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   Let me introudce you myself my name is Satish and live in Baroda, have a good sexy wife and have 3 children, I would like to narrate a true incident which happened around 20 years back, the relations which a nephew and Aunty Maternal Uncles wife, there was a bondage of friendship and love. My uncle and Aunty who were very close to our family always pampered me with their love and whenever there was a holiday I would be at their house, My uncle who looked very handsome and had maintained a figure which most women adored him, he always dressed in style from whom I have learnt many things, My uncle was wroking with a Garment factory , before marraige of my uncle, uncle had a Rasleela since he was having affairs with most of the women working in the Garment company.  My Aunty's name is Hema, when she got married to my uncle she was a damn sexy women when the proposal came to my uncle and when he saw her he fell in love with her, She was born and brought up in a very conservative and religious atmosphere, so she was dressed as is required for a homely women covering allmost all parts, but her beauty and her figure was which made our uncle fall in the ditch, it was quite later on after Uncle and Aunty had their Honeymoon and returned back then Aunty started dressing properly as per the p[revailing fashion that is when we all saw her as a damsel who had fallen from the sky, she had proportionate assets allmost every place of her body which was admirable and which made others fall for the beauty and sex.
After my 8th standard when ever there was holidays to school my parents used to send me to my uncle's house so that I could be of help to Hema Aunty, who had to take care of 3 kids, the third kid was a boy who was very cute and was a baby I developed the habit of watching Aunty’s  breasts as the baby sucked on her breasts. I could get only glimpses of her nipples and areola as the baby sucked. However those glimpses drove me crazy. Her areolas were rosy in color and her nipple was slightly reddish, since she was extremely fair in color. I knew the times she gave milk to the baby and I would position myself conveniently so that I can watch her breasts, much though pretending to glance at my books,after my 11th  Standard that is Old SSLC where in I bunked some subjects and had to remain home for allmost a year that is when my parents sent me to my uncles house to be under the constant watch of my Aunty, by the time I came to 11th standard had seen lot of pron and blue movies with my friends, that is when I started observing my Hema Aunty properly she had a very good statsitics 36-30-38, she had protruding good boobs which would struggle to get free from the tight blouse which she would wear.  My aunty liked to wear sleevless blouse which would show her arm pit whenever she lifted her hand, this made me mad,  My Aunty started giving me attention and asked me to study, she started helping me solve problems in Maths and Science, when she would be near me teaching my thoughts would be to see her closely and watch her round large deep cut navel, our relations were very free nor she had thought nor had any intentions but as days passed my inner sexual insincts would tell me that days were not far when I would be having sexual relations with my Aunty.
My uncle used to go in the early morning at 7 and would return home in the evening at 8 and when he would come back he would be tired, he would chat for a while with kids and me and then have dinner and used to go to bed, Hema Aunty would be well dressed to kill by the time Uncle returned from Office, she would be fresh from all tensions and wait for Uncle to come and take her out and have fun, at times Uncle took her out leaving behind me with the kids, but that was rare and Aunty would wait for him to get to bed and have some fun, one day when when we were all sleeping saw that mama was kissing Mami's navel, and she was in a saree but the pallu had fallen down showing her complete sexy boobs which were trying to escape the cluthes of the blouse, that aroused me she was moaning in pleasure as Mama kept on sucking her navel & then mama slid his hand and lifted the saree and started kneading the pussy mami was getting aroused, mama went ahead and slid down her luscious mature body and spread her thighs apart, mami was trembling with excitement and anticipation of what mama was about to do next to her. She had   neatly shaven the   pubic hair covering her wet mound. mama teased her by blowing gently on her pussy lips, this made her more erotic and she begged mama to fuck her, but mama was interested more in foreplay he was removing her every dress unaware of my existence as he though I was asleep with the kids. Mami was getting more and more excited with lust and she begged mama to fuck her & stop the foreplay but what was in the mind of mama was not known, mama positioned himself near her pussy and kept the head of his erect cock at the opening of her vagina. Her pussy was slightly palpitating and throbbing, welcoming the entry of mama's cock . Mama made delicate thrusts and pushes. She reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans.

