In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Erotic Novels

In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


Cooper’s comfort level had continued to be pushed over the past year. First family nudity, then friends and family, then his girl being openly sexually active and then it was Lamar’s turn. Though he and Bonnie knew that on occasion Sarah and Lamar had crossed the line in sexual play, they pretended not to know. The both figured it was unfair to expect Lamar to totally abstain when the rest of the family was so open. This was another one of those details that made even the young Lamar realize why it was so much easier to tell teens ‘no sex before marriage’ than to field the myriad of gray areas of the choice they had taken.

He had had been apprised of a little party by the Euro Club for Lamar’s birthday: a coming-out event when he reached the age of consent. Though the birthday fell on a Tuesday, the ‘un-celibate-ion” event (as Misty called it) was going to be on Friday right after school.

He had decided it would be best if he worked late that day because for months, Sarah had told everyone she would do him right on the family room floor as a birthday present. When Cooper called home at about 5:00 to check in with Bonnie she said as they were speaking, Sarah was doing just as she had promised. Misty, at Sarah’s request, had brought Lamar home a little late from school, when he got home he found Sarah laying on the family room coffee table, naked except for icing. Several of Sarah’s friends who made up the up-and- coming, club girls had decorated her as a birthday cake complete with candles. After he blew out the candles and opened the presents from Sarah’s friends; which not surprisingly were condoms and lube and the like.

On the phone, Bonnie told her husband that “They let Lamar have the first piece of ‘cake’ and you can guess what piece he ate?”

“I can guess, the one with a cherry?”

“You got it. And before he had gotten very far, Patty, Jo Lynne and Katie started in on the icing. In just a few minutes the other girls abandon their clothes and they were all covered in icing. 

   It was sort of like naked mud wrestling, I am so glad I made them put a sheet on the floor before they started, or we’d have a real mess. ”

Cooper couldn’t help but ask “And how many of the girls gave him a special birthday present. ”

“Well, of course I didn’t just stand and watch………. . but while I was in our bedroom I might have peeked through the French door every once in a while. And I just might have seen a little. ”

“Like what?” Cooper was baited into saying.

“I’ll put it this way, I bet there aren’t many boy’s who loose their virginity in a five-some, because I can’t be sure, but I think all four of those girls gavehim a Happy Birthday fuck. ”

“Can I come on home, or are they still at it. ?”

So I made them all go get in the shower while I cleaned up the mess on the coffee table. ”

“So all is quiet now?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, I think I hear them coming, yes here they come… Lamar is naked and the girls have towels around them. ”

Cooper heard the girls say “Hi, Mrs. C. ”Sarah then said “We’re going to the hot tub.

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   OK?” and without waiting for an answer they all went out the back door.

By the time Misty’s birthday came a week later Cooper was having to accept that not only was Misty having friends spend the night in her bed, but Sarah had stayed Saturday night, bringing her church clothes. At breakfast on Sunday morning, Cooper had to sit and listen to Sarah over table relate all the stuff she and Lamar had done in bed (and in the game room, and in the shower). Oddly this didn’t bother him nearly as much as hearing Misty talk about her sexual exploits, he guessed it was just one of those gender bias things.

On the her brothers birthday, after dropping him brother off at home for his little party, Misty picked up Tommy, as his car was in the shop and they met Keli and Cody downtown (such downtown there was), and all piled into Cody’s Doge Durango to go to Macon catch a movie and dinner.

It had been two months since she and Tommy had become a couple officially. In that time Keli had spent the night once as did Caitlin. Other than with those two girls she had been monogamous since that first date. It had not been that she had not intentionally refused opportunities with other guys, it was just she had been very busy and no opportunities had come her way. In other words she had not been faced with any sort of decision about being with other guys, but, she hadn’t denied herself when with her girlfriends.

This whole issue had been in the background for the entire time, but neither Misty or Tommy was keen to bring it up. When Caitlin and Keli had spent the night, Misty had not offered details nor did Tommy ask for any. Thus it was when the two couples sat at the table at Olive Garden, that it was inevitable that there would be some revelations.

“A week from today is the big day. ” Keli said.

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“Yea, finally” Misty answered.

“Are you really going on your birthday to have a painting done?”

Misty nodded “My mom is has already sent the school a note that I will be gone on a family outing nextFriday, so I will just go with her to Augusta. Dr. Douglass has a studio in the FFF office space, so we will work there. ”

“It will take all day on Friday, then I will go back week after next on the Monday school is out to pose again. ”

Cody asked “What are you guys talking about”

Keli answered “Misty’s mom works with this famous artist. She did that painting that of her parent that looks like a jungle that hangs in their family room. I know you’ve seen it. ”

“Yea, the one of her parents doing the nasty”

“Yea, well, she’s very famous and she gets paid like $20,000 to do paintings like that and she is going to paint one of Misty on her birthday. ”

Misty clarified “What she will do is paint a small, I mean like three or four feet across, version as a draft, then she’ll make a big one, like fully life size as a final version. I’ll get the smaller one and she’ll put the big one in her gallery, and later sell it. ”

“That’s too cool. . ” Cody said. Tommy didn’t say anything negative but he didn’t say anything positive either.

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Cody then asked the big question. “Is it going to be of you having sex, or naked or what?”

Misty knew this was a subject that she and Tommy had only talked about once, and it hadn’t gone too well. She made a point not to look at Tommy and said “Amy, Dr. Douglass, is famous for her paintings of people making love. So of course that’s what she’ll paint me doing. I’d really like to do it with Tommy. ” She paused and looked at Tommy “But he is not really excited about that. ” She again glanced over to Tommy and added “And besides it’s a school day and he can’t exactly ask his mom to write a note. ”

Cody paused at Tommy across the table “Yea, I can see him asking his mom for a note to skip school so he can be painted screwing his girlfriend. ”

Tommy lightened up at that “Yea, right! I can see asking my mom that. ”

Keli looked at Mist “So what will you do if he can’t?”

