In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty-Three

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


Earlier that same night, Misty, Keli and Sarah had come home from watching the East Macon Bulldogs defeat the Jeff Davis Rebels in a lopsided game. It was not that they went to all the games, but Misty thought it might help the influence of the Euro Club if they showed more school sprit. And besides, Keli’s cousin played wide receiver. The cool weather had made for a perfect night for the fans even if they did lose badly.

Sarah’s mom had driven them to the game before the parent’s big party, and they had ride home from the game with Cody and some friends of his from work. Cody drove his Suburban so there was plenty of room for all. It soon became evident that evidently Cody had told him all about Misty and Sarah and there open attitudes the other three guys assumed they would get some on the way home.

As the fall had progressed the Euro Club had gone from famous to legendary. The new photos from the web continued to trickle out keeping the buzz alive. But the photo that graced nearly every boy’s phone screen was not one of the photos secretly taken on Miami Beach, it was the club’s the photo that Misty’s mom had taken of the girls before the end of school party where the they had posed topless with their hands covering their bare breasts. That photo was now the symbol of the group. Misty had put “Jeff Davis High: Euro Club” on the photo and posted it as the opening page of their group’s My Space page. As it depicted them topless but did not actually show the girl’s breasts, it was the perfect public image for the group.

In the short time since the spring when the first beach photos hit the school, Misty had gone from being a non-entity to school royalty. She was now invited to more parties than she could possibly attend and she was almost worshiped by every student who bucked the system or felt like an outsider.

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   That is except the stoners. In her first three years at Jeff Davis, she had not once been offered pot or any other drugs, but now it appeared that the druggies just assumed a girl who goes naked and is into casual sex is naturally one of them. It was after leaving early from two parties that turned out to be dominated by pot and coke, she wrote an editorial for the school paper.

In it she coyly referred to her total commitment to personal freedom but then blasted the use of recreational drugs as antithetical to her beliefs. She contended that as opposed to giving more freedom, recreational drugs enslave the user and as she put it “give the user the false illusion of liberation just as it forged it’s own shackles of bondage”. The editorial went a long way to keep her job as editor by using her newfound influence to promote one of the school’s agendas. It also had the effect of confounding her Baptist critics at school as well as offending the stoners.

It was without a doubt the best fall she had ever had. Her confidence was buoyed by the arrival of an acceptance letter she had received from Georgia Tech last week. It wasn’t that it was her first pick, but it was the most selective of the colleges for which she had applied.

As she looked out the window of the Suburban, it didn’t bother Misty that Cody was driving a roundabout way home. Keli made rather a show by making a verbal commentary after declaring she was horny as she and Cody sat on the large bench seat of the 1989 Suburban.

“Oh, how did your belt get undone Sweety?” she began.

The boys in the back with Misty and Sarah hung on every word, though the big seat blocked their view.

“Ohhh, your zippers come one done!”

From the back seat Misty and the guys could see how Cody was shifting in his seat to give his girlfriend easier access.

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“Is this big popsicle for me?” She said, clearly mocking the hungry boys in the back seat.
After a few loud “mmmmfff”sshe sat up and looked back to Misty and the boys “You don’t mind if I blow Cody while we drive do you?”

The boys completely missed the sarcastic tone, they thought it was a real question and told her to go ahead.

With Keli noisily sucking her boyfriend in the front, it was only natural the guys keep reasonable back with Misty. How couldn’t they help it with Cody groaning as he drove, then Keli again pops her head up and looks back across the seat and says “Don’t worry he can drive safely while I do this” before going down on Cody again.

One of Cody’s friends said “I saw your pics on the web Misty, your hot. ”
Misty blushed a little “Thanks”

The second guy blurted out “Is it true you have sex with all your friends?”

Misty calmly said “All my friends? No, not all of them” she said to tease him,” but quite a few for sure. It’s just sex were talking about, no big deal. ”

They guys looked at each other “Cool”

The second guy followed up by asking “Is it true that you have had a threesome with Cody and Keli. ”

Misty waited for a minute thinking of just what to say, “Sure, I guess we’ve done that a half dozen times or more. Does a that sound right to you Keli?”

From the front seat came a muffled “Yea”

“Cody is a great fuck,” she went on looking the guy straight in the face “He really knows how to use that dick of his,” Then she paused for a moment for effect “but Keli is better at eating pussy”She knew full well the effect of her sex talk was having.

The guys looked at each other, clearly speechless, then the same guy asked “And what about her?”indicating to Sarah.

Misty looked over to Sarah, “Have we done a manage-a-trios?

“Well” Sarah said with a smile “Does it count when we shared a guy in a group sex situation?”

“No, I don’t think so” Misty answered innocently.

“Then, no we haven’t been in a three-way together” Sarah answered with confidence.

Misty was pleased they had left these guys completely dumbstruck, but pushed them further“Now, once we it’s just the three of us girls I bet we will rectify that situation in the next few hours. It does count as a manage-a-trios if it’s all girls? Yes? ”

If it were possible the guys eyes got wider with that comment.

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Sarah again answered confidently “Yes”

Cody pulled the Suburban to a stop in front of Sarah’s house. Cody put it in park but did not turn off the engine. Looking back to the passengers he said “Give me just a minute, I’m almost there”

So for the next minute or two all five passengers watched Cody as he approached climax.

The third guy, who was sitting in the very back said to Misty, “John here” motioning to his friend “wants to know if you’ll give him a blow job. ”

Misty looked down at John’s budge and smiled “Not a bad suggestion” she paused laying her hand on the denim covered penis “but he should have asked sooner. ” Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek and began to pick up her things and reached for the door handle.
As she pulled the door open, Cody let out a grunt and announced “Here it comes” and to the rapt attention of all in the Suburban, he jetted four long streams of semen into Keli’s mouth (so Keli told her friends later). After the last gasp, his buddies cheered his performance as Misty slid her body toward the side door. Keli sat up and looked back with a face of success; a face with a glob of semen on her cheek.

Misty heard all three guys say “Fuck” as their buddy the hero climaxed in his girlfriend’s mouth. “No morans, she sucking not fucking” she said as she exited the vehicle.

