In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty-Nine

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


The two weeks between her birthday and spring break were hard for Misty. Tommy and she didn’t officially break up, but it was clear, unless someone made a drastic change that would happen. They never even talked about her birthday activities. She did get his attention with a couple of quick flashes when the publications room was empty. On Friday night they went out with Rebecca and Samuel to see a movie. She gave him a hand job in the theater, but he didn’t seem in the mood for making out later in the car. The one thing that helped was that she and Tommy were so very busy putting the yearbook “To Bed” before their deadline, the day before school let out for break.

The next week she got more daring and messed with him under the table a number of times and; when on Wednesday,several of the student yearbook staff were there until late. She flashed Tommy a couple of times when no one could see and he appeared to warm up. After the meeting they had sex in his truck, the first time since her birthday. It was sex, but not much more.

The next night when the work was finally done and Mr. Truman left the room to take the completed project box to his office, she pulled her shirt and bra up displaying her tits to all the yearbook staff, and jumped into to his harms to give him a sloppy kiss.

As her lips met his she already knew she had made a mistake. He responded but just barely, and that ended in about two seconds.

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   She tried to save face by pretending she was the one who broke off the kiss she twirled and said “Congratulations team, and have a great spring break everyone. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. ” All before pulling her shirt down.
But this was not the Euro-Club and they were all taken aback. All were surprised,some were supportive by egging her on, most were silent, several pretended not to see and one was visibly appalled. Everyone knew Misty’s reputation, but they had all been her friends and she was popular with them, but this was the first time they had seen her actually do anything outrageous. They would be OK, but Tommy?

It was finally the last Friday before Spring break. She was very tired. She had been at school past 10:00 for three nights in a row and last night had gone very badly. The good part was that when they had left last night, the project was completed and packaged. All that was needed was for Mrs. Maybree and Mr. Truman to jointly recheck the contents before having it shipped. The bad part was that she was sure she and Tommy were history.

At the lunch table conversation, blessedly was not about she and Tommy.

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“Too bad the party won’t be at your place” Hope said referring to a rumoredSpring Break Party some kids were trying to pull off. It was a party that Misty would not even be attending because she and her family would be leaving for the Caribbean in the morning.

“Yea, too bad. But that’s the way it goes. Gotta suffer through a free trip to the Caribbean”

“Yea, it is. ” Rebecca agreed as they neared their class “All ready for the trip?

“I got my passport in the mail last week” Misty said pulling it from her purse.

“I’m just so cosmopolitan” were the last words she said before the bell rang.

Good for her that school that day was mostly pro-forma. In the publications class Tommy didn’t talk to her at all. The principal came by to congratulate the class on “This great yearbook. I think it might be the best in decades. ”

He pointed out Tommy and Misty. I’ve talked it over with Mrs. Maybree and Mr. Truman.

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   Unless the yearbook company does something disastrous with your work,we will be entering this year’s book into the NHSYA (National High School Yearbook Association) competition. ”
The room burst into applause.

He continued “And Misty and the photo staff, your work is so good this year that we will be doing a first. We will send a copy to the American Center for News Reporting to be entered into their High School photojournalism competition. ”

Again applause.

That helped to lift her sadness a bit, a good bit. And it made what she would say to Tommy easier.

When the Principal left, Ms. Maybree and Mr. Truman had a few words, before reminding them that they had several other projects to finish before the end of school. “But not for today. ” And the class became a school party.

After a good many ‘congratulations’ Misty saw Tommy alone at the refreshment table. She looked into her cup of Coke. “Sorry for embarrassing you yesterday.

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“Thanks, its OK” he said “I guess we did a good job on the yearbook. ”

“Yea, guess so. ”

“Seems they are real impressed with your work. ” He continued in a quiet voice.

“It’s nice to feel appreciated” She didn’t mean it as an attack, but was sure it sounded like one so she went on before he could respond. “We did good together on this. We should just let that be what we remember. ”

He nodded. “Yea”

“That will be good, the yearbook will stand for what we did, together. How many couples have that as a legacy?”

“Not many” was his tepid reply. It was clear he knew the gist of this conversation.

“You know I’ll always love you. Ten years from now I’ll think of you, and the good times we had every time I see that book” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

That was it. Without bitterness or rancor, her first true love affair ended.

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   Ended because in the end, their values were not compatible. It was not that she had sex with other people, it was that she wanted the freedom to do so if she wanted. That was just more than Tommy could deal with; no, not more than he could deal with, more than he could deal with others knowing about. A painful lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

Very early, the family drove to the Atlanta airport. Evidently, web entrepreneur Richard Kyle from the Cayman Islands was so convinced that he would make money on this website that he booked the flight and a week at an all inclusive resort St. Martin Island for Misty and her parents. Though it would have been out of their financial means to take the family someplace like that, it only cost the family the expense of buying Lamar’s plane ticket, which was well within their budget. So, at 8:50 AM, after a process that to Misty and Lamar was long and frustrating (but now familiar to Bonnie) their plane pulled away from the terminal. It was the kid’s first trip out of the country and only their second air flight, so their normal teenage nonchalance gave way to giddy excitement. Lamar chattered insistently and while Misty looked wide eyed at everything.

The excitement, the novelty, helped crowd out the heaviness of Misty’s heart. It was not a surprise. In addition, it was mostly she who had been the one to break it off, but no matter it still hurt. She decided that the most hurtful thing was not that Tommy couldn’t overcome his prejudice, but that he was moved mainly by his desire to be accepted by the mainstream.

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   She knew, full well, the things people, some of Tommy’s friends, said about her. She also knew that in the end Tommy chose his friends acceptance over her. That’s what hurt.

