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Hi I am Aparna 46 yrs now I want to relate a true incident which happened almost 22 years before when I  was newly married and had a baby which was 4 months, my husband Arvind had lot of friends, one of his friend’s Pramod visited us one day when Arvind was away on tour, he had come from Aurangabad, which is also my home town.   I welcomed him he had come to stay for 2 days since he had some office work, he was working in a government department.   After he took bath and came out   he had breakfast with me and then praised me a lot he informed me that I had become more sexy after giving birth to a baby boy.

  Pramod asked me to see the kid so I brought the baby from the cradle, he came near me and while picking up the baby purposely pressed my breasts, immediately I was alerted that Pramod’s intention was not good. After playing with the baby he handed over the baby to me when he again did the same after that I put the baby in the cradle and then we started discussing old memories.

While discussing I saw that his eyes was hovering on my navel and boobs, I got up and went inside the kitchen to prepare lunch, Pramod followed me and was observing me from behind, he came very close to me and almost brushed against me and asked as to what I was preparing, he asked me to prepare kheer for him which I knew he liked very much.   My baby started crying so I went running it was hungry and needed milk, I took the baby under my saree and opened the blouse and was feeding when Pramod came and sat next to me and watching he said Aparna the baby is lucky to have such beautiful mangoes to suck, baby had left sucking the milk drops were falling, it fell on my lap that is when I knew that the baby was asleep, I covered by breast and hooked the blouse and got up to go to kitchen that is when Pramod praised me and said Aparna you are damn sexy and he placed his hand on my shoulders pulling me towards him, I hesitated and said Pramod what you are doing is not correct, he started kissing me he kissed me on my forehead, ears, throat and knelt on the ground and started sucking my navel, I tried to push him but he had caught me tightly and he removed the pin which was holding the saree in the front and my saree fell out, I was just in blouse and petticoat, I opposed his moves but he lifted my petticoat and started feeling my thighs, I pleaded with him to leave me and told him that I was his friends wife and was like a sisterinlaw to him (Vahini), he started poking his hands in my cunt. .  

I crossed my hands and begged to be spared. He was uncontrolable.  He started kissing me non the thighs and went near my pussy and started kissing which gave me excitement I started enjoying the feeling, he started untying my petticoat which also fell down and was just in blouse and panties, He asked me to open the blouse which I did hesitatingly  he hugged me and unhooked my bra.  . I was only in my panty, he started kissing me all over my chest, he started licking my armpits, and his hands were wandering over my back, this excited me more, I was getting aroused, he started sucking my breasts and started drinking the milk and said Aparna the mangoes her really delicious, wow Arvind is really lucky to have such a beautiful sexy wife like you, I once again pleaded to leave me alone and said this would be cheating on my faithful husband, but Pramod was not in the mood to hear he was giving me my thrills, he started fiddling with my navel and made me sleep on the bed  and started kissing my waist and started tickling me, he used force and tore my panties and started kissing my slit, parting the pussy lips he started sucking me with his tongue, wow it was very nice, I was in heaven, the baby was crying he allowed me to feed the baby.

While I was feeding the baby he removed his clothes and also removed his trunks, I was shocked to see he had one of the most wonderful thick 7 inches rod it was better then my husbands whose was around 4 inches or so, he said go on and feed your kid and parted my legs and inserted his 7 inches dick into my pussy, it was damn painful since I was not accustomed to such a big one, I was moaning on one side my baby was sucking my breasts and on the other hand Pramod had rammed his dick and was trying to suck my other breasts, when the baby stopped sucking and slept, he started ramming in to me up and down sliding inside my pussy, I twisted my head with pleasure as he lifted my hips and began thrusting.

A few strokes and I could feel the pressure build inside me. I moaned and made sounds and soon exploded with what I was told was an orgasm. He slowed down and was out. I thought it was over.

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   But I was wrong. He parted my slit again and chewed my clit. I was at the height of pleasure. He again entered me and moved slowly. He would move out and with force enter again.

Each stroke of his was now send shivers in me. He would suddenly move vigorously and that slow down. I could feel the tension building up and stopping with his pauses. I wanted another orgasm. I moved when he paused for which he shouted me to stop, as he wanted to enjoy more. He got up and moved away I thought I made a mistake in telling him.

He removed a bottle and sprayed on his dick. He came again and started his pumping with all his ! force. I lift my hips to match his strokes. I shook and shivered soon with what was a powerful orgasm. He came soon emptying himself deep into me and collapsing on me.

I knew I had committed a sin but was at the same time happy that I had a greatest sex of my life, which would never come to me from my husband.  .

We had sex  the whole evening and night we had forgotten to cook, then I prepared a delicious food and we eat, After dinner Pramod showed me a magazine which was erotic the pictures shown was girl taking the man’s prick into her mouth and sucking and many more different poses which I had never thought of or never my husband had educated me on sex  while seeing the photos Pramod hand was roaming over my back, I was getting excited but I was also too sleepy and went to change over to nightyr  Pramod asked me to sleep in nude and we slept it was in midnight when I was awoken by Pramod he had parted my legs and was sucking my pussy. I caught his hairs and pulled him closer so he could only breathe the odour of my pussy, it was my turn I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking at first I thought it was not good but after some time as I took the skin backwards Pramod started moaning since he was getting his thrills, we exchanged directions so he could suck my pussy and I his prick, this went on for some minutes after which Pramod again started thrusting his dick in me and it went on till early morning, I had 3 to 4 orgasam in the whole night,

Pramod had shown me the secret of sex life, even though there was guilt in my feelings since I had slept with another man but things changed after this.