Misty took a breath and spit out quickly “My first choice would be for Cody to come with me, and if that doesn’t work Amy has a graduate student who has done this with another model for Amy. Mom said he’s really good looking and more importantly for Amy, he can keep it up for like, forever. ”

Keli instinctively answered with a “oooh, can I come too?. ”

“Oh, yea, right” Cody scoffed “Your mom and step-dad make Tommy’s parents look positively open minded. Even if you did tell your mom you were going to work with Misty’s mom for the day, if your mom found out she’d probably kick you out of the house.

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Keli nodded in agreement.

“On the day I go back in a couple of weeks school is out, I’ve asked Caitlin to come. She is doing a something like a composite painting of me alone as the primary subject but incorporate smaller paintings of me doing it. ”

She knew all this would be testing Tommy’s limits, she did not look over at him before continuing. “What I understand is that most of day one will be spend just posing alone and Amy will tell me how to stand or sit while she does a series of sketches of me. Then for the other pictures she will just let me and who ever I’m with just do what comes naturally and she sketches as we do it. Then over a period of months she puts together the paintings. She said usually the first and second paintings are very similar, but not always. ”

Cody again nudged Tommy and said “Dude, you gotta go. That will be rocking. ” Then correcting himself she said “Not that I’d mind doing it, Misty’s a ball, but you really should do it. ”

Tommy made an unintelligible reply and Cody began to chide him but Keli cut him off “Tommy isn’t sure he likes all of this, Cody. You and I have been open about this stuff for a long time, but Tommy is new to this. ”

Tommy looked up and said “Thanks, your right I am new to this. It’s just, well, so not normal.

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“But it should be” Misty jumped in “That’s the point”

“So you keep telling me” Tommy said with a bit of annoyance.

Misty quickly changed the subject to graduation plans and Keli helped her keep it off that subject the rest of the night.

Sunday night Misty had to bring the subject back up, she needed to tell Amy what the plan was going to be. She called Tommy about 9:30.

“Any possibility you can come with me Friday?” She asked.

“There is no way my mom would OK me to go with you, even if we pretended it was a career day thing. I didn’t bring it up the other night, but my mom’s has a friend from church that is on some committee that is working to oppose the moral degeneracy. And guess what she asked me about?”

“No?”Misty replied

“Oh, yes. She asked about the girls at school that called themselves the Euro- Club and worse she asked if I know that your mom worked for a organization promoting immoral lifestyles. I played ignorant, but it won’t be long before she puts all the pieces together. ”

Misty’s heart fell to her feet. She knew this might be the beginning of the end for she and Tommy. She knew full well that his mom and his conservative church were very important to Tommy. When they put the pieces together he would be under real pressure.

Misty, after thinking, said “No, you really can’t come.

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  ” She didn’t tell him that her mom would be taking photos of the whole thing so Misty could sell as part of the package she was working on with the man in the Cayman’s. She realized he was not talking so she quietly said “You know this is important to me. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean Amy is a great artist and how could I not take this offer?” It wasn’t that she just sprung this on him. He had known about this since before that first date. Yet still, she knew this hurt him. “All right, we just won’t talk about it anymore. ”

On the other end of they phone she heard a sad voice say “OK”

She tried to change the subject, but was not successful.

A little while latter she went down stairs and found her mom and dad watching a movie in the family room. She plopped down next to her mom and said “Go ahead and tell Amy to get that student to help with the photos on Friday. It isn’t’ going to work for Tommy to come. ”

Her mom paused the movie and asked “Is everything all right?”

“No!” she almost yelled “Tommy’s mom asked about you. He asked if he knew you worked for some immoral group that her church is working to oppose. ”

That got both Bonnie and Cooper’s full attention.

“What did she ask?”

“I don’t know anymore than that.

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   She knows your name and that you go around promoting what they call immoral lifestyles. She also had heard of the Euro-Club but had not put your work and the club together yet. ” Misty felt a tear welling in her eye. “But she will, I’m sure she will. And when she does she will go crazy. ”

Bonnie could see the pain in her daughter’s eyes but there was nothing she could say. Misty was right, it was only a matter of time before she found out who was the leader of the Euro-Club and from there it was a short jump to the photos and everything else.

“You could quit the club and tell Tommy you’ve been wrong all this time?”

“No I can’t” Misty said between sniffles “You know I can’t. This is who I am, I can’t sell my self out for a boy. ”

Bonnie inwardly smiled. She had a raised a girl of principle who was not going to abandon her values easily. She put her arm around her little girl and held her tight as she cried. That’s all there was to be done.

On Friday morning the plan had changed a little. Caitlin had been invited to go on a “college tour” of Augusta State with Misty as her dad was a teacher there after all.

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  The week had been hard and the company would do Misty well. She and Tommy hadn’t officially broken up, but they were certainly not particularly close.

While Misty was quietly resting on the hour drive to the FFF office, Caitlin was a chatter box, especially about her new boyfriend Carl. She went on and on about how they met. “

My dad, who lives just down highway 22 across the Baldwin County line. And of course you know I stay with him every other weekend and like about half the summer. And well his Goodyear dealership is in Milledgeville and since I was old enough to answer the phone I’ve been working at dad’s tire store during holidays and summer break. ”

She went on to tell Misty that Carl started to work as a mechanic in the fall and she had noticed him right off. He worked part time for her dad but he was a full time student at the Hancock College. I just so happened during the week she was visiting her dad Carl was not in classes and so worked full time at the shop. “And he is so cute. ” Caitlin gushed more than once.