The flight was direct, with no stops so by 1:30 they were skimming the wave tops. Misty practically crawled over Lamar to see out the window, as suddenly land appeared followed quickly by the thump of landing on the island of St. Maarrten. For all the parts of them that were adult-like, there were still many child-like traits in the Campbell children.

The child like excitement was not limited to the children; it was just that Cooper and Bonnie were able to cover their excitement better than their children. Bonnie and cooper had wanted to take such a trip for years, but one thing after another put it financially out of reach. Cooper’s mid-life career change had drastically reduced their income but his few freelance architect jobs and the unexpected rise of Bonnie’s new career had completely filled the income gap. But they both knew that in reality this trip was coming to the family courtesy of Misty; Misty’s selling nude photos of herself, something which both parents had still not fully allowed themselves to consider.

Customs was surprisingly fast and efficient and a skycap was on hand to move their luggage to the first waiting taxi.

It was St. Martin on the Dutch side and St. Maarrten on the French side of the island.

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   It was billed as the smallest island divided into two sovereign nations in the world.

“Orient Bay Hotel” Cooper told the driver and just a few minutes they were across the tiny island and unloading their luggage.

“I love this” Bonnie said as she walked through the two story villa, two bedrooms upstairs and a kitchen and living room down stairs. One bedroom and the living room shared the same amazing view of the bay, not from sea level, but at the top of a tropical plant covered cliff over looking the curved white sand beach. The effect was amazing.

In advance of the trip both Bonnie and Misty had been frequenting the local tanning solon to refresh their almost completely faded summer tans. They had read up on where they were going and only brought their tiniest bikini bottoms and a total of one bikini top each, as they didn’t plan on wearing one very much.

And so they didn’t.

The first few days were uneventful and relaxing. For long hours Bonnie and Cooper relaxed and lay out on the white sand beach watching the kids. They both took wind surfing lessons and picked up quickly on the skill. They had brought the foundations good camera, and Misty’s point and shoot, and nearly all the time they had a camera with them, and all four played photographer.

For Misty, being surrounded by good looking guys fawning on her was just what she needed to move forward with her life.

It had been a very busy year for the Campbell’s and it was nice to have some good family time. Howbeit not the family time that Oozy and Harriet would imagine.

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   Each day the family walked a short way up the beach unit they decided that they were safely in the “clothing optional” zone, so Mom and Day lay on the beach nude, as were the kids as they played in the surf. For the duration of the trip this was most often the attire de jure. However, bottoms were required at the beach to the south of their hotel so mother and daughter sported the most minimal type of covering. Lamar got in the sprit and bought one of the tiny men’s bikini type swim suites that showed off his nearly always full penis in the tight spandex. Bonnie asked Cooper about a similar suit but he adamantly refused.

As he always did Lamar sparked up friendships immediately with other teens on the beach, Misty on the other had seemed to intimidate the teens and attracted the college aged guys, which at least for the first day she kept at arm’s length.

One thing different about this beach than either topless South Beach, or Nude Havisau beach, was that while those catered to either the young and beautiful, or nudist; the beaches here were family beaches. At the clothed beach, meaning top-optional, there plenty of large middle-aged women in one piece swim suits, kids and teenagers that would not have been out of place in Ft. Lauderdale. At the same time there were a sprinkling of middle-aged topless women and perhaps 20% of the of younger women who went, topless and or in thongs. But these were the minority.

The clothing optional sections on the beach had more skin showing, but real naked people were most defiantly the minority, though topless and thongs were more common. Even here, the fully nude Campbell family stood out.

Cooper lay with his eyes closed, enjoying the sea breeze drifting across his body. The stress of his work and even that of just day-to-day living seemed to just evaporate.

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It was Monday, their second full day in paradise. He peeked out of one eye to see his lovely wife of over two decades in all her natural glory receiving looks from guys passing on the beach. Glancing down to the waters edge, his little girl, now a young woman, the splitting image of his bride all those years ago; unconcerned, unembarrassed to have a gaggle of young men openly ogling her young body which was very much on public display.

Not far away, his son, now almost as tall as his dad, and sporting a half-erection that dad couldn’t match in length or girth, laughing and splashing in a group of teens, not one was naked like him (though two of the girls were topless). He was so confident, so at ease.

His mind drifted back, just a few short years ago. These two, these near adults were grade schoolers splashing and shouting at a beach not too different than this one (OK there were no slim girls in thongs sunning topless, in fact there were few string bikinis and certainly no naked people). Misty wore a pink-skirted swim suite and Lamar oversized trunks that reached past his knees. They were so small, and so dependent on mom and dad for everything.

Bonnie had worn, what she would now call, a granny bikini, though they had looked at a smaller suit, she just didn’t think mom’s wore such things at family beaches. On that trip to the beach near Savannah, she and Cooper had, when the kids were building a sand castle, slipped into the palm forest that grew behind the beach and snapped a few “naked” photos of Bonnie. They had thought they were so daring, so on the edge. It made him chuckle to realize that was just ten yeas ago.

Then his mind moved forward to the summer four years ago when he and Bonnie had begun to talk about trying new things.

They spent much of the summer by their own pool by themselves a’natural and talked, or rather teased about having sex with other people.

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   Cooper had found it very arousing the thought of watching Bonnie have sex with someone else. He tried not to admit it to her, but she couldn’t help noticing the fact he got a hard on every time she told him about a fantasy involving her having sex with other people. But it was only talk and fantasy that summer.