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    Arvind had problems in his job since his company was going slow and was making losses so the salaries was delayed that is when I decided to join work and got a job with a Investment company now I knew how to seduce people and what men liked, When I took up the work for few days I wore sarees properly but there was  a boy working with me whose name was Madhav who started eyeing me, I started showing of more of my navel and waist and also gave him more opportunity to watch my boobs.   Madhav was almost of my age and always respected me and helped me in most of the work, one day while I had to bend and take out some files from the steel cupboard had a sprain on my back and shouted aaaaahhhh, that is when Madhav asked me the problem then he placed his hands on me and started massaging me on my back, slowly his hand came downwards towards my waist which was naked, I could see a tent forming in his pants, he started moving his hands on my waist and started touching my navel“ I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch then the hand moved to my bare stomach then played with my naval. I was totally losing my control.   I stopped him  and said what are your doing don’t your know I am a married woman, he said sorry.

Whenever he got a chance to feel me or brush against me he would do it and enjoy but this thrilled me, Madhav’s house was in the next building and his mother had become a good friend of mine, I used to visit their house quite often, one day when I went to Madhav’s house the door was opened and I was welcomed inside and as I entered he closed the door and hugged me from behind He grabbed me around my waist from behind and embraced me, I was taken aback by his action and screamed, "What are you doing?”, and started to resist. He kept embracing me and whispered in my ears, "Aparna you are so pretty and sexy that I can't control myself anymore so please let me taste you   I struggled against him and said, "No please leave me.

" Now he kept his left hand on my waist and started to move his right hand over my body and placed it lightly on my left boob over my saree I shuddered and gasped slightly. Now he turned me towards him and simply pressed his lips over mine, I tried to scream but my lips were muffled. Now I started to pinch his shoulder and beat his chest as he kept kissing me, he sucked my lower lip and tried to part my lips but I didn't part my lips so he shifted his lips from mine to my bare shoulder and arms. He kissed my shoulder licked my neck, his hand played with my boobs and one around my back held me close to him. Now he started undressing me , he removed my saree and then he unbuttoned my blouse and left me only in bra and petticoat and he started to suck my boobs  , he bite my nipples above it. I screamed, "Ohhh nooooo", while pulling at his hairs trying to pull his lips away from my boobs. But I seemed feeble against his lust. He then opened my petticoat and pulled it down from my body.

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   Now I was only in my bra and panties. He then picked me up in his arms and took me to bed, I tried to get off while I kicked my legs in a futile manner. As he threw me into the bed, he got up and with a swift movement removed his t-shirt he had a muscular body. I tried to get up but he was too fast for me, as he grabbed me by my arms and set his hot lips on my belly button, sucking at it and biting my waist. I kept saying, "Nooo noo nooo please leave me. " He didn't give an ear to my crying and kept himself steady at devouring my body. As he was kissing my navel and waist, his right hand wandered down to my calf, as his hand moved upwards and caressed my smooth sexy thighs, he became hornier. He shifted once again to my neck licking and biting it. Now more and more he was caressing and kissing me, I also became heated up and aroused by unfamiliar hands and lips upon my naked skin. He now decided to denude me and take me full, he reached for hooks in my bra, I gripped his hands and tried to push them off, he just brushed my hands aside. He unclasped my bra pulled it up to expose my golden tits and set his lips on my lips and his hands cupped my tits. Now again my body started to betrayed I understood that I have to again give in any way and enjoy it with him again, only so decided to give in and didn't resist as he sucked my lower lip again and try to part my lips, I now parted my lips and he thrust his tongue inside, trying to suck mine, now I cooperated fully to his hot kissing and sucking as his hands tweaked my nipples. I could feel my nipples harden under his merciless palms and I in return caressed his forearms, moaning softly. Now he made me sat up, removed my bra thus leaving my nude sexy hot body. I looked really hot and wanting.

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   So now he set his lips on my thighs and as he did I gasped at his touch of his hot lips on my naked skin. Now he came up to my naked and hard tits and set his lips on them. I just arched up my tits against his mouth as his tongue twirled around my nipples and bite them and suck them hard. I now massaged his back with one of my hands while other grabbed at bed sheet and my moans became louder. He set his mouth to feed freely upon my tits. Then he started to lick and suck at my thighs as I grabbed on the wooden board above my head and my face opened in a moan. He went down to my toes licking and sucking at them played with my anklets with his lips and teeth. Now while he kissed me he held my panty by the rim and through my slim waist pulled it down my sexy legs, baring my silky legs against his lusty stare and hot lips and naughty hands leaving me in bed totally unguarded against him. He set himself between my legs as I parted my silky legs he set his lips upon my bush I crooned and arched my back. He parted my pussy lips and pushed his tongue up my clit. Now I went mad at touch of his tongue I grabbed his hairs and pulled him further down my thighs and grabbed his head with my thighs. He went 'slurp slurp' on my clit and I soon came on his mouth. Then he came up kissed my juicy and wanting lips and as soon as he placed his lips upon my. I thrust in my tongue and started to kiss him passionately. All the time my slim fingers were playing at his back and hairs.

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   He kissed my neck and bit my earlobes. I cried out ohhh. His cock was full erect and ready to fill my hot and wet pussy 
I asked him to put his cock into my pussy he said that was his first time so i grabbed his cock in my hand placed in my 
pussy and tell to push his cock my pussy was so wet his cock 
at once went inside it was very hot and and it filled my pussy 
totally. He was fucking me very hard and fast it was pleasure 
of my life time I never enjoyed this much with Arvind 
although he is also very good fucker. Madhav was pumping 
my pussy and I was coming one after another I do not know that 
how many time I climaxed in that 3 hours we made love two times 
and still no one knows about my fuck with Madhav, after that it was many times whenever Madhav wanted or I wanted to get satisfied, after that it was my boss who was on target which I will narrate later on.