closer and closer to another climax.

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   All too soon she was thrusting her hips up to meet mine as we both got closer and closer to climaxing I somehow managed to grab her legs and get them over my shoulders and started fucking her as hard and deeply as I could.
The harder I fucked her the louder she started squealing out in absolute pleasure, it was a really long Ooooooooooo followed by a lot of ‘Oh Fuck Yes’, and as she climaxed it turned to a long drawn out ‘Oh Yeeessss’. A few thrusts later and the rubbing of the dildo on my pussy made me cum too! Thins didn’t quite finish there, because Karen managed to pull and twist me over onto the bench beside her with her legs and rolled me over onto my back and after impaling herself back onto the dildo she continued to ride me until we had both had another two or three orgasms all rolled into one continuous long orgasm!
Once she had finally had enough we collapsed together and just chatted for a while before she politely asked us to leave!
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