In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty

Erotic Novels

In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter TWENTY

At 5:30 Bonnie, Marcy and Trisha were dressed in their sexist outfits.
Trisha wore a red silk, knee length dress with the both the front and back plunged to her hips. She found out quickly that sudden movements freed her breasts from the dress completely. Marcy wore a tropical print mini dress. It was not likely designed to be quite so short, but Marcy with her tall frame her buttocks shown when she walked, and when she sat…. more showed. Bonnie had been thinking about what to wear on and off since she was invited to meet the group. She wanted to convey openness, and seriousness; sophisticated and sexy, erotic and mature. Out shopping the night before, she looked for hours before finding just the right outfit. They had already been to a dozen or more shops when they came to a shop that simply looked like a warehouse space with racks and racks of designer knock-offs and seconds. Caitlin saw it first and called our “Ms. C, this one is perfect for you. ”
At first it she was sure it was way too sheer, but the girls convinced her to try it on. It wasn’t the fact the middle aged salesman said it looked great, it was that his eyes popped out of his head when she steped out of the tiny dressing stall. As he stood in the shop looking at her self in the three way mirror,she turned around slowly, looking critically to see if it flattered her.

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   She had worn just a sundress with a thong underneath so when she put on the dress nothing distracted from the look but her tiny pink thong. They garment was an invisibly sheer tea dress decorated with beautifully detailed embroidered iridescent green floral patterns The dress was loose, fluid fitting so the floral pattern seemed to dance across her almost naked body. The effect was to cover and uncover different parts of her body as she moved.
“As you can see, the embroidery is all handmade of silk, so it is finely detailed while not weighing the dress down. ” The sales man said “See how it floats over her as she moves. Of course, most women wear a camisole under it, but it certainly looks lovely that way as well. ”

And that was the way she did wear it, except sans the thong. Seeing her mom and her mom’s friends all dressed up, with hair and makeup done beautifully made, Misty said “Oh, mom We’ve got to get some pictures of you guys. ”

“No, we don’t have time” but she persisted and in the end won out with the argument that both her Dad and Mike would love a photo for their wallets.

“All right, here take a picture” and she smiled.

But that was not what Misty had in mind and so Bonnie, Trisha and Marcy found themselves parading back and forth along the main shopping district in their less than modest outfits.

“Oh Mom, loosen up, this is Miami Beach, nobody cares” Misty chided as she shot photo after photo. But Bonnie could clearly tell that she and her friends were receiving quite a lot of attention from passersby. When a police cruiser crept by her blood went cold until she saw the look the not-so-young officer gave her, she relaxed knowing these police didn’t mind women posing nearly naked on public streets. Misty kept shooting individual and group shots until Bonnie put her foot down and insisted that she and the others simply must get going.

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Later when one of the photos, blown up to poster sized graced the wall of their game room she was very glad they took the time, but for now it put them into a rush. Fortunately the directions to the get together were excellent and they arrived just minutes after they were asked to come.

They traveled up Hwy 1A for a nearly and past the parking for the nude beach.
The life style club was actually a converted home on the intercostals waterway. Bonnie figured this club must be made up of some well-heeled locals. The front yard had been paved over for parking and there were about a dozen cars, mostly German and none of which would have belonged back home. She’d never parked in a parking lot with three Porsches.

Bonnie was apprehensive as she knocked on the fancy oak door. It was one thing to take photos on a Miami Beach street less than half-dressed, it was something else to knock on a door dressed the same way. Though she had checked the address a dozen times and the cars made it clear this was not just someone’s home, her heart still raced. The door swung open and an attractive middle-aged man in a silk robe answered the door. Bonnie, though nervous said as boldly as she could “Hi, I hope we are the right place. Ron and Jeanne asked us to come tonight. ”

His slight delay seemed interminable and she was ready to run for the van when he said “Hi, I’m Gerald, we’ve been waiting for you. We were afraid you weren’t coming.

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  ” And he ushered them in.

Like the house they were renting there was an overly large room with several sitting areas, but this grand room also had a vaulted ceiling and along the right wall, where the ceiling was the highest, was a small stage area complete with a brass stripper pole.

The furniture and appointments were very exceptionally fine as was the attire of those present. Bonnie was pleased she and her friends had judged well what to wear because the attire was stylish, sexy and clearly expensive.

Jeanne came out through a hallway all beaming. “I’m so glad you could come. ”

Bonnie had an opening line all ready “Jeanne, I hardly recognized you with clothes on” then she added an unrehearsed “and what beautiful clothes they are. ” Her words referred to the stunning summer dress of many layers of gossamer white silk that contrasted with her deeply tanned skin that shone through as the layers flowed while she walked, it was simply stunning. She looked far better like this than she had on the beach.

“Thank You” Jeanne said before giving a close hug “I must admit I love the way this one fits me”

“Where did you get it?” Bonnie said out of habit before realizing the meaning of that question in this city.

“Oh, I got it at the Christian Dior shop in South Beach”

She began to feel out of place and wondered if this $120 outfit looked too cheap in this crowd.

Jeanne continued with what was polite “I love your outfit”
“No, it’s no Dior”

“No, really, I don’t’ remember seeing anything like it, it is so sexy and yet so stylish. It’s a hard thing at these activities to be overtly sexy without looking cheep, but that outfit is perfect. ”

That comment made Bonnie feel good, but wondered what it said about Marcy but she didn’t have time to worry about his new fear when Jeanne introduced them to the half dozen or so in the room. “We call this the club room, it’s were most of the activities go on.

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   We’ll move these couches around in a little while for our discussion. ”

Then she pointed out the bar “It’s strictly BYOB because we don’t’ have a liquor license. ” Then showed them to a room with a pool table and a flat screen TV the size of half the wall, there she introduced the women to a couple more people. Bonnie noticed all eyes, male and female, took in her outfit and, of course, the body it barely covered with appreciation.

From that room a room they entered what Jeanne described as the playroom. It consisted of what looked like four king sized beds, two side-by-sides on either side of the room, making in effect two huge beds. Additionally it had mirrors on the headboards and ceiling. On one bed, a naked couple were kissing while the man rubbed between her legs.
“We highly suggest everyone use a condom, but if you don’t the man has to change the sheets. They can be found in this closet’” she said opening a door.
“We have two rules, one is that you don’t come in without a partner, or two or three. In other words no one comes in this room looking for a partner; you bring your partners with you. The other is no means no and pretty much anything else goes. And I’ll introduce you to Martha and Jack when they’re not so busy. ”

Then turning to a glass door at the end of the hall, they all headed outdoor.