“The first day time I saw him, I wanted to talk to him. I think he was afraid to talk to me because he hadn’t said a word to me from the first time I saw him in the store. So one day over Christmas break when I saw him working, and I made a point, when dad was busy, to go out to the shop floor and get his attention.

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“And how did you do that?” Bonnie said looking back over to Caitlin’s face wedged between the two front seats in which she and Misty sat.

“What do you think, I made up an excused to go out and look at his work, and leaned over far enough to let him get a good look down my shirt. ”

“That works every time” Misty quipped
“Men are so predictable” Bonnie agreed.

“For a couple of days I just flirted. I found out he had broken up with his girlfriend months before but just hadn’t done much dating since. When he didn’t get the hint, I asked him to my New Years party, but he had already been committed to something at his school. ”

“Ohh, drag. ” Misty commented.

“Not so bad, he finally got the idea and asked me to dinner for later in the week. We clicked right off. He’s from Commerce, and is a sophomore majoring in International Studies with a minor in German. He is going to spend this summer in Munich doing an internship for BMW. So of course I told him all about he Euro Club, and that most defiantly got his interest when I asked him to tell me all about their nude beaches. ”

“So did you molest him that first date?” Bonnie joked.



  ” Caitlin pouted “I guess it was because I was his bosses daughter, and that I’m still in high school. It took me until February to get him into my pants. ”
Misty began to make a comment, but Caitlin beat her to the punch “And, yes it was worth the wait. ” She said with a broad smile. “He is so good. Takes, his time, makes sure I’m getting off before he even starts to try. ”

“Sounds like someone I want to meet. ” Bonnie quipped.

“Mom!” Misty chided, “we’ve been through that”

“Just kidding, just kidding” Bonnie only half honestly replied.

“He’s just wonderful” Caitlin said dreamily.

“Wonderful enough to be a one guy girl?”

“Maybe, but we’ll see” Caitlin said

“I guess today, I’ve made that decision about Tommy” Misty said under her breath.

Bonnie heard the comment but chose not to say anything.

Caitlin resumed her chatter.

At the studio behind the office Amy had already set up for her model. The studio was really just he unfinished portion of the space the foundation rented in the strip mall. 

   The floor was bare concrete and the ceiling the metal joists that held up the roof. The meager florescent lamps were augmented by two forward facing studio lights. On a wooden platform or stage about 8 inches high, was a backlight that shone on the canvas backdrop.

“Dr. Douglass, this is Caitlin, she came to lend moral support, and to get a feeling of the process before she poses with me next week. ” Misty said

“Call me Amy. ” Dr. Douglass said holding out a hand to Caitlin “You didn’t tell me she was this attractive. That always makes my job easier. ”

Caitlin blushed, her normal pink skin turning red.

“Do you need a Coke or a break before we get started” Amy said to Misty.

“No, I’m ready to go. ”

“Good, you can hang your clothes on the rack and then take your place right here. ” She said pointing to the just a simple wooden stool that appeared to be attached to the wooden floor by a clamp. Once undressed, Misty was instructed to use the stool more as a crutch as she stood beside it, rather than to sit upon.

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   “I want you to extend yourself upward, like a blooming flower. ” She explained, then moved behind the easel and picked up a pencil to begin her sketching. Misty quickly discovered why the stool was attached to the floor, as by leaning back on it she was able to stand for a longer time without moving.

While Amy sketched upward, Caitlin kept up a banter that occupied Misty though what would have been tedium. Bonnie came and went from the studio, manning the phone in the office and using her camera to record the process for both the foundation and for Misty to use as a bargaining chip with the web site owner.

Misty was grateful that she let her rest every half an hour or so. Even still she was tired when Amy said it was time to break for lunch.

Amy treated them to an upscale lunch at a place called the “14th Street”. The girls were impressed by the food and the service. “Very ‘Top Chef” Caitlin noted, echoing Misty’s thoughts.

“For young women doing very “Top Model” work” Bonnie extended the metaphor from their favorite TV shows.

“But I’ve only been the “Entourage” so far. ”

“Witty,” Amy noted. Then added “But if you want to join her, I can start your sketches today. And when Salvador arrives latter, you can feel free to join them.

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   What I’m envisioning is that Misty is the stem of a new and brilliant flower from a root stock made from older sketches I have made of Bonnie and Cooper. From the stem of Misty’s body will bloom small and intricate blossoms that will reveal small erotic couplings of Misty and her lovers. ”

The others at the table tried to envision it all and nodded, even though they could not possibly see it yet the way that Amy could see it in her mind. It was clear to both Misty and her mother that Amy did have a very clear idea of what she was trying to do. Misty asked “Is the part of a new exhibition your planning?”

“Actually yes. I’m scheduled to open a new exhibit in November, at Berlin’s Deutsche Guggenheim museum. It’s a huge step up from the private Gallery exhibition had last year. It will mean a lot for me and for the foundation. In it, I will extend on the themes I did last year. One thing is each paining will be a story, someone’s story. Like this one we are doing today. It will be titled something like Misty’s opening, or arrival or something like that. ”

“I am working on another painting of an elderly woman who has a photos dating back to the nineteen-forties of men who have been lovers. So I’m doing a nude of her, much like yours but instead of a new blossoming spring flower she will be a rose bush with it’s last peddle falling, and the fallen flowers will contain images of she and her past lovers I’ve constructed from her old photos and her stories. And you would not believe the explicit details she gave me to work from.

