Charlottes Diaries (Part 35 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 35 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

December 2003
This month’s adventure has vaginal sex, oral sex and lesbianism!
December 2003 Adventure 1
This adventure came about just to help a friend in need who rang me up in tears! It all started with a telephone call from Diane in tears;
“Hello, who’s calling please?”
I said,
“Sob, Sob. ”
“Hello, who is it please, are you alright?
“Sob, Hello, Charly, its Diane. I need help; can I come and see you right now?”
(It was a Sunday night, the only night I have off, our girls were asleep and Dave said he could go and do some work in his office on the computer so I told her to come over. ) I need to at this point explain that her husband had an accident a couple of years ago and lost both his legs about half way down each thigh! He hasn’t been able to walk since and spends most of his time either in his wheel chair or in bed. Diane does her best for him but she’s a very big lady and some things aren’t as good as they may be for either of them. Anyway back to her desperate state!
As soon as she got through the door she started crying again and I just hugged her the best way that I could. I didn’t mind, because even though she was a big lady she was quite pretty and she had a wonderful personality and more importantly she was always available as a baby sitter at short notice when we need someone. I sat her down and once she calmed down she began telling me that she had heard her husband crying to himself that after noon in their bedroom, when she went in and asked him what the matter was all his frustration came flooding out and somehow he ended his frustrated rant with something like
“Why can’t you be slim and sexy like other women and dress up for me like a sexy nurse and satisfy me like other women do for their husbands?. . .

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  . . . Why ‘because you’re fat and lazy, that’s why!”
Hearing this, and although she knew that he didn’t really mean it, she had ran from the house and just driven around for a few hours crying trying to think of what to do!
“I needed to talk to someone Charly, and you were the only one that I could think of who I could talk to about this. ”
(Diane is one of my friends that have previously read my diaries and really enjoyed them. ) At that moment Dave walked through our lounge to get to the kitchen to make him self (and us) a cup of tea. Seeing him gave me an idea and I whispered in Diane’s ear that all my best sex ideas and things were usually planned by Dave and he would be the best person to ask about this. I’ve never seen someone go so red so quickly in all my life (at a later date Diane confessed to me that having read about all the things that Dave and I had done together had made her fancy him and she often fantasised about him doing them all to her, but that’s another adventure).
Dave came back with the tea and I gave him a brief outline of what had happened, Diane just sat there really quiet and red faced, hardly ever looking directly at Dave even when he was speaking to her.
“Give me a little while to think about it, why not pop over on Tuesday night, Charly can book the night off work and we’ll tell you our plan?”
Diane looked up at him, and across at me and started crying again, blaming herself for being a nuisance etc. Dave hates women crying and the big softy in him knelt down in front of her and cuddled her to him and shhh’d her (I noticed that he had his hand directly on one of her massive tits at the same time, so I’m not sure what quietened her down more him cuddling her or the feel of his hand against her breast!) She left and we talked, I teased him for copping a feel, he said in his defence that when he held her to him his hand naturally went to her breast and he had felt her nipple get hard and press against his palm as it rested there! After sleeping on it he went off to work and when I rang him he laid out his plan to me…………. .
That evening when Diane came back we told her his plan. “I can’t possibly ask you to do that for me!”
She exclaimed, but Dave can be very persuasive when he wants too and he soon talked her round. It was planned for the following Sunday night after she had helped her husband have his bath………
Charly arrived as planned dressed in her sexiest Ann Summers nurse’s outfit with matching lacy white bra, knickers and suspender belt with white fishnet stockings and white high heels.

