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       You make me strip tease right in front of you, taking every pieces of clothes slowly, rub my body all over yours. . . As I am stood there in my bra and knickers I slide my hands down your chest and across your face and over your lips and slide my down you your arm and leg, rubbing my body against your bending over your knee, sliding my hands down your leg and undo doing your belt and and button and kiss your lips and say 'I love you ' in your ear and kiss your dick though your boxers and rub lips over your dick and your look at me and say 'more' you pull down your boxers and kick off your jeans and take of your top and undo my bra and I start to slowly lick and kiss the head of your dick and slowly getting fast slide my mouth deep and deep down get faster and faster and deeper and deeper licking and kissing and sucking so fast and deep that I deep throating your dick in my mouth make you want to slide your hands down my back and reaching to crap my bum and squeeze it and spank it rubbing your hands across my boobs and pulling my nipples and make you pull my hair push your hand on head to make me go deeper and fucking my mouth. . . I stop and to breath and rub my fingers up and down your legs and and down your chest and over your lips and dick and blow air on to your dick, make you smile start to suck your cock all over again and make you moan and stand up and want me to suck deep and harder with out stop make you so horny and want more me make you cum even more . . . . Pick me up put me up against the Walls and bending me make me up against the wall fuck me fuck me make moan and moan, you start moan down my ear say 'i love you' you move me to face you I bend my knee start to suck that cock being in my pussy deep though it deep and wanted more i'n mouth right there standing over me fuckingmy mouth make wet and juice from your cock pull my mouth from out and but on all fours fuck my pussy pulling on my boobs and my nipples and kissing my neck . . . I lick your nose and pull your cock out my pussy pick me up end up put me on my knees and say 'suck my cock now ' place your hand on back my head say ' want to lick something lick my cock' so lick the head of cock slowly tease you see on your face you want more and deep open my mouth slowly still lick head of your cock . . .

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   Making my month open wider and tick out my Tongue lick the end of your head dick, make you smile and blow air on your dick tickles you smile I put my lips too your cock and kiss and lick and open and you put your hand on my head and I suck and suck and suck . . . I got the whole of your big hard juice wet cock in my mouth deep throating it make you push it deep your standing over my hands on my head make slowly up and down my back, moaning after 10mins your pull it out and play with your cock right front of my face you say ' want to cum ' I gave one hard suck and you cum all over my face and my neckand boobs I lick my lips and your wipe my face and boobs and cock I start to lick your balls rub my hand up and down legs and try to grab my ass but stop you moving up and down and pull my mouth of your cock pull me up bend me over the bed a spank me hard and rub your cock up and down over my lips if my pussy tease me dipping the head inout hold my hand tight up out the way with a belt and you dip slowly slowly pull back out. . . . . Turn me round open legs wide and rub head of your cock on my clit and slowly getting faster I whistler I Want you inside me and you pull my head I lick your cock give it. . . . . . .

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  . and blind fold me make me suck your cock really deep and wet and yummy :) you making me suck it really hard and deep and i'n mouth and your pull out and cum all over my face with my mouth open wide and cum in my mouth and neck . . . . And your wipe cum out of my eye I suck big, long, juice cock some more, you stand over me I open my mouth wide you fuck my mouth with your cock deep, slide in and out slowly at first get faster and faster, I move my head faster and you push your hand on my head hold on to bed posted and push deep, pull your cock out of mouth, I want back in your tease me by playing with yourself right in front over so I start to pull with clit and my boobs and slide a beer bottle in to my pussy, sat there watching me, you open a draw and pull out a vibrate and say " play with this and I will watch" so I start to play with the vibrate suck on it like I do with your cock hard deep, slowly slide down my body,rubbing over my pussy lips and clit, down between my legs, slide in turn it on . . . . . sat fuck my pussy with the vibrate hard make me moan and crap my boobs and really my pussy wet through and I just want your cock in my mouth as well your walk around playing with your cock around me and bring towards my lips and touch with the head of your cock. . . . .

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  you touch your cock on to my lips I kiss the end of your cock and open. My mouth wide and you slide your cock deep in my mouth you say "only once " I suck lick hard and fast get faster and faster making your dick hard you pull it you say "that it" you take the control out my hand from the vibrate and put on the highest one vibrate my clit and pumping hard vibrate through my pussy you can see how wet it, I can't stop moan rub my boobs and pulling my nibs you bounding tape to me so I can't get it out and tape my hands together your watching moaning while your messing with the remote and playing with setting, your enjoy so much you walk close to me with your dick hard and your slowly slower the speed down and you stop it and undo the tape around the vibrate. . . . . you undo do that tape and slowly remove the vibrate and you put it in my mouth and I suck clean pussy juice all over the floor. You cuddle me close and pick me up and lay on the bed with arms around me and hold me close. We roll over cuddle up go to sleep in your arms. It's half one in morning and I am horny and slide my head down your soft half hard penis and slowly move my hand up and down getting faster and faster and I slide down the bed and slide your penis in to my mouth and you laid there still asleep after a moment or so me suck your cock and start to moan and but your hand ob my head pushing deep and hard and your moaning louder pulling on my hair my mouth out wide sucking on your cock like cum slut.