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   As her pussy was already wet and juicy, mama's cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside, mama had entered her fully and was increasing his thrusts with speed, Mami was enjoying and wanted more of it but mama had leaked out and had exhausted.
It so happened that Mami had sprained herself while helping Uncle to pack his baggage for the conference he was to attend at Delhi, Uncle tried to massage her but since he was getting late he asked me to take care of her and massage her properly and informed that he  be back after a week or so, morning mama told me to take care and left, he also said if required go with aunty to the doctor, since we lived on the 3rd floor we went to the balcony and were waiving to uncle goodbye that is when accidently my prick touched aunty’s bums, it was very nice I felt very nice, aunty asked me as to what I was staring at that is when informed her that she was daman beautiful and sexy and praised her structure, she said you are being naughtier. and left for washing the clothes, while washing she used to take her saree upwards and tie it, this scene I used to wait for since when aunty use to sit and brush the clothes I could see her pussy and her sexy thighs, by the time she had completed washing her complete saree was drenched and she started removing it, I was watching from the door sides, which she had not observed, it revealed her curves and her big boobs which was sticking to the Saree could be seen and also could make out the shape of the bra with its straps, her pointed nipples were looking distinctly and her body & shape could be made out with the roundness of her breasts and hips were looking prominently opulent. She was trying to open her blouse which had got completely wet and the hook was not getting released, she called me to help her remove her blouse, as soon as I removed the hooks and pulled her blouse, I pulled her towards me and hugged her she said what are you doing, don’t do this and that she was struggling to get out of my grip, while doing so she fell down and had sprained her waist and thighs, I gave her a hand and took her to the bed and then asked her whehther the pain was terrible she said yes it is throbbing that is when brought a pain balm. , too massage her thighs had to take her petticoat upwards, I was excited,thrilled to see her naked below  She tensed as she felt one of my  hands push between her thighs. She relaxed again as I said, "if I am going to massage your thighs you will have to relax and not push your legs so tightly together. Aunty relaxed and let her thighs open a tiny amount. I gripped one of her thighs in both hands and started to firmly massage it. I started just above her knee, but was soon working my way up toward her pussy. It felt good as I massaged more balm  onto her thigh and soon was was swapping from one thigh to the other, and took massaging each thigh in turns   always moving up toward her pussy and each time, as I neared it, Aunty felt my fingertips tantalisingly close to her moist cunt  She felt my finger purposefully run from the front of her wet minge all the way back to her anus. The feelings that rushed through her body were wonderful. Aunty just gave in completely and with her head still pressed against the soft pillows she just concentrated on the wonderful sexual sensations that ran through her aroused body. She allowed me  to open her legs some more and enjoyed the wild feeling of showing her self to me. The tips of my fingers were now expertly brushing lightly over the wet entrance of her cunt. She could feel each finger individually as they started to touch not only her minge but her anus as well.

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She lifted her head a little to look back at my strong muscular thighs and was pleased to notice that my  erection was now bulging very obviously under my shorts.
  "You are a really sexy lady", I said to aunty, "I always hoped for this day, ever since I saw you making love to uncle  Aunty was shocked by this sudden confession! "Aunty are you angry?" I asked. "No, you just surprised me. That is all". "  She was  looking at me hungrily. I gently pulled her face towards mine and then finally I planted my lips on her lips. As our lips met I wrapped my hands around her creamy white back and pressed her hard against my body. Her pumping breasts sandwiched between our heaving bodies as we passionately kissed. I slowly parted off from her lips and kissing down her chin, neck and cleavages I reached her breasts. As I held her right tit in my hand and suckled its nipple over the blouse my head and brushed my face on her belly. She moaned ahhhh. Then I slowly started kissing her belly. I licked her naval and poured kisses on it. She clutched my head and pressed it towards her belly and was constantly moaning ahhh How much had I desired to press my face against a big lady’s crotch! Aunty slowly eased her thighs, giving me a full view of her crotch and I moved my bead in between burying my nose on her panties. The smell was great .