It had not been the night she told him about making it with Jill that had been the most significant, it was the day she’d called him home early form work. After asking Cooper to eat her out, she told him Terrance not only had been in her pussy, but had left cum that had Copper tasted in her. That had been less than two years ago. How many men had been in her since, he didn’t even know. Did he still find it arousing when she would come home from trips and tell him in detail how she had been fucked by two different guys at the same time? Or she had made it with a woman and her husband? The twitch in his groin told him it still did, but he also knew it didn’t have the same punch as when he watched Bonnie lower herself onto Adam’s giant prick. But did it have to? Was it reasonable to hope it would? Of course not. And to be fair just a few months ago he had one of the most amazing experiences in his life, having sex with his teen fantasy woman. Of course, he toned down his pleasure when he retold it to Bonnie, but he was sure she did the same after having sex on the road.

“What you thinking about” Bonnie’s voice intruded into his thoughts.

He opened his eyes.

“Well, Coop, what you thinking about” she said again nodding to his now half erect penis.

Cooper stammered and was sure he blushed.



“Just about us, and all the stuff we’ve done in the past few years. How much it’s all changed. ”

She thought for a moment, “But has it really changed all that much?”

She too had been thinking about the path they had followed. For her, the nudity and the sex seemed so natural, such a normal part of life. But her family: Cooper and the kids where still the center of her universe. It was her work, her travel, the joys of her personal empowerment as she spoke and changed the outlook of hundreds of people that was the new part. The feeling of being admired and looked up to by ever-larger crowds was all so wonderful. But the price was what?: time with her kids and husband. A feeling she was abandoning them for her own ego. This, not the fact that having a new sexual partner or two (or three or four) each week was now just a routine part of her life. Sure it didn’t have the thrill it did the first time with Jill or the first group sex on yacht, but in place of novelty had come confidence and an ability to appreciate the differences in each new partner. It was rare when she didn’t find something new and fun about each new person with whom she had sex.

But she was questioning her travel and time away from home. It had just crept up on her. Now laying in the sun with the voices of her children, and yes they were still children to her, in her ears brought clearly into focus what was important.

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“Apart from my job and being gone too much, life has just gone forward” she said as much as to herself as to Cooper. “The kids are now older,they may look more like adults, and sometimes do adult things, but they are still our kids. ” She thought “And they are good kids. We should feel good they want to be together as a family, at 18 and 16. ”

Cooper heard what she was saying “Yea, I guess so. ”

“And,” She went on “I have never been happier as your wife and” She reached over to his crotch “our sex life is better than ever. I may fuck lots of people but I only make love to you. ”She leaned over and kissed him tenderly.

His penis rapidly filled her hand. She squeezed and then rolled back to lay on her lounge, leaving him with a full erection waving in the breeze.

He lay back and thought. She was right. Life was good and to counter the fact she was working now and was gone a night or sometimes two in a week, he was not traveling anymore so his time with the kids had dramatically increased in the past year. And she was right. They made love two or three times a week every week for months now, something they had not done since the kids were born.

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   Before she and Jill had become involved they were having sex once and only occasionally twice each week, and that had become just a matter of getting off, not really enjoying each other. So, yes, it was much better. She was right, life was good to them.

He relaxed and was glad when he felt his erection subside.

Bonnie again began to speak “I am a bit worried about what Margo LeCroix and her cronies are up to. I’m surprised they haven’t gone on the attack yet. ”

“They are organizing” He responded.

“Yea, I know, but what will they do, and when. ?”

He knew she was right. But he didn’t have an answer, and didn’t feel like fretting over something that he had no control over.

By 11:00 the sun was well up and getting strong. Dad pulled on his trunks, Lamar his Speedo and mom and sis their tiny thongs. Thus attired, the family headed back to the hotel. As the hotel was small it did not have it’s own restaurant so the family stopped at a beach front café and ate right on the beach.

“So kids, what do you think of St.

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   Martin?” dad asked .

Lamar jumped in “The girls are hot, and lots of boobs to look at. ”

His parents laughed “And you Misty?”

Misty had already thought about that question. St. Martin was what the Euro club pretended to be: open, unashamed, and carefree. But she could not help knowing that look in the eye of several of the guys she had met. To them she was not a person, but a thing to be used for sex. Perhaps that too was the openness the lechers could openly be that and the guys who saw her as a person were more evident than would be at a south Georgia beach,Though there were other girls her age topless or nude, not all were. She guess maybe a good 60% of the girls her age, the pretty girls, wore full bikini’s even on the nude beach. And on the beach nearer to their hotel even more wore tops and bottoms and fewer wore thongs. So, to be European, perhaps the emphasis should not be on being naked but rather having the freedom to choose to be or not to be.

“Enlightening” was her answer to her fathers question. “It seems here people just do what they want. ” Nodding to the next table where a group of teenagers had just finished their meal and the wine bottle was still on the table. “That of course would be illegal back home, but here they don’t have to prove they are grown up to drink, they make their own decision.

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Bonnie pointed out “But we all know full well that any of your friends who want to drink would have no problem getting alcohol. ”

Misty thought for a moment and said “Being able to get alcohol is not the point, it’s the adults letting us choose without having to hide it. Sure most of the kids in my school screw around and drink, but they hide it all. Here you can do those things out in public. Me, I choose not to drink for now, but I do choose to go naked on the beach. Even better I think I will most likely get it on with these guys, more than once before we go home. And, on the other hand, if I chose to wear a one piece swimsuit and not talk to any guys, that would be my choice too, my choice, no one else’s. That’s what I mean by people here do what they want. ”

Bonnie and Cooper nodded in agreement.

Lamar inconveniently pointed out. “But I thought we came here to get more pictures to sell? Isn’t’ that what lots of the pictures that mom will shoot of you this week are for?So you do have to go naked whether you want to or not. ”

“That’s not what I meant” Misty snapped “and if I didn’t want to get naked for those pictures I wouldn’t, so it’s still my choice”

Lamar backed off at his sister’s attack.

“Chill girl” Cooper said “We understand what you said. ”

“But Lamar, we did NOT come here to take photos of your sister or your mother. We are just here vacationing.