The deep, semen sharing, good-bye kiss with Cody was met less with enthusiasm than shock from his buddies. Then in the house the three girls went.

Soon they were all soaking on the back deck in the hot tub wearing their perky teen birthday suits. Steam rose from the hot water into the cool night air.

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“Damn Keli, I thought those guys were going to start whacking off right in the car when you started blowing Cody. ” Sarah mused.

“They were in to it?”

“Oh yea”

“I hoped so. Cody had told me they didn’t believe him about some of the stuff we do, so I thought I’d show them. ”

“You did that all right. ” Misty laughed

The girls chatted and laughed for over an hour discussing school and boys and girls and church and their lives in general.

“So Misty,” Sarah asked “I saw you in the lunch room several times this week with Tommy Francis, are you two becoming an item?”

Keli’s face spread in to a broad smile “Well?”

“Well what?” Misty said defensively, then looking at Keli with a glare “You know full well what the issues are. ”

“No, I hear you talk a lot but don’t really understand. ” Keli responded.

“Hey,” Sarah interrupted in a sharp tone “I don’t have a clue, what did I say to upset you?”

Misty exhaled “You didn’t upset me. I guess It’s about life choices and how you can’t have everything. ”

Seeing Sarah’s puzzled face Misty decided to give her the whole story. “It’s like this. Tommy and I have been friends for several years. We are very compatible, but for the last two years he had been dating Mary Mapes real seriously.

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   But last spring they went there separate ways. He came to the end of the year party and we talked for a long time. It was then our relationship began to change. When Keli, Tommy and I were named as the publications editors it naturally meant we would see more of each other. ” She paused and blushed slightly “And we have, and we very much enjoy each other’s company”

“So, you are an item?” Sarah asked again.

“No. We have talked on the phone like every night for the last few weeks or so. And have talked about relationships and sex and stuff a couple of times. He is a traditionalist. He knows full well every guy in school has naked pictures of me on their computer but he would be able to deal with that, he says he is at least open minded enough for that. But when I told him I have no intention of ever being monogamous he just can’t understand why I would not want a regular relationship. He doesn’t get it that I do want a relationship with him, but I have a committedphilosophical commitment that sex is open and free and I can have that and a relationship with him. Like the relationship Keli and Cody have. ” She looked at Keli “You two love each other, right?

Keli nodded “Oh yea,”

“But you both agree that sex is like other any other fun activity, you do it with friends as well as with Cody. So far Tommy hasn’t quite grasped the idea that sex can just be fun, as well as intimate.

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   But I think he is beginning to come around. ”

“Have you guys done it yet?” Sarah asked.

“No. I said I think he’s beginning to come around, he still can’t grasp the concept of having a relationship with me and yet having no expectation that I will have sex only with him. ”

“So he does want a relationship?”

Misty’s mind went back to a long talk she and Tommy had last month in the publication room. The others had gone to a pep rally but she and Tommy had stayed behind to work, but instead of working she and Tommy had just talked.

At first it had just been general stuff but then he asked “So why are you rubbing this sex and nudity stuff in everyone’s face?”

This had taken her off guard, it sounded like an accusation. When she had asked to explain what he meant he went on. “Misty you are the most amazing girl I’ve ever known. Smart, funny, creative, free spirited and not afraid of anyone’s opinion: that’s all great. It’s even cool you are not afraid to talk about sex stuff, but why do you have to make it so public?”

She regained her composure and said “So, you think it’s cool I’m so open about sex but I should be open only in private?”

It was his turn to be flustered “No, that’s not whatI mean. Well sorta what I mean. I mean, well, I’m no virgin and from what I hear, not many senior guys are, or girls either. But, well it’s one thing to do it with your girlfriend or boyfriend in a relationship and just keep it between you. But, well, you don’t even pretend those naked pictures aren’t you, and you seem to encourage the rumors that you do it with anyone who comes along.

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“And?” Misty said, now annoyed. “So it’s better to have sex but pretend you don’t. Hypocrisy is better, in your opinion than honesty?”

“I didn’t say that?”
“Well it sounded like you said it is OK to screw after a guy buys me a couple of dinners and movies so we can say we have a relationship, but if I can’t have sex with a guy I’ve know for years and have a real friendship with. It’s wrong because we don’t call ourselves a couple”

He stammered.

“And what about girls? Do I have to call my self a lesbian in order to have fun with my friends?”

She stopped and let him regroup.

“I wasn’t attacking you? I was asking a question. ” He said plaintively.

“OK, I’m sorry I jumped. I just didn’t expect that from you. I though we understood each other. ”

“In a lot of things we do, but I guess what I’m asking is, Well, if we…. . if you were dating a guy would you keep acting this way?”

“What way?” She asked.

“You know what I mean”

“Going to nude beaches when I can? Messing around with my girlfriends?” She put her hands on her hips “Any guy who I was dating regularly would understand that those things are a statement of my values, they are who I am. Someday, I might be in a relationship,then I might choose to forgo those things, but any guy I got that far with would have to accept me like I am, with my values.

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   He’d have to accept that before we would have even that second date. There is a world of difference between me only wanting one sex partner and being told I must be monogamous. ”

She could see him thinking, then got up the courage to just say it straight.

“Look Tommy” she said “I like you a lot, more than any guy I’ve ever know. I care for you and really like to be with you. ” She could feel tears welling up in her eyes “I might even be falling in love with you, but we can’t be a couple if you want someone different than who I am. And a big part of what I am, is that girl who doesn’t’ blush when a guy asks me to autograph a nude photo he has taken from the web. A big part of me is being open, public, and unashamed about the fact that I have sex just for the fun of it. I know full well some girls call me slut or whore, but I am neither, I just am public about what they are in private. So if you or any one else wants to be my boyfriend, they just have to know that they won’t have ownership over my body. ” She turned away purposefully walked to one of the computers.

He didn’t follow but asked “What guy would put up with that?’

The tears were flowing now, so she just looked at the screen and said “One who wants me for who I am, not for who they think I should be. ”

She was sure she’d gone to far, but she believed every word.

He said quietly “What if you can’t find a guy like that?”