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  Ideally I’d like as many of the subjects of my paintings as possible to come to the opening as part of an interactive experience. ”

“I want to go” Misty jumped.

“We will see” her mother cautioned.

“If haven’t sold the painting of you and Cooper, I plan to use it in that exhibit as well, It would be wonderful if you all could come. ”

“In that case… well. . we will still have to see. ”

When they arrived back at the office/studio, an old car was already in the parking lot waiting. From it emerged an olive complicated man, a little short but very handsome in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt.

“Tavaros” Dr. Douglass said putting a hand on his shoulder and motioning Misty over. “This is Misty Campbell. You will find her most pleasant to work with today”

Then looking to Misty she said “Misty, this is Tavaros Ferreira, a graduate assistant at the University and all around great guy. ”

As they spoke Misty found he was from Brazil and though he was fluent in English, his Portuguese accent was still thick enough that she had to be careful to follow what he said.

Caitlin whispered in her ear “Damn, he’s hot.

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Misty nodded in complete agreement. “And he smells so good” she added referring to his cologne that was enough to get Misty naked even if that weren’t on the agenda. This was going to be a lot easier that she thought it might.

Mrs. Campbell unscrewed the wing nuts that held the stool fast, before carrying it off the small stage. From against a wall she brought out what appeared to be a massage table. It was lower than a regular massage table and a bit wider but with the face hole in one end was clearly a massage table.

”Caitlin, while Misty is getting ready, could you be my stand-on so I can adjust the lights. ” Dr. Douglass asked.

With out asking for instructions to do so, Caitlin pulled her tee-shirt over her head, tossed it, on a chair by the wall. While Ms. Campbell cinched down the wing nuts to secure the table, she unsnapped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, then, as she had worn neither bra or panties, she hopped naked up on the surface.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked with a hopeful air.

“Well” Dr.

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   Douglass said “Aren’t you the eager one? I hadn’t really meant for you to take off your clothes but that’s quite all right”she visibly looked Caitlin over “and aren’t you the pretty one” she added. A few seconds later she directed “All I need right now is for you to stay there while I adjust these lights.

Bonnie, seeing this, went to the cabinet and picked up the camera she had been using all morning. It was a professional level Nikon, owned by the foundation, used for both historical record and for PR photos. Amy had bought it back in November and Bonnie had been taking it on her travels. Oddly enough, she didn’t actually shoot it much, but rather asked the hosts of the events to shoot photos of her doing her presentations. With it’s large super-zoom lens and external flash, it looked difficult to use, but on the AUTO mode, it did everything but operate the zoom and frame the photos. She had been told to point the flash above where the lens was pointed and the photos came out wonderful nearly every time.

“Here, Caitlin” Bonnie said “Give me a pose, I’ll shoot you some while we wait”

Caitlin did not hesitate but got to her knees on the table and stuck a series of glamour poses while Amy fiddled with the lights.

As she shot she said, if you’ll give Misty a release before we go to St. Martin next month she can see if the owner of her site would like to buy photos of you too. ”
“Really, do you think he would?”

“I can’t see him turning you down. You have a figure that just won’t quit. He’ll love you. ”

By the time Amy had finished the lights and even begun a sketch of Caitlin, Misty and Tavaros came back into the studio room.

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   Cleary Misty had refreshed her make-up and hair. She wore her short terry cloth robe and he was naked. His body was sculpted and his noticeably long penis swinging free. Under her breath Bonnie said “Damn”.

“So you’ve started with out us” Misty said referring to Caitlin’s posing.

“Oh, I’m sorry” Caitlin said, a little startled.

“No silly, I was just kidding. Go ahead. Let us watch and let Amy finish her sketch.

“Oh, OK” she said and resumed her previous pose.

Bonnie kept shooting, but could not help noticing out of the corner of her eye, that Misty had saddled up beside Tavaros and was evidently continuing a conversion begun in the other part of the office while she primped. Not only was she talking quietly, but her right hand was on his back, rubbing slowly.

Misty, was indeed carrying on a conversation, not of any real substance, but just warming up to the guy she was about to have sex with, in front of Dr. Douglass and her mother. There was no question he was the best looking guy she had ever been with.

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   Looking him over in the bathroom mirror as she got her hair done, she wondered if she would ever do it with a guy this good looking again.

What reluctance she had to have with someone other than Tommy was gone now. Standing in the studio, her hand reached over and felt the hard arm muscles under his brown skin. And that ass! With intent, as they watched Caitlin pose, her left hand went down to the smooth curve of his ass. Too smooth, she suddenly realized. He was smooth like a girl. Smoother that she was and she’d just saved this morning. He was waxed she realized, and she was surprised that his soothe hairless skin turned her on. She had noted that he had no pubic hair when she first saw him with out his pants, but only now she realized he had no hair anywhere but on his head. She felt her nipples harden and become sensitive against the terry cloth robe. This will be fun she almost said aloud.

“That’s good Caitlin, We’ll finish you later, but we only have Tavaros until 4:00, so we got to get going with him. ”

“No prob” She said hopping from the table and scooping up her jeans.

After tossing her robe to her the passing Caitlin, Misty let Tavaros lead her up onto the low stage with a hand on the small of her back.

“Here’s what I need you to do” Amy said “I want you two to be as natural as can be and enjoy yourselves.

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   But, when I tell you that I like what you are doing, keep doing that, if possible, until I tell you I’m done. I’ll try to sketch a between ten and twenty images of you two to work with when I do my painting. It that OK?”

“OK” Misty said as she was already moving into the zone. They stood in front of the table and Tavaros was now looking into her eyes with passion as his hands caressed the sides of her torso.