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   Certainly we will take family pictures, we always do.

Cooper took up the idea and pulled the little point-and-shoot from their beach bag and snapped some pics. The first time he’d taken photos where his girl was topless, but here sitting in a beach side café’ it didn’t seem so pervy.

”Oh, mom, Misty changed tone and subject “I did see someone shooting photos of me and you today. He was trying to be discreet but I saw him with a little camera. ”

“No I didn’t, but I think you’ll see more of that, especially since I don’t think I saw any other family groups, with teens, going nude. Also, I know Richard will be out on the beach and just happen, to take photos of our family, without our knowledge or consent of course. He figures that if some of the pics have all four of us it will not appear that any of the pics come from us. ”
“And so much for freedom to choose what we want to do” Misty moaned “but I vote we just ought to move here. ”

“How about you get rich and famous and we will buy a condo here and come on weekends. ” Copper said facetiously.

After lunch they went to the hotel, after a nap, Bonnie and Cooper dressed to go shopping and clubbing. A night on the town.

Misty began going through the photos taken so far and culling out the ones she did not like. She had done this with the photos taken on her birthday as well one set shot by Keli in the hot tub last week.

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  She did not bring any of the photos from her birthday that included Caitlin, though the ones with Tavaros were there. She had a clear model release from him but she would need to negotiate payments for her friends should he wish to use them on the site as well.

Lamar went out to the beach to meet some kids he had met over the last couple of days. In a way it irked Misty how he was so able to make new friends so fast, she had never been able to do that. Sure she’d met new friends when she and the crew went to Miami Beach, but she’s been in a group. Had she been alone she would not have done so.

To Lamar this was a great new world. His parents had given him carte blanch to go anywhere on the island. It’s not that he was restricted at home (though they had yet to let him get his driver’s license) but it was the idea of roaming free in a foreign country. He practically skipped down the stairs in his Speedo and a T-shirt. He couldn’t imagine wearing that suit at home. His friends would laugh their heads off, but here, that was just what the European guys wore. Even the old fat guys.

This place was heaven for a 16 year old guy. The girls his age mostly went topless and many went naked.

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   He’d gotten to play with three girls tits, and fingered one of them, and all that right in the ocean at the public beach during broad daylight. His friends will never believe this –but he sure will tell them all about it.

Bonnie and Cooper got back late and were soon sound asleep. They both were in the mood for sex, but they were just too tired. That would have to wait for morning.

Cooper was up and in the kitchen scrounging for food by 9:15. The rest of the house was still sound asleep. He’d need to get Misty and Bonnie up soon. Their meeting with Richard Kyle was scheduled for 11:00. In the main room Lamar was sleeping soundly.

He pulled out eggs and bacon and began breakfast. Before the eggs were done Misty came down the stairs from her room.

“Good morning” she said in a voice pleasant but clearly tired.

“Good morning Misty girl. How was your night.

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“Better than I’d expected. ”

“Good, so you got a DVD burned with the photos you want to sell to Mr. Kyle?”

“Oh, yea” she said filling a glass with orange juice. “It’s in the case to take with us. ”

“Well you guys need to be ready to go in about 45 minutes. ”

“Yea, I know. Is mom up?”

“No, if you’ll watch the eggs I’ll go get her moving. ”

Misty poked at the eggs in the pan. She knew it made her dad uncomfortable to hear her talk about her sex life so she did not elaborate on how much better the night had been than she had planned. But she wouldn’t hesitate to tell all when her mom came down for breakfast. It was not surprising that it took so long for her mother to come down stairs. Misty had time to cook both the eggs and bacon and almost finished eating her part when mom finally made it downstairs.

“When did you guys get home last night. ?I was up till past 1:00 and you weren’t home yet. ” Misty asked

“Not too long after that.

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   Two I guess” her mom responded slowly.

“If you had been home at like eleven you would have embarrassed some poor French girl to death. ”

“Why? Who are you talking about?”

Misty felt mischievous so she only told the briefest of outlines “Well. ” She began “I had been out at the pool for like an hour or two, when I began to get a little cool so I came in to grab a shirt. What do I find right in the floor but Lamar on top of some little girl. I mean little, she must have been like 14 or 15. ” She knew that the girl was probably older but she just couldn’t resist setting her brother up to get the 3rd degree. “I don’t mean he was going to town on her fucking her senceless. In fact I was impressed with his control. He’s on her missionary style, and I can just see his little but moving up and down with her legs wrapped around his waist. She was clearly liking it, so that wasn’t an issue. But you wouldn’t let me fuck at that age. ”

“ So I shut the door real quiet, and they don’t notice I’m like standing right over them. She’s just moaning and saying things in French I didn’t understand. Then she opens her eyes and sees I’m I’m in the room.

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  She just freaks. She jumps taking a mile a minute in French and pulling on her shorts and takes off her top still in her hand. ”

“13 or 14?” her mom asked.

“I guess” Misty answered in her most believable tone “She could have been al little older, but it’s not like I asked her. ”

Cooper said, “You two go on, I deal with this. ”

“I wasn’t trying to get him in trouble” Misty lied.

“That’s OK, I said I’ll deal with it. ”

By 10:30 they were dressed and holding the satchel with all the necessary material. Mike Kelly had set them up with a lawyer in Atlanta that specialized in this kind of business arrangement. He not only had worked back and forth with Richard Kyle’s lawyer in Miami, he had helped Bonnie and Misty Negotiate the financial terms. It had been decided that given the circumstances that Bonnie would work with Misty, but all the documents, including Misty’s LLC incorporation would be in Misty’s name. All that remained to be done is to have the papers signed with proper notarizing and all would be put into motion.