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  . the feminine smell of her pussy juices. I licked her through her panties and then gently pulled it down, exposing her bald pussy. I was amazed she had shaved her armpits and pusy,. I moved my attention to her pussy, where the bald pussy was glistening from the juices. I could not control myself and I pressed my face against those puffed lips, licking them and moving my tongue deep into her vagina. Again, I was enjoying the sweet taste, of which I had only dreamt till then. I was running my tongue all along her vagina and I could feel aunty  getting excited. Her legs parted more giving me a better access to her vagina with my tongue. I was virtually nibbling the folds of her vagina I heard her moan in pleasure when my tongue touched her clitoris. She grabbed my head pressing and rubbing it strong against her vagina. I was glad that she too was enjoying this. She was now begging me not to stop and I felt her come and her juices where flooding into my mouth. I drank every drop of it, lapping it up from her vagina. It still was not over for me and I turned her around giving me a full view of her soft brown buttocks.

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   I squeezed them gently and then licked and bit them. It was aunty’s turn now.
Grabbing me up on to the bed again, she started kissing me all over. . first in my mouth where she kissed me for a long time, dunning her tongue deep into my mouth, and them her arms were moving all over me. . on my chest, stomach and my breasts, twiddling with my nipples. She licked my chest and my nipples and then moved down. she grabbed my stiff penis in her hands and massaged it gently. Reluctantly she was kissing it and then felt the excitement. I had never expected aunty would be so sex starved and her to be doing it and was really thrilled by the sensation. She really seemed to enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed licking her vagina. She was sucking at my penis and moving it in and out of her mouth. I could not wait any longer and I grabbed her by her waist and placed her vagina over my face again licking her once again. We were in the 69 position.

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   Finally I decided that it was time for the final act and I told her of my desire to have intercourse. But she stopped me saying that she did not want to have unprotected sex. i agreed because I also wanted to do safe sex. At least she had given me the first taste of a women and I did not want to disappoint her more by going against her wishes.
After that we got up and put on our dresses and told aunty that I am going to the store to bring the condoms for which she agreed and asked me to buy some groceries, after I came back and rang the door bell Aunty opened the door and hugged me and allowed me to kiss her, she said that she never knew that I was a grown up man and she also expressed that she wanted to have sex very badly but it was time for the kids to come home so we had to keep the programme for the next day after the children went to school.   In the evening  ,mami, myself and children were watching a movie one by one all my cousins went to bed  , I came near my mami and kept my head on her lap and started watching the movie and slowly started feeeling her legs, Mami new my intentions and she said Satish what are you waiting for go ahead and enjoy and satisfy your Hema darling and she lifted her saree to give ample sight of her sexy thighs and her pussy, She just put her hands on my back closed her eyes and giving out slight moans. I went down and kissed her navel again removing the saree . She started moaning a bit loud now and her hands were on my back and on my hair. Then I slowly went down towards her thighs and started massaging her and her love spot from the top or her saree. And then slowly went down more and lifted her saree and ran my hands through her silky legs.  
She was burning by now. I caught her turned her around and lifted and brought her on top of me and asked her to kiss me on my neck, soft and strong chest and stomach. She removed my T shirt went slowly on my chest, then lips then to my neck and I gave a moan . she licked my nipples and went down to my navel and kissed. I slowly removed my lowers.