She typed nonsense for a while then wiped her tears and turned to look him right in the eye and said “I won’t have to. A guy who is self confident enough to have a relationship with me will seek me out.

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   I won’t have to go looking for him. ”

That conversation had continued for nearly an hour before the others came back in the room. Twice more he came back to that subject. Twice more she explained that if a guy (implying him) wanted to date her he would have to no only accept her freedom but to make a relationship last past the first week he would have appreciate her free sprit as part of who she is. Something changed that day, though they still had not been on a date or even begun to get physical the nature of their relationship had changed. It was after that they hardly went an evening talking on the phone.

So sitting with her friends she remembered that conversation and said “Yea, he does want to be with me. But I’ve told him as much as I like him I can’t’ go back on who I am, and in his mind if we get physical we are having a relationship. ”

“So you’re not doing anything?”

“Nope” Misty sad sadly “But we have had phone sex twice this week. ”

“So your on your way. ” Keli said.

“Yea, now just got to get him over to the house to show him that I’m better than his hand. ”

The girls laughed out loud before Misty declared “I’ve turned into a prune, let’s go in”

“Yea, and I think my tampon is saturated, don’t want to turn your water pink” Keli added.

Latter wrapped in towels, the girls sat on the Kelly’s floor, the TV running re-runs of De Grassi, while they looked at the images on Misty’s laptop.

“How many of them can we use?” Sarah asked.



“Well hang on, give me a minute. ” Misty responded testily as she continued bringing up image after image. These were the photos that Sarah and her mother had taken on their trip. Misty was copying all the candid photos taken in public places, primary the beach, but some photos from the streets of Miami Beach. The photos were better than she had remembered, but she had only seen them on the tiny screen on the camera before.

There were dozens and dozens of photos of she and the other girls in just their thongs on the beach. “These are really good. I didn’t even know your mom was taking most of them”

“Neither did I, but I, remember we were out on the beach a lot, and it just takes a second to pick up a camera and shoot. ” Sarah replied.

“Yea, look how many different people have sent us links to photos being posted of us on other sites. ” Keli added “From what I can tell we are on like a dozen different postings on six or seven different sites. ”

“But none of them are as good as our pics. Not even close, I’ve seen them all. ” said Misty.
“But good enough to keep us the best known girls at school.


   I thought it would die down after school started, but we are still the talk of the school. ” Keli continued. “That is the difference between you guys and Katie. You two expected that kind of attention after your end of school pool party. ”

Sarah replied, “Poor Katie, she was completely unknown last year outside the academic team, and I think she liked that. But this year, even before the first pics hit the web she was whispered about as the girl who blew the whole football team. I thought she’d never stop crying when one of the Bible toting girls called her a slut right in the lunch room. Then, when a couple of weeks ago, Kevin emailedthat pic he’d found on the web of her topless on the beach telling her she was such a skank I thought she’d just die. ”

Misty looked up from the computer “No, he didn’t. That jerk!”. Though she already knew that Kevin was a jerk, the comments were only mildly surprising. It seems something had indeed changed in the hostility toward her as well. Last year, even after the nude pics of her came out she was treated by all but a few as a minor celb, possibly a bit eccentric but certainly not someone to be avoided. But now, she could had noticed that certain groups of people clearly avoided her and not just the kids who were active in the big Baptist church in town. Last week she had gone to the National Honor Society induction meeting to shoot some photos when the regular photographers were not available.

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   As she set up the tripod to shoot, she noticed two girls looking her way and clearly talking about Keli in a way that made her uncomfortable. As the activity went on and Misty moved from person to person shooting candids she got a visibly icy response from a couple of girls, but Katie was clearly glad Misty was there . When the faculty sponsor left the room for a moment, one of the guys shouted “Hey Katie, how about you take some pictures like the ones of you on the net. ”

A frumpish girl seconded “Come on Katie, show our guys what you showed the guys at the beach. ”

Misty snapped her head over in time to see Katie face flush and before she knew she was doing so Misty barked “Shut up bitch. Just because you would repulse anyone who saw you naked doesn’t mean you can look down on Katie because she doesn’t. ” The words had hardly faded when Misty cringed inside herself. She did not mean to attack the girls appearance, just her condescending attitude.

The girl attempted to retort but Misty cut her off in a less hostile tone “Look, just because your smart doesn’t mean you have to be stodgy or a tight ass. ” Her mind was racing to find a way out of her demeaning comment about the girls appearance with out backing off “You don’t have to look like your dried up grandmother, you don’t have to be an asexual lump. ”

The girl bit back “Well I’m not going to dress like you” and before Misty could respond she added with a smirk “Or undress like you either” which got a chuckle from several quarters. Even Misty had to smile at that and changing tactics she said “No, you don’t have to be naked to prove you’re a alive” then to the side she added “but it helps”. That got some smiles from the majority of the thirty or so people in the room.

“I don’t think so” the girl continued her attack.

“You don’t have to, but it would help to get out of that out dated, immature, repressed and puritanical brain washing and grow up and think for yourself.

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   You might then see Katie here, not as some threat to your self-styled morality, but the freethinking young woman she is. Then you would be on the road to being a mature woman, even if you leave on all your clothes”

As if on cue the door opened and Mrs. Shinbeck came back in the room ending the conversation. Though it appeared that Katie had the sympathy of most of the room, it was clear that feeling was not universal.

She was remembering that day as Sarah continued “Yea, he is a jerk, but although she was initially devastated, it seems now that all this has increased her commitment to what we are all trying to do. I think while we were in Miami she was just trying out something new, but I think she’s pretty committed to the Club’s agenda now. ”

Misty opened a picture of Katie at the nude beach and commented “She is very pretty. What pic did Kevin send her?”

“The pic he sent was very flattering. It think for the first time she’s seeing how attractive she is. She went to the web site that the pic had come from and downloaded like a hundred positive comments that had been left and emailed them to Kevin. It was great, it helped her see herself in a more positive light. ”

“Good for her” Misty exclaimed.

“Yea, now the pic is like on every guy in schools cell phone, and though she denies it, I know she is eating it up. For sure this has changed her life. She seems so much more confident now.