Wearing the most clothes that they had put on since their arrival mother and daughter headed to the door.

Misty was still protesting that she didn’t want her brother to be in trouble as they left. By then Cooper highly suspected that the girl wasn’t as obviously young as Misty had first said.


   But he’d ask Lamar about it any way, if the boy ever moved off the couch on which he was sleeping.

“How are things going for you so far?” Bonnie asked her daughter as walked

“Fine. ”

“I really am sorry things with Tommy didn’t work out, but you don’t seem to be moping”

“No, I’m OK, I had seen that coming from even before we started dating. I just thought he might be able to come around”

“Guys usually don’t. ” Her mom said in that ‘men are pigs’ voice, then continued “You seem to have garnered quite a bit of attention at the beach. Any guys in particular you like?”

“I didn’t want to make dad queasy and I know how he gets, but while you were out I met up with one of they guys you saw at the beach the last few days. Tall blond guy. His name is Olav, he’s from Denmark. ”

Bonnie gave her a sidelong glance before hailing a cab. After getting in and giving the cabby the address she asked “And?”

“I got laid of course!” Misty chimed, “And good. ” She looked at her mom “I needed it. ”

“I’m sure you did sweetie, I’m sure you did. Now tell me all about it. ”

“Like I said earlier, I’d been sunning by the pool and came in and found Lamar doing his thing with he little French girl. And really, I don’t think she was any younger than Lamar, I was just getting at him.

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  When she left, he was all pissed at me”

“And I don’t blame him” her mother said.

“Yea, I guess, but it’s not like I meant to walk into his first real sexual conquest. ”

Her mother voiced “Yea, I guess so. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I bet he was not pleased. ”

“That is an understatement. So, I took off. I grabbed a clean beach towel and walked to the beach, down on this end of Orient was Olav and a bunch of others. I laid out for a while and talked to a girl named Catrice. She’s one of those French speaking Canadians.

After a while we all go to a place righton the beach, Andy and Cheryl’s, and had had my first experience at a restaurant in the nude. Yea, it’s right on the beach and no one blinked an eye when the five of us walked up andsat down naked at a table. ”

“I can’t believe if a group of good looking young people sat down naked no one would notice. Even at a clothing optional beach. ”

Misty knew were she was going, but defended “But there was another couples just as nude that sat down before we left.

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“And and were they in their 40’s and on the plump side?And how many people were there clothed?”

“OK, I’ll admit. We got, well Catrice and I got plenty of looks. And yes for most of the time everyone else was fully dressed. ”

“Yea, now we get to the truth. And you loved it. Didn’t you?”

“Well, yea!” Misty answered and pushed on her mother’s arm.

“And after dinner?”

“Olav invited me to his hotel which was not far, and you can imagine, having been flirting for a couple of hours, naked, we wasted no time in getting down to business.

“Bussiness? What’s that?” her mother chided.

“OK” Misty said breathlessly.

“We had just wrapped our towels around us when we went to his hotel, so we were naked again not ten seconds after we got in his room. He kissed really good, and it helped I could feel his dick get hard on my stomach. We jumped on his bed and I gave him a great blow job, if I say so myself. ”

“How big was he?” Bonnie asked.

“Just average, but it had a sexy curve to it, like a banana. He pulled me around and we did 69 for a while before he rolled me over and we started to screw.

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  And no, I didn’t get a condom on him until we took a break from rolling on the bed. Then, with a condom on, he leans me against the glass door to the balcony, he was on the 8th floor, and does me from behind while I have my palms on the glass looking over the beach. It was very sexy. After he cums, we put the towels around us and go back down to the beach and join the others again. Not a huge experience, I didn’t even have an orgasm, but it was fun. Is that enough for you?” Misty ended.

Back in the Villa, Cooper had decided to get this mess over with right off. Lamar was up and toasting a bagel.

“What is this your sister said about you having sex with a 14 year old girl?”

“What?” Lamar almost yelled “That…. . She was not 14”

“How old was she?”

“I don’t know, she didn’t speak English, but I’m sure she was my age. ”

“Your sister seems to think she was about 14”

Lamar’s face was red “She’s lying and she knows it. There was no way that girl was that young. ”

“I guess that you need to be careful when girls don’t speak English. I don’t know what the age of consent is here but I would guess it’s more than 14”

“She wasn’t’ 14” Lamar shouted.

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“I didn’t say she was. ” His dad responded “I just said to be careful. OK?”
Lamar calmed “OK”

“and you did use a condom. Yes?”

“Yes I used a condom”

Cooper wanted that to be the end of this conversation. “The girls will be gone for quite a while. How about we rent a Jet ski?”


The cab let the women out at a large bank. They went in and on the 3rd floor found suite 304.

Inside a receptionist guided them into a conference room. A man with a dark complexion greeted them “Mrs. Campbell and Miss Campbell” with an outstretched hand he said “I’m Richard Kyle” in his British accent. “This is my business partner Satyajit. He was a small man of apparent East Indian origins as is common in former British Colonies. The black hair on his temples was graying, Bonnie guessed him to be late 40’s. He was very well dressed in a dark suit and tie.

“Glad to meet you” a younger man said in a thick Indian accent.

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Richard continued “Have a seat. ” He motioned to the deeply padded seats around the table. “What a strange series of events has led you and I together here. I get many unsolicited photos in my office. Most are garbage or stolen from other sites. It was over a year ago I first saw photos of you two. I knew in an instant the people in those photographs were something special. I didn’t dream that after I posted them that I would hear from the lovely women themselves. Now, to be sure, occasionally I do hear from people who have been photographed on public beaches, but always to demand the photos be removed. ”

He leaned forward toward Misty, “But you young miss. You didn’t ask to have them removed, you offered more photographs. And were savvy enough to offer to sell them not to give them to me. For a young woman you are very astute. I respect that”

Misty flushed “Thank you”

“I will not pretend that I haven’t made a money on your photos;You have retained very good legal and business counsel. Did you know I almost didn’t even begin negotiating money once I saw who represented you?”

