Erotic Cries

Erotic Poetry

Out of the bubble filled tub, candles glowing, wrapped in a towel,
drying your pretty brown hair
I was walking by, I caught a glimpse, Looking so beautiful,
I found myself stopping to stand and stare
I felt myself drifting off, to romancing you, clearly in my mind,
to a place where only lovers go
I feel my blood rushing hot, racing to my groin, making me want you,
as I quickly begin to grow
I see a clear vision, of you and I, melding together,
slowly making love
I was brought back, to living reality, by your warm hand,
wrapping me like a glove
I let out a love moan, Then a deep groan, gasping for air,
followed by some erotic cries
I let myself go, under your control, looking at you,
deep in your pretty hazel eyes
I saw my love, glowing in you, ignited flames of passion,
as you dropped the towel
My eyes opened wide, my breathing increased, I could not speak,
so I lipped, Wow oh Wow
You pulled me to you, against the wall, spread your legs,
and slowly guided me in
You kissed my lips, grabbed my butt, squeezed on me,
as my thrusting begins
Pushing in and out, banging very hard, against the firm wall,
giving you all of me
I feel the heat, boiling inside of me, racing with sensual excitement,
about to shoot it free
I look at you, see your serious face, such a warm glow,
deep in your hazel eyes
We both scream out, very intense, gasping for air,
followed by some erotic cries
I pull you near, kiss your sweet lips, lick your cute ear,
and whisper I love you
You kiss me back, look into my eyes, lick my ear,
and whisper I love you too!!!!!
 Penned By James L. McHenry

Copyright ©2004 By James L. McHenry

Copyright ©2004 By Mickey Pig Knuckles

Copyright ©2004 Mickey Pig Knuckles (All rights reserved)
Copyright ©2004 HeartFelt