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   I was in my underwear now and my dick wanted to come out badly.  
She was lying on me I slowly pulled her down and took her hands to my dick above my undies she was hesitating to do that. We were constantly looking at each other but no words came from our mouth. She on top of me I was slowly removed her saree now. Then I removed the strings of the petticoat and pulled it down. I was surprised as she was without a panty and I could see love spot clean shaved and a perfect one. I inserted my fingers into her pussy and slowly started revolving inside her she started getting excited and could feel the wetness and the hot juices from her pussy was flowing out.  
As my mouth touched her cleanly-shaven pussy, suddenly she arched her body a little with a shrill moan. My mouth probed her entire pussy with frequent hot kisses. Occasionally, I rubbed my chin and cheeks on her pussy giving titillations and pleasurable sensations. Then I began licking it madly. This made her squirm in bed in utmost ecstasy. She admitted her husband (my mama) never mouthed her pussy before and she was enjoying this pleasure for the first time. I licked her entire pussy the way I could. she was getting extreme pleasure of ecstasy as I continued to suck her clitoris hard.

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   After 5 minutes or so, I observed her pussy became very hot, wet and secretions almost oozing and dripping out. I separated her vaginal walls and slowly inserted my tongue into her love-tunnel. I began to twist my tongue and lick the inner walls of her vagina in a wild way. she held my head with the hairs, pulling them apart and pressing my head very hard to her pussy encouraging me to suck more hard. I was enjoying myself by sucking and gulping her pussy juice.  
As my sucking continued for more than 7 minutes, I became aware her body was completely gripped with lust and libido. I knew she could not sustain any longer as she wanted the real thing soon and fast. I observed the burning desires being reflected on her eyes, understood her expressions and gesticulations. I made her lay on her back keeping her legs and thighs widely apart and raised. It was inviting me to penetrate and bury myself inside her body. We stood up and she began to undress me. Once I was fully nude, she observed my hot and erect cock curiously. As she was unable to restrain any more with the burning desires, she wanted me to make love to her soon. I placed myself between her legs and kept the head of my erect cock at the opening of her vagina. Her pussy was slightly palpitating and throbbing, welcoming the entry of my cock pronto.

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   I made delicate thrusts and pushes. She reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans. As her pussy was already wet and juicy, my cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside. Once fully inside, I made slow thrusts then increased my force and tempo. She was fully enjoying my thrusts. As the momentum gained up, in extreme pleasure, she locked my body with her legs tightly around my hips and bounced to give upward reciprocating thrusts to match mine. She looked as if immersed in the ocean of sexual pleasure as she released wild shrills out of sheer ecstasy. Each time, when our thrusts coincided, my cock was driven fully inside her love-tunnel shaking her body. . You are taking me to Heaven for the first time. I wish this thing to happen every  day I responded and really accelerated. My cock was now working inside her like the piston of an engine of an automobile.  
Shaking and swaying due to the violence of our lovemaking each time I entered and withdrew in quick succession. This went on for nearly 10 minutes. I knew, she was about to reach climax as she made spasmodic movements and gyrations with her body, her vaginal muscles gripped my cock tightly crushing it inside her vagina.

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   I also enjoyed it and in another few seconds, she made a loud shrill and cry and went limp. Yeah, she attained orgasm. As she opened her eyes a little later, they reflected her fullest satisfaction. I was still licking her pussy juice from the vagina as an After-play. She frankly expressed she experienced the pleasure of reaching orgasm while fucking for the first time in her life. We rested for a few minutes and then asked mami to go and sleep but she wanted more and said do not worry Mama and kids will not get up soon since she had already put a dosage of sleeping pills in the milk to kids and her husband (my mama) Mami expressed that she never was satisfied as I had done, Mami said she wants to do it again for which I expressed that another week will be staying so we could have fun in the afternoon's but she was eager to have more in the same night.  
Now I requested her to dominate. So, I lay on my back. She seated herself on my body near my thighs keeping her legs folded backward at each side of my body. She held my cock with her right hand and with the help of her other hand, she slowly guided it into her pussy. With a little pull and push, it went fully inside. Then, she speeded up with violent and vigorous thrusts sending my cock deep inside her. She was bouncing and jumping in the act. The pleasure was too much for her as she leaned her upper body backward keeping her hands at the back of her buttocks, as a support, so that she could thrust her pussy forward with more brutal force. While she fucked this way, I cupped her boobs and squeezed them.

