Demon Surrogates

Erotic Horror

This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank You and Enjoy.

Demon Surrogates

It’s a clear spring night outside the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace’s windows. The warm spring air has just come in for the season, pushing out the frigid air brought about by winter. With their apartment almost ten stories above the city below, the bedroom window is wide open letting the nice air in. Mrs. Wallace is lying on their bed, lost in a deep sleep. Her blonde hair covers her pillow, while the covers are down enough to show the outline of the nipples, sitting on B-Cup breasts under her nightie. Even after 3 children, she still enjoys how her husband gives her tits a good licking/biting during their love making. Mr. Wallace is, of course, lying next to her in his own sleep. He’s roughly 6 ft, and stands taller than his wife’s 5 ft-3 in frame.

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   He’s got brown hair, and just a hint of a stubble beard, per his wife’s liking.
Mrs. Wallace, in her dreamy state, feels a pair of hands running up her body. Feeling the pair of hands, she fidgets ever so slightly, but keeps her eyes closed. She recognizes the rough hands feeling her up right now, as she thinks to herself that her husband had a frisky dream. It wasn’t at all uncommon for Mr. Wallace to want a good fucking after a sexy dream, and the same to Mrs. Wallace as well.
She keeps her eyes shut as she feels her husband’s hands slowly move up to her nightie-covered breasts, and starts to tease the nipples a bit. In only a few moments, she lets out a moan, unable to resist the urge. Almost instantly, her husband flips her from her side to her back, and clamps his mouth over hers in a deeply passionate kiss. Mrs. Wallace returns the kiss, with fervor, and opens her mouth to let in his tongue. Eagerly, he sticks his tongue in her mouth, and makes contact with her tongue. The contact alone is enough to sent electricity through both lovers.

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   Mr. Wallace breaks their kiss, kisses her cheek, then takes her ear into his mouth, tonguing it in the process. One of the advantages to being married for so long is you always know what gets your husband’s/wife’s juices flowing, and for Mrs. Wallace, this was a big one. She grabs the back of his head, and urges him to continue. Enjoying the slow torture going on with her ear, she reaches for his rock hard dick, and starts to stoke it through his boxers.
“Hmmm, aren’t you two just a pair,” a distinctly female voice calls. The two of them stop immediately, and look over to see a hooded figure sitting in the chair directly across the bed. “Ohh, I’m sorry, I was just enjoying the scene, please continue,” the figure insists, with its legs crossed. It’s Mrs. Wallace who starts up again, stroking her husband’s still hard dick through his boxers, and Mr. Wallace moves to the other ear, and starts to work on it. As he bites at the earlobe, then sticks his tongue in her ear, her moans egg him on. At the same time, the little voice in his head that’s saying, “Wait, there’s somebody weird in your house, and watching you make love to your wife,” is shrinking quickly until it plays no part in the decision making process.

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   Wallace, letting go of her husband’s tool, brings her hands up to his face, and brings him in for another deep, passionate kiss. As they tongue wrestle, spit dribbling out the side of their mouths, the hooded figure starts stroking itself, a large red cock pointing out from the black robe. The robe is hiked up, to allow better access by the figure, and has it’s muscular female legs on display. As Mrs. Wallace breaks the kiss, “Come on hon, let me suck the cum out of you. ” Needing no other further encouragement, Mr. Wallace lets his wife have her way. She rolls him onto his back, and practically tears off his boxers to get at his 6in dick, hard and ready. She starts by licking the head, almost like a lollipop, savoring its taste. She uses her free hand to play with his balls, eliciting a groan of approval from her husband. She runs her tongue up and down his prick, making it shine with her spit. She slowly makes her way back to the tip of his dick, savoring every pulsing vein in his weapon. She takes him into her mouth, and deep throats her lover’s dick, enjoying every sensation it gives her. She keeps bobbing her head on his tool, having ever intention to taste his cum on her tongue. His face scrunches up, and she can feel his dick get bigger in her mouth as it gets ready to shoot its treat into her belly.