Amy continued “Tavaros, I have some music for you and your amore de jure” and immediately the room filled with music, a music that Misty couldn’t place. The rhythm was Latin, but the style seemed like Frank Sinatra.

Tavaros’s naked hips began to sway “It’s Bosa Nova from my country. ”

He held on to her hips and said “Go with me. It’s the most erotic music in the world”

She tried to match the rhythmic sway of his hips and the roll the feet with each step. It was new to her, but he was so graceful, so natural to this. Right in front of him, he was just a few inches taller than her, but his dark eyes, his bronze skin, his defined physique; he was, for want of a better word, beautiful.

The motion and rhythm came to her. Her hand on his waist, his on her shoulder, they danced until she was utterly lost in his gaze.
He held her closer. She knew the tapping on her stomach was his erection.

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   She did not look, just felt.


With a wanton ferocity her kisses exploded on his mouth. She wanted him. To taste him, savor him devour him. It was so different than the amazing first time with Tommy, almost it’s opposite. This was not loving and giving, this was lusting and taking. She wanted all this man could give and then take more. She pulled him hard to her and pressed his fully engorged penis hard against her body. His shorter stature was perfect for this, the shaft of his penis pressed up into the cleft in her vulva. She could feel the ridge of the head below her navel, and on her clit was the firm shaft. She pressed and began to hump against it while she pursued his mouth in her spider’s kiss.

From not twenty feet away Bonnie watched her daughter. Sometimes through he camera’s lens, but mostly she just watched.

She, unlike her husband, had no squeamishness regarding their daughter’s sexuality.


   She was clearly enjoying herself and it was purely animalistic sexuality.

The two sets of hips, pressed together continued to sway to the rhythm of the music even as Misty was thrusting her hips in the same rhythm into his pelvis (and the erection). Bonnie snapped off a few more photos then shifted to a new angle then looked through the view finder. Misty seemed to be crawling up his body. One of her long legs was up to his waist. She is more limber than I realized, was the thought that shot through Bonnie mind.

“Good, keep doing that” Amy barked.

Bonnie looked over to her friend, nominal boss and occasional lover, using charcoal feverously sketching the couple.

Looking back to Misty and Tavaros, they did as they were asked, except Tavaros had moved a hand to help support Misty’s leg perched on his hip. The break in spontaneity also appeared to slacked the intensity of their kissing, but at the same time it afforded her, just like it did Amy, a chance to think out and frame her shots. She mounted the camera on the tripod she had previously set up behind Amy, turned off the flash and shot in the available light. Amy sketching in the foreground and Misty and Tavaros in the background. Slewing the camera over to her left and widening the lens to is maximum, she had Amy in the far right, the couple in the center and Caitlin in the far left, still wearing only her jeans, absentmindedly pinching one nipple as she watched her friend. The image of Caitlin was so good, she zoomed in and shot a few of just Caitlin before moving the tripod to shoot the same set of photos from a slightly different angle.

When Dr. 

   Douglass finally said “Good I got it” Misty was more than ready to move a bit.

She broke the kiss and planted both feet on the floor. She looked over to Caitlin, over Tavaros’s left shoulder, “This guy knows how to kiss!”

She motioned to him not to move and she took the pillow from the massage table and placed it at Tavaros’s feet. She was ready to taste him. It would have been easier to put him on the table and just lean over to suck him, but she was aware of Dr. Douglass’s location and wanted her to get an opportunity to sketch this in profile.

To her knees she went down on the pillow. Given their similar height and the pillow, her mouth face was higher relive to his penis than she was accustomed, but this was nice, she leaned forward, pushing the tip of his penis over with her cheek and kissed his lower stomach. She tasted his salty sweat. The music continued. She continued.

Bonnie kept shooting. He was so handsome. She moved behind Misty to shoot him and the back of Misty’s head as she took him into her mouth. She was glad that Amy had a blanket release from him on all the work done in the studio.

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  These photos would be very good.

Amy had made an agreement with Tavaros in the fall that she would do a full sized portrait of his fiancé’ in exchange for modeling as needed with women with out partners. She knew Tavaros’s fiancé had no expectation of him being monogamous so the arrangement seemed to please everyone. The Brazilianstudents nearly all arrived at the point that the FFF was pushing the Americans to go.

Misty’s hand gripped the rock hard ass, pulling the equally hard dick deeper into her mouth. She was sure she could take every bit of this beautiful, but not overly large, penis down her throat. Though he looked long soft, as it turned out he was not much larger hard, just one of those guys built that way. She could take all of Tommy with some effort and she didn’t think Tavaros was quite as big, almost but not quite. What was odd, was when she had taken was she was sure would be the whole thing, she did not feel the normal pubic hair on her lips. Relaxing her throat she went down once more, and her lips came to rest on his hairless pelvis.

Not far away Amy was sketching and Bonnie was shooting.

“No, no more” Tavaros said in his thick accent, “I can’t control if you keep doing that”

Mistly removed the organ from her mouth and looked up “You liked that?”

“Too much I liked it. ” He said. “Now I do you. ”

She looked over at Amy with a question on her face that Amy understood“Your fine, I did two full sketches of that already.

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And Misty’s jaw was pretty tired, she’d been doing him for quite a while and she knew he was close because she’d been tasting it coming for some time. Tavaros patted the padded surface of the table, “Lay here”

She picked up the pillow from the ground then complied laying face first, looking down through the face hole in the table.

“Just relax,and close your eyes” was the next instruction.

She closed her eyes. Her skin tingled in anticipation. For what she did not know, but clearly he was going to do something. Something she would surely like.

