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By Loverboy.


This is a true story which took place years ago   I was staying with my family in Bagalkot and had 3 beautiful children, my wife Kamala was a Government Teacher and myself   an engineer and working in a Private Company.   I got a good job in Hubli and shifted alone as wife had to get a transfer and would take time, in Hubli stayed with a close friend of mine and started searching houses.


One of my Colleagues Yelgur enquired whether I was a Bhramin and when I confirmed to him that I was a Madhwa Bhramin  he invited me to to come and see his house which he wanted to rent, went and saw the house I liked it and agreed to stay there, when I went around the place I could gather that all the people staying in that area were Bhramins, .


I was introduced to Yelgur’s wife whose age must be around 35 her name was Sunitha also known as Baby, she was a damn sexy woman, she had lust written over from top to bottom, they had a son and daughter both were grown up and were in 6th and 7th.   But looking at Sunitha she did not look like she was mother of 2 grown up children she had maintained her figure. She had a  wheatish complexion and figure of 38-27-38- the kind of figures I had always fantasized about. I had always dreamt of having fun with other married woman,    I could feel the thirst of lust in her eyes.


She would always wear her sarees below her sweet and sexy navel and most of the time her protruding boobs could be visible if the pallu was not in place, which always would be disclocated. Her fleshy haunching hips below her narrow waist were also well projected back making big curves there, enough to make her look sexier Her breasts bounced sexily with her every step.


Every day after yelgur went for walking Sunitha who was also known as Baby would water the verandah and clean the steps and would knock at my place and ask me to get up, every day the first person I saw was this lusty woman who used to give me a tonic of excitement. She would always wear her saree  below her sweet and sexy navel and most of the time her protruding boobs could be visible if the pallu was not in place, which always would be disclocated

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While discussing with Yelgur came to know that they had a group who were specialised in singing devotional songs, hymns at houses and at functions and all the groups wives would join for all functions.


Yelgur and Sunitha  had a small function (Arshana Kunkama) in the house and all neighbours and Group ladies were called it was a ladies function but since I was alone they invited me also, that is when I met Sridevi, Vani, Geeta, Suvarna,Kamala,Rukmini,Veena all were Madhwa Bhramin like me,  and in sarees they all looked sexy and one thing was common in all they were religiously strict regarding community and they all did a lot of Madi. When they were asking about me informed them about my family and also told that I loved yoga and would like to take yoga classes, some of the women agreed to join and bring their kids also.


 Sunitha had a close friend who was her neighbor named sridevi she was a bomb she had one son who was  aged 5 year old, she lived with her husband Gopal and inlaws who were damn strict and did not allow Sridevi to wear nighty or Chudidar, she had to wear only sarees because of which are waist could be observed she had a  damn sexy waist which would be seen and which attracted me a lot, she had lesser flesh, the other friend was Geeta who was staying further after 3 blocks, she lived with her two sons and husband, husband was posted in Bangalore who used to visit Hubli on Weekends.   Geeta and Baby after their daily chores would drop in at Baby’s house and they would chat for hours and there main discussion would be how their hubbys satisfied them or about some or the other Swami’s visit so that they could go and gossip with other women and have free lunch.

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Baby used to run a chit fund and was also involved in lending money on loan to people, this she did with the help of her husband’s friend Shyam and Sreenath  Shyam was a handsome man and had other business like distribution of films, real estate and was also a womanizer, even though he had a beautiful wife Nirmala.  Sreenath was working with a MNC company and also had a sweet wife named Rukmini and they had a son of the same age of Baby’ son. Meena with her lusty appeal would attract people towards her and she could easily manipulate in talking, infact people would fall for her glittery looks and sweet talks. Shyam and Sreenath were Baby’s lovers.   Baby got her sexual desires quenched through this two persons, I was to be  third person.  


One day While discussing with the men folk  I came to know that all the men and  women after bath wear a piece of cloth called Madi and do puja to god and then wear clothes, and

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also learnt that most of the women did not wear a Bra, they wore the blouse directly, I was eager to see them in the madi and was planning to do so but before that I had to seduce the family and attract towards me


This 3 women had never seen luxirous life not had been to hotels for dinner, so I decided to take all these three women Baby, Sridevi and Geeta to show  them about a better impression about me took Baby’s family and Sridevi’s family along with Geeta & her husband for a Dinner party at one of the best Hotels named Tirumala Classic and saw to it that everyone enjoyed the food till the brim, all the women folk were happy and also the men, they thanked me for a good dinner, this happened once again after a fortnight but now it was Naveen Hotel which had Five star facilities, while discussing I came to know that Geeta’s husband worked in Bangalore and would come down in weekends only and Sridevi’s husband Gopal was working in a  small scale company as a commercial officer, he was no match for Sridevi


Sridevi was sitting just opposite to me then we were served dishes on the  table As the table which was fairly small, it was quite natural that my knee should touch Sridevi’s occasionally, and it did.

