the WARRIOR GIRL of my heart

Erotic Novels

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”
-Robert Browning

CHAPTER ONE – Beach Campfire

It was night in the lonesome October
of my most immemorial year:
she shined with a brilliant pallor
and tempted me out of my fear.
She fought with magnificent valor
and coaxed me to visit her here.

She evicted the person who ended
His will to stand up aright;
Whose will failed to stand up aright.
Through fear of the others offended
She stood with her luminous light.
She conquered the dim shadowed night.

Now Bell with her new man befriended
Set free with time to explore,
My soul’s ocean ever unended,
And the lustrous shells of its shore.
Together we walked and we tended
The fire our hearts both adorn.

CHAPTER TWO – Warrior Girl

It was like looking down the barrel of a gun; scary, maybe even foolish, despite being sure of yourself that it isn’t loaded and the safety is engaged. That is what it’s like fighting Bell. She is strong enough to fight any of the guys, and skilled enough to win. I was staring at her black belt. My fists were clenched and held up to guard my head.

“Get your hands up. ” She warned.

Okay, now I was guarding my head. I shuffled my other foot forward and snapped a quick roundhouse at her.

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  She managed to evade my attack and snapped back with a front kick. Her kick got my tense abs. I quickly retaliated with a front kick followed by a side kick and finally a spinning side kick. None of which found its mark but did leave me close enough to use my hands. My mind fell back to my old Kung Fu training as I started to barrage her with a flurry of chain punches. She moved out of my range and axe kicked at me.
She pointed to her eyes to signal me to look into her face while fighting. It’s amazing even while fighting how beautiful her eyes are. Then I blocked a roundhouse kick of hers with my forearm.

“Bah Roh! (sounds like Burrow)” Someone yelled.

We all lined up facing our fighting partners and bowed. I couldn’t help but smile at Bell, my warrior girl. She smiled back through her mouth guard. It was the end of class and we all lined up again for the traditional closing. Bell was in front leading the class while I was in the back as the only yellow belt attending that evening.

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Even though I’m not very experienced in Tae Kwon Do, I’m a decent fighter. It’s partly because I’m strong and quick for my size; athleticism can get you far. It’s also partly because I’m trained in an ancient form of Kung Fu. While that was all years ago, I still retain the knowledge in my muscles.

As for my shape, I’m still pretty well cut. Sharp and smooth musculature, rib and ab muscles that show without flexing, and a deceivingly slim frame are all characteristics of mine. I stand taller than average at six feet even. My features blend and compliment with a dark blonde here and a deep blue there. And it’s all contained on a light canvas that is not yet worn by age.

Tae Kwon Do practice gives me time to study Bell. She is also taller than average at what I gather to be five and most of a foot. Her stylized hair is always unique and tasteful which corresponds to her personality. I follow her braid down her jaw line and up to her lips which are full and bright. I imagine them to be soft and inviting. Next I visit her eyes which often visit mine for long moments of pause.


  Her eyes are a color unknown to me between green and hazel. If the eyes are truly windows to the soul then it comforts me to have been in good company with her soul so many times before and so many times from now.

Her body is something I study in detail while we stretch before class. She is exceptionally flexible and her musculature is set masterfully. She is a brilliant mixture of strength and grace; of power and absolute beauty. Her legs are especially deadly and I often wonder in what ways she can use them and how she might use them on me one day. I move up from her legs when she’s stretching certain ways to get a good view of her ass. Her amazingly sexy ass begins to rev up my prurient interests which have already started to enter my mind while I was studying her killer legs. I imagine what her firm ass would feel like in my hands after sliding them up her legs.

My attention quickly turns to her breasts as she stretches downwards and I look at the low cut “V” shape of her Tae Kwon Do gi. Her breasts are the perfect size, not too big, and not too small. I recall a time at a Tae Kwon Do camp, the very camp at which I met Bell, when she wore a bathing suit. I was stupefied by the brown bikini top she was wearing. I hope that nobody caught me looking down her body but it was irresistible. Even now, it’s inevitable to keep my eyes off.

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  I think about how they might feel against my bare chest. I think about how they would look as she was on top of me, nude and smiling down at me.