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“That’s enough of that now. I’ll be the first on to cum tonight love birds,” the hooded figure calls out again. Almost on cue, Mrs. Wallace backs off her husband’s dick, leaving him frustrated at the lack of cumming. The hooded figure no longer has a hood, actually, it no longer has any clothes at all. It’s quite obviously a woman, just a red one, almost demonic. The horns atop her head prove the point. Atop the chest of the creature sit a pair of impressive D-cup breasts, but that’s not the surprising thing. Where there should be a cunt on this demon, there is in fact an 8 in cock, hard and ready to go. As the demon walks over to the couple, Mrs. Wallace speaks, “Have something particular in mind dear?” Smiling at the obvious invitation, the demon responds, “Ohh, you have no idea. On your back slut, I’m going to stretch you farther than you’ve ever been before. ” Pushing her husband out of the way, Mrs. Wallace spreads her legs wide, “Cum and get me you hung stud!!” The demon takes it’s cock in hand, and slowly sinks it’s girth into the tight cunt of Mrs. Wallace.

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   Mr. Wallace idly jacks himself, trying to get off on his wife fucking another man…. . or whatever it is. “Come on you stud, bottom out in me. I want to feel your head at me womb. ” The demon leans down to kiss Mrs. Wallace, and the creatures tongue snakes out, and massages he tongue, making her body shudder from the feeling.  
At last, the demon bottoms out in her cunt, “Hehe, I think you’ll do nicely my dear. ” Being so stuffed full of cock, more than she ever had before, she was unable to respond, her mouth gaping from the shear feeling alone. “Now, you’ll get a treat. Hubby, get up here and treat my breasts. ” Almost in a trance, he does as he’s told, and moves on top of his wife, and starts to lick and bite the demon’s breasts. Surprisingly, as soon as he does this, Mrs. Wallace starts to lick, and tongue her husband’s asshole.

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   Mr. Wallace moans into the demon’s breasts at the new feeling. Feeling satisfied, the demon starts to fuck the cunt it’s buried in. It starts slowly at first, enjoying the vice its dick was in. Soon enough however, nature takes over, and it starts to ram it into her, like an engine piston. Mrs. Wallace breaks off eating her husband’s ass, “FUCK ME YOU STUD!!!! OHH GOODDD!!!!!” Her cries ring out as her entire body tenses up, and her back arches as her orgasm ripples through her entire being. Simultaneously, a high pitched wail rings out, more animal than human, as the demon lets loose it’s pent up load into her willing, and eager cunt. Hr. Wallace feels the creatures breasts tense up, and the muscles contract as its own orgasm ripples through its body.
After both come down from their high, the demon’s prick is still rock hard. “Okay, one down, one to go. ” Pointing to Mr. Wallace, she instructs him, “Eat her out, and it better be good. ” Pulling back from its sex partner, the demon pulls it’s dick from the cunt, leaving a small trail of cum along the way.

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   Eagerly, Mr. Wallace dives into his wife’s well-fucked cunt, savoring the flavor. Unknown to him, there’s now a tattoo on his wife’s belly, a sign of things to come, but he’s not coherent enough to notice. As the husband starts eating out her husband, the demon slaps the globes of his ass, “Hmmm, it’ll be a tight fit, but it’ll do,” the demon remarks. The creature takes its hands, and spreads his cheeks, exposing his asshole, shiny from his wife’s attention. The creature takes its dick, well lubed from all the juices, and pushes into Mr. Wallace’s asshole. Through gritted teeth, the creature slowly pushes past through all his internal resistance. Mr. Wallace keeps eating out his wife, his hands twisting and turning the sheets in agony as his once normal asshole is stretched beyond capacity. When the demon finally bottoms out, even Mr. Wallace is surprised at how good it feels to be so full of dick. Seeing Mr. Wallace settle down, the demon gives his ass a good slap, “I knew you’d love it slut. You’ll love what comes later too.

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  ” The demon pulls out of Mr. Wallace’s ass-cunt, and pumps it back in, getting a groan from the person the ass-cunt is attached to. The demon slowly gets a rhythm going fucking the hell out of Mr. Wallace.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace can’t get enough of her cunt getting eaten. It’s already one of her weaknesses as it is. Her mouth is hanging open, drool dripping down her mouth, unable to scream for the feeling coming from her well-used cunt. She’s gripping her breasts, and tweaking her nipples, but that’s all she can do right now it seems. The creature picks up its pace, trying to pump its load into its next vessel tonight. Mr. Wallace’s dick is steel, and has a trail of pre-cum dripping onto the bedspread, begging to be touched. In an instant, Mr. Wallace feels the weapon in his ass get larger, and he knows what’s coming. The animal like creams of the creature can be heard as it pumps it’s cum deep into his ass.