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   She was reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and ecstasy indeed. Later she bent forward, hugged and kissed me passionately on my mouth as she continued her onslaught of vigorous lovemaking with her pelvic in a crouching manner. While she did so, I lovingly caressed her back. In another 5 minutes, she reached her second climax, but my penis was paining and wanted to rest.  
 And the next day after   children went to school went to  Hema darling & hugging from the back started kissing her neck from behind, she was also hot and kissed her on her navel and all her body, Mami said stop Satish we will do all this after I get freshen up and mami left me and went to the bathroom,I walked into the bathroom and I caught my breath. Along with the bathroom ceiling, the shower door was completely steamed through which I could see the silhouette of Mami's naked body. The blurriness made her look almost serene and I could certainly feel a tugging in my loins despite the weariness of our sexual encounter. I walked closer to the door and the heat of the steam was clinging to me, but that was nothing compared to the heat I was now feeling inside.  
Letting my clothes fall to the floor, I opened the door and walked in. The stall was big enough that two people could easily and comfortably have a shower. . Mami had her back towards me, and I was mesmerized as I saw the water dance over her body, the droplets bouncing off her skin and sparkling due to the over head light as they fell on the wet floor. The water splashed and coated her every inch. She looked so sexy, that my cock was already in a semi hard position just from looking at her. Mami turned her head slowly looking at me over her shoulder and gave me a small smile and a wink.


   That was my signal, she was in a playing mood just a much as I was. I moved closer to her, and felt the water spray from her body onto mine. Mami turned around and I slowly lifted my hand up and gently caressed her face with my fingertips. She turned her face and kissed my palm, and I felt chills as well as fire run through my body. She then moved her hands up and starting rubbing my chest with her slick and soapy hands. Her smooth hands felt great on my chest, teasing of my nipples with the finger nails was certainly the desired effect on me when she leaned even closer to my ear and whispered, "Would you mind soaping my back?" Oh such politeness, she was being so coy! What a turn on. Obviously I was ready to oblige. she turned around and I gently caressed my fingers on her back, again watching the water cascade down from her shoulders. I got closer to her and wrapping my hands around her pulled her closer to me. My soapy chest made contact with her back as I pressed myself onto her. The soap was letting me slide and slither against her body, my hands snaking over her breasts. Slowly I bent my legs and rubbed my whole body against hers, soaping her. My cock was hard and every time I moved up, it rubbed against her pussy and up her ass. Mami moaned with each pass, and as I continued to finger her hard nipples, I decided to tease her and whispered back, "Your back is done. " 
We both got under the shower, our bodies now intertwined.

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   As the soap washed away from our body, our lust just took over. No more teasing, it was time for some sex. I kissed her lips right under the shower and the water kept entering and leaving our open mouths and our tongues kept dancing around each other. I hugged her tightly caressing her ass as Mami held my head in her hands and sucked my tongue into her mouth over and over.  
Lowering my self down her body I kissed her chest, her cleavage, her nipples, and her tummy. I got on my knees, parallel to her standing body and I slowly lifted one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder and I held her free leg with my arm to ensure she was stable. Moving closer, I leaned in and licked her wet pussy. Despite the rushing water, I would taste her pussy juices. This was a tribute to her horniness. Mami moaned holding me tighter.  
I moved my hands up and cupped her ass and squeezed them as I stuck my tongue out and slid it across her slit. I flicked my tongue over her clit and felt her body shudder. She was horny, and so was I. Mami began to grind her hips in unison to my rhythm. I was using long strokes with short darts.