At length the prurient thoughts must rest while I fight her and the various other students of the class. But for now, class is over and I make my way quickly to the men’s room to change.

I always talk to Bell after class in the parking lot of the gym and while it’s always our routine to do so, today is special. This time is the first time I’ve been able to make it to Brownville since I took my job with Stryker. I usually work second shift which makes it impossible to meet up in the afternoon. I had taken a couple days off of work just so that I could come here and see Bell. And there was another event that makes this meeting special: This is the first time that I get Bell all to myself since she initiated her divorce. It has already been a month and her ex has moved out of her place in Shelding.

Everything is starting to look good, for both of us in my opinion.

Bell is saying her goodbyes to everyone in the parking lot while I approach. She casually smiles at me. I smile back with my “I know something you don’t know” trademark smile. We get to talking about Tae Kwon Do until everyone else leaves and it’s just the two of us.

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“Do you have to work tomorrow?” She asks.

“Nope, I took tomorrow off too. ” I say, smiling a bit.

“You took two days off for Tae Kwon Do?! What do you have planned?” she asks me teasingly.

“Nothing in particular…” I try to act innocently.

“Well, since you have all that free time… Would you like to come over to my house for a while?” She slyly asks. I agree eagerly but try to conceal my excitement. We say a quick goodbye and plan a quick caravan to her place. I hop in my truck and we’re off.

CHAPTER THREE – Dream Realized

I had arrived at her house and was given the grand tour. I met Magic, her great dane. And I was shown the rest of her home. The ghosts of her past have already seemed to have cleared out. Or just maybe my very presence frightened them off. I hope that my presence frightens them off for good.

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  Bell has already felt enough pain and it’s my duty to end it. I have a fine feeling like I’m doing a good job already. Bell seems closer to me than ever since I entered the house. We sat on the couch and talked a while. Before I knew it, my hand was holding hers. I have longed to feel her holding mine since I met her months ago.

I stand up and guide her to an open area in the living room.

“Dance with me?” I ask as I take her hips in my hands. Though there was no music, we slow danced for a few minutes. “Can I dip you?” I ask with a smile. She loved the idea and smiled back. She leans back as I embrace her. “One more time!” I dip her again but this time I slowly lower both of us to the floor. Her head softly lands in my lap as I look down at her. I take off my glasses and set them aside.

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  I study her eyes and her face grows serious but soft. I slowly glance at her lips and back to her eyes. I lean forward and close my eyes. It seems like eternity for my lips to meet hers. Her lips are warm and soft like I imagined. Her tongue finds mine and mixes gently. Our kisses turn steadily more passionate. I support the back of her neck and head with my hand. She sits up and I wrap my other arm around her tightly. I start to kiss down her jaw and reach her neck. She releases an excited sigh.

She stands up and says “Let’s get ready for bed. ”

I quickly agree and ask “Do you mind if I take a shower? I need one after Tae Kwon Do today!”

“Sure, here’s the bathroom and here is a towel you can use. ” She explained and provided everything for me.

She went off to change and get ready for bed while I got undressed.

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  I turned on the water and hopped in. The warm water poured over my body. I began thinking about kissing Bell and my heart began to speed up. I ran the soap across my body and started to think about where the night might go. I was now completely hard between my legs. My hands led themselves to my hard shaft which I thoroughly cleaned with the soap. After a final rinse I examined my body. No bruises, not too much hair, foot pads a bit tore but not bad. And a proud, larger than average, fully hardened cock.

I climbed out of the shower to find Bell in the bathroom holding my towel. She must have been waiting for me given that I didn’t hear her come in and that she was completely naked. I gave her a sexy smile and she returned one to me as she closed the distance between us. She dried me off with the towel and explored my body. She even took hold of my cock with the towel to dry it. I was practically stunned by this gorgeous woman and she took full advantage of it.