I kept the touches light at the beginning, but as she didn't pull away, I pressed a little harder and left it next to hers. We both smiled as she looked lovingly up into my eyes. I kept the conversation running with Geeta’s husband as best I could, and slowly rubbed my knee up and down.   Sridevi  pushed back even harder. The butterflies in my stomach began to jump. I was more than happy that my wishes were about to be fulfilled. Above the table, Sridevi continued to converse as though nothing at all was the matter.   Her lips parted in a slight gasp, but she did not move away. Soon my leg was caressing her leg lifting her saree upwards.

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   I was now finding it difficult to concentrate on the food. It was getting too hot. I was worried  that either of the other ladies or men saw what we are up to. Now it was difficult for both of us to concentrate on food.
 She teased me again, and her foot became more insistent against my leg. She looked at me, her lips half parted. Her eyes had become very dark now, and that intoxicating look was inviting and bemusing at the same time.  While we were at the table, Sridevi expressed desire to see overall view from the terrace and also the swimming pool I volunteered and we both left since others were busy having their desert
Myself and Sridevi got into one of the elevators I pulled her to me, unconsciously pinning her back against the door, and stared at her for a moment, my face close to hers, as if the distance would lower the sound of our voices. "You are lovely," I said, moving my eyes over her face.

Finally she leaned back against the lift and let me come closer. I leaned forward and moved her arms down to her side, and when she stood there, unresisting, I kissed her, gently pressing her against the wall, tasting her. "Don't," she said, but not moving away, letting me kiss her again.
I stood behind her and kissed her hair running my palm on her naked arm. She turned around and placed her hand along my cheek. "You are not fair," she said, drawing me closer.

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   "There is nothing fair about you," she kissed me. "You are dangerous," she said, kissing me again, lightly, as if she was drawing a breath between words, "and you are tempting", we came out of the lift and were on the terrace where there was easy chairs kept, I could feel her warm breath on my face and she was looking so pretty and sexy. I gathered more courage and started to kiss and suck her neck. She started moan and was not at all objecting so I kissed her lips. Our lips were locked together and we were in long passionate French kiss. I love long and passionate kisses and she also was enjoying it thoroughly. After some time i asked her if we can go and sit on the easy chair which she agreed. I sat on the chair and she sat on my lap and we two were in each others arms and we were kissing passionately. I was kissing all over her face, her neck and her lips passionately with long kisses. Our tongues were playing together and our saliva passing being interchanged. My hand then started exploring her body and was on her back and squeezing her buttocks. She then guided my hands to her boobs, all I had to do was insert my hands inside her blouse sine she was not wearing a bra,  which was a feast for me. Her boobs were feeling so nice that I kept on squeezing them gently and passionately.  My hands started exploring every curve of her body. I was pressing her boobs and she started moaning with pleasure.

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   She was getting hotter by the second. I started nibbling her earlobes and she went crazy with passion. My lips were all over her neck and my tongue was going in circles on her skin, Sridevi’s inserted her  hand  inside my trouser


 I held my breath a moment, as she slipped her hand, palm flat against my skin,under the waistline and between my body and my cock. She stopped moving then without a word, she slipped her hand around my shaft, getting a tight grip almost squeezing it. She exclaimed wow you have a bigger shaft as compared to my husband, I felt warmth throughout my body, and I groaned low in my throat. She held me in her hand, while I continued suck and nibble her nipples. We just stayed that way, neither of us changing our position, for a few minutes enjoying the moment. I could feel every bit of her movement, I was feeling her rub, every bit of it and it was giving me a monster erection, the kind people refer to as 'throbbing'. My left hand travelled over her belly and down between her legs -- her thighs parted as my fingers inched closer to find her already wet pussy. I stroked my finger over her wetness, sliding up to press against her clit then down over her wet lips. "Please," she gasped,  Sridevi asked me to stop and asked to go or else the others will doubt, we joined the other group and then left for our houses, but I was sure that the coming days would be thrilling with full of excitement and joyful.

In the winter vacation my wife Kamala and kids came to Hubli to stay with me for a few days, this way my wife made some friends in the locality, I got to know many families who became close, they invited us for dinner and partly we took them out for dinner.   From beginning I had a liking to women who had big boobs and women who dressed sexily, I admired some of the women who liked it and gave naughty smiles which was a indication that they may be dated in future. In the meanwhile my family and Mr. YELGUR’s family had become too close, and also the family next door named Gopal & Sridevi with their parents & Ashok & geeta they were all in the same locality.