“No” Misty answered.

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“It’s true. In the past I’ve always avoided such arrangements. There is too many cheaper ways to get content than what we are signing today. But; people like you, and because of that I know that working together we can both make more money than we could separately”

He opened a manila folder on that sat in front of him.

“There isn’t much to do here but sign the paper work. ” He spoke something to his college that neither Misty of Bonnie understood, then the man left the room.

Bonnie handed Misty her satchel, Misty removed the contents. Among them was a DVD in a jewel case. She slid the DVD over to him. This has 250high resolution images from three shoots back home and then from the beaches here. They are all top quality photos. ”

He took the Jewel case and removed the DVD. “Good, lets have a look”

He lifted a laptop from the floor by his chair and put in the DVD. As the machine cued the photos Misty began narrating “The first 50 or so are the first posing I did for Amy Douglass, the painter. This was done on my 18th Birthday.

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   On my birthday, not just near it. ”

“That will sell” he said mostly to himself as the first photo appeared.

He clicked through them very quickly. Misty could see the eyes of a real pro scan each photo in an instant and move to the next. “These are excellent. Who shot them?”

“I did” Bonnie said.

“You have a good eye” he replied as the photos clicked through.

“Thank You”

As the photos that showed Amy in the foreground or background appeared he asked “Do you have a release for this woman?”

“Yes” Bonnie said. “And in the papers we have provided you with publication permission, on one condition. ”

Richards head snapped up “Condition?”

Bonnie was firm “Yes one Condition. These photos are the property of the FFF and are being used with their permission only if the web-site is designed and focused the way we negotiated. ”

Richard just looked at her.

She continued “Should that agreement be violated by making the site exploitive in any way permission to use the photos will be withdrawn. ”

“And who will make this judgment?”

“The FFF Public Relations Liaison, which is me. ”

Richard thought for a second and laughed “You watch all the corners, don’t’ you?”

“Just on this issue” Bonnie responded “But that should not be new to you, that is all in the contract.

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“It is” He answered.

The door to the conference room opened and Richard’s college, a middle aged man in a suit, and a young woman carrying a stack of papers.

In a voice that sounded to Misty like John Clease, the older man said “Welcome to St. Martin. ” And extended his hand.

After the instructions were made, he guided them through a stack of papers explaining that his firm was hired to be the facilitator between their respective legal counsels. The process took about 30 minutes and a dozen signatures by Misty before it was complete.

After the paperwork was completed Mr. Kyle invited Bonnie to review the rest of the photos and to work out details such as communication.

“And these were also taken on your birthday?” Richard asked as he ran through the photos of Misty and Tavaros.

“Yea, it was a busy day”

“It must have been”

Misty took this opportunity to ask a question “Now, I do have more photos from that day, but the rest also have photos of my friend Caitlin as well. I can get a release for them, but how does she get paid?”

Richard stopped looking at the screen “Remember you and I are partners in this venture. You provide all the content. Any payment has to come from you. All I do is get a copy of the photographs, a copy of the model release and proof of age.

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  It is in your interest to keep a steady stream of new and interesting photos coming if you want the site to make money. ”

Misty was a bit surprised by the sharp response, though she shouldn’t’ have been. As of last week when her new company was incorporated she was a business person, and that was how business was done. To save face she lied “Oh, I know that I was just asking if I need to send you records of payment?”

“No” he said “Our arrangement is you receive 33% of the billings. The contract is with your company and my company, not you and me. Your company provides product and all expenses related to that are your business. If you get product for free you take home more, if you pay for product you take home less. But it is unlikely you will be able to maintain long with out paying for your models. ”

It was hard for Bonnie to sit back and watch her girl having to compete with this very experienced business man. She could tell it was all she could do to keep even with him. She did not interfere, this was Misty’s endeavor, not hers. And besides, if her 18 year old girl could even come close to staying neck and neck with this guy, she was doing damn good for herself. She’d be mighty formidable in a few years. These thoughts made it much easier to see her girl squirm in her seat.


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  ” He said with a smug grin “…this one time. To get us some knock-out photos for advertising and to put in our initial site set-up I have called in a favor from a friend. ” He paused, evidently trying to be dramatic, “Are you familiar with the work of Boris Ujinko?”

Neither Bonnie nor Misty had ever heard the name and both answered in the negative.

“A shame. He has shot for the Pirelli Calendar,French Vogue, Der Stern and most recently for Maximum. He is the principal photographer for Glamour Action , one of the most highly regarded glamour sites on the web. He and his team are great. The reason I booked you here this week is today and tomorrow he is shooting here in St. Marrteen, and I showed him your photos and he agreed to shoot you and the photos would be jointly used on Glamour Action and on our new site. It’s an amazing opportunity for you. ”

Misty was following, but still unsure. “You mean I’ve got a photo shoot with this famous photographer? Here?”

“Yes, Misty, be ready at your hotel at 5:00 , Wednesday morning. Bring every outfit you think you look good in. He has his own makeup and hair person, so don’t worry about that. ”

Misty was now really taken aback.


   “Wow” was all she could say.

“This is your big chance. Do everything he says. You will not be disappointed. ”

Bonnie, ever the mother asked “So, do I have this right, her photos will appear on this Glamour Action site?”
“Yes, actually you will need to sign a release for him and he has already signed a release for us to use the photographs he takes on our site. ”

“So the photos will belong to him?” Bonnie pressed.