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   I don’t know if it was standing up to Kevin or the trip to Miami, or standing her ground afterward, but she is different. ”

“Probably a bit of all of them” Keli surmised.

“Probably so, but she is doing very well. She will like these pics coming out, we’ve talked about. ”

Misty, with a flourish hit the send key on the keyboard, “Done! Now, if I send these it will be too late to back out. ”

“Go for it, I don’t have anything to hide. ” Sarah perked up “And it’s not like we haven’t been recognized on the other sites. ”

“But these pics are so much better and higher resolution, and there are lots more of them. These are more than high enough resolution to make good prints, so we might find ourselves on the inside of lockers now”

“Sarah giggled “Oh, I’m going to be a pin-up”

“And they are all still candids, anyone on the beach could have taken them. ” Keli added.

Misty said with a grin. “Yes, but soon at least my deniability of involvement will be gone. I’m negotiating with Richard a deal to jointly create a new web-site. Initially, after my birthday, I will provide photos of me and by summer I should have live web cam in my room. ”

“Really?” Sarah beamed.

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Misty nodded her head. “Yea, I’m going full out to prove I believe in what the Euro Club says, nudity and sex is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

“So is it going to be like a membership site?” Sarah quizzed.

“It has to be, that’s the only way he, and I, can keep out of legal trouble. But, part of my agreement with Richard is that the web-cam service is separate from his other stuff, it’s going to be really cheap, like $ 25 a year. At first he didn’t go for it, but then I convinced him that by making it affordable we will get more people joining. I really want it to be like anyone who wants can just take a stop by and see me. ”

“Are you just going to have the cam in your room?”

Misty pointed to the top of her laptop’s screen “I told him that when I’m not in my room, sometimes I’ll carry my laptop and use the camera that’s built in here. It’s not like a 24/7 thing, but the plan is a couple of hours a day. The rest of the time he will fill with re-runs. But the point of this is not to make money, it is to put my commitment sexual freedom in the front and center. ”

“But you don’t mind money?”

Misty smiled, “No, I don’t mind it, I’ve done well already and this morning he agreed to $5,000 for these photos, that will be one grand for each of us. ”

Sarah’s eyes grew “Really? Your going to split the money evenly?”

Misty was taken aback “Of course I am. What did you think?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know I wasn’t thinking anything. ” Sarah said fluster.

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“But, the money won’t be available until after my mom and I go to the St. Martin to sign the papers over Christmas break. It’s complicated legal stuff but we are leaving the money in a bank there and will bring back your money with us when I come back. After that I can just write checks from that bank. ”

“How much will you make with the web site?” Keli asked

“It’s hard to say because it depends on how many people join. But Richard says that teen web sites make up to $15,000 a month profit, but of course mine will be different and a lot cheaper so he’s taking a risk too. ”
“A month?”

“Yea, a month, but like I said I surely wont make that much, but we’ll see. The agreement is I provide the photos and video and he does the rest and we split the money 50/50. Once we work it out, my dad will have his lawyer look at before we agree. So it may be real money, but it might be nothing. ”

“I don’t know” Keli said “I think porn is sleazy. ”

“I not going to do porn or anything sleazy. I’m are just doing photos in regular life. If I do any posed stuff, it will be artistic, not trashy. I promise.

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Sarah leaned over to Misty, kissed her on the neck and slipped her hand under Misty’s shirt cupping her breast “Sometimes trashy is good”

Misty’s cell phone rang.

“It’s Tommy” she told them before she opened the phone.

Sarah turned the TV down,

“Hi Tommy”

The girls listened intently.

“Oh noting much, just watching DeGrassi with the girls. ”With a wink she said “Really watching De Grassi” she switched on the speaker phone.

“Hi Tommy” both Sarah and Kelli chimed in.

The heard the tinny voice come back “Hi girls” over the speaker phone. “What ya do’n?”

“Just laying here watching TV” Keli said in that overly loud speaker phone voice
“Naked!” Sarah added
“No we are not!” Misty retorted.

Up jumped Sarah leaving her towel on the floor “I am now” she yelled to the little phone. Then kneeling near it she went on, we were naked in the hot tub!”

“OK, we were naked but we aren’t now” Misty answered.

“I see” came the voice from the phone.

“You wish you could see!” Sarah came back, “but you can’t, unless you come over. ”

Misty picked up the phone and switched off the speaker “OK, enough Sarah for one night. ”

“Awwww” Sarah chided.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.

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   I’d better go before these two get out of hand” and she closed the phone.

“So much for being open and bold” Keli sniggered.

“It’s just I didn’t’ want to embarrass him. ”

The other two girls just looked at each other. By the end of the next episode they had all drifted off to sleep.


Sunday Morning came early for all the Campbell’s. At their home Bonnie slapped the alarm clock when it rang at 8:00. She could vaguely remember that the clock had been 3:55 when she had set it for their regular Sunday morning wake up. Though everyone was dressed and leaving by before 3:00 AM, it took she and Cooper an hour to put the house back in order.
She swung her feet to the side of the bed, she so wanted to lay back down but she knew she was needed in the church nursery.

Across town in the Kelly home, the girls, who had not been quite as active as the parent’s, had been asleep by 1:00 AM. But being teenagers, they were sound asleep when Marcy came into Sarah’s room waking the tightly entwined mass ofteenage flesh from its deep sleep.

“Come on girls, it’s time to get up and going. ”

A groggy Sarah began to untangle her nude form from that of her friends. “OK, OK, I’m up”

“I think your father and I have used all the hot water for our shower, so you might want to eat breakfast before you clean up.

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Sarah pulled herself upright. Her mom continued “Is Keli coming to church with us?”

“Yea, she is, that’s how we got her step-dad to let her spend the night. ”

“Well then you need to get them going. I’ve got grits and eggs cooking, it will be ready in about 5 minutes. ”

From one of the motionless forms Misty’s voice said “OK Ms. Kelly, were moving. ”

“Yea I can see that” Marcy said as she turned to leave “Five minutes, come naked if you must, but don’t let it get cold. ”

Keli was sitting now “I can’t imagine what my mom would do if she walked in on us like this. ”

“How about your step-dad?” Misty commented
“I think he’d send me to an exorcist” Kelli concluded before sliding out of the bed. She reached for her shirt and Sarah said “You don’t need that, not in my house. ”

“OK, if you say so”, So wearing only her panties Kelli went down the hall to the bathroom.