She almost jumped when the first of the liquid hit the small or her back. Her eyes now opened she saw a bottle in his hand. It was an oil, warm on her skin, and smelled of strawberries.

He began to spread the small pool from her the small of her back across her torso, across her shoulders. She had heard of using oils as a sex thing, but had never felt it. With practiced skill the oil was allied from her neck to the tips of her fingers and toes. The hands, strong but gentle, worked the oil into her skin with a light massage. So relaxing, so sensual.

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   Something she had never, ever experienced before. Almost sleeplike she felt his hands going back over her body, more deliberate, more intense, more emphasis on her inner thighs and buttocks.

“Let me turn you over” he whispered in her ear.

Again the oil began in a puddle, this time in her navel. Again he spread the oil from there up to her neck and arms and down to her toes. He gave equal time to both ‘pubic’ and ‘private’ areas of her body, not dwelling on her breast or smoothly shaven pubis, but not avoiding them either. As before she was in a deeply relaxed mode when he began the second pass. This time however, he spent significantly more time on her breasts and even more carefully caressing every fold and of her genital area.

After he finished her feet for the second pass, she waited. A moment passed. Lips closed on her nipple. Gently he kissed her breast. Another set of lips, on her other breast. She opened one eye to confirm it was Caitlin on the other side. Gently his hands moved over the slick surface of her breast.

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  Then back into her semi-trance. Four hands on her breast, on her stomach, on her legs. Three hands glided over the inner and outer thighs, one hand rubbed her mound softly,

All this was choreographed by Amy who had moved up on a painter’s step latter and was now looking down from just off the small stage. Using hand signals to guide both Tavaros and Caitlin in their manual dance on Misty, and to Bonnie who was recording the happening in a digital record from which Amy would refer for the next few months as she worked on the painting.

Amy motioned to Bonnie to give her the camera for a moment. From her perch Amy snapped off a few frames before going back to her sketches.

The pace of the afternoon had left Misty aroused nearly continuously for hours. She was loving this but was more than ready for the pace to pick up. Even when the massage had been on her clit, it was slow and deliberate. More than enough to arouse her, not nearly enough to bring relief.

She didn’t realize that it was Caitlin who had taken over the massaging of her vulva until she felt her legs lifted and the table shake, she opened her eyes to find Tavaros kneeling on the foot of the table holding her legs up and spread.

Caitlin kissed her on the lips then again moved away from Misty.

Misty left her eyes open. He was so beautiful. His erection was clad in a red condom, which in his position on his knees holding her legs pointed like an arrow to her own aroused sex.

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He lay her legs on his hips and moved down over her. His hands slid over the oil slicked skin. His penis entered her with out any guidance from her.

She was so slick, he writhed on her body for a few moments before sliding back up onto his knees, but gripping her waist firmly, pulling her hips from the table still impaled by his penis.

One had held her waist as the other skated over the slick skin.

“Just like that Tavaros, hold for a minute”

Hold her he did, but his free hand kept busy bring pleasure to Misty’s skin. This was good, she would not complain if he did this for an hour. Every few minutes he switched hands but all the while, his penis didn’t soften a bit.

She and Tavaros looked into each other’s eyes as if to bring will each other arousal to a higher level. His hands were good. his penis great and together they were just wonderful. Another first in a very interesting day.

“OK, go on” Amy said.

Tavaros put both hands on her hips and lifted her a bit higher before commencing to stroke. Neither fast nor slow, but steady and with purpose.

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   Once he commenced he released one hand and used his thumb to pressure her clitoris. It did not take long of this added stimulus to bring Misty off for the first time, and then second time of the day.

When she had finished the second time Tavaros began to change positions but Amy’s voice said “Hang on just a little bit more “
Tavaros looked at Misty as if to say ‘Oh well I tried’. Reading his eyes she said “That’s all right Dr. Douglass,I can stand this longer. ”Misty declared. And then added “A lot longer”

Everyone was ticked by the comment, but she knew another orgasm wasn’t just a moment away. The tide had crested and would need to rebuild. But it certainly did feel good. She relaxed and just casually enjoyed the feelings until Amy said “OK, done” a few minutes later.

Tavaros let her hips to the table. His penis was finally loosing it’s rigidity. Amy must have seen that and said “You guys need a break”

Misty really was ready to take a break. This was more work than she had anticipated.

Bonnie arrived seconds later with cold cans of diet-Coke for everyone.

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Misty was warm, hot even from both the intensity of the action and from the hot lights shining down on her, so she didn’t bother to put back on her robe as she gulped down the Coke. “How the sketches going?”

“Good, I’ve got quite a few good working sketches. ”

“This is more work than I thought it’d be. ” Misty told Amy.

“Didn’t look to me like you were suffering too much” Bonnie quipped.

Misty stuck her tongue out at her mother.

“I know this isn’t what I did with your parents and their friends, this is more a mix of natural movement and posing. ” Misty nodded “What I’d like now is to use Caitlin as well to try something I thought of while she was with you guys for a moment. Since when she comes back on the 16th , Tavaros won’t be here, I wanted to do something that might be the center piece for the painting. ” Turning to Tavaros, “If you could take the table away, and Bonnie could you get the blue mat from the closet”
In a few moments, the table was gone replaced with what appeared to be a gymnastics pad on the studio’s stage. Bonnie sat in for the girls who went to the bathroom to retouch makeup and hair, so that Amy could reset the lights.

“Bonnie,” Amy said as she made adjustments “How the photos going?”

“I think I got quite a few good working shots for you, and I think I got some really good photos that would stand on their own too. ”

“Good, as we put the exhibition together we might tryto use some your stuff too”

Bonnie was flattered.