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She led me to her bedroom leaving my clothes in the bathroom and kissed me again. She pushed me with a little more force than I expected down onto her bed. The bedroom was dimly lit by a single bedside lamp. The only sound I could hear was her soft breathing. I was on my back now with Bell crawling over me. She straddled my hips with her knees and supported herself with an arm on either side of my shoulders. I gently lifted my hands to her sides and slid them along her body. She shivered for a second and bent down to kiss my collar bone. She softly bit my collar bone and I couldn’t help but make a noise of excitement and pleasure. My hands moved to her back and explored their new territory. I moved one of my hands to her neck and the other to her butt and thigh. I firmly rubbed her muscles of her leg and neck. My heart beat quickened and my breathing grew heavier. My thick shaft was hot and ready to feel her. I moved my hand from her thigh to the inside of her legs.


My fingers found her warm and already wet. I teased a little by rubbing my fingertips along the inside lip of her waiting vagina. I could feel her excitement rising. She began kissing my neck and up to my mouth. I softly bit her lower lip and slid two fingers deep into her. She moaned and waited for more. I thrust my fingers in and out of her slowly but firmly. I feel inside her and rub along her inner walls then I start thrusting faster. We kiss again and our tongues find each other. After a few minutes I remove my hand.

Without prompting she takes a hold of my cock and lines the head up with her small entrance. I thrust up slowly while she lowers herself down onto me. Her inner walls grip the head and length of my cock. Soon my whole length is deep inside her and her body rests pressed against my sack. She lies down on my chest.


  I put one arm around her, pressing her breasts against my chest. I move my other hand to her lower back, just above the tail bone. She is held against me and I can easily thrust up into her as hard and deep as I like. I press down firmly on her tail bone which allows me to thrust all the way into her until my sack presses against her pussy lips. I close my eyes and a moan escapes me. I move my other hand to her neck as I still press down on her ass. The feel of her hair and the thin glaze of sweat that is forming and the feel of her bare skin on mine drive me wild.

I vary my pace of thrusting into her. At first my pace is fast but soon I slow down a little and use more power to ensure I get deeper into her. At a slower pace I can feel her muscles tightly grip my cock as if her body doesn’t want to let it go. I can tell that she’s in deep pleasure. She is moving her hips in time with my pumping and she moans with excitement. Her pussy is so wet that the liquid is rolling between my legs to the bed.

She sits up to ride me. She puts her hands on my chest and plays with my nipples and tattoo.

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  For a moment we’re not pumping in or out but I am thrust into her body completely. She looks into my dilated and passionate eyes. I catch my breath and rub her thighs with my hands. My cock throbs inside her which causes her body to grip my shaft. I follow the sides of her body with my hands to her breasts. I gently squeeze them and play with them. She stretches her arms upward and leans her head back for a moment as if to say “they’re all yours”.
She returns her hands to my chest to support her and begins to grind back and forth on my body. My cock grinds around inside her and I can feel it press along her soft inner walls. She closes her eyes tightly and runs her nails down my chest. I tense my chest and abs. I move a hand down to her wet pussy and begin rubbing my thumb directly next to where my cock is penetrating her. I tease the folds of her hot skin as she drives into me. She claws my chest again and I can tell that it’s bringing her close to an orgasm. I rub her harder and more vigorously.

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  At once I can feel her vagina clench my long shaft. Her juices leak out and she digs her fingers into my ribs. She lets loose an excited gasp and opens her eyes revealing a fiery passionate expression. I get a sensation of overwhelming pleasure. I grab hold of her hips and pull her downward as if my cock could go any deeper into her. My cock pulses and starts to pump loads of creamy cum into her body. I’m sure she can feel the release and her body seems to squeeze it from my shaft.

CHAPTER FOUR – Rest and Round Two

She sits still on top of me and we both begin to catch our breath. She lies down with her breasts to my chest like she was at first. My cock is still hard inside her. We begin to gently kiss and I run my fingertips along her back in long random patterns. I can feel the heat of her body radiating and I think to myself how much I love being this close to Bell. I wish she would be in my arms forever.

I can feel a mixture of her wetness and my semen trail down my hip. I watch her body rise and fall with my breath and I try to feel her heartbeat in my chest.


  I lift a hand to play with her hair. I slide both my hands down her back and rub them across her firm ass. And my attention once again returns to my buried cock.

