New School, Same Shit


I changed schools a few times while in Middle School cause Aunt Maggie and Uncle eugene moved with jobs and so every time we moved I had to scope out he new school. Things like who to trust and not trust, bi or les girlfriends and guys hat I may want to have to play with and teachers that could be bribed sexually, all were things I thought of on the way to school. The new school shared the phys ed fields with the Senior high school and lots of times the guys would be waiting for us to leave so they could start practice of the diferent sports. My boobs made it hard for me to run or do jumping jacks and stuff but I did the best I could. Some teachers let me out of them but others seemed to enjoy seeing me beat myself to death with my tits bouncing all over. One day I was jogging the track and there were a lot of guys standing around watching and waiting to start their track practice. I had forgotten my sports bra and so was wearing a regular one hat was not designed to give support or stop the bra from being see through with my sweat. I was kind of walking fast around the track and the guys started saying things and to be honest making me hot. I had not met anyone to play with yet and Maggie was not around much at the time and so I was doing myself with toys. On the back side of the track I stopped for water and accidentally got my shirt wet and on top of that undid the snap on my front hook bra. Tow seps and my tits were liberated and all over the place as I sped up to a jog. My nipples got hard and the guys were all staring open mouthed as I went by. My last lap I slowed to a walk to give them all a good look and several made comments like, "Damn, she is just looking for it. " and "if she were older I would fuck that. " and so on.

I turned and smiled and said, "Don't let age get in the way" and blew them a kiss and turned and walked to the gym.


   I changed and made sure that I had no bra and that I wore a thong under a short skirt never stayed down in the wind. I went back to the track and found a good place in the bleachers and sat down and pretended to be reading but I was watching the guys. Leaning forward I could pull my nipples to get myself hot and the nipples hard and sticking out in my shirt and I did. As the guys passed in front of me I spread my legs apart some to show off my thong that was now in my slit. The guys were all talking and finding reasons to stay in front of me on the track. After a while it was over and I stood up and streached some and as I did the wind caught my skirt perfectly and blew it up almost over my waist. I did not mess with it but let he wind die down for it to fal back into place. A few guys came to me and began talking and asking my age and did not believe me but stayed there looking since no one could get into trouble looking. Several had hard cocks that were tenting their shorts and I looked at them and said, "Are those bulges all because of me guys?" and they said that they were. "Too bad I can't take care of tem now, but I am walking home and I have to walk over that way to get there taking a short cut. " I pointed to a place on the edge of the field that was a path through some woods and I turned and said, "I wish you guys went that way too then I could take care of those bulges. " and I turned and walked towards the corner of the field.

Before I got there I looked and there were 4guys walking that way about a hundred yards behind me and they were still in their shorts and more guys behind them. I went into the woods and to a place off the path and waited and was wet as hell waiting for them. They came to the clearing and I said, "Hey guys, over here, you looking for me?" and they stopped and came to where I was at.

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   "So you wanna do us then?" one said. "How old are you?" said another. "Oh, don't let my age worry you at all, I am not going to tell and I realy would like to take advantage of the situtation. " I pulled off my top and dropped it to the ground and my tits jiggled as they came out of it, nipples hard and ready for fun. I pulled off my skirt and thong and showed them my shaved pussy and told them, "Well, guys, I am ready, don't any of you wanna take care of me?" and two guys stepped up and began sucking my tits. I pushed their faces into my chest and told them to suck them hard and then to bite the. A hand found its way between my legs and I moved them apart and fingers slipped in deep and made me moan. Someone else was behind me and another finger went into my ass and made me squirm to get it in. "Oh yes, do me good guys, do me good. " I moaned and they were doing just that. Suddenly my body convulsed and I had a huge orgasm all over the hand between my legs. I sprayed all over his arm. They let me lay on the grass and I laid there waiting for he orgasm to pass and I opened my legs again and moaned louder, "I need something really hard in here guys. " and spread my legs and pulled my pussy open. A guy took off his shorts and his nice cock slipped inside me and he began pumping deep and hard.