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   The back yard consisted of one large deck that ran all the way to the edge of the canal and boat dock. About two thirds of the back of the deck was lined with a six foot fence and the other third only had a three foot fence with a gate to the dock. As most of the space was taken up by a swimming pool and two large hot tubs, there left precious little space for the dozen or so lounges and two bistro table sets. In one hot tub was Jeanne’s husband Ron and two women, in the pool and laying out on the chase lounges grabbing the last few rays of the afternoon were several more people. Naturally all were naked.

“And this is the pool area, In the summer we mostly use the pool and in the winter, more time in the hot-tubs. Of course, the rule is no swimwear in the pool, but women may wear bikini bottoms in the Jacuzzi. No fucking in the hot tub without a condom, and that rule is firm. I might like swallowing when I blow a guy but I don’t like old spunk floating in my hot tub. ”Which got an “ooh yuck” and two laughs.

Then in a more relaxed voice she introduced them to several other people before looking back to her husband and saying “You might want to get dried off, we will be starting in a few minutes. ”
“Well girls, let’s head on in. Do you want something to drink?” and he opened the sliding glass door that went directly into the club room. “Oh, and we do ask for no nudity in the clubroom, the kitchen or the game room before ten at night. I hope it doesn’t sound like we are rule crazy, but some of us have been doing this a long time and we have found even in a Lifestyle Club that anything goes doesn’t really work.

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Bonnie answered “Go on, that is what my husband are interested in, boundaries among those who are openly sexual. ”
“Well, hang on a minute and we’ll do that in our discussion group. ”
The couches and chairs had been moved into an irregular oval, and a dozen or more were already sitting. Bonnie excused herself to get her notes from the car.
Once back, she found there were about a dozen people, in addition to Trisha and Marcy, sitting around, evidently waiting for her. Suddenly she was nervous. All these, obviously successful, sophisticated urban people were waiting to hear from a housewife from the Georgia countryside. What could she possibly say that they did not already know?
It was good that Jeanne started right off so that she didn’t have long to dwell on her fears.
“Today we have a special opportunity to discuss some new ideas and a budding new national movement. We have Bonnie Campbell who works for the Final Freedom Foundation. You may have read about this group in Time, Cosmo or several other magazines. They are taking up the cause of sexual freedom we have been advocating for years. We are very pleased to have her today. As we usually do at our Salons, we will let her present her information then go to an open forum discussion. So, Bonnie, tell us about the Final Freedom Foundation”
Bonne using her most professional voice said “Since this is a Salon, who reads Salon.

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Five hands went up. “Wow, five out of twelve!That’s more than I expected. How many of you read my husband’s article calling for a new paradigm of sexual openness?”
Several hands raised and the man who met them at the door spoke up “That was your husband’s article?”
“Yes it was. Cooper and I have been discussing things for a while and almost a year ago he submitted it but it took Amy’s, Dr. Amy Douglas, suggestion they publish it along with the material about her art exhibit that it got published. ”
Jeanne cut in “How many of you saw the article in the New Yorker, Cosmo or Playboy or about the erotic art show in June?” Several hands went up then she said “I’m passing around copy of the New Yorker article. See the painting on the opening page, that is Bonnie and her husband. ”
And with that for an introduction, her remarks and the subsequent discussion lasted for two solid hours before Jeanne cut it off. Bonnie was surprised at herself at how knowledgeable she appeared to be compared to these well educated people. And all the congratulations afterward just made her feel she could conquer the world. Pulling her phone from her purse, she went out to the pool and called Cooper telling him all about it. He suggested she circulate a sheet of paper to gather e-mail addresses for the FFF newsletter and to see if she could make contacts to have similar Solons at other clubs.
She did as he suggested and Cannon, the man who met them at the door said “I’m coordinator of a group of Lifestyle clubs in central and southern Florida, I’m sure you could do this every weekend for a year just here in Florida. I’ll make some contacts for you”
He was so kind and very handsome, they talked for some time on the couch before she leaned over and kissed him. As they spoke of their lives, she became aware that he must be older than she had thought.

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   He was intensely interested in the FFF plans and about Bonnie’s family’s personal experience with this new openness. He was indeed surprised when she told him that although she and Cooper had intentionally made their home to be pro-¬sexuality over a decade before they expanded that attitude to bring in other playmates.
During the Solon discussion he had made references to both the Beat movement and the Free Love movement that appeared to indicate personal firsthand knowledge.
Among other things he said “…but during the Beat movement sexual openness was tried. I mean we didn’t do the communal marriage like we did in the 70’s, but we did reject the idea of one-size-fits-all sexuality and the double standard that was even worse than than it is today. I remember when I was in college the Dean would not let us publish even mildly sexual poems in the University’s literary journal, and publicly condemned sexually oriented writings by the Beats, yet the same Dean essentially expected that his female graduate assistants wouldhave sex with him. And it wasn’t only him, nearly all of the faculty saw sexual favors from the co-ed’s as a perk of the job. But at the same time I knew first hand a girl who was expelled for being in the men’s dorm after hours. ”
“I think our message about sexual openness was too intertwined with other messages. In the early 60’s we combined communism and political change with sexual openness and as we moved through the 60’s and into the seventies we clearly intertwined the drug culture and the free love culture into one. So when middle class rejected our sexual freedom, they were rejecting the package of sex, drugs and communism. The lifestyle movement was born of those of us who had grown out of the drugs and radicalism and into middle America, but we have never moved much beyond our base. ”
As he and Bonnie sat on the couch, she asked him about his own involvement in those things. He stretched out and said “Honey, if I told you the whole story it would take all night. But here is the short version.

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   “I enrolled in San Francisco State, in the fall of 1960 on a partial scholarship from a writing contest. I was naive and impressionable. I had a professor who was a friend of Ginsburg, Kerouac and a number of the leading Beat figures and in his classes he preached the Beat philosophies which included sexual freedom which appealed to a kid from a farming community were kissing was considered immoral. ”
“So I began going to the Beat poetry readings and discussion meetings and I quickly found that the better I sounded in the meeting the easier it was with the girls, by the time I was a senior I could have sex with mostly any girl in the lit department just by asking. And I did, a lot. But fortunately at the same time I was learning to sound like I knew what I was saying at the meetings, I really was learning quite a lot and next thing I knew I was enrolling in grad school and began work on a Ph. D. in Philosophy. By the time I earned it, the anti-war movement, the psychedelic age and free love were in the air and I was right there with them. In those days if I told my students about a great LSD trip I had or an orgy I attended it was seen as a statement of progressive philosophy and applauded. ”
“For a young philosophy teacher, 1967 was quite a year to start, even in what would seem to be a quite place like Organ State. I suddenly was the magnate for all the would-be hippies and radicals on campus. It was a wild time, and I was right in the middle of it trying to create a cohesive philosophy of life with all the turmoil. From ‘68 to ‘72 we lived communal style in a big Victorian house. I had one legal wife and two, what we called spiritual wives.

