Evil john the gils next door

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All charters are 18 years old 

As Edda came back with his huge jeep. He got in hey what about me Edda said. Clean up the mess and I see back at this address. He drove off to his new home. When he got their he was meet by Wanda. Hey mark she said. Call me john he spoke. I off to get laid my stupid daughter is out back swimming in he skinny black swim suit if u want a peek before she masturbates again. She like u if u get my drift. u can park that jeep in my garage.  it’s a better view point. So I see u been working out see what happen when I been gone for a few months. She drove off. John smiled great timing. As he went in the back yard. Jill was rubing her pussy read a sexy novel.

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   Her curly red hair was wet from a dip in her pool.  Her nipple’s on her 40 e size breast was hard. As she rub her self. John grab her throat and was coking her a bit. I she look in his eye’s. john wiper in her ear. Please yell for help. But she just kiss him. That a good girl he said fingering  her pussy. That it she moaned out yes John o god it feel so good.  That it he said pulling out his cock. He smack her face with it. Blow me he spoke. As she laid back in the lawn chair. She open wide and deep throat his cock as he bent over and eat her pussy.

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   After 5 min of her giving him oral sex. He was ramming her pussy missionary style with his huge cock. Please john cum inside me I want ur baby. Yes JOHN YES AAH AHH SHE CRIED OUT AS HE FILLED HER PUSSY WITH HIS CUM.  He stood up look at her. What a slut. Look like I knock her up real good he smirk. Now he walk over to the birth day cake and slice a piece off it. Her sister Annie walk out looking at the nude guy laying next to her nude sister. Annie was a small teen girl just barley 5 ft tall her 34 c size breast was show threw her lace top she must have jerk her self off as he fuck her sister. Now it ur birth day john spoke. I hear ur a good dancer. Annie put on her mp3 player. And started poll dancing. She wave her ass and movie her body like a striper that had years of training.

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   Annie slow undress her she and join john is the out side shower he sat under the shower head as she took his cock up her anal hole. She put on a slow track and took his cock slowly till she climax the first time. John lit his lighter. But was blowing out by Annie. What u wish for john spoke. I wish to have a baby like my sister. Well john said smacking his cock on her pussy. Let put on another track. He selected one with a faster beat. Then put his hand on her waist and help her complete her wish for tonight. As he shut the door to their rooms. Their cousin open their door. Both were blonde and had on cowgirl hats. Hi their john were from Texas.  Their 40 e breast made john mouth water.

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   So ladies how can I. fuck us tonight said. Faiza said. Yes john spoke well that will be 5000 each. Well john said why so much. Were married and we need some diamonds I ease our sins away. Well her turned into his demon body. And laid on the bed. Both girl were talk when Faizah spoke. Hat will be 20 grand ur the devil. Well make it 30 grand I don’t use condoms. Soon both of them were riding his two evil cocks. Faiza was making out suck on his evil tongue with his hand on her ass as she fuck his fist cock. Faizah was riding reverse sucking his evil tail while she tit fuck it. Both girls never had sex this good.

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   Soon a golden light came from the room. As john look back. Both were pass out on the bed. Opps I wonder what ur husbands will think when u tell them ur having my baby to he laugh out. As we walk out. Wanda walk up so how my girls tonight john. She smack is nude ass. Knock up all 4 off them. What the fuck I said fuck them not have an orgy boy. I hope u have a job. Relax he hand her a envelope. It was full of cash. Well she said this will do for now but I want more in a few months. She walk ur a great mom john spoke. She turn a she the very best but more will be need in the months a head.

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   She wave the pile of cash at him. All right he node. I see them again this time in 10 months to orgy again.  just bring the money and I will bring their pussy. She shut the door as john made his way home.   .