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   In fact Baby had become a close friend of my wife, we went to picnic together and enjoyed, we went outing to some hotels in the evening with Mr. yELGUR’s family and we enjoyed a lot, and always made a practice to pay for the expenses without allowing yELGUR to pay, while we were outing my wife decided to buy a silk saree for herself we all went into the showroom and after selection of few sarees, I noticed that Baby was also interested in a particular saree but her husband was reluctant to pay for it, I made a good gesture and bought the saree for Baby also.    This incident was a beginning of my romance with Baby, she expressed her thanks with a a naughty smile. My family returned back after 3 weeks stay to Bagalkot.   After that Baby gave me more importance and used to invite me to her house for lunch and dinner on Sundays and at times I  took them for Dinner, my attachment and relations with Yelgur and his wife had become very casual, there were no barriers, the atmosphere had become free, Baby was also bold and free, at times I had watched Prakash touching her waist and pinching her which used to excite her, at times he used to pinch her bums this was all exciting me, Prakash used to call me to have drinks with him, and at times Baby also took a peg with us for company, we used to crack jokes, and pass comments, this was getting routine once a week especially Saturday’s or prior to a holiday, myself and Prakash’s family made it a point to go out for Dinner

 . .


After the Naveen Hotel incident I started visiting all the three houses regularly, but at times would visit Gopal’s place quite often or would ask Sridevi to drop in some how our timings did not match to go for the kill. Sridevi’s inlaws were happy to see me around whenever I had a chance to visit them I would discuss regarding Madhwa scriptures, Vedas, this would make Sridevi’s inlaws very happy. I would on occasions do puja with Gopal’s father (Sridevi’s fatherinlaw) I had the freedom to move in the house freely, would always wait for an opportunity to get closer to Sridevi and feel her bums or brush against her boobs.





One day all in the house were watching Tv, Gopal with his daughter and Sridevi’s inlaws were sitting down , myself and Sridevi were sitting on the sofa and were watching a interesting movie, that is when I kept my hand on her shoulders and started tickling her near her arms, she did not object, she also kept her hand on my shoulders, now her wide soft creamy armpit was in front of me.

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   I wondered how an armpit could be so beautiful. It was so clean-shaven that it seemed that no hair has ever been there. I got my nose near her left armpit. It had a divine odor there. I inhaled the killing sexy fragrant of her and went crazy. I began licking that armpit of hers. It felt so good! I kissed and licked her bossom and then my hands were roaming on her body, and went down to her navel and kissed it, I inserted my hands inside her blouse   and was feeling the smoothness, softness and warmth of her boobs with my palms. She said “…iissshhhh…. ” I fondled her boobs, pressed them and squeezed them she was mesmerized in pleasure, no one saw what was happening behind them since the whole family was engrossed in the film, as soon as the film got over, that is when Gopal informed that his mother is going to Mumbai to her daughter’s house and he will drop her anc come.  





Next day decided to go to Gopal’s house since his mother had gone to Bangalore,  Gopal’s father  had started preparing for puja that is when went inside the house when the old man asked me to come in and have a sit and shouted for Sridevi asking to make coffee for me,  Sridevi called back stating that she is already in the bathroom and cannot come, I told the old man that do not worry and asked him to cary on with his puja & that I will come later on.

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    The old man started performing the puja seeing him engrossed quietly went to the bathroom where Sridevi was taking bath, the door was not latched and just a push it opened I stepped in behind her, my hands gingerly reaching for her body, she was shocked and said what are you doing somebody will see that is when told her that   father in law had just started his daily puja which may take hours my hands started tracing her warm wet skin down her shoulders and across her back, feeling the curve of her waist to her hips. Firmly grasping her at the waist and pulling in close behind her, I pressed my hips close against her, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against my hardening cock as the warm water ran between us. As I pressed tighter against her, my cock slid easily between her wet, soapy ass cheeks and a slight moan escaped her lips. It was the first sound either of us made. We stood there, pressed back to front, my cock throbbing between us and she slowly started to rock against me.

She reached back grasping my hips making sure our bodies would not separate and more aggressively sliding her ass up and down against the underside of my cock. My hands now roaming over the front of her body, enjoying the soft fullness of her breasts and marveling at the contrast once I reached her hard nipples. Gently closing my fingers over them and rolling each nipple under my hands. We were both enjoying the sensation and I felt her body tense, her breathing briefly halt each time I pressed my hands against her very sensitive nipples. I was trying not to but I was making the inevitable comparisons in size and sensitivity between her breathing pattern.