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   Each of them had at least two husbands as well forming an interlinking community with different members coming and going. ”
Bonnie was intrigued, “What happened? Why only till ‘72?”
“Babies: It was something not planned in our free love ideal. When my legal wife got pregnant with our daughter it was the hit of the community, everyone took such good care of her. She was born using a midwife at the house, it was such an exciting time and for the first year she was loved like no other child because she had six mommies. But by the next summer after my daughter’s birth, the house had four babies and my wife was pregnant again. That was the summer of ‘72 and the end of the commune. My wife and I split a few years later, we found our relationship was founded in the group and without it we were not compatible. ”
“I’m sorry” Bonnie interjected

“There are many things from those days I regret, but from mistakes we learn. I never did become monogamous, but became a very vocal proponent of responsibility with in the free love community. I was warning about a backlash and disease before the AIDS epidemic and the rise of the Christian right all during the seventy’s but no one in the movement was listening. I’m so glad to see someone taking up the cause, hopefully in a more thoughtful way than we did. ”

“I really think my husband would like to talk to you, can I give him your number?”

“Yes, if you want, but I am retired. I would love to help by consulting, but I’m not interested in taking an active role with your new project. That’s a job for younger men than I. ”

“I understand” Having been an extra for everybody else’s sex play the last four days, she was going to have this man here and now, she leaned over to him and said quietly,“I know you’ve heard this hundreds, maybe thousands of times, but you are very handsome and I would very much like to make love to you”

“That was a long time ago” he said as he pressed his lips to hers.


   She melted into him as naturally as if they had been lovers for years. Their kiss was full of fire and desire; she tuned out the world and focused on him as she slipped her hand inside the robe he had been wearing since she first saw him. She was not surprised to find nothing but his erect penis inside and gripped it tight. He surprisingly broke their kiss and whispered “Here come with me” and he stood up, his penis pushing up the front of his robe. “This room will need to be put back tougher, and he led her to the play room, which was currently empty. Without a word, he lifted her dress over her head and dropped his robe. Laying her down gently he began to kiss her neck and shoulders.
Bit by bit he moved his attention over every inch of her torso, spending the same time on her ribs as he did on her breasts. Every so slowly he worked as her arousal grew. It grew almost beyond her control. He bypassed the burning area between her legs and kissed her thighs on each side before his lips moved to the smooth cleft mound. Still with madding patience, he kissed up the right side of her vulva and down the left only then did his lips stop on the frill of flesh that pushed its way out from the closed chasm. She could not help but insisting, “Yes, now” as his tongue pushed into the soft inner flesh.
With the same deliberate pace he had moved from her neck to her vulva, he now began to delight her inner lips, her vaginal cannel and her clitoris. The difference was now with this direct stimulation she found satisfaction in one, then two then three climaxes as her worked on her.

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   She felt she could not take anymore and tried to move his head but he continued and then she had the most amazing string of one small climax after another blending into one sustained orgasm. During this new phenomenon he moved up sliding his penis easily into her pulsating vaginal lips and much to her surprise the string of orgasms continued for several minutes longer before she collapsed in exhaustion.
Her chest was heaving, her legs still twitching, ached. Grasping for air she wheezed “Wow!”.

With that began kissing her on the mouth and neck as they lay on their sides. His penis slid into her and with a relaxed but steady pace both of their hips moved in a synchronized motion. It felt so good, so pleasant and relaxing. The perfect come down from her intense orgasms.

The pace slowed then finally they came to a halt. Their bodies intertwined but at rest. After some time his penis slipped out.

It was a good ten minutes before she pulled herself off the bed, by that time a manage-a-trios, which included the woman introduced as Cannon’s girlfriend, was underway on the bed opposite her. After that experience it was no wonder that this man in his sixty’s had a girlfriend who looked less than thirty. Cannon thanked her kindly and moved over to the bed to be near his girlfriend who was in the heat of her sex.

Bonnie pulled on her dress and stepped out.

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   She wondered if he had even climaxed. It didn’t seem so. The cold fluid slowly inching down her inner thigh once she stood up, told her that he had, It alos reminded her she had violated the condom rule.

She had been hearing the music for some time now coming from the club room. Stepping in, she could see things had taken off since she and Cannon left the room. The couches had been moved to the sides of the room. Now it made sense why part of the floor was hard wood and part was carpet, the hardwood formed a dance floor in front of the small stage with the bass pole.
Now there were a good thirty people sitting around in the couches and chairs and another five on the dance floor and one in lingerie dancing on the stage. Whereas the people at the earlier Salon were mostly mid-thirty’s and above, she saw the newcomers mostly appeared to be in the mid twenties to mid thirties. Still, high fashion sexy was the name, just this group clearly wore less and what they wore was more of the sheer variety. Even one guy on the dance floor was wearing sheer pants with his impressively large dong on display. Another big dick, what was it here in Florida? Did the water make the dicks bigger?.

She did not see Trisha and Marcy, but she did see a table on the far wall with a buffet and she now realized she was hungry so off to the table she went.
She wasn’t alone long because within minutes she had a couple talking to her about the earlier discussion. They were a married couple both, young professionals with small children.

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   The woman, Mira, was a pretty size twelve brunette wearing a beautiful green corset which drew attention to her large bust which it pushed out the top.
They were curious about how Bonnie and Cooper had raised their children, in regard to sex and nudity. Bonnie had mentioned it in passing during the discussion but they wanted to know more. For some time she and the couple carried on a discussion.
About half way through she side tracked by asking about the stage dances “It looks like some of this is not just spontaneous, is there a contest going on?”

Mira said “Not yet, that will start at 11:00. There is a singles and doubles competition. The winners get free admission to the next party. “

“Oh, we didn’t pay, how much is admission?”

“Yea, you were a guest presenter, but it is $250 per couple, but people take this seriously even if there were no prize. Bonnie now realized why she only saw upscale people, the admission kept out middle class swingers.