I roll the both of us more toward the middle of the bed. Now I am on top of her and I reposition myself back inside her. I prop my shoulders and head up with my elbows while I once again begin to drive my shaft into her. She grabs my sides and rocks her hips in time with my pumping. My breath begins to get heavy. Our bodies collide and slap together when I begin to put more force into my thrusting. I rest my head next to hers so I am free to use my arms. I dig my hands under her and grab her ass with both hands. I lift her hips off the bed and slide my knees in a little farther up. She bends her legs at the knees and spreads them far apart. I pound her in this position which lets me deep into her and maintains a passionate and emotionally bonding closeness which sets my heart pounding and my mind blissfully overwhelmed. She is heavily breathing and moaning almost uncontrolled.

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  Her hands dig into my back with her nails.

I move one of my hands inward and run my fingertips along her stretched pussy lips. I stroke a finger along the bottom where I’m thrust into her and gently rub the length between her pussy and little asshole. When my finger glides across her other hole she slightly tenses and lets out an unexpected moan. She relaxes again and puts her arms tighter around me. I run my finger around the rim of her little ass and return my hand to holding her up.
I can feel another load of cum building deep within me. I stop pumping and remain pushed far inside her. I let her ass down to the bed again and move a hand to support her head while I kiss her. Her kisses are passionate and almost wild. Her tongue is forceful and exploring. She holds my head in her hands and rubs her fingers into my hair. Her whole body is lit up and hot. We are both sweating and blushed with desire. I stay like this until I can feel the urge to cum subside.

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I remove my cock from her entirely and crawl slowly down her body. With one hand I squeeze her breast and run a finger along her nipple. I run my tongue along her other nipple and suck and lick her breast. She clenches my body with her legs but I’m far from being done teasing her. I slide farther down her gorgeous body until I’m faced with her burning hot pussy. She moans and grabs the sheets tightly simply at the thought of what I’m about to do.
From underneath her I wrap an arm around each of her legs and pull them open. I begin by taking a big lick from the bottom of her wet slit to the top. She clenches the sheets harder and pants with anticipation. I spread her vagina open wide with my fingers and begin to lick into her as far as my tongue will allow me. The taste of her juices turns me on and urges me to kiss her pussy and explore her with my tongue. Then I get a horny idea.

CHAPTER FIVE – My Creative Side

I unwrap my arms from her legs and move my hands to spread her pussy and ass wide open. Then I take a big lick but this time start directly on her little asshole and lick up her vagina lips. She gives a shocked but pleasured sound.

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  She spreads her legs wider as if to say, “I love it! Do it again!” I take the hint and lick her ass until her juices flow down to my tongue.

I sit up on my knees and look at her. Almost as if she could read my mind, she gets up and turns around so she’s on her hands and knees, butt facing me. I scoot closer to her ass and line the tip of my hard cock up to her soaked pussy. I hold onto her waist and thrust myself all the way into her. My sack bounces against her when I drive into her over and over again. The room echoed with a sound like I was spanking her ass hard. Her butt rippled with every powerful thrust. The head of my cock slides against her inner muscles with each pump. I slide both my hands around her to her very lower belly. I press up against her so that her pussy walls grind against my cock when I drive it into her. She shivers and rips into another orgasm as I pound into her from behind. My urge to cum is quickly building. But I manage to stop thrusting on the razor edge of cumming completely. Instead half of my load leaks out into Bell and I’m still left hard, horny, and ready for more.

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  I can achieve this three or four times in a row before it’s too much and I have to let the whole load go. But at length I plan on filling Bell up like this until her insides are well coated with my cum.

I lick up her back and bite her shoulder. I slide my hands up her body to her perfect breasts. She sits up on her knees, and while I’m only half thrust into her, my chest is pressed against her back in this upright position. She puts her hands on mine and locks her fingers into mine. She takes my hands and rubs her body with them somewhat forcefully. I massage her breasts at first and glide down her belly. I briskly massage her thighs and abs until I return to her chest. I kiss her neck from behind her as I fingertip around her nipples. I find her ear with my mouth and gently bite a small bit of it. My cock throbs inside her and urges me to continue pumping and filling her up with my cum.

From here my hands slide down to her vagina which is tightly gripping the top half of my cock. I rub my fingers across its stretched lips. The feeling of my thick shaft and smooth fingers causes her to melt.