Letting my hands slide lower over her wet stomach. Reaching between her legs, feeling the warmth pulsing from within her. Letting the thin wisps of her pubic hair slip between my fingers until I was finally separating her folds and sliding inside, savoring her tremendous warmth engulfing my finger. I realized that she was in a much heightened state of arousal already - either she was as eager as I was or her mind was elsewhere before I joined her. Either way, I could hardly control myself as I worked my fingers across her slick folds.

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Her stance widened slightly to accept my probing fingers, allowing them to enter her freely and deeply with my thumb pressing against her pulsating clit. Sliding both hands over her thighs, using my one thumb to pull back her hooded cover and my other to stroke the swollen little nub. Rhythmically circling, moving it back and forth occasionally causing her to again hold her breath as the pleasure built inside. Her body matching my rhythm as she continued to push her ass against my hard cock. I could feel the pressure building between us and certainly felt the great need to explode when she suddenly pulled away.

I hadn't thought of much other than enjoying the sensation of her body and felt an immediate shock at the thought that she might walk out of the shower and our tryst would be over before it really started. But she turned to face me, and I got another amazing view of her fully naked body before she came close, placing her lips on mine, kissing me deeply. Our wet bodies embraced once again. Her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock pressing hard against her pelvis. We stood there, kissing deeply, hands roaming, exploring each other's bodies.

Her left hand stopped as it encircled the base of my cock, giving a strong squeeze. We continued kissing, with her hand adding pressure against the strength of my erection when she pulled back again. This time I knew we weren't finished as she never released her grasp on my cock. She turned back again now placing her free hand on the glass of the shower wall, bracing herself as she bent slightly at the waist, rubbing my cock up and down the wet opening of her pussy.

She released her grip to brace both hands on the glass as I guided my cock inside her.

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   I entered her slowly, pushing into her as far as I could manage. Her stance widening to accept me even deeper. Holding myself there, buried in her, pushing my weight forward against her, my cock fully surrounded by her warmth. She too pushed back, creating an intense summit of pleasure before slowly rocking forward. I watched my cock reappear from within her, sliding out now covered with a different kind of wetness. I held myself still feeling her slight muscle contractions squeezing my cock before plunging back inside. Now more quickly and more forcefully, our bodies thrusting against each other with the growing pace of impending orgasm.

I hesitated slightly, trying to maintain some control but quickly losing myself in the amazing sensation of the shower and Sridevi’s  body enveloping my cock. Her ass hammering against me as I disappeared inside her with each full stroke. My hands firmly grasping her hips, her hands firmly planted on the shower glass, steam building from the heat, water spraying everywhere as our bodies worked in unison.

I looked up from the amazing sight of her in front of me to see ourselves reflected in the mirror. Her fingers curled on the glass, her eyes closed, her breasts hanging down and shaking with each thrust from behind as well as the remarkable look of pleasure on her face. I was in awe of what was happening. She opened her eyes and our stares met in the mirror. We stayed like that, staring at each other until I couldn't resist any longer.

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   The sensation of the shower, her tightness swallowing my cock, her stare; all combined to break down any resistance I had left, drawing out the mounting explosion of my orgasm.

I managed a few more frantic thrusts, before I broke her gaze and closed my eyes. The eruption came from deep inside me and buckled my knees nearly knocking me over. My cock in reflexive spasms filled her with hot, sticky cum. Each thrust pumping another load that mixed with her own warmth - combined and explosive, flooding and surrounding my still twitching cock.

I took a deep breath as my orgasm began to subside when I felt her body tighten signaling her own climax. I reached between her legs pressing her clit against my cock, pushing her further over the edge. Her back stiffened and I felt all the muscles of her legs and ass tense and begin to quiver. When she came she let out a very quiet moan (quite different from her very vocal sister) but her entire body shook with an amazing fury.

We stayed together for a bit before my cock slipped out in a wet sticky mess. She straightened herself, stretching slightly and we both took a deep breath before she reached over to pick up the soap and resumed her shower. I cleaned up as well then grabbed a towel and left. We probably didn't say two words between us, but it was an event that will hopefully repeat.  

We finally fixed our clothes and straightened up so there was no sign of what we just did.


   Of course, there were smiles on our faces as we left, realizing that musky aroma was still quite present in there…


As soon as we came out of the bath, we heard that the Puja which was being performed by Sridevi’s fatherinlaw was nearing to end when I just slowly walked out of the house without creating any doubts.   


To be continued soon