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Diane took her through to her husband’s bedroom and said to him,
“I’ve got someone to see you. ”
According to Diane her husbands face was an absolute picture when I walked in, took off my long coat revealing my sexy clothing and then accidentally dropping my coat on the floor instead of the chair and having to bend over to pick it up revealing my sexy undies too! Diane walked over to him and kissed his head and said simply
And she walked out and went to her own bedroom and left us to it. (Another day when she came round to mine she revealed to me that she could clearly hear us fucking in the next room and had played with herself and come several times, one time she got so horny that she even quietly knelt outside the bedroom door and looked through the key hole to try and see what we were doing too!).
This is what she couldn’t see;
“Hello Brian, I hear that you’ve been wishing for a sexy nurse to deal with your sexual needs?”
Brian was still trying to get his head around what was happening and only managed a gasped yes.
I went over to his bed and pulled his duvet off the bed. To reveal a very stiff looking cock inside his pyjamas,
“My, My it looks as if someone needs his temperature taken quite badly!”
I didn’t give him time to say or do anything, I just pulled his cock out of his PJ’s, straddled his lap pulled the short skirt part of my uniform up, my knickers to one side and impaled my self on his short 5” cock, taking it all into me in one go causing us both to gasp.
“You had better make the most of this because Diane told me to tell you that it won’t be happening ever again!”
Leaving my nurses hat on I took the uniform off, leaving me in just my matching white bra, knickers, suspender belt, white fishnet stockings and white high heels. I started to slowly grind my pussy on his cock, and that was too much for him, lack of sex had made him so horny that he exploded inside me in a matter of seconds! Thankfully his cock didn’t o soft for a few minutes and I was able to ride his cock and finger my clit through my knickers until I came too!
As his cock started to go soft and slip from my wet pussy I got off the bed and slipped my bra off before kneeling back on the bed and pulling his face to my tits and told him to give them some attention. He started by tentatively roping them then he sucked each nipple into his mouth in turn and nibbled and sucked on them. He soon had me squirming and gasping, I remember when I was getting close to climaxing I pushed my tits together and forced his head back against the headboard and rubbed my nipples hard against his face and mouth until I came!
“Mmmmmm I need cock again. ”
I said as I reached behind me for his cock, only to find that it was still soft!
“Oh dear Brian, you’re not ready for me are you?”
I didn’t really give him a chance to reply I laid back on then bed and slipped my cum soaked knickers off and said to him,
“Watch me Brian; I’ll soon have you hard again!”
I spread my legs open wide and reached down to my cum covered pussy lips and pushed them open with the fingers off one hand, and then slipped two fingers into my pussy finger fucking myself in front of him. Every now and then I pulled my cum covered fingers out and sexily licked the mixed cum off of them, this had the desired effect and his cock was hard and ready for me again by the time that I had fingered my self to another climax. This time I helped Brian move down the bed so that he could finger fuck me while I sucked on his cock for a few minutes. Even though I was sucking his cock I was soon writhing around on his thick fingers as he fingered me, it wasn’t long before I had to stop sucking his cock and have his cock inside me again.
I rolled my self onto my back and told him to fuck me, somehow he pulled himself over to me and laid on top of me, spreading my legs and with a couple of false starts got his cock into me and started fucking me.


   Because of his small size and lack of lower legs things weren’t as good for either of us as they should have been. I remember laying there wondering what to do as he was moving his cock in and out of my pussy, I clearly remember stopping him, much to his frustration! And I asked him;
“Brian, don’t get upset but do your stumps hurt if they are touched?”
Gasping for breath he managed to tell me that they weren’t painful at all.
I said,
“I want you to fold my legs over me and lie on top of them standing on your stumps and fuck me. ”
He gave me a strange look and said he’d give it a try. After a bit of manoeuvring we got into a position with all his weight laying against my legs, pinning them with his arms and shoulders with his cock as far into me as possible and together we moved and fucked and he lasted far longer this time, giving me two orgasms before he came in me again. He was so exhausted that he just collapsed forwards on top of me for a few minutes before we were able to move him back and laying him down on the bed again. Before I did anything else I cleaned his cum covered cock off with my mouth and pulled his duvet back up over him, I then got dressed and left him starting to fall asleep.
I closed his bedroom door behind me and went to find Diane. I found her in her bedroom looking flushed! She asked me how it was. I took hold of her hand and pressed it against my boobs and started to move it downwards, she instantly pulled it away from me and started to say;
“No, I’m not like th…. ”
I grabbed her hand again and said;
Touching my fingers to her lips and continued;
“Trust me”.
She relaxed her arm and I started again looking her straight in the eyes, holding her hand to each of my breasts and squeezing each them with her hand I said;
“He played with my breasts and sucked my nipples until I came. ”
Then I started pushing her hand down my body and said;
“Then he finger fucked me to another climax. ”
Slowly I reached down with my free hand and pulled my knickers to one side and pushed her hand into the cum that had leaked out from my pussy and made sure that her fingers were well covered with the mixture of cum before saying;
“Then he fucked my pussy twice, filling me with his cum. ”
And I lifted her fingers up to her mouth and said to Diane;
“Taste us”
Her eyes were closed as she tentatively sucked her fingers into her mouth, she groaned loudly and gasped as her feelings overwhelmed her and she had a shuddering orgasm, falling forwards against me for a few moments before recovering.

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   She didn’t have to say anything else, I left her standing there…………
She’s not the smallest of ladies but Diane and Brian have started sleeping together again and they have worked out a way for them to have sex together in spite of her size and his small cock and other disability, so a lot ofgood has come of my visit.

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