25 Ways to Love You

Erotic Poetry


1. is I like to lick things, it’s you I see and pulsing
I’ll lick you out of your skull with pleasure
Devouring you, it’s your love I treasure

2. is I can adapt, make love on the forest grass
Give you an orgasm that you can barely breath
Lay you down so the whole world sees

3. is I love adventure, lets pull over to a secluded place
Lay you on my hood, and put your love in my face

4. is I can use my penis,
between it and my balls you’ll feign us
I can dip it in ink and write you a letter
There’s a poem included to make it better

5. is I’ am direct and this happens quite often
Once I’m up it’s hard “ On your knees”
I want your lips soft and on it

6. is I’ am good with my hands
I can make you feel more naked
Stroke you every where and massage
It’s more intimate and sacred

7. is I love to tease
Tie you up at leisure between your knees
I’ll lick it, so good you can’t refuse
You’ll be begging me for my fingers to use

8. is I aim to please
You will cum first with ease
Just by my questions you will get off
When your bent over, who’s the boss?

9. is I have a way with words
In saying nasty things
I say I love you first
Never words that hurt

10. is I’ am always primed
like a racer who waits for the word go
You know what’s great about that
I can never tell you no

11. is I’ am an inventor
in your love I splendor
While I’m inside you I’ll lick your ankles
It makes you cum and tingle

12. is I like to take charge
being sensitive not only makes me large
Pulling your hair,
and smacking your ass, fucking it hard

13. is I’ am curious
I want to explore you
Sit you in my chair and adore you

14. is I return favors
since you like my flavor
I’ll put you in my mouth,
and make it my pleasure

15. is I know my pleasure
I’ll teach you how
I’ll give you a show
You just bring the towel


bellalina athens greece 

   is I come prepared
Body groomed and clean,
so all the attraction is more than a dream

17. is I’ am protective
After making love, I’ll pull you to my chest
Hold you all night while you get good rest

18. is I have a hearty appetite
Blind fold you from sight
Whip cream on your nipples,
up and downbetween your knees
Lick it up, you’ll ask to do it again and beg

19. is I embrace my feminine side
Paint your nails and toes
Brush your hair and show you how my love goes

20. is I’ m easy to please
when your on your knees

21. is I like to take responsibility
give you love and liability

22. is it’s me and you

23. is I like to expand my horizons
everything about you turns me on

24. is I’ am focused
I want you to lay straight
Legs together while I create
a orgasm like true love for you to embrace

25. is I want to leave an impression
Kiss you good night and steal your panties
Before I go and return them another night