Then they continued their discussion about children until Jeanne got on stage to start the competition “Tonight we have six ladies signed up for the singles competition Do we have any others who want to sign up before we start?” Two hands went up “OK, Jackie I got you down, and you too Jennifer”

“So we’ve got a good field with eight” Jeanne continued. “So competitors go get dressed if you need to and you will start in ten minutes. First let’s watch the winner from last month’s contest. Gina will go first as she dances to Prince. ”

She watched and was impressed; she clearly had her routine down better than most strippers she’d seen and her body was a long shot better. One difference was that while the girl danced on stage the dance floor was still busy with people just dancing.

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   Half way through the first dancer in the competition, Bonnie sees Trisha waving from the glass door leading out back. She makes her way through and out the door into the very pleasant night air. It was warm but not hot with a cool breeze. The pool was well lit, but with none in it. Both hot tubs were busy, one had Trisha, Marcy and three others, the motioned for her to take the remaining place.

It had been a busy day and Bonnie was feeling the weariness. She slipped off her dress once again and into the hot bubbly water. She really just wanted to sit quietly and relax, but tonight, it seemed everyone wanted to talk to her.

“Where have you been?” Trisha asked emphatically.

“Nowhere. ” She responded in a testy voice “After the Solon I talked to some people, then Canon and I messed around and then I talked to two couples about kids and sex. ”

The man directly across from her said “Yea, I saw you in the play room with Cannon, looked like you were having a very nice time. ”

“Yea, I guess I was. ” Bonnie admitted with some pleasure then to the man she said “I don’t think we’ve met”

He reached across the water “I’m Victor, I was impressed with your talk. You’re very knowledgeable.

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“Thank You very much. ”

She didn’t recognize the other couple from the Solon, Marcy introduced them, “Bonnie, this is Maria and Hugo, they got here about half way through the discussion, they listened from the kitchen. ”

Hugo was extremely handsome, reminding her Antonio Banderas (whom she thought was the sexiest man alive) and Maria was a first class Latina knockout in both face and figure,

“It was very interesting. I would love to hear a discussion about public sexuality in Cuba and other Latin countries. Our history is very different than yours. ” Hugo said in a smooth, sexy Spanish accent.

“Well yes and no” Bonnie couldn’t help but respond, wanting to impress “We all have similar Catholic history up to the fifteenth century, and despite other changes, the protestants who came to America adopted Catholic sexual morals with virtually no change. And while European Catholics have largely abandon Catholic sexual morality, Latin America holds on to them as tightly as the Baptists. ”

Trisha cut off the lecture by saying “Your sounding like Cooper. Tell us about messing with…. who was it?”

“Canon, the man who met us at the door, he is so interesting. ” Bonnie said, avoiding her real question,”I’m going to see if he will be able to help Cooper. He has been right in the middle of the sexual revolution since the early sixties. ”
“I meant, tell us about messing around with him, no give us a bio. ”

“I was getting to that.

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  ” Bonnie said with a wave of her hand “See he has done it all sexually and I guess he picked up some real skills to compensate for his age; he’s like 65 or so. But, he ate me like I’ve never been eaten before. I have no idea how many times I came, but I know it was more than a dozen. So, to answer your question, it was great”

“Well it was about time, I’d begun to wonder if you were going to waste this trip” Marcy quipped.

“No. I’m not” she responded

“Maria and Hugo and Victor and his girl friend and two other couples are going to have a group grope in the play room after the dancing contest ends and they have invited us to join. ” Trisha said “I know you’ve done the group sex thing before, but I haven’t so we are definitely going and we’d really like you to come too. ”

“I don’t know I’m getting tired and I’ve already had a great experience tonight”

Victor interjected “One? That’s just getting started. I promise you’ll be glad you did. ”

“You will, hugh?”

“Oh yea”

“Sounds like four guys and seven girls, isn’t that a problem?”

“I don’t know, I think my wife has been captured for the night by Jeanne and Ron. ”

“That might be, you don’t know what I like to do and you might be as good as you think you are. And you can’t do DP by yourself. ”

“So you’re a wild one?”

“I just know what I like” Bonnie said, then closed her eyes and made like she was tuning him out.

“I don’t think you’ll leave disappointed, and I think James will join us after his wife and the other girls push him out for their all girl time in the hot tub, they usually do, So it will be more like six and five. ”

Without opening her eyes she said “I had better be.

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   So now let me relax, because if you make good on your promise I’ll need my rest”

She did manage to tune out the conversation for a while and relax, but the all too the last dance ended and the little group started to the play room. At that moment she really wanted to just stay where she was, but she toweled off, grabbed her dress and followed the group back to the playroom.

In the double king bed that she had used earlier, were not less than three separate groups of threes engaged in colitis. After a moment she almost laughed as the three groups were like the three alternatives of sex here. One man going down on a heavy set woman while she took a second man’s penis in her mouth: a strictly heterosexual grouping. Inches from them a second group had a man and woman kissing intently as a second woman was busy between her legs: a female bisexual grouping. And the third trio had a man and woman taking turns sucking off a third man: a male bisexual grouping. All three were having oral sex, but the context of each was different.

“I’ll have to tell Amy” she said to herself “this has real artistic possibilities. ”

On the bed was the couple with whom she had been talking earlier. Bonnie had liked the woman, whose name was Mira, which made her a little more interested in playing “Hey Mira, we meet again” Bonnie said.

Mira was a little on the heavy side but quick to laugh and smile, traits Bonnie liked. She hoped out of the bed and gave Bonnie a hug then said “I’m so glad you’re joining us. I had wanted to ask you but you skipped off so suddenly. ”

“Well here I am” Bonnie chirped.

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Mira who was now wearing only the corset said “It will take a minute to get this off” referring to her corset. “I think Troy has made a mess of it”, showing the tangled lacing.

“Here, let me do that” Bonnie said and she stood and began to work the strings one at a time. It took a some work to pull the halves apart enough to go over her bust, but with patience, and by having Mira hold her arms straight over her head it was off. With the corset off, Mira’s hands came down on Bonnie’s shoulders and Mira moved her open mouth on Bonnie’s. The kisses were timid, but Bonnie sensing she wanted more pulled Mira closer as they stood by the bed.

“Well folks what will we do first tonight?” came a gravely but defiantly female voice.