Sarah sat on the end of the bed “So, I wonder how many people mom did it with last night” not expecting any answer from Misty who was rummaging through her bag to pull out her hair brush. “I guess we will just have to ask”

Misty stood in front of the full length mirror on Sarah’s closet wall, examined her naked body and began to run the brush through her hair “I will certainly ask my mom”

Sarah joined her friend in front of the mirror and began working on her own rumpled hair, and said “Last night was so great, my legs are still weak. ”

Sarah finished her hair first and slipped on a pair of blue flowered thongs, “Let’s go eat like this” motioning to her near nudity “give my dad a shock””

“Well, it would not be too shocking, because he has seen me with less on before” Misty said pulling her blue lace thong from her bag.

The two girls went down the hall, at the bathroom they opened the door and told Sarah they were going to breakfast dressed as they were and she should do the same.

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In yet a third home, that of Trisha Simms, the last member of the Campbell family was also getting a wake up. Trisha was making breakfast for her child and his guest. With the waffles cooking, she opened Byron’s bedroom door and looked to the two boys asleep in the bunk beds. “Rise and shine boys. We need to leave in 45 minutes. ”

On the bottom bunk Lamar opened his eyes to see Mrs. Simms in a only partially closed robe. He could see the inner curves of her breast and her leg almost to the crotch. As always in the morning, his penis was full staff, just waiting to be jerked off. Impishly, he pulled the sheet back “OK Mrs. Simms”. He knew full well he was showing her his morning hard-on, and was pleased, and excited, when her eyes clearly landed on his engorged organ. It had been growing all summer, now he knew it was already longer and thicker than his dad’s, and from what Misty had told him, Mrs. Simms clearly thought his dad’s was more than adequate. His penis wasn’t’ hard for lack of use, his young prick had provided more semen than had any at the adult’s sex party the night before.


When Byron’s mom had left for the party the previous evening, Lamar pulled out a pack on DVD’s from his bag. Not only did he bring a half dozen porno movies from his parents bedroom collection, but a DVD’s containing all his parents sex photos and a complete set of the photos his dad had told Misty to erase. Of course by the time she did erase the photos of she and her friends having sex, Lamar had added all the photos to his DVD he kept for his own use.
For the first hour and a half the boys watched while they sat on the couch jacking off. Though Lamar did feel good about the fact his penis was a good inch longer and thicker than his friend’s, he couldn’t keep up with Byron ejaculation for ejaculation. Lamar gave out at three, but Byron did a full five before he could not get it up again.
So with a somewhat sore, but still eager penis, Lamar swung his legs to the floor and stood up sporting his erection for his best friend’s mother. It was not that she had not seen Lamar naked at the pool many times, and even seen his erection there, but being in her home was clearly something different, more personal, more sexual, and most importantly, the tip of his penis was not a foot from her thigh. He felt the sexual tension, and was sure she did too as her face flushed before turning to leave causing the robe to open further displaying her right breast and about half of her pubis. With out thinking he reached down and began stroking his penis.
She stood in silece for what seemed to Lamar to be quite a long time, but in reality was only about ten strokes of his staff. Without a word she then pulled her robe close and turned away from Lamar’s masturbation. As he watched her leave the room and walk down the hall, he remembered all the pics of her having sex, he quickly spewed semen before she was turned into her own bedroom,making enough groan that she surely heard him.

From behind him, he heard Byron say “Jacking off in front of my Mom, you got balls”

“Not in front, behind”

“Yea, but I’m sure she heard”

Turning Lamar smiled, “Yea, and I bet she liked it”

“I would say you’re a sick bastard, but I think you might be right. ” Byron jumped off the upper bunk.


   “Well, you got your rocks off, so get some clothes on and let’s eat. ”

At just that same moment, a few miles away, in the Kelly household, Mr. Kelly was pouring orange juice when the two practically nude teenage girls rounded the corner into the dinning room. Looking up as the arrived he paused briefly, though he clearly attempted to act as if nothing was unusual, he betrayed his surprise with his eyes that quickly, but thoroughly examined Misty. To be fair to Mr. Kelly, Misty was quite attractive, if not a classic beauty. She sported a golden tan over nearly flawless skin and her slight frame still showed womanly curves at bust and hips. She was now a 34 C, and tough not big busted, she was a well balanced desirable woman standing there in just her thong.

Seeing his look, a shiver went through Misty’s inner thighs and her nipples fully hardened. She could tell that although he looked her over, he avoided looking at his daughter below the face.

“Well they made it” Mrs. Sims said as she brought a big bowl of grits from the kitchen. “Where is Keli?” Mrs. Sims hid her surprise much more effectively than did her husband.

“Oh, she’s coming, she was in the bathroom”

Misty waited to see where Mr.

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   and Mrs. Kelly were going to sit before sliding down. They were both fully dressed for church, which made her feel more naked than she ever did at the pool. She was surprised at the feeling of moisture collecting in her vagina. Mr. Kelly had only seen her tanning nude once, and even then he had clearly been uncomfortable and she could see his discomfort. She leaned over to Sarah and whispered “Is your dad OK with this?”

With out whispering she answered, “Why not, it’s not like I wear clothes at your house. ”

“But” Misty responded.

“OK” Sarah said exasperated “Dad, do you mind if Misty eats breakfast before she gets dressed?”

Her dad paused and said looking down at his plate “What ever makes her comfortable. I was just a little surprised, I’m still getting used to this naked thing”

“We are not naked Dad” Sarah pointed out.

In defense of the girls, Mrs. Kelly interjected “Well, you were certainly comfortable with the naked thing last night. ”

Keli’s head peering around the door saved him from his wife embarrassing him with further comment.

Mrs. Kelly seeing her hesitation offered “Come on in Keli, we’re waiting on you.

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Keli’s eyes scanned the room noting that both Sarah and Misty were topless before inching around the corner. She wore a pair of yellow boy-short panties with polka dots that contrasted well with her tan.