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   At the same time, his own dick starts it’s spewing and every muscle in his body contracts as his own orgasm hits, like a freight train. During his orgasm, his asshole tightens, creating a tighter vice around the creatures cock, encouraging it to cum more.
After the demon has finished it’s cum spray of Mr. Wallace’s inside, it collapses on all fours, unable to move for some time. Eventually, the demon gets up, and once again sits in the same chair it had occupied earlier. “Damn, I need to visit all of you more often, that was one good fuck. Now, next to your wife slut!” Mr. Wallace struggles to take his place next to his wife. Unknown to him, he now also has a tattoo on his belly, similar to the one his wife now has. The creature, smiling at them, “Now, for the fun part. ” With that, the demon snaps its fingers, and the marks on each of their belly glow a red color. Immediately after, they feel it. The telltale stirring of life within their bodies. Mrs. Wallace is familiar with it having been the mother to three children.

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   Mr. Wallace, however, is not so familiar with pregnancy, nor one quite like this.
In an instant, both their bellies swell to sizes reflecting the children they will soon bear. They both start screaming, not so much in pain as in surprise, as they both witness each other’s growth around their midsection. Oddly enough, both their eyes are on Mr. Wallace, who has never swelled to the size he is now. His slightly hairy belly started to look like he had a beer-belly, but they knew better than that. As it got bigger, Mr. Wallace could feel it moving, like a woman would a normal child, except there was nothing normal about this child. He gripped his growing belly as it expanded to sizes he never thought possible for a man.
In a matter of minutes, both husband and wife looked to be full term, and they both knew it when they each felt the urge to push. For Mrs. Wallace, it was nothing new, having given birth to three children before, but for Mr. Wallace, it was terrifying to say the least. He felt the urge to take a shit, and then a searing pain in his asshole.


   Almost be instinct, he pulled his knees to his chest, trying to get the thing inside him out.
The demon appeared at Mr. Wallace’s side, “You know, I never tire of seeing men giving birth to my bastard children through their asshole. I guess it’s something about men that excite me. ” The demon child’s head appeared at the man’s asshole, just a little red skin visible. The creature smiling at seeing this, “Come on now, it’s just like taking a shit. Besides, I was kind to you after all, I could have knocked you up without stretching your ass on my pole. ” With his wife’s cries of pain next to him, he let his own out as his anal cavity was stretched to accommodate the body of the brat in his belly.
“Ohhh, the head’s out hubby,” the creature said clapping its hands proudly, “Now for the rest slut. ” Screaming at the top of his lungs, he pushed out the rest of the creature’s offspring out onto the bed covers. Clapping loudly, the demon speaks again, “Very well done hubby. And look at that, your asshole is so big I thing I could fits a few fists up there. Hehe, it kind of gives a new name to the ‘Grand Canyon’ joke doesn’t it. Ohh, and your wife gave birth perfectly. I’d expect nothing less from a woman after all.

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  ” With Mr. Wallaces asshole gaping and bloody with the child on the sheets wining, and the same for his wife’s cunt and her child, the creature takes both children. “Well, it’s been fun, and thanks for the kids. Who knows, I may want more eventually. ” As it turns around to leave, it makes one last remark, “I almost forgot, I come from a big family, and there are a lot of relatives that might want to start a family. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll give them you address, just in case. ” With that, the creature leaves, leaving both Mr. and Mrs. Wallace a mess, covered in cum, blood, and afterbirth.
With the rise of the sun, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace wake up to everything the way it was. “Wow, that was one weird dream,” Mrs. Wallace remarks. Mr.

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   Wallace responds, “Hmm, you mean a demon and getting knocked up and all. ” Wide eyed, they look at each other. Mrs. Wallace finally says something, “That’s awesome. I don’t think we’ve ever had the same dream before. ” Making light of it, Mr. Wallace agrees. He gets up to go to the bathroom. In just a few seconds, Mrs. Wallace hears him screaming. “SARAH, GET IN HERE!!!” Mr. Wallace screams. Mrs. Wallace hurriedly runs into the bathroom, “Honey, What is …. ” she stops mid sentence as she sees the still obvious tattoo on her husband’s belly.

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   Almost instantly, she lifts up her nightie to see the same on her belly. Both were speechless to say the least, but they were completely terrified when they discovered the same tattoo on the bellies of their three children as well.


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