Breaking her kiss she looked over to the sound she saw a strikingly original looking lady clearly in her middle-age sanding with her hands on her hips, With natural gray hair in a braid down her back, a muscular physique a commanding bearing she was a woman used to being in charge. Behind her was her match, a buff but middle-aged man, bald not only on his head but like her, his body had no hair anywhere. Though there was no grey hair to give away his age, and his body was buff and brown, his face was weathered as a piece of driftwood. As a pair they were not magazine beauties, but they had a raw, earthy sexuality that drew Bonnie and the other women, and men, to want to be sexually dominated by them.
“After that show” she declared “I’m ready for some pussy. ” She eyed Bonnie, Trisha and Marcy. “My friends call me Crash and this is Woody. Glad you came tonight, sorry I missed your lecture; I heard it was good, but that Topical Storm off of Cuba made for some killer waves and we had to hit’m”
Mira added “Crash and Woody are surf legends, not just here but worldwide”
“Riding our boards during the day and hot bodies at night.

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  ” Woody mused “We have a great life”
Crash waved at Bonnie and friends “If you three will make your selves comfortable, we three girls will get this party started. ” Then looking over to the guys, she said firmly “and you guys can watch, no fucking around yet, just watch”
So began what would be one of the most unusual and memorable sexual experiences of her life. It was not the fact that she had sex with each of the other people in that big double bed. It was not the fact that for three hours with only the briefest interruptions she was sexually engaged. It was not the fact that with additional help from of one of Victor’s friends she had a total of three different double penetration experiences. Nor was it even the fact that she had no idea how many times she came while on that bed that made it unique, it was in all that it was the most relaxed and casual sexual environment she had ever been with outside of just messing around with Cooper.
Crash and Woody were so funny, telling stories and hilarious anecdotes while they most raw sex was happening all around. Afterward she told Cooper how she clearly remembered, laying on the gorgeous Hugo, enjoying his body as they kissed and fucked. Woody was in her ass to make a perfect all consuming sexual experience. But the entire time he was fucking her ass, Woody is telling a long, and very funny story about a he and some buddies on a surfing expedition in Fiji. At first it had put her off, but, looking over she could see his wife of 30 years making eyes with him while Trisha’s oral work brought her to climax. There was something primeval about this. So normal was the course of events sex that touched something in her and opened her up to intense arousal while still engaged with things around her. It was something new and wonderful.
She embraced it and as the night wore on, she began to talk and laugh with the others all the way up to the moment an orgasm crashed over her.

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   Even when she was orally occupied she would break away to comment.
A few weeks later Trisha told the tanning group a story that had become lost to Bonnie in the fullness of all the events. She said “See, Marcy has her tongue as far up Bonnie’s cunt as it would go and Bonnie is alternately sucking Hugo’s dick and just jacking him off while she is carrying on this conversation with Mira, who is using a vibrator on herself, about how Misty learned to ride a bike. She as casually as can be tells Mira to hang on for a second while she cums. Then Bonnie clearly comes big time for a good thirty seconds, then politely thanks Marcy and asks her to keep doing the same thing and picks up where she left off. “
It was nearly three when Trisha helped Bonnie stand as they pulled on their clothes, thanked everyone and made their way, ever so slowly, to the van. Though both Bonnie and Marcy felt they couldn’t move, Trisha was still excited, so she drove home while the others were asleep.


Sarah woke her mother from her deep sleep, shaking her and holding the cell phone to her face “It’s Dad”.

Marcy still half asleep asked “What time is it?”
“Like 12:30. ”
“Oh wow, I was dead” she said reaching for the phone. Pulling herself upright she said “Hi Honey. ”

Bonnie now awake listened

”Oh, we had a great time”

“How was church?”


“I sometime after four in the morning”

“A lot, more than I think I’ll ever remember, but let me give you something to think on. Imagine eight, well part of the time there were nine, people on a very large bed for three solid hours. Think about that during today and I can assure you will not imagine all the things that happened. ”

“Yea, we I think we are going back to South Beach today”

“Oh, good, you can tell them what I told you”

“Let me go pee, I’ll call you later”

“OK, Love you.


   Good By. ”

Bonnie pulled herself upright. “So, that was a good tease. He’ll be going crazy”

Trisha added “But she’s right, he can’t even imagine all the stuff that went on last night. ”

They all went to the big bathroom and started the water in the garden tub. Marcy poured some shampoo in the water to make bubbles. By the time they had gone to the restroom and brushed their teeth, the tub was mostly filled.

Bonnie despaired into the bubbles. “I want one of these,” she said appreciating the deep warm water.

Marcy said “You’ll like a hot tub like ours better, it’s bigger and you don’t have to fill it each time. ”

“Yea, Cooper and I have talked about getting one for Christmas. ” Then Bonnie changed the subject “So what did you guys think of your first real orgy?”

“I will never, ever forget that. ” Trisha said “I can’t even find the words to describe it”

Marcy “I agree, and if Mike had been there it would have been perfect.

Bonnie seconded it “Cooper would have loved to see all that. I know it will frustrate him when I try to tell him what happened because I leave out too many details.

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“I don’t think I could keep it all straight if I had to tell someone, but who would I tell? My mother?”

That drew a real laugh. Then Marcy said “But, to be honest, it would be more accurate to say it was my first orgy in decades. Sometime I’ll have to fess up and tell you guys about me before I got married. ” Then she suggested “How about next weekend, let’s have a get together for stories and I know the girls have taken a good number of pictures we could show. ”

Bonnie said seriously “Sounds good, but how about two weeks, next weekend I’ll be up at my parents. ”

“OK, week after next”

Bonnie then offered “You two have got to realize that our little group has been flirting with sex stuff pretty heavy, a partly like that might push us off the edge”
“I’m not following, “ Trisha said

“Look, twice we’ve had the guys over to tan with us and the second time was headed toward a screwing free-for-all way when it started raining. If we sit around and tell everyone how much fun we had doing each other and other guys. What is Mike going to do?”

Marcy had the answer at hand “He’s going to want to watch us do it, then fuck both of you silly. ”

“Yep. So all I’m asking is: are we ready to turn our sun group into a swing group. ”

It took Marcy just a second “Yea, I can say Mike and I are. ” Trisha put up her hands, “Don’t ask me, I’m single and would be glad to do Mike and I’m most definitely ready to do Snake. ”

“Well I guess that settles it, A week from last night we will have a stories & pictures party. ” Bonnie said and then settled a bid deeper into the water.

“Let’s do it at my house for a change, you’ve been doing all the entertaining let me take care of it”

Bonnie agreed and added “I might just stay here all day.