Before she sat down, Mrs. Simms said with a smile, “OK girls, you made your point, yes it is perfectly OK to come to breakfast showing off your boobs, but, you know full well it is too chilly in here to go like that this morning?”

Sarah said “No, it’s fine”

“I beg to differ, the goose bumps on your skin says it is cold in here, so go get something on. And hurry before your food gets cold. ” Mrs. Simms said.

The girls were quickly back sporting tee-shirts, but to make a point, Sarah pulled off her thong, and asked Misty to do the same but Misty had refused. So when they returned, just Sarah was now bare from the hem of her tee-shirts down.

Ms. Kelly shook her head when she saw them enter the room.

As she sat Sarah opened with “Well mom, who’d you do it with last night?”

Mr. Kelly interjected “I don’t think that is exactly something you should be asking. ”

“Come on dad, I stood not three feet from her while two completes strangers screwed her good in Miami, then we watched each other as we got off with Misty and Mrs. Campbell.

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   So I don’t think she can say she did anything more wild than that. ”

Her dad didn’t say anything, but it was obvious she had won the point. “So mom, who’d you do it with?”

Putting down her glass of orange juice she counted off the names on her fingers “Beth Ann and Dwight Rice, Trisha Simms” looking to Misty “and Misty’s dad, Cooper. ”

“Come on mom, you’re a drama teacher, give us more than just a list of names. We want details, like to start with what did you guys wear?”

“I wore my gold gown, you know the one I’ve had forever, but I took out the lining to make it more fun”

Her dad added “By fun she means it was see through”

“What did you wear under it?” Sarah quizzed.

Leaning back in her chair her mother answered “Why my skin of course. ”

Her father evidently abandoning some his caution put in “She was the only one who was on display for quite a while, everyone else was at least some-what covered up. ”

Marcy continued” We all told stories of our sexiest adventures and those who had photos showed them”

“I was surprised that everyone had done wild stuff and nearly all the women had old photos of themselves” Mike interjected

“What he means is that nearly all the women had nude photos of themselves, and he’s right; not one person there didn’t have wild stories to tell. But, we don’t have time to retell the stories, just believe me there were some hot stories. By the time the last story was done, a bunch of us were naked and messing around. ”

“and who were you messing around with?” Sarah asked.

“Well at first, I just watched Trisha and your dad go at it” she said to her daughter.

Sarah snapped her head to face her father, “Oh Dad, you bad boy; and you were playing conservative. ”

Her mom went on, “Yea, I’d been playing with him for a while when Trisha, well, sat in his lap. ”

“What she isn’t telling is that she goaded Trisha to sit on me” he said in defense “Yep, she got her to come over, and helped her down on me, the your mom sat there in front of everyone masturbating while she watched Trisha and I.

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   Don’t let her make you think I started this. ”

“I told her what happened” Mrs. Kelly insisted “and OK, I did make a tiny little suggestion to Trisha, but your Dad didn’t need coaxing with her, or latter with Beth Ann, or with your mom” she said looking at Misty.

Misty spoke up “So you and my mom got busy? I’ll have to ask her how you did. ”

Mrs. Kelly responded, as Mr. Kelly turned red, “From what I could see, your mom was pleased with his performance. I was impressed with this old guy’s recovery and staying power. Because that bit with your mom was at the end of the night, and just a little bit before that he gave Beth Ann quite a ride. ”

“Just him?” queried Misty, “I thought you said you had done Beth Ann?”

“OK, we both gave her a ride, and so did her husband Dwight. She was like a dead fish by the time we finished with her. I didn’t know anyone could have nearly constant orgasms for that long. It was fun, she started cumming not two minutes after I went down on her, and by the three of us taking turns with her she was literally in tears by the time she said she couldn’t take anymore. ”

Mr. Kelly was turning bright red “OK enough details”.

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“And you and Dwight?” Sarah asked ignoring her father’s discomfort.

“Oh, yea, I’m not saying I didn’t get my share of it, because I certainly did. ” She nodded “Oh, yea I had a good night too. ” Then turning to her husband “but the best part was being with you” and she leaned over and kissed him.

Three quarters of an hour later, Bonnie arrived at the nursery thirty minutes before service began, on time if not fully awake. Brandy, who was scheduled to work the service with her, didn’t drag in until the service had already begun and Bonnie was scrambling to care for six infants and toddlers by herself. She had to work to keep the feelings of resentment down as she waited for the younger woman to arrive. It was enough that the younger folks had apparently not wanted to be with the older ones for the party, but then to miss their responsibilities is just too much, she thought.

While the children were arriving before the service Marcy had stopped by to say she had thought the party had been a hit; as did Tabitha and Beth Anne. It was nice to get some affirmation for not only the party itself, but by inference the new open lifestyle she was advocating.

The top of the Dutch door swung open and Brandy’s chipper voice said “Hi Bonnie, sorry I’m late”

Opening the bottom half of the door, she came in the nursery and continued “It seems last night’s excitement continued into this morning,”. Then lowering her voice “Jo Anne came home with us and, well, not to be too graphic, but by the time we actually left the bedroom this morning we were so hot and sweaty again that we all had to shower before we could come to church. ”

“OK, that will do for an excuse for being late. But it won’t do for telling me what happed last night when you guys went outside. ” Then looking across the room “But first let’s check to find out who is smelling up the room.

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After finding and changing not one, but three diapers, Bonnie and Brandy sat in the two rocking chairs each with a baby in arms.

“OK” Bonnie said quietly, “First tell me what happened at the pool. ”

“Well you guys should have come out and joined us. ”

“It seemed that the younger crew just left us old fogies inside and didn’t want to play with us. ”

“Is that what you thought? No, that wasn’t it at all. Butch almost went in to invite you guys out but when he saw you were busy inside he decided not to bother you. ”

This explanation seemed reasonable to Bonnie and her anxiety about the younger set not wanting to be with the olders was relieved.

“No, No” she lied “I was just giving you a hard time, we were having fun and besides,the pool is not warm enough for me now. ”

“The water wasn’t too bad, and we had a blast. ” She said getting louder.

“SSSh, keep your voice down… and tell me all about it”

“Well, you saw Me and Dwight, and Tabitha and Butch and Jo Ann go into your bed room. Well I guess you could see what happened since your room isn’t exactly private.