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   It did not take long for him to cum and he started to pull out but I put my legs around his waist and he filled my pussy. "I don't want to knock you up. " he saidand I told them, "I am protected guys and never ever waste good cum. " and another guy got on top of me, plunging in. I reached out for two cocks that were near me and took them in my mouth and sucked them so good. They tasted like guys do (and women) after they work out. I swallowed their cum down and asked for more. The fucking went on for a couple hours and after I got up, put on my blouse and skirt and thaned everyone. They all asked if I was available for more and I told them I was always available.

The next day I was in class and dressed out for gym again and towards the end of class was teasing the guys again. A good looking man that was the coach, Mr, Stands let us say his name was, called me over from the track. "Why are you distracting my guys?" he said firmly but his eyes were on my chest. "Oh sorry, just doing my walk/run around the track. " I said and my nipples got hard. "We need to go to the office and call your principal.

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  " he said and motioned to the gym ofice. I walked that way and he was behind me and I felt his eyes on my ass and mode sure to move my hips more as I walked. The office had an entrance so that you did not have to go in the gym and he opened the door and I walked in. He had on taylored shorts and was built really great and I was looking below his waist and sure enough he was aroused. "So your name is Brenda?" he said. "Yes, and your name is???" I said and he said, "Stands, Mr Stands. " and is that what a friend would call you?" I asked him and he got red faced. My name is Bill Stands but Mr. Stands to you. " he said and I said, "Oh, I like Bill so much better. " and I stood up with my chest out and my nipples hard as rocks. "You can sit down. " he said and I told him I liked to stand up (and keep on sticking out my chest) I thouight. He was obviously getting hard and I looked at his crotch and licked my lips. He looked at me, "And why do you like Bill better?" he said and I leaned forward on the desk and was almost on top of it, my chest hanging in my shirt and my lips wet, "Because it is easier to use in a sentance.

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  " I said. "What kind of sentance would you use it in. " he said and I stood up and tuned my back to him. "Well, it is easier to say things like, (I bent down and tok off my shorts) "Bill, do you like my ass. " and then I stood and pulled off the shirt and said, "And Bil do you like my tits?" and I massaged them pulling the nipples and then I moved around the desk and sat on it in front of him with a leg on each side and I leaned back on my arms "And Bill, would you like to fuck me?" and suddenly his face was on my chest sucking my nipples and massagging my tits. "Harder baby, harder Bill. " I moaned and he really grabbed my tits.

I laid back on the desk my legs spread and said, "Hungry?" and his face was between my legs eating my still sore pussy from the day before. My orgasm came suddenly and sprayed all over his chest and I stayed there, "Now for your cock Bill, give me your cock. " I moaned and his shorts came down and a huge cock came out. I guided him into me and he plunged deeper than any guys the day before. "Oh yes Bill, fuck me good, ram my pussy hard. " and he was doing just that. "Don't take it out, I am safe. " I told him when the question was in his eyes and he was close after I had 3 more orgasms and he arched his back and rammed one last time and his cock grew and flood my pussy with his cum.

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   It seemed to never end and finaly it came out and I sat up and dropped to my knees and took it into my throat and sucked him back hard again and gave him a great deep throat. He filed my throat and I got up and kissed him. "Now you know why your guys were distracked Bill, any objections?" I said and he said none at all. His cock was growing again in my hands and I smiled, "Got time for one more?" I said and he smiled back and I turned around and moved my ass towards him and he puched into my ass. "Oh fuck yes Bill. " I said and he rammed hard into me and after a long time his cock swelled again and filled my ass. I cleaned him up again and dressed in clothes that were more presentable and left. It was dark and I called Maggie to come get me and told her all about my two days of fun. "Sounds like you will be ready for school next year hun. " she said and kissed me. We drove home and I was soaking wet all the way but happy.
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