Nothing Left

Erotic Horror

The room was stark and bleak, yet the air seemed warm. A little too warm it seemed for the the absence of anything resembling a source of the heat. The floor boards were raw, unstained, andlooked like they had been fervently scrubbed many times over. Alone in the middle of the room was a large bed with four rusty bed posts. The girl was still shaking from the scalding bath she had just endured from the cold blank elderly blind women. After the searing bath she had been lead naked to this room and locked inside. The girl approached the bed with apprehension. It seemed a little too inviting. The mattress was covered with a blood red satin sheet that shimmered in the dark lighting of the room. She reached out, her hand still trembling, and felt the covering. It was so smooth and fine. It felt like warm butter as her hand slid gently across it. Cautiously she lowered her naked body down upon it. The girl felt the the warm sheet slide across the back side of her exposed thigh. There was only one pillow and the girl instinctively reached out for it as if the comfort it could bring would change everything she had been through. The girl hugged the pillow to her breast and stroked her face across it like a little girl with her favorite teddy bear that would make all the bad things go away.

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   Her eyes grew heavy as she spread her body across the mattress as she lapsed into something between sleep and dream.

She never fully regained consciousness when she felt the small soft hand slide across the back of her calf. The girl couldn't remember how much time had passed since the bath, and her strange acceptance of the warm soft bed. The small hand continued to slide slowly and gently up her leg. The girl's legs were slightly apart and she was laying face down with her head turned to one side, half buried in the pillow she was clutching. As the hand slid upward it arched downward between her legs just above her knee. Her head seemed to swim in an ocean of half inky consciousness that she could not shake away. Her actions were dictated by the small soft hand that slowly glided up and between her legs. She instantly, with total absence of free will, ever so slightly, was bending one leg, opening the gap between her legs. Her pelvis pushed upward just a little as if, on its own, to invite the hand to continue. Why was she doing this? The girl thought. Why could she not bring herself fully awake. She wanted to sit up to see who belonged to this strange touch that seemed to dictate her every movement.

The hand felt so small and was now inside her thigh slowly approaching the spot it seemed to be seeking. It lingered, slowly drawing small circles across the creamy softness of her thigh with small fingers.

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   What was happening? The girl's head swirled this way and that trying to remember how she had gotten here. How she had ended up in this dream world. Her body controlled by this person she could not see. At the first touch of a tiny finger on the soft folds of her exposed vagina, the girl realized she was wet. She also realized as the probing fingers slid softly around the area that she had been shaved completely of any pubic hair. When this had happened she could not say. She did not remember the brutal old ladies who had scrubbed and abused her doing this. When she felt the first finger slide inside her she slightly regained some concentration. But it seemed only for the purpose of opening herself up a little more so the small finger might slide deeper.

The girl was dripping wet now as she felt the finger work it's way in and out of her. On the next inward thrust two, no, three fingers entered her. The girl's body withered in a state of denial and ecstasy that she could not control. Why was she allowing this to happen? Why could she not confront the person this tiny hand belonged to, that was penetrating her body, and yes, also her mind. It became clear to her at that moment who was in control here, of the situation, of her body. .

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  . . all of it. Her mind reeled and her body withered and arched as a thumb softly pushed against her clit.

Her body was owned plain and simple. Her movements in control of someone unseen! The girl's hips pivoted upward to accept more of the penetrating invasion inside her. It seemed her body wanted more. It thirsted for it. The pumping motion of the small soft hand grew faster. The wetness of the girl's cunt dribbled down her thigh. She gasped as the small hand clenched into a fist and fully slid inside her. The owner of the hand let her fingers unfurl as it moved back and forth in a circular motion. She felt the fingers sliding, probing the inside walls of her pussy. Then in one brilliant explosion the fingers found the spot they were seeking. The girl was facing downward on her stomach pressing her face into the pillow, with somebody behind her, their hand fully inside her.

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   She was sopping wet, and could feel the wet sheet beneath her as she withered around in uncontrolled orgasm. The girl was now totally on her knees with her chest pressed flat against the mattress. Her nipples were swollen hard and she could feel them rubbing across the soaked sheets. She felt like a whore with her ass in the air wanting more and more of this obscenity. Then she heard a small giggle from behind her as the orgasm faded. Yes it was definitely a feminine hand and soft laughter, she knew that now.