Richards cheery demeanor dimmed. “Yes, he is doing us, Misty, a huge favor. ”

Misty caught her mothers hesitation, but it was her company and she quickly said “Thank you Richard. I won’t let your confidence in me go unrewarded. ”

Misty didn’t like the tension between her mother and her new business partner. She changed the line of discussion “And my blog, how will I have access to the site to post it.

He reached from his stack of papers and slid a few stapled sheets together. “This gives you directions and your password to access that part of the site. It’s all very straight forward.

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   It is better to write at least a little each day than to write a long piece once every few days. ”

“Not a problem. And what date do you have for kickoff, for my first blog entry?”

“I have the site mostly designed. After I take the photos you have brought me and format them into the site I will then circulate the site to some marketing people. All that will take about a month. But go ahead and write your first blog entry now. Make it an introduction to you and your world. You will get and keep more members if you make them feel they are part of a group and that they really know you. Have you decided on your screen name?” he went on a bit less lecturing.

“I was thinking about Charlotte, Charlotte Ravenel, a good Georgian name. ” She had heard the name from her mom, it was the man her friend Trisha was spending this week with in Hilton head, she thought the name sounded dashing.

He looked at her. He dark eyes clearly thinking, and he appeared to be prepared to speak, but he did not.

She asked no more questions and the meeting devolved to closing small talk.

Both Bonnie and Misty were glad when the meeting ended.

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   It was the purpose of the trip, but all the same she was glad it had ended. Back in the cab Bonnie said “You did great in there”

“I thought I sounded like a complete moron a lot of the time. ” Misty said glumly

“No way, you sounded very grown up, I was proud of you. ”

Misty perked up a little “really”

“Yes really. He’s an old shark and even if you didn’t eat him, he didn’t eat you either. And that’s saying something. How about we go shopping to celebrate your official entry into the business world, and to get you some killer outfits for your big photo shoot. ”

They made it back to the Villa by 2:30, but the boys were not back. They had left a note that they were going to ride Jet Skis. Bonnie read the note and said “I guess it’s just a girls day out. ”

Misty was already half out of her ‘business’ outfit. “Cool. How about we get some lunch at Calamos Café’ over on Grad Case. I read it’s the best beachside restaurant on the island and we need to celebrate. ”

“Fine with me, as long as we go soon, I’m starving.

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  ” Misty answered.

“It’s on the other side of the island, but we can do lunch and go shopping, explore, just the usual stuff here. ”

Misty had pulled on a light sun dress before her mom had even finished talking “Let’s go. ” She said.

“Sorry girl, I’m going to need a few minutes” her mom groused
They had been gone less than a half hour when the boys got home.

“Well they’ve been here” Cooper observed noting the satchel on the table. “But they went out again. ”

“I’m going to go down to the beach and see if my friends are out there” Lamar said

Cooper acknowledge him and went to lay down. That jet ski on the ocean might have been fun, but it beat his poor old body to death. “Son, I’m going to lay down and recover. ”

“Old man!” Lamar sarcastic jibed

Cooper was already dragging himself up the stairs “Fine. If you see your mother tell her I’m here”

“Have a nice nap gramps” He replied as he flew out the door.

“Old man, gramps” Cooper groused. By the top step his legs felt like lead “Maybe he’s right.

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  ” Five minutes later Cooper was dead to the world.

Across the island Bonnie and Misty found the Café’ to be as good as the travel guide had said. It was in a small bay, filled with large boats, many larger even than the San Diero on which she and Cooper had taken a cruise. As she enjoyed the view and the food, Bonnie came to the realizing that her relationship with her daughter had changed. It had been changing over the past few years, but now it was hardly recognizable as the mother/daughter relationship it had been when Misty was younger.

As Misty discussed for the tenth time the problems that had been inherent in her relationship with Tommy. It was not that her daughter was looking to mommy for guidance, but rather, as a friend might do, just looked for support on a decision already made. A bit of nostalgia for the old ways of mommy making every thing better for Misty came back, but it was tempered by the level headed reasoning of her adult (almost) daughter. This is what it’s all about she mused, loosing a dependent and gaining a lifelong friend. Not a bad trade. After all she still had Lamar- for now.

Only half listening to Misty, no a quarter listening, she responded to a change in the tone and topic.

“Mom” Misty said in a conversational whisper “Those two guys have been checking us out for the last ten minutes. ”

Bonnie began to casually scan the room. Sure enough were two men, unabashedly watching and evidently talking about her and Misty.

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Bonnie’s eyes crossed those of one of the men. He looked straight at her and smiled in response. Bonnie quickly looked away. “You’re right”

Their conversation paused. Misty asked “What do we do”

Bonnie was pleased, mommy was still there to save the day. Or was that the same way she would have asked Keli or Caitlin? “Just finish lunch” she responded to give her time to come up with a real answer. She considered the situation. The men, both looked to be late 20’s maybe early thirties. They were well dressed (in a Caribbean beach way) and certainly attractive. They both were blondish, but one was dark blond. Northern European she surmised. They were both deeply tanned, indicating they weren’t neophytes to St. Martin.
From the corner of her eye she could see one of them, still looking at her and Misty, and evidently talking about what he saw. They were handsome, that was for sure, and they looked so confident of themselves.

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“We just eat finish our meal, that’s what. ” Bonnie answered “and carry on as if we don’t see them. ”

That was easier said than done. Bonnie felt her eyes drift over to the handsome man in the corner of her eye. He appeared older than the other man, but still surely younger than Bonnie by a half decade or more. He was in many ways average, but he had the rugged good looks of a real man’s man, an outdoorsman.

In thickly French accented English the waiter said “Mr. Champlain had paid the bill. He motioned to Bonnie to his left to the man she had been ‘covertly’ watching. She was surprised. She had never had such a come-on in her life. A shiver of excitement ran up her spine.