In the bathroom Caitlin gushed “So, how was he? He is so good looking. ”

Misty pulled her make-up out of the small bag.

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   ”He is, isn’t he?”


‘And he is amazing with his hands. ”

“I was so turned on watching. And so jealous” Caitlin said as she touched up her own hair.

“It was good, I was so into it. I’m sure he is quite the Don Juan in real life. ” She stopped talking to focus on her eyeliner. After she was done she added “It is kinda weird posing though. ” She put on lip stick the continued “I’ll just be really getting into it and I’ll see mom with the camera or Dr. Douglass will tell us to hold a position. It’s not that it’s not sexy being the center of attention, but it’s different. ”

“Yea, when I was up there I kept thinking all the time ‘how does this look?”

“Like that, yea”

“But you did get off?” Caitlin queried “those didn’t look fake”

“Oh, they were real. How could I help it looking the best looking guy I’ve ever met, not to mention how the oil felt as you guys massaged me, or played with me or whatever you were doing. ”

Caitlin chucked as she ran the brush through her hair.

Once all were back in the studio, Amy told her three models “I want Misty to stand, on this” She said producing a step stool “in the center, like you did earlier with your arms up like you are a plant reaching for the sky. Tavaros, you and Caitlin get on your knees Caitlin you get in front of Misty and Tavaros you get behind her.

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Misty stood on the stool, Caitlin, knelt down in front of her, her face coming to Misty’s mid thigh. Tavaros did the same with his face just below the curve of her buttocks.

Amy from beside her easel said “Now, Tavaros and Caitlin, you two are going to encourage her to grow tall and strong. If you can, try to let the motions of caressing Misty be as natural possible. I’m going to do a few sketches of your efforts to help the Misty plant blossom on her 18th birthday. Misty had almost forgotten that it was her birthday, what a story she would have to tell of her 18th in years to come.

She turned the music back on, this time it was neo-classical, even Misty knew it from watching the original Fantasia DVD. It was in fact Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring,. She knew it was just right for what Dr. Douglass was painting.

Bonne took up one shooting position after another as Misty was “encouraged to grow” by the caresses that ran from her knees to her just below her crotch. Amy’s idea was a good one, the images she was taking looked very artistic she could easily see how in the painting this would be a plant and the foliage. Half way through she had to change memory cards. She had taken that many shots?”

She was just putting in the new card when Amy told Misty to step off the stool, which naturally moved the hands on her body eight inches higher. She also had the two on their knees turn 90° so the two “leaves” were on her sides rather than directly to her front and back, which also changed the dynamic.


   She assumed those eight inches were the difference between just sensual to explicitly sexual; however, Tavaros’s subsequent movements belied her assumption. Pointing the camera back at the “models” she resumed shooting and Amy resumed sketching.

Tavaros moved very sensually, almost as if he were in a choreographed dance. He was so fluid, like a ballet dancer. The Stravinsky’s ballet music likely influenced , surely influenced Tavaros’s movements. Caitlin appeared to be watching and mimicking his motions, though will considerably less finesse. Their hands slid effortlessly over Misty’s still oily body, now ranging from her upper thigh to her breasts. In continuous motion, never stopping to focus on one particular spot.

Bonnie moved to take a look at Amy’s sketches and asked “Is he a trained dancer?”

Amy didn’t stop working with the pieces of charcoal, simply nodded and said “Yes, that’s why I use him”

Bonnie looked at the large sheet Amy was using. There were four completed sketches of Misty on the stool, and the one she was doing appeared almost complete. She was working very fast. Two were full figure and two were close ups, one of Tavaros’s hands on Misty’s thigh, and one of Misty’s face. The one she was completing was mostly of Caitlin, from her midriff up through her arms reaching up to Misty’s breast and upper back.

On a table to her right lay eight or nine completed pages, some with just one detailed sketch encompassing the whole of Misty and or/and Tavaros, most with many small details of parts of what Amy saw.

Amy put down her charcoal, and used her now nearly black fingers to switch to a new CD. 

   This music was very different. It was a Samba. Brazilian like the earlier music, but much faster tempo with the percussion, apparently bongos or something like that, as the lead instrument. The over all effect was to move Tavaros, and by example, Caitlin, from sensual ballet to erotic samba. Tavaros’s hips began to dance, though he was still on his knees. His hands, now inexorably moved to Misty’s pelvis region.

“Let the music flow through you Misty” Amy directed.

Slowly Bonnie watch Misty begin to move to the music as four hands became increasingly sexual in their movements.
Bonnie resumed shooting.

“Misty, turn around, face the backdrop” Amy said after a full-page sketch was completed.

Misty did so and the music continued, the hand continued to work on Misty and Bonnie moved around the room shooting both the models and Amy at work and photos including both the models and Amy.

Another page completed by Amy.

“Now” Amy stepped from the easel “Tavaros and Caitlin stand up, and Misty, face the front again and step back on the stool. ” She adjusted one of the lights “Tavaros and Caitlin, rather than staying in one place, I want you to slowly, move around her. When I say slowly, I mean like take 5 to 10 minutes to make a circuit.

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   You are now trying to make the flower bloom. You do know what I mean?”

Caitlin jumped to answer “To make her come?”

“Yes, that’s the idea. From what I understand you have a good bit of experience with what Misty likes. Right?”

Caitlin nodded “Lots”

“Then Tavaros, will follow your lead. Feel free to tell him what she likes, but Misty, I want you to just focus on yourself and trust Caitlin. OK?”

“Fine, but I need a break to pee” Misty said.