“Yea, I did see some action as I was moving around, but fill me in”

“As you know until last night the only person I’d ever had sex with in my life was Dwight. So I was really nervous when we went to your bedroom; excited but nervous. ” She scooted her rocker closer “As soon as we were in the room Jo Ann pulls off her panties, pushes Butch down on the bed and straddles him.

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   If that didn’t flip me out, Tabitha holds his penis and guides her down on her husband. It took a while to get most of that giant thing in her, once no more would go in, Tabitha begins sucking Jo Ann’s tits while she moves up and down on Butch. It was just amazing just sitting next to them, like close enough to touch while they went at it. ”

“I know,” Brandy continued, “that I saw the other couples have sex at your pool party, but this was different, We were so close. We could feel the bed shake as they did it. Damn, it was so hot. They kept going and going, longer than Dwight ever does me, and well, I guess, no, I know, I had leaned forward until I was right over Jo Ann’s back, I couldn’t take my eyes off watching his dick as she moved around on it. I guess Tabitha was watching me, because she moved over and took my hand and laid it on Jo Ann’s back, just above her butt . I can’t describe the electric feeling that I felt when I laid my hand on her skin and felt her moving on Butch. I could feel their sex as she would lift up and then slide down on him. ”

Brandy took a moment to catch her breath, this was clearly turning her on again. “So when, Tabitha puts her hand next to mine and together we rub Jo Ann’s back for a while before we she guided my hand down to Jo Ann’s butt. ” Brandy leaned right up to Bonnie’s ear “and I know her butt is a lot bigger than yours, or mine. ”

They both laughed before she added, “Not gross, just a lot bigger and squishier than mine. ”

Bonnie was into the story and said “go on what next?”

“Well,as we play with her butt, Jo Ann leans down, so she is almost flat on Butch’s chest.

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   I didn’t notice at first because I was wathing that big thing goingup into her, butJo Ann reached over and begin playing with Dwight’s dic. I was just a little jealous, but I was overwhelmed by being so turned on I just looked back at Butch’s dick now curving up into Jo Ann. With her laid on his chest I could see all of her now, I could see her lips wrapped tightly around that huge dick. When she leaned forward the lips would kinda pull out from her body, holding on to the dick, then she’d push back with her knee’s and her lips would go in with him. I’d never seen sex from this angle. It was like I wasn’t really in control of myself when with ontly a little help from Tabitha, I moved my hand down her crack and onto her, you know what. I wanted to feel it, feel his penis as it went in and out. ”

Bonnie could tell she was getting flushed as she said “So I did, I played with her a little first before I spread my fingers around him and kinda cupped her bottom in my hand with his dick slipping between my fingers. It was so hot, I wish I could describe how I felt”

“I know, I’ve been there” Bonnie assured her

“So you’ll understand that when Tabitha asked Jo Ann if she would turn around, you know, face Butch’s feet I didn’t hesitate to hold Butch while she got up, turned around and me, holding his dick,guided it back into her. I thought I’d just crawl out of my skin, I was really part of what was going on. Of course when she does that she lets go of Dwight, so I guess Tabitha decides I don’t need her to guide me anymore so she gets up and goes behind me and slides up beside Dwight and begins to jack him off with one hand and reaches over and grabs one of Jo Ann’s boobs with the other. Next thing I know I’m all over Jo Ann. I’ve got one hand on her other boob and the other feeling for her clit to get her off. I could feel his penis through her, I had imagined doing threesomes before, but never quite imagined how it would be like to feel a man inside a woman like that. I don’t know where that idea came from, I just wanted to make her cum with him in her.

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   So I start rubbing her clit up and down like a mad woman. ”

She paused as if in thought.

Bonnie prompted “And did you get her off?”

“Oh yea, she starts moaning, well she’d been moaning, but now it was more intense and the more she did that the more intent I was at getting her over the top. I know you’ve done it with women before, but this was new to me and when she came, it was such a rush, I just kept going. Well, while I’m doing this Tabitha asks if I mind if she screws my husband, by this time I’m way too into it to even consider saying no, so she lets go of Jo Ann’s boob, swings her leg over Dwight and sits down on him. So while I keep doing Jo Ann I occasionally looked back to watch Tabitha sitting on my husband’s lap, her legs wrapped around his wasit as they sat up in the middle of the bed. ”

Bonnie could tell her speech was getting faster and louder. “Shhhh, quiet. ”

“OK” She lowered her voice “So after Jo Ann comes for like the third time, Tabitha looks over her shoulder at me and says for me to try to get her off by licking her clit and says she promised I’d get a kick out of it. So next thing I know I’m between their legs, as she’s laid flat on his back with like a good five inches of his penis out of her as it curves up into her. I almost, almost, chickened out but it was so amazing to see. Now in that position she couldn’t move him in and out, she just rocked side to side a little. I watched for just a minute, but when I saw Dwight and Tabitha rolling over so he was on top of her and began to fuck her hard my second thoughts disappeared. I leaned down and took a long lick, starting at the base of his dick and up the shaft (I’ve never tasted another woman like that), until my tongue pressed on her spongy hard clit. I know I keep saying that it was the most amazing thing, but each new thing I did was like a new high.


   Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Oh, yea I do, been there” Bonnie said as she stood “Hang on, I think little Hillary over there just did her thing”

So the story took a break as they made a round checking diapers and each getting a fresh baby to rock. Once settled back down Bonnie told her to continue.

“Like I was saying, it just kept getting better and better. It was so cool, running my tongue up him and onto her,It was like we were all focused on that one spot. It was something I’d never even imagined, but it was so good. ”

In an aside she said “later I went down on Tabitha, just me on her with no penis inside and I found it wasn’t nearly as hot. I guess I’m not cut out to be a lezbo, so when we messed around this morning, I got Jo Ann to lay on Dwight like she had on Butch, I liked it a lot better that way. ”

“Educational experience hugh? And how did you like the mirror. ”

“Oh, Dwight and I already agreed we are defiantly getting one. It wasn’t until a little later when he was on top of me that I realized how cool it was, I could look up and see him doing me. ”

“I’m glad you liked it”

“That isn’t all I learned” she went on “As hot as it looked for that big thing of Butch’s to be in Jo Ann, well, when I told her I wanted to try, I found it was just too big to feel good. ”

“Just too big?”