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  She returns to the bed on her elbows this time. Her ass is pushed up and back against me. I press my cock back into her and leave it there. I massage her ass with my thumbs and palms. I spread her ass open revealing her asshole as well as my shaft fully penetrating her pussy. I can’t resist pushing a fingertip against her ass. She moans and stretches her arms out in front of her so her head and shoulders completely rest on the bed. She grips the sheets, ready to take more.

I rub my finger along her pussy until it’s all wet from her juices and return the finger to her ass. I line my fingertip up with her tight little hole and begin to push it inward slowly. I gently push my index finger half way into her. Her ass tightly squeezes my finger as her hot and blushing pussy tightly squeezes my cock. She puts her face into the sheets and moans loudly. I continue thrusting my finger into her until it’s inside her as far as I can go. When she squeezes down on it I begin pounding into her pussy again.

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  I can feel my cock pumping into her from the inside of her ass. The wet sounds of me sliding in and out of her accompanied our breathing. Another load of my cum is building rapidly and I have to stop suddenly to prevent shooting my whole load. Like last time, I manage to stop in time and half of my cum fires into her waiting cervix.

I slowly remove my finger from her ass. I rest inside her and reach forward to hold her body. “Come here, Sweetheart” I whisper. She rises to an upright position on her knees once again. My cock, still solid, slides half way from her red and soaked vagina. Kissing and firmly massaging her glowing body I can feel my semen trail down my shaft from deep within her. I know I can’t hold back my own orgasm for much longer, and I want to savor every moment. The smell from her hair and neck is intoxicating. The feel of her skin in my hands is smooth and hot. I hold her hand and lock my fingers with hers, my other hand hugs her body against my chest. I soak in the feeling of the closeness I feel with Bell that is now so strong I can feel the energy in my heart warm my soul.



CHAPTER SIX – Autumn Night Breeze

I remove my shaft from her and lay on my back. She smiles at me with a blushed face and I coax her to straddle me. She slides her pussy lips along my cock as she’s holding herself steady by gripping my shoulders. “I want more. ” She says in a wanting voice. I nod with a smile. My face is blushed and hair is sweaty. She guides my cock back into her and sits for a moment looking down at me. I can tell she’s soaking in the feeling of closeness to me just like I was. Her hands trace my body and massage my chest. She squeezes my arms and runs her thumbs along my abs. She looks into my eyes and lies down on my body to kiss me. Her legs rub along mine and our feet mingle together. She pulls up from a kiss and looks into my eyes. Her pupils are dilated and her look is lustful and serious.


  There’s a misting of sweat on her face. She glances at my lips and back to my eyes. I can feel her heartbeat increase and muscles clench slightly. “Fuck me, Shawn. ” She whispers and squeezes my arms in her hands tightly. She leans in and bites down on my neck.

My own heartbeat and breath pound with excitement. I hold her hips in my strong hands and start pumping hard into her again and again. She moans through her teeth and repositions her bite. We make a sound of wet slapping that loudly fills the room. Our own voices moan and pant between the slapping. I dig my fingertips into her hips a little and thrust slower but harder. The force bounces her body up and down. She lets my neck go and grits her teeth. She tenses all her muscles and shivers.

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  She moans louder than ever when she orgasms on top of me. Her cervix squeezes my cock tightly and it’s impossible to hold back my own orgasm. I close my eyes tightly and a wave of ecstasy rolls throughout my body. My cock swells and pumps my milky cum deep into her uterus and cervix. I growl a satisfied moan as I finish squirting semen into her.

Soon we’re both left panting and exhausted. She melts into my chest. I hold her with my arms and we lay there dazed after we catch our breaths. I can feel her heart rate slow to a normal beat. Her body is still radiating heat. This is the first time that I notice that she had opened a window across the room. She must have opened it when I was taking my shower. The window issued a cool autumn breeze that now caressed our entwined bodies.

At length we crawled under the sheets and snuggled up together in our nest. She puts her hand in mine and she gently falls asleep in my arms.

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  I draw long patterns with my fingertips on her skin while I watch her sleep for half an hour or more. I begin to drift into a sleeping spell that autumn itself has cast upon me. And I rest happily knowing that I’ll wake up to the Warrior Girl of my heart.