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   I was flicking, and fluttering, and everything I did was sending waves of pleasure though her body. Her moans turned into grunts. She moved her hands from my shoulders to my head and pulled into her pussy. I held her tighter to make sure her leg didn't give away. I cupped my lips on her fingertip-sized clit and began to suck and her head began to sway from side to side. I felt her legs start to vibrate and within seconds, she groaned her orgasmic groan pulling my face into her pussy and grinding her hips completely into it.  
I held her tighter, until her orgasmic wave passed through her and then stood up and kissed her lips. My cock was still hard, and as Mami felt it touch her body, she gripped it with her hand and began giving it slow strokes. She slowly pushed me to the back of the stall and made my sit on the tiled bench. Then turning around, she parted her legs and placed one on either side of me, and lowered her self onto my very erect, very hard, and painfully throbbing cock! 
Her wet pussy easily slid down as I wrapped my arms around her and cupped and massaged her breasts. She started moving herself up and down, and reached down to cup my balls as she fucked my cock. My fingers were no longer gentle and I rubbed and pinched her nipples hard. I knew I wasn't going to last after a long tease like that, and sensing my twitches inside her pussy, Sanjana picking up her speed. Every time she pushed down the water gather on our bodies kept splashing. The echoes in the shower were deafening yet immensely arousing.

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   As I began to groan, Mami gently pressed the area behind my balls and my cock swelled even more. I blew my load deep into my Aunty   She kept humping on me as I was shooting and I felt my cum seep out of her pussy down my cock onto my balls and down to the floor. .  
We both cleaned ourselves again, and finally got out of the shower, hoping that our skin wasn't too pruned. We dried ouselves and then asked mami that I wanted to dress her bra and panty for which she agreed and said that she will make me wear my underwear and while doing so we were once again heated and wanted to make love once again but we were hungry also, Hema told me that we could go out for lunch so we went to a nearby resturant and had lunch, while coming back we got a pack of icecream and kept the same in the fridge and after that requested   my mami that we undress our selves and do all the housework without normal clothes only in undergarments for which she agreed and then we started cleaning the house, we both were getting excited seeing each others in that I started slowly kneading her tits and nipple she was getting more and more excited, that is when I took out my dick and just put it next to her cunt and it was brushing on her mound Mami just took my dick and took it inside her cunt I nodded pleasantly and reached up slowly to touch her firm ample breasts. The skin was soft, but the composure was firm to the touch. She smiled and slowly began riding. Her hips worked in a continuous steady drive. Her movements weren't jerky at all. Back and forth she slid over my cock perfectly like a machine. She placed one hand on my shoulder and flipped her hair back with the other. I watched as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride & then   my mami began riding my cock harder. The feeling was incredibly intense. she knew exactly how to ride a cock and make it feel good, and she was. She leaned back and pushed the finger farther up my sphincter.

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   I could see her tight stomach muscles as she arched backwards. My cock dipped inside her even more. Her hips began to push and rotate slightly grinding my rod in harder. A little pain flared through my ass, but I could care and then she started going up and down sliding on my erect dick which was thrilling as her cunt was vibrating & was grinding my dick, her cunt was damn hot and hot juices were flowing it was acting as if it was lubricating my dick. My penis was getting harder and harder She moaned in ecstasy I wanted her to feel more of me hence I started moving my torso to and fro. I was stroking hard into her. I was trying to push my cock more and more into her. My cock was going and coming fast to and from her pussy. I was stroking. She was wriggling. She gave me all support with her haunches and I was romping fast. She was sighing and moaning My piston was working fast into her bore.  Hema mami said please go on fucking like this do not stop it is giving me pleasure her wet pussy touching my balls each time she landed on my lap, we were exhausted and tired and had a 15 minute nap and freshened ourselves since the children would be coming from school, our sexual encounters went on since I was on vacation after some days left mama's place since vacation had got over, after few days mami called me to tell that she was pregnant again with my child but adviced her to abort the same since it would create a doubt in family circles and uncle would also be upset since he had not made love to her for quite sometime, we enjoyed till I joined a organisation in Baroda after which our chances of meeting reduced & may be once or twice we had the session, this is a true story may be the language and description have replaced the original thought.