“It wasn’t that it didn’t go in, I got most of it in, but it just didn’t feel good. ”

“Now later at the pool, well we were all messing around, feeling each other off and stuff, just low keyed fun. I’d even given Calvin a quickly, underwater blow job, but no one was like having real sex, that is until Calvin come up from behind me and grabs my boobs and pushes his hard-on between my buns. Well I laugh and tell Beth Ann that I can feel what a good time her husband is having.


   Now the air was kinda chilly, so I was in like shoulder deep water and at first it didn’t registerwhat he was doing when he lifts me up, but next thing I know I feel his dick slip neatly all the way in me. He is longer than Dwight, but not as big around, so after first Butch in me then Dwight had done me he just went right in. I squealed out of surprise, and Tabitha asks what was Calvin doing to me and I just blurted out that he had stuck his dick up in me. Now I wasn’t mad, just a bit startled and I guess my tone of voice let them know because they all just laughed. At first it was just funny, I hooked my legs back around his waist and he carries me around like that, you know what I mean? My back was on his chest and he’s holding me by the waist as I bob up and down on his dick. Jo Ann comes over and feels my crotch and tells everyone that sure enough he was all the way in. So everyone is giving me a hard time as we wade around like this, but finally he moves into the shallow end and up to the side of the pool. I knew what he wanted to do and so I let go of him, bent over and put my hands against the wall. ”
“So things were moving from messing around to more active stuff?” Bonnie clarified.
“Yea, he starts rubbing my buns and commenting to Dwight how hot I was. For a moment bending over waiting for him to do me I wondered if I was making a mistake, I looked over and saw Dwight, sporting a hard on and a grin so I figured I was all right. That was good, because I must say that for just doing me from behind in the water, Calvin was good. I’m not sure what he was doing to me, maybe it was the fact that the others were watching us, but I really enjoyed it. I guess it was because he had been messing around earlier, but he kept it up for the longest time. It was very, very nice”

“What was everyone else doing while you were having fun?” Bonnie inquired.

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“Most of the time they just swam around messing with me and Calvin. They would swim under me and mess with my boobs. For a while Beth Ann snuggled up to Calvin and egged him on, and Jo Ann kept sticking her hand between his legs and grabbing his balls. With all that going on It’s no wonder that he quit before he came. Tabitha got him to sit on the side of the pool and she gave him a BJ and he came pretty quick. That’s all I did in the pool. ” She paused “Well I got myself off watching Butch and Dwight taking turns doing Beth Ann on the stairs in the shallow end. ”

“How’d Jo Ann end up going home with you guys?”

“I just asked her. Bold as can be I asked if she wanted to spend the night with us rather than go home by herself. So I rode with her to our house while Dwight drove our car. It was just that simple. ”

Bonnie rocked the baby in silence and Brandy laid the child she held in a crib and began to change a wet diaper. Bonnie thought about the night and wondered what effect the events would have on her group of friends. So far all the reports were good, but inside she wondered where this would all go and would there be a price to be paid.

Her fears were reinforced when before the last baby had been picked up after the service, Trisha arrived.

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   She was clearly agitated, something was very wrong.

Bonnie opened the lower half of the Dutch door and invited her in, then half closed the top half to give some privacy as they waited for Mrs. Harris to get little Amy.

“What’s wrong?” Bonnie whispered.

“The boys, well Lamar. ”

“What about Lamar?” a, now alarmed Bonnie, asked.

Trisha swallowed and then spoke rapidly “I go to wake the boys up, and Lamar pulls back his sheet to show me his… his erection. Then he jumps out of bed and stands right next to me, his thing almost touching me. I tried to ignore it and told them I was making breakfast but he starts to jack off, right next to me. Well, that was just too much for me so just tell them to get up and start down the hall way and I hear him grunt like he was ejaculating”

Bonnie was a bit amused Trisha’s discomfort, though she knew Lamar had gone way too far. She knew full well that Lamar had become rather proud of himself with the below the belt growth he had seen this year. And far from being embarrassed when he got an erection, he clearly liked to show his off. She suspected it might be because, like his father, his erection was fully two to three times the size of his flaccid state, which shrank to nearly laughably small size in a cold pool.

She and Cooper had decided by late summer he purposefully got himself to full staff before leaving the house to join them out to the pool. Though the water inevitably shrunk it down, Lamar made a point to walk around displaying his new endowment before getting in the water.

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   To be honest with herself she had sometimes wondered who in her family was so generously built to pass on those genes. It’s not that he was freakishly big like Butch or Adam, but he did have reason to feel good about his size.

And to be fair to her son, in their home masturbation like other sexual activities were not necessarily done in private. She knew she rarely closed the door when using her “buzzy” she was not surprised to occasionally walk into Lamar’s open door or into the game room to find Lamar stroking himself unashamed. But to jack off standing next to Trisha was clearly offensive and an intrusion on her.

Bonnie correctly responded, “That is not OK, I guess we need to talk to him again about being appropriate and not intruding on others. ”

“And not getting off on his friend’s mother” Trisha added.

“I’m not sure I can control the fact he finds you hot. ” And Bonnie whispered in her ear “I find you hot, so why shouldn’t he? But it is clearly inappropriate what he did and we will deal with it. ”

There was a knock at the door and Mrs. Harris had come for Amy. After the baby and diaper bag had gone, Trish asked “Do you think I’ve been inappropriate around Lamar?”

“No, No don’t go thinking that”

“Well I was wearing my robe untied”

“But, he’s seen you nude a number of times”

“That’s what I mean, did I cause this?”

“What caused it was the raging hormones of a nearly 16 year old boy. Don’t think you’ve’ done something wrong. He just needs to be reminded that other people’s rights need to be considered. OK?”

Bonnie looked at her friend and repeated “OK?”

Reluctantly Trisha responded “OK”

“Come on, why don’t you guys come out to lunch with us” Bonnie said switching off the lights.

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