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   I’m getting a bit run down. ”

As it was both the teens and the moms were getting a bit run down, but after some discussion they all decided to relax at the beach rather than at the house. All the visitors had gone home so it was just the girls again. They had dressed in enough clothes to go to one of the nice places on Collins Avenue for lunch before walking out to south beach. They got a large round table, big enough to seat all eight of them and they even had given the cute waiter their order when Misty finally said “OK old women, we want to hear all about your night”

Marcy beat Bonnie to the punch and threw a napkin across the table at Misty “Old?!”

“All right, not old” Haley suggested “The web term would be MILF’s”
“?” was on a number of faces

“MILF: Mothers I’d like to fuck, it’s the web term for women like you, hot, sexually available women with kids like us”

“I’ll accept that” Bonnie agreed

“Stop avoiding the question” Misty persisted

“Last night? What can she mean” Bonnie said looked at her friends with a dumbfounded look “Oh, my little talk. Actually it went great. At first I was really nervous because these were not Podunk Georgia folks, these people drove Porsches and have traveled the world. But I just talked about the stuff your dad and I talk about all the time and they thought I was great. Afterward I got a big head with all the people wanting to talk to me. ”

Marcy added “She really was great. I was impressed and all night people were talking about how smart your mom was. ”

“Thanks, but I will admit I felt pretty good about myself. I went on for two full hours. One of the men is like the President of the State Swingers Club Association or something like that and we talked for a long time after the official program was over. ”

“Do you mean Canon?” Trisha asked


“What she means” Trisha said leaning over the table in a stage whisper “is she fucked him”

“Trish!” Bonnie said glaring, then grinning “That was later.

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   First, he told me he wanted me to do salon discussions about the FFF at other clubs around Florida. I’m so excited. I called your dad and we are going to invite him to be a consultant. ”

“See how she just glosses over the fact she had sex with this guy” Misty said looking at her friends.

Sarah took over the inquisition “And what were you doing during all this lecturing, discussion and fornicating?”

Bonnie was glad to be off the hot seat, and besides “I’d like to hear this too, what were you doing all that from nine till eleven I didn’t see you. ”

Marcy, who just a few short months ago could not talk to Sarah about sexual happenings in their own home, was now completely willing to lay everything out on the table. “Trisha, feel free to add anything I forget. We actually slipped out long before the discussion was over”

Trisha interjected “It’s not that you weren’t doing good, we’d heard all that more than once and we wanted to explore”

“Right, so we first went out to the game room, and watched some guys shoot pool, they were OK, but we challenged them anyway. The first game Trisha sank the eight ball on her second shot, so she had to pay up. ”
Trisha clarified “We were playing for head. Remember this was a swingers group, so the person who lost the game had to give one of the winners head for two minutes. ”

Haley interrupted “That’s a great idea for your next party Misty”
Marcy ignored the comment and said “We shot pool for about an hour. We didn’t do too bad and won as often as we lost, all in all it was fun. Now after that we went out to the pool and swam around for a while then we got into the hot tub and met Victor and Hugo and Maria. And we stayed there until we called Bonnie to join us” “And girls” Trisha added “Hugo was so incredibly handsome; a man of any woman’s dreams.

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Bonnie agreed “I thought he looked like Antonio Banderas”

“Yea, he did. ” Marcy seconded.

Sarah had a skeptical look on her face “And that’s all you did?” “No way” Haley interjected “You woke me up at 4:15 when you got home. You’re leaving something out. ”

Marcy opened her mouth to talk, but Bonnie cut her off “It’s your turn, what did you do last night?”

“No way, you guys haven’t said anything yet” Misty demanded “Just generalities, we want to hear what you did”

Marcy didn’t hesitate said “OK you asked for it. The guys we played pool with were named Kevin and Yuri. Kevin was short but had a good-sized penis, maybe seven and half inches. Yuri was burly but his dick was short and stubby. When I sucked him off I could easily take him all in without gagging, which was fun. More fun than sucking Kevin, he kept pushing his hips up and getting too much in my mouth. When I won I just sat on a bar stool and lifted out my dress, it felt good but neither was a stem-winder. In the pool Trisha and I messed around with each other some kissing and ass grabbing but no big deal. In the hot tub we all just talked. ” Then she looked over to Trisha is that it?”

“Yea, except in the hot tub Victor played with me under the water. ”

“I didn’t know that.

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   Well girls, is that what you wanted to hear?” The teens looked at each other and nodded. Misty said “Yea, I think so; now mom, what about this president guy?”

Bonnie didn’t like Misty putting her on the spot, but she’d wait till later to tell her that. “Well Canon and I started making out in the club room but it was time to set up for dancing, so we went to the play room. We got naked and into one of the beds. ” She looked over at Marcy “Sorry your guys were nothing special in the cunnilingus department; because Cannon was an oral master. First he teased me by doing every part of my body except for where it counts; but when he did get there it was fireworks. I can safely say no one has ever done me better and I can’t remember any as good. ”

“Girl’s never judge a book by it’s cover. I was not expecting anything like that. The orgasm came so fast, bang, bang, bang, it was like I had one continuous orgasm that lasted nearly an hour. It was so intense that even when he stopped eating me and put is dick in, I kept going for a little while. I just can’t describe how amazing that he was at it. ”

Bonnie stopped and all just looked at her in stone silence “So, now you’ve heard what we did the first part of the night, tell us what you did”

Caitlin was the first to speak, “We had fun but I think you may have had the best time”

Bonnie leaned forward “I know I did because that was just a warm up. Are you embarrassed at what happened?”

“No” came several emphatic responses before but it was who Sarah continued, “While you were gone we pretty much continued what we had been doing with Zack and Mitch while you were at the beach. ”
“We talked and stuff, then they went out to McDonalds and got us all something to eat, then we all got back on your bed upstairs.

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   We decided it was more fun comfortable than the couches, so we made out until the guys were ready to go again. This time we kind of took turns. For a while I messed with Mitch, and Katie messed with Zack, then we switched, then switched back, then again. Then we made Mitch sit and watch while both Katie and I did Zack. Like first, I sat on his face and Katie sat on his dick, then like before we switched off. If I thought one was getting to close to cumming we stopped and switched. It drove them crazy. Finally, we made them quit and watch while Katie and I did each other. It was great and it went on forever. ”

Katie, who rarely said anything sexual, said “It was real fun. We were the masters, we told them what to do and what not to do. I really liked it when I was sitting on top of Mitch’s face, telling him just how to do me, and he did just what I said. He even got me off doing that. We would have kept on but their grandmother called and they had to go. ”

Sarah took back over “After they left we moved to the little bed room and just messed around long enough to get each other off one last time then we just laid there for a long time.

