From Satan's Invisible World Discoved - Jean Weir's confession

Erotic Poetry

HE ENTREATED THAT minister to assist her, and attend her to her death, which, at her violent importunity, he yielded unto, though it was not his course to wait upon condemned persons. What she said in private to himself, he says, must die with him. She avouched, that from her being sixteen years of age, to her fiftieth, her brother had the incestuous use of her, and then loathed her for her age. She was pretty old at this time, and he, when he died, was about seventy. He asked her, if ever she was with child to him? She declared with great confidence, he hindred that by means abominable, which she beginning to relate, the preacher stopped her. Some bystanders were desirous to hear the rest; but says he, 'Gentlemen, the speculation of this iniquity is in itself to be punished.'Jean Weir was the sister of the Scots wizard, Major Weir. They were executed separately. She insisted on tearing off all her clothes at her execution. The ground where they had committed incest remained barren.