In Rememberance of Your Passion

Erotic Poetry

I will always rememberthe feel of your hairintertwined with my fingersthe touch of your skinas it grazed against my chinthe yearning in my boneswhen you hold me in your armsthe pressure of your lipsas your tongue grasps with minethe taste of your kissand the scent of your hairthe way your body feels pressed tightly with minethe heat between our bodiesinvigorating, and passionatethe ripples of my fleshas your hand glides over my breastas my pulse quickensbeneath your softened lipsthe steam rising off your backas the growth of passion excedes usthe sense of powerflowing through your limbseagerness with standingthe warmth of your breath around my nipple, gently suckingthe trace of your tongue as it glides down the slope of my stomachthe softness and passionas you bring me to hightened ecstasythe firm grip of your handsas you bring my hips to meet yoursclashing gently against the nightto bring your soul homeand home againto heighten beyond perceptionto only feel the beating of your heartas it beats in rythym with minethat my loveI will always remember