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Katie again spoke “Yea that was real nice. ”

“Yea it was. The sex was wonderful, but it was just nice just lying there with Katie, feeling her skin on mine. We stayed up there even after the Caitlin and two guys came upstairs to and stared playing in your bed. We just laid up there and listened and tried to guess what they were doing, until we both fell asleep. If we wanted we could have moved and watched, but just lay there listening. We woke up latter and the house was quiet so we moved to the other room upstairs and slept there the rest of the night. That’s what we did”

Bonnie glanced over at Marcy; it was hard to guess what she was thinking. They would have to talk later.
Misty pressed for detail “What is this ‘messed around’ stuff. That is way to vague. Come on Sarah, you can give more sweaty details than that. ”

Sarah only looked half-offended her answer wasn’t complete. Everyone at the table knew Sarah loved talking in explicit detail about sex. She looked around and asked “You all want details?”
A number of heads nodded.

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“OK, let’s see. ” Sarah made a dramatic pause. “When we got back from roller blading yesterday you guys were all gone. Mom was watching Pirates of the Caribbean in the big room. After we got something to drink, we, Katie, Zac, Mitch and me, sat with mom and watched the movie for a while. I was horney so I start making out with Zac on the couch next to mom, but he kinda started to freak when I put my hand down his shorts right where mom could see, so all four of us went to the other sofa’s and I went down on him right away. He’s like all soft but it was fun rolling his dick around in my mouth and slowly it fills up, like a balloon being blown up. Once he got hard, it was like right off he cums and I let him spew all over my front. ”
She looked over to Katie and said “You guys were still dressed, except you were giving him a hand job, right?”
Katie nodded.
“So,” She continued, “Mrs. C has told me repeatedly that it is a good thing to get a young guy to cream fast, so he will be ready for a long ride when I’m ready. Well we talked some more, then Katie goes down on Mitch. She gave him one hell of a blow job and from what I could see, she swallowed his whole load. ”
She paused and looked over to Katie, who red faced, nodded to confirmed she’s swallowed it all.
“So we all sitting there and the guys have both shot off and I decide to tease them a bit and go over and start kissing Katie.

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  Nothing like a little girl-girl action to get the guys going again, and besides, she’s got a great pair of tits, perfect for sucking. ”
Kati blushed a bright red, and covered her face.
“I get her naked, and play with her tits, and pussy and ass. By the time I get her off with my fingers the boys are ready to go again. Since I was the only one still with my swimsuit on, I pull it off and mount Zac as he sits in the chair. Now, he had claimed to be with girls before, but I don’t believe him. I would swear I busted his cherry right there. He stayed hard, but that was about it, I had to do all the work. I mean I was all over him, but he sat there, scared to death. ” She looked over to Katie again “When Idid Mitch later up stairs, he was much better. ”
Katie lowered her hands and said “He wasn’t bad, he seemed to have some instincts, but he had already told me that he’d never done it with a girl. ”
“So I’m up in Zac’s lap going to town and who do I see standing at the table watching me like I’m in a porno?
The words “Your Mom!” and “Marcy” were said in chorus by the table of females.
“Yep!” Katie said looking pleased with herself “Mom was just standing there watching me with this glazed look. It took her quite a while to realize I was looking back. ”

Marcy defended by saying “And you liked me watching didn’t you?”

“Fuck yea!” She said giving a thumbs up “Mom and I have discovered we really like doing that.

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  ” She blew a kiss at her mom “Well, he felt really good up in me. Have I said how much I like to feel a guy up in me, well I do. He finally did get the hint and sucked my nipples when I pushed them in his face, but his main job was to be hard for me and he did that well. The movie was almost over and my thighs began to hurt so I suggested we go upstairs. Up there he gets on me and shot his second load and then fell asleep. Not that I was upset, we’d been at it along time and so Katie and I snuggled up and went to sleep. ”
Katie concurred and said “It was about the same for me. ”
“SO!, That was the first time. Was that enough detail?”
Misty said she had done well.
“The SECOND time, was actually more fun. While the guys were sleeping we decided that when they wake up these to two first timers needed some training. So about an hour after they crash, we switch guys and wake them up with another blow job. It was neat because although Mitch had been using a condom, he still smelled like Katie. ”
Katied put in “Yea, Zac smelled like you. I guess it was in his pubes.



“I guess so. ” Sarah agreed. “Well, when they were awake and hard, I tell them that they are going to get sex-ed our way. First lesson was kissing. Katie and I tell them that good kissing isn’t aggressive right off, it’s light. And we all kiss for a while. Then we tell them about how girls like their boobs played with and that we demonstrated on each other. I did tell you what great suckable boobs Katie has?”
“Shut up” Katie said throwing a napkin.
“OK, you tell the rest. ” Sara said.
“OK I will. Now Sara here loves sucking boobs… Did I tell you guys that?’ Katie said making faces at Sarah. “And, she is good at it, then we have the boys copy what she had done. Then we do the same thing with going down. Now Sarah here loves going down on me, I must be really special” Katie again made a face at Sarah.

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Sarah said “You’re right there”
Katie ignored her and continued “Well, it took the boys a while to get the idea that pussy eating doesn’t involve real EATING”
Everyone laughed.
Sarah put in “They didn’t learn to be great pussy eaters, but they did improve”
“This is my turn” Katie insisted. “But yea, Zac will need years of practice, so we go on to screwing. We were trying to get the guys to work their hips when their grandmother called. So, we both just got in doggie and told them to go as fast and hard as they could, and amazingly this was one thing virgin Zac could do very well. I almost came, not quite, but this was definitely his best skill. Both the guys came, Zach in me and Mitch in Sarah. Then they got dressed and left. ”
Sarah ended by saying “And the rest of the night Katie just relaxed and snuggled. Was that enough detail, or do we need to describe the taste of their spunk?”

Misty let her off the hook with that.

Bonnie looked over to little Caitlin. Though she now had a woman’s body second to none, she was still little partially the little pig tailed grade schooler and gangly middle schooler in Bonnie’s mind. “How about you tell us what happened downstairs. ”

“O –K -For a long time we just watched TV, sent e-mail’s, IM’ed with our friends telling what a wild time we were having and stuff. ” Caitlin began “We got a little cold and put on a tee-shirts and shorts.

