evil john birth day part two

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All charters are 18 years old thanks
Evil John school days

As he was helping Wanda the witch clean up the mess he made. She was walking him out to her sport cars garage. When a young girl wear black shinny leather out fit. Top ,coat and skirt. With black high heel on. Her violet hair was nice and short.  John smiled at her. Well hello he was in his demon self. A giant devil looking demon from hell. He was surprise she did not fear him. John walk over his dark hoof clacking away. She was 5-7 with the heels on look at the demon who 12-11. Such a sweat small of evilness from ur heart. So my dear what ur name he said walk pass her grabbing some car wax. Names Mia and ur devil. John he said looking at her.

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   What do u want Wanda said. I now u have a hot club an hour away from here the midnight hour is it name. I here u need a young stripper and an escort. Who told u this. Her name was Edda. Well sweaty u got the job. John said. Look at her. He felt her belly wow that sucks. Least you won’t have to worry about getting not up. Look at the scar on her belly. Yea she said in a sad way a car crush when I was nine took that joy away. His hand growled green as the scar went away. Wow ur fix me. No not all the way.

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   John said look at her. He turned an evil mirror at her. She smiled at her demon self a young women wearing red armor with bat wing coming out her back. How do I get that way john. I smell darkness in ur  heart. its hard to find a loyal subject. So here the deal he said shine up a hot rob with Wanda. If u join my army as my royal doctor. I will let u bare my royal seed. And what about tonight Wanda said. O ur daughters and cousins. Just normal humans kids. See I won’t be able to breed. My evil seeds for about a year. So u just half to wait.

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   And Wanda yelled when did u give a rat ass about the army of demons. Well scent their only me u and Edda. If would be a good I deal to bring my mother back. Wanda scratch her favor car hood with her diamond ring with a look of shock. Ur now that powerful yet. True but a soul tranfer I can do with this book she grab it out of his hand. Bit john we need a soul she look a Mia. Wow wait a second. Mia step back I here fuck not be killed. And so u shall. John said all right. He threw a neckless that was glowing green. I took the hit-man soul when I broke his back. So were wear we Mia. A doctor nut that not going to happen the girl collage reject my application.

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   Let me see john look at her new paper and laugh out load. So that new a gym teacher. Give my a day then try again Mia my royal slave. He put on a gold choker on her neck. He how this work look at the clock on ur wrist is show how many years u have. 89 I will die at 89. Yep now look shit 69. Her hold up a golden queen crown. It showed 20 years. See u can live for all eternity. But u half to wait. Edda said like all golden guards Mai still looking In the mirror. At her demon self. See look at ur arm. A golden armor sleeve was their showing her time and power.

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   Her life bar drop to just 9 years. She look at Edda arm life bar went up 60 years. See sent ur in college u need only 1 year. MIA YELLED STOP. Looking scared at john who was grinning at Edda. See we a predator like lion and such we feed of o humans my dear. Like u will and such. Like a baby lion ur u need to fuck to keep alive all golden knights start this way. See the more sex u have the long u will live. The more money u make the more power u will gain till one day u will graduate to a golden knight after I train u see u being school for ten years a golden knight take that long to mature. So will u get ur schooling done u will be one of us. So all u have to done is guard us and once u do that john will be at full power. Meaning he will fix ur broken womb and at last ur will have ur children. Deal Mai said that good to here john said let go to my place. As they walk in to john place the went into the hot tub room were a huge hot tub was the big enough to swim in.

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   wow what I tub Mai said u can swim in it once our business is done john wrap his arms around her come Edda bring the camera. He smack Mia ass as she went up the stairs. She turn and smile at her new master.  John stop as said be u their in a min. hurry up mia said pull her skirt up showing her tight young pussy I know u want ur dick in it.  John just lick his lips as she an Edda were smiling big wrap the arm around each other. As they turn left. Let get this done said john. As he went in this marks mom room a sleep women was there. Laying nude on her bad. Her curl blonde hair flowed like water down her side. Her huge hh cup breast was cover in sweat. As he look down her body her blonde pussy were peeking out under the small covers. O yes she beautiful Wanda said. Well just join her in bed she took of her black rode and walk over to her bed Wanda lick the women big tits as she woke in bed.

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   John would have though their be trouble. But was shock when she just kiss her back. Wanda kiss her down her body before licking her pussy aah the blonde cried out. She rub her huge breast so softly. Wanda was rubing  her pussy it dipping wet. She turn at sat on the blonde face. The sight of the two women 69 made john dick hard as he hand Wanda a dildo. She stuck it in his step mom pussy aah the blonde women cried out as she was being fuck by Wanda dildo. Soon a golden light burst threw the house. As Wanda pass out. John mom rose up in bed. Look shock that she back from the dead. John is that you. Yes mom he walk over and huge her. Who this she look at Wanda john smiled don’t u know ur lover.

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   Her name is Wanda now mother. John how long has it been. He kiss her head just go back to bed. He left the room. He walk in his room and Edda and Mia wear nude wait for him. The film was rolling away. He walk over sorry john we started with out u said Mia licking Edda pussy. John look at the three camera and smiled. Then he laid on the bed. Mia sat on his face and filmed him eating her pussy AS Edda was sucking his dick. When his mom walk in nude. Hey john she stop and look. I think I join in on the fun. Edda turn and laid at the other end. So she can eat john mom pussy as she sat on her face.

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   I see u found a new golden pet. She said going down on Edda pussy. John mom felt MIA touching her breast.  God I love this family Mia said. As she put john cock deep in her pussy as giggle as john was sucking on her 34 d breast as she bent over and kiss him now felt his mom smacking her ass. Now Mai fuck him good. She watch as she road his cock. Yes mom I will she said rubing her breast riding a little faster.  his mom and Edda was sticking dildo in thier pussy watch mia ride johns cock. he breast flaping up and down her body driping with sweat till she stop as got a huge facial. now her face was cover in his cum. fuck that was fun she laugh out. as edda swich her places. and was riding his cock. john mom lick her face clean of his cum.

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   now it ur turn she said felling her breast. she kiss her all the way down to her pussy before licking her clit. aah shit so good mai said. she turn a look at edda riding john hard with her tape player on. she look aat john and said how ur birthday coming along. man it great i never had it this good. his mom stop eating mia pussy. she said just wait till next year my son. and went back eating mai pussy. john grab edda nice breast god i love my life.  .