The girl felt the hand slide out of her, the controlling presence in her mind also seemed to recede. Frantic, she sat up, clutching the pillow to her breast and swollen nipples. The girl turned to see who or what was doing this to her. To her horror her eyes fell on the small form of a young pale girl. The pale girl wore an old tattered looking Victorian dress, sagging white tattered stockings, and small black shoes with one large buckle on each. She had long black greasy looking hair, with bangs that seemed to be trying to hide her face. The small girl continued to giggle, as the older girl looked in fear as a pasty white face, with red glowing eyes, peered at her from under the hair. The ghastly looking small pale girl brought the hand that had, just seconds before violated the girl, to her mouth and started to lick the slippery orgasm from it, giggling the whole time. She noticed that the small girl had horribly sharp yellowed teeth, that looked like they had been filed to a razor sharpness.

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   The pale girl's blood red eyes never once dropped her stare, and her giggle seemed to echo sickly in the older girl's mind, as she continued to clean her hand.

The older girl sat feeling sick. The hand that clutched the pillow to her breast sagged, and once again her head swam as she felt the force of the little girls mind enter her. With a hiss the small girl, being satisfied she had thoroughly cleaned her hand, began to speak. “You didn't think we were finished did you?” the small girl said in a low screechy voice. “Oh on the contrary, I've just begun. And I definitely want to play some more” the small girl hissed with a grin. “When I'm done you'll know. Because there will be nothing left for me to take. ” The older girl slouched onto her back with her legs spread wide. She rolled her head back and forth trying to shake the little girls mind from it. She screamed inside her head as her body ached for the violation she knew was coming. The ghostly pale girl ran all four fingers up through the folds of the older girl's wet cunt and instantly brought it to her mouth. The older girl glanced up just in time to see the evil twist of a grin on the girl's face just before she lowered it between her legs. Everything went sickly surreal for the older girl as she felt the small girl's hand and tongue feverishly explore and violate her cunt.

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   The older girl's hips once more arched and began an up and downward motion. The girl's tongue and fingers met every downward thrust of the older girl's pelvis. And then she felt the tense strain begin to build and she knew the unwanted orgasm was only seconds away. She felt tears well up in her eyes but the controlling mind of the small girl would not allow a sound as the they rolled down her face. The older girl exploded with a white flash of blinding light in her mind, and a gushing orgasm between her legs. She felt the pale girl lap at her dripping orgasm like and animal licking the blood from a fresh kill.

The small girl stood on the bed, still in control of the girls mind, and grinned looking down at the older girl. The small girl reached up under her dress and pulled a pair of stained and tattered panties down her slender pale legs. The young girl tossed the panties to the floor and laughed as she knelt down and straddled the older girl's head. She mounted the older girl's mouth and began to ride back and forth. The older girl looked up in total submission and saw the blood red eyes roll back into the girl's head. Unwillingly her tongue stroked and entered the pale girl's baby smooth gash. It was cold and had a sweet sickly taste, with an overpowering smell, like old flowers from a funeral home. The young girl looked down and laughed as she feverishly grabbed at the older girl's hair and pressed her face up between her legs, smearing a slippery wetness across it across her mouth. This went on and on until the young girl was positioned in a standing squat cradling the older girl's head pressing it against her cunt controlling the older girl's body and mind to frantically lick at her pale cold gash.

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   Finally, in a hiss and screech, the little girl exploded in a gushing orgasm across the older girl's face.

The young girl dropped the girl's head on to the pillow and stood. The girl watched as orgasm dribbled down the inside of the young girl's thigh. The small girl hissed “Now I m done with you, and there's only one more thing I want. ” Like a blur of darkness the small ghastly girl dropped to her knees and sank her needle sharp teeth in the girl's throat. The older girl's body was paralyzed as she felt the little girl feed from her jugular vein. She could feel something warm spray across her chest as the young girl gnawed at her flesh. The room began to spin and turn dark as the older girl's last breath escaped between her lips. .