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   It was the most we had worn hanging around the house since we got here. And of course, we could hear Katie squealing like stuck pig up and the bed squeaking up stairs. Oh yea, and Haley here kept that big TV on the Playboy station the whole time. ”

“Not the whole time” Haley interrupted “For a while I had it on the real porno channel”

“Yea, but that was just gross. One sixty inch close up of a girls vagina was enough for any of us” Misty responded

“I’m telling the story” Caitlin said “It right was about nine when Brett, Red, Squirrel and the others showed up with pizza. I guess they told the others how we worked them so hard the night before, so they brought reinforcements Franklin, Tommy and Mindy came first,then a little while later Angie, Josh and the other guy they room with, Stephen. ”

“Well this Stephen guy is carrying like a whole case of Bud light. And he starts going like ‘Time to party’ and stuff, like he thinks this is Animal house or something. Well Haley and I look over to Misty because we all know your rule about alcohol. ”

“Yea, Ms. C, you have more influence than you think” Haley said “Did you know we are getting a rep as the Baptist Sluts, because we fuck but won’t drink, smoke or toke. ”

Bonnie was rather flattered and impressed “I didn’t know that, but I’m glad. I think”

Haley cut off Caitlin and continued, “You would have been proud of Misty she just let them know that the beer had to go, saying ‘We don’t need booze to party’.
Misty sad “Tell them what you told Stephen”

Haley smiled and in a lower voice said “I told him that if we needed to be drunk to fuck him, he was way to skanky to be fucked by any of us”

Caitlin continued, “You should have seen his face, he was crushed. I guess he thought by scoring some beer he was going to be the hero, and now he was attacked for it.

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   And you know me, always feeling sorry for the underdog, so I told him nicely that we’d love to have him join us, but he’d have to take the beer back to his car. So I made a friend for the night. ”

“Yea he was like a leach” Haley chided.

“He was really sweet. Don’t be mean. Well just sat and talked and ate pizza for the longest time. I sat between Stephen and Red. It turns out that Mr. Party Stephen is a total geek, a totally nice geek. He’s never had a real girlfriend, only female buddies. And he lost his virginity, here in Miami to Mindy just a few weeks ago and Red isn’t any playboy either. His girlfriend is, or was for his last two years of high school, his debate partner and she had been the only girl he had done it with until he got here. We kept talking well after Haley had gotten off both Squirrel’s and Tommy’s pants. ”

She looked over at Haley “I know you really like sex to be a show with lots of people watching”

Haley said “Oh yea!”

Caitlin’s narrative continued, “I don’t mind my friends seeing me do it, but I really didn’t want to do it in a room full of strangers, so I told Stephen and Red I wanted to go upstairs. Katie and Sarah had gone to the tub and your bedroom was empty by then so we used that one.

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   I’d forgotten that Stephen hadn’t seen me at the Beach and when I took off my shirt I thought he was going to pass out. He kept saying how beautiful I was, over and over”

Sarah added “Yea, we heard. ”

With a slight smirk Katie mimicked him “Caitlin, You are the most perfect female on the planet”

And Sarah followed up with her own imitation “Caitlin, you are a goddess brought to life. ” Amid laughter she said “Yea, he really said that”

Bonnie could see this was embarrassing Caitlin, “Come on, Caitlin is very pretty, I can see a guy getting carried away. Be nice”

“Yes, Ms. C. we’ll be nice, and of course Caitlin is hot. What girl alive wouldn’t want her figure?”

Bonnie said “Now the we all understand you suffered through many compliments. Go, ahead and finish. ”

“There’s not much more. Like Sarah said, we had sex. It was really nice, we just took our time. It was good that Katie and Sarah had left the box of condoms on the end table. The guys ended up using three each, and Red put on a fourth, but didn’t use it because he just couldn’t stay hard enough. It wasn’t as personal and intimate as when I’m with you guys, but…” She looked over to Misty and Haley, “for just plain sex for fun, it may be the best I’ve ever had.

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   The guys did everything I asked. Kinda like Katie and Sarah said, I sometimes had to guide them step by step, but it was like having sex toys that were alive. ”
She paused and Bonnie asked “Is that it?”

“I guess so. Did I mention Misty coming around taking pictures?”

“No, I don’t think you did”

“Well she was playing photo journalist and came up and shot some photos of me and the two guys”

Sarah added “Yea, she did us too”

Bonnie looked over to Misty “You’ll have to delete those, that would defiantly fall under the label of kiddy porn” the looking back to Caitlin “Any thing else to add?”

“And I tried your thing Ms. C: double fuck. ” Caitlin added in a post script “When Red asked if he could do my ass, I decided to try it. ”

“And, what did you think?” Bonnie asked.

“It was fun to try it, but I guess I’d have to be way more turned on to get into it. I just felt really, really full. Interesting, but not a turn on. They left with the others a little after midnight, and that’s it. ”

“So you didn’t get off at all?” Haley asked Caitlin.

“Yea, a couple of times, but nothing like what Ms. C said she did. ”

Bonnie looked at Haley, “Did you do better?”

“Hell yea.

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  ” Haley said emphatically.

“So tell do us” Bonnie said.

“There’s not much to say after Caitlin went upstairs we fucked like crazy. Now we had more guys than girls it worked out better than it did the night before. About eleven o’cock , we were getting hungry, so when Tommy and Brett needed a break, so they went to go get more pizza, since those other two guys only got food for the four of them. By the time they got back we were all, finished for a while and were all just chilling. So when the pizza gets there we all attack it. While we were eating and talking, someone had put the porno channel back on so we’re all watched that while we ate. After a while that girl, Mindy, gets this messed up idea that we should make a porno, but since we didn’t have a video camera we decide to do live porno for the group and have Misty take photos and short video clips. ”
“Haley is a born porn star, she loved me shooting her. ” Misty added “Too bad I didn’t have a real video camera, she put on quite a show, but the clips are pretty good. ”
Sarah said “I want to see. ”
Misty said “Sorry the memory card with that is at house. ”
Haley blushed a little “Yea, I did get into it” then she finished her story “So until the guys left at about 2:00 we switched off doing it in front of the group. Like Haley said, I love doing in front of people too.

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   It is such a rush, I think Misty does too. ”
“I don’t know?” Misty said “I don’t mind, but It’s harder for me to put on a show and still get off myself. I guess I’m somewhere between Caitlin and Haley on that. ”

“There lunch order arrived.