Bonnie added “They’ve been at this an hour. ”

“Oh, I didn’t’ realize it’s bee that long. ” OK.

Back to work a few minutes later, the Samba music resumed and with just a little warm up, the players and artists resumed their parts.
Misty was tired. She was ready to get this over. She was now not really in the mood, but she wanted to cooperate, so she closed her eyes and focused on the music and the attention her body was receiving.

The music, its steady rhythmic drum beat, it took no effort to begin to move her arms and body to the music. Her arms moved above her head with the tempo.

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   It was sexy, maybe she could get back into the mood.

The hands, they first spread more oil on her. She could easily tell which hands belonged to who, but she pushed the details from her mind and focused on the feeling. She was a flower she told herself. She drew energy from the hands on her body and moved it to her own hands above her head. The warming oil was all over, her skin tingled even when not being touched. The hands soon stopped gliding over her body as they had before, but began focusing on her erogenous zones. The small of her back, her navel, her buttocks, her breasts and the folds of her vulva. She felt a finger, two fingers enter her as another hand rubbed her mound firmly but slowly. She pulled the energy from her now aroused labia and felt it course up her torso, up her arms and to her hands which danced their own dance in the air.

She Caitlin and Tavaros were all one now, one being, one flower straining to bloom. Her breathing became slow, deep and regular. The urges from her between her thighs became more pronounced. She was tempted to focus on reaching a climax, but she resisted. She kept pulling the energy from her arousal and letting it build in her upper body, arms and hands.

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Bonnie, watching and shooting all the while, was entranced by the spectacle. It was just as Amy had instructed, a flower being coaxed to bloom. Tavaros and Caitlin were so intense, using their hands, their mouths and their bodies pressed against Misty. It was without a doubt very sexual, but at the same time it was not sex like she usually thought of it. Hands and lips settled on Misty’s breasts, and in her crotch, but that was not the heart of what was happening. Misty’s hands seem to move and react to what was happening below, but she never looked down, he face almost always looking up, yet with her eyes closed.

Misty’s hips now moved with the music. Bonnie was sure the flower would soon bloom.

Amy left the easel and whispered into Tavaros’s ear, and handed him what was evidently a condom. He stepped back, Caitlin stooped over and buried her face in the triangle of Misty’s crotch.
Misty’s hands spread up the pace of their movements.

Tavaros, stoked his penis, which had not been at full staff since before Caitlin joined, but it quickly responded to the new mission and was full in moments.

He tapped Caitlin on the shoulder. She looked over at Tavaros, down at his condom clad penis and nodded knowingly.

With out a rush that would disrupt the tempo, Caitlin slowly moved clockwise till she was standing behind Misty, and Tavaros was directly in front of her, the tip of his erect penis, just pressing into the cleft between Misty’s legs.

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Misty, even in her semi-trace like state, felt the unmistakable shape of the head of Tavaros’s penis pressing on her lips, she instinctively shimmied until the lips parted and the head wore a hat of her flesh.

She struggled to maintain the singularity of thought that she had attained. Part of her mind began to focus on the feeling of the penis, and another thought asked what was going to happen next. She deliberately made her deep breathing her center of attention, from there she would move back to drawing energy from what Tavaros was doing. She wanted this moment, she was determined to be that flower.

With a firm but gentle grip, Tavaros’s hands closed on the back of her thighs. He began to pull gently. Another set of hands, Caitlin’s, followed by the softness of her full bust pressed on her back. The combination gently pulled her feet from the stool. This jolted her momentarily out of her zone, but before she could process what was happening, she instinctively had wrapped her legs around Tavaros’s waist for support. Caitlin pressed her back so she remained tight against Tavaros’s chest by wrapped around her arms around her torso and pulling the three of them into a tight knot. Misty’s arms remained over her head, and she was fully impaled by Victor’s penis.

All this happened so fast, though her focus had been jarred from her “blooming”, it took just a moment to realize she would not fall and once secure in the new position, she rapidly became the flower again.

Tavaros continued to move his hips in a circular motion following the music. She felt very secure, even after Caitlin, released her grip and stepped back Tavaros was clearly completely stable, easily able to keep her 110 lbs secure.

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   He rolled his feet on the padding under his feet, samba dancing as best as he could with her on him. Her weight pressed down on his pelvic bone, right on her clit. She soon knew it would be more than enough to help her make the final assent to blooming.

Bonnie kept shooting. She was amazed how effortlessly he danced with Misty on his pelvis. He was so strong. He was so sexy. She felt a tinge of jealousy as she could tell her daughter was about to climax while she was hot and tired from shooting photos all day.

Misty threw her fingers straight up in the air and let out a full throated scream as over an hour and a half of unreleased stimulation burst upon her. Just as Amy had planned the event, like a day liiy she burst into life then wilted as the energy ran it’s course. Her arms fell to Tavaros’s shoulders, her legs lost their grip and she began to slide down.

Tavaros laid her down gently like a crushed kitten. Her body heaved grabbing each breath in gulps. He skin, covered in sweat glistened in the photographic lights. Bonnie kept shooting, there was something about her laying there.

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   Something strong, but vulnerable; amorous but spent. Misty’s eyes were closed and her breathing subsided.

It was only after Bonne took her attention from Misty that she saw Caitlin bent over the massage table, taking deep and powerful strokes from Tavaros. Her large breast swinging forward with each thrust but only making it half way back before the next hammer blow jarred Caitlin forward again. Bonnie wondered if that hurt.

She checked the time, they still had nearly an hour to meet the University tour guide, that gave Caitlin a good 10 minutes with the Latin Adonis before they needed to get cleaned up to go. With that thought, she lifted the camera from around her neck and began shooing again.