“Are those guys trying to pick us up?” Misty asked genuinely confused.

“I think so. ”

“Both of us?”

“Yea, it looks like it.

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   That’s a first, isn’t it?”

Misty just nodded. Bonnie stood and crossed the sand to where “Mr. Champlain” and his companion sat. “Thank you, Mr. Champlain?” Bonnie said.

He stood, he was average of height and wiry in build as she had earlier observed. “Your quite welcome. I’ve never seen you here. ” He spoke with only the slightest trace of French accent.

“I’m Bonnie Campbell, and this is my daughter Misty. ” motioning to Misty who still stood by the table.

He extended his hand “I am Honore Champlain, and this is Corin Vilipin who helps me crew my boat. ”

” Very nice to meet you. And thank you again for lunch ”

”It was more than worth it to meet such a lovely lady and her equally lovely daughter. ”

Bonnie flushed a little.

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He continued “And what might your plans be now?”

“None particular. We thought we might check out the shopping nearby. ”

“Might we accompany you?” He asked politely “Or, if you would rather, we would be glad to take you and your daughter for a sail around the island?”

“Well Mr. Champlain…” Bonnie stalled to think through what he was asking.

“Honore. ” he corrected ”and I would understand if you are apprehensive, as we just met ”

”Yes, we did. ” She agreed
“Then let’s go shopping. What are you looking for?” He agreed

For the next two hours or so they visited a number of shops. Bonnie was impressed that in each and every shop the proprietor knew Mr. Champlain by name. It was obvious he was well know and respected in this community.

She also found he was from Quebec, but spent nearly half his time on his boat based in St. Maarrten because his business, something to do with Stocks could be largely carried out via the Internet from anywhere he could get an uplink. Additionally, she gathered, that he spent much more time and energy on his boat, La Étole de Quebec, (translated The Star of Quebec), than he did on his market activities from which he appeared, even though he appeared to be in his mid-thirty’s, was now only part time, but generated a good deal of income.
She enjoyed the shopping but didn’t buy very much.

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   Misty bought two more locally made linen sun dresses and a pair matching woven sandals at a shop off the main street that Honore recommended. At another shop Bonnie and Misty found the smallest bikini they had ever seen, or imagine seeing. Misty held one up. It appeared to be made nearly entirely of the fabric “strings” of a string bikini, less the bikini part, or most of it rather. The one she held was bright orange, and the “bikini” part appeared to be no more than ½” wide straps arranged for two to frame the vulva, and one, perhaps to pass over the center ostensibly covering the clit and the cleavage between the two labial lips. Though of course in practice it would no such thing. The top was similar with the center strip designed to pretend to cover the nipple.

“OK, mom what is the point of this?”

Honore answered the question in his French Canadian accent “I have seen them on the French side beaches. It appears that, though it leaves the woman essentially naked, she will not be accosted for being nude on the textile sections of the beach. I would not suggest you try something like that on the Dutch side. ”

He picked up a similar item and spoke across the room in French to the proprietor. When she answered him he looked back to Misty and said. “She assures me that that wearing this will keep the gendarmes from bothering you, but is not sure if you should wear it in town. ”

Misty, still holding the micro-bikini asked her mom “well, should we?”

“It’s not like we haven’t worn even less. And besides they will make some great photos.

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Corin said something in French in reference to the tiny bikini’s on the table to Honore. Bonnie said “None of that sneaky stuff. What did you say?”

Corin just blushed. Honore answered “He just said it’s ashamed it’s too bad you won’t be sailing with us. He would like to see her in that. ”Corin’s blush deepened.

Bonnie was feeling much more comfortable do she asked “Does the offer for a trip around the island still stand if we wait till tomorrow?”

“Of course. ”

“And would you complain if I wore one of these too?” she queried holding up the pseudo bikinis.

“Why no I would not” He said in defense

“OK, when should we be there?”

He appeared puzzled.

“For our sailing trip on your boat tomorrow. ” she explained

“Oh, so you do wish to go on a sail. Wonderful!. I will send Corin to pick you up in the dingy at 8:30. ” He thought for a moment. Then added, on the beach, near where we had lunch.



After buying two of those micro-thongs in one in neon green and the other in orange. She also picked out two similarly tiny but slightly different ones.

The shopping complete and plans made for tomorrow, Honore hailed them a cab and they were off.

In the cab Misty asked “Are you serious? Are we going to go sailing with them tomorrow?”

“Unless your father objects. And I don’t’ think he will”


Back at the Villa, Bonnie found her husband in the bed and her son was nowhere to be found. Sitting up he asked “Well? How’d it go?”

“Good. Your daughter is in business. ”

“What did you think of Richard Kyle?” He asked.

“All business. ” Bonne answered stretching out on the bed beside her husband. “I didn’t know he was Indianan, or maybe Pakistani. But he pressed her hard and I think I girl took it like a real pro. Where is Lamar?”

“He said something about meeting friends at the beach, I don’t know I was half asleep. ”

“Why you so tired?”

“Lamar and I rented a jet ski. I feel like I’ve been beaten to a pulp.

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Bonnie snuggled “Old man. ”

Later as they lay on the beach enjoying the evening wind caress their bodies, Bonnie asked“you don’t mind if Misty and I go off again tomorrow and let you and Lamar do manly stuff again. ?”

Cooper looked over at his lovely wife on the case lounge beside his. She wasn’t completely naked, but the tiny thong she had bought earlier in the day hardly was worth calling clothes. Micro-thong? From what Cooper had seen, it appeared to be nothing but spaghetti straps that seemed to pulled down into her pussy lips when she moved her legs apart and completely disappearedbetween the lips as it passed between her legs. She was quite a woman he was thinking before he fell asleep.