Inga's lair

Erotic Poetry

You were a pilot in the army during the great war. The battle in the sky was
fierce as you battled for America and all she hold dear. You were part of
secret army fighting ancient forces. That was until you were shot down by an
enemy plane. You plane crash on enemy territory. You survived but was knocked
out. You woke up tied naked to the story.
That was of no problem. You handled worst before. What ever kind of torture
that they had plan would be nothing. You were taught to take anything. You
were the best of the best. . Then you heard screams.
"I tell you everything please stop. " You heard a man begged.

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Then you saw the Brick. The Brick was one of your toughest man. He now had a
collar on him. He was being walked by two germen women and was kissing their
feet. You waited in the room and then a woman walked in. She didn’t look like
a woman. She looked like a goddess. She came in naked. She stood 6. 5 in height
and had solid muscle. She was still beutiful. He breast were huge almost to
cartoony proportions. They were like two giant beach balls. She had big sexy
lips and seem to drip sex. Everything about her was amazing.

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   She had a face of
a godess. Her hair was blond and had deep blue eyes. He body was tone and
"Vhy name is Inga. Vhere is the Vazer Veapon," She says in a corny accent?
"I don‘t know" you lie.
"Do not play dumb vith me vittle man," She says. She gets on top of you and
straddles you, pressing her warm panty covered cunt down on your swelling
cock. "Do not play with me. You know I vill get the information as no man can
resist me. I vill fuck it out of you. I can bring you to a vevel of pleasure
your puny American body could never take. You vill fall in vuv vith me. My
pussy is just too great. Tell me now and save yourself the embarrassment of my
dominating you in bed"
She presses a button on the wall and a bed slid into view.
"Ummm if I have to go through having amazing sex for my country by God I will.

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That is the price I am willing to pay to be an AMERICAN," You say.
"I admire your bravery vittle man but you are very foolish", she says.
She takes you and ties you to the bed. She strips off all her clothes and
start rubbing you. She kisses your chest and slowly starts sucking your
nipples. You lay there naked as she kisses your body
"Ven I finish vith you, you will give me the invormation" She said grabbing
hold of your cock. She had an amazingly long tongue and she runs it all around
the head of your cock, bringing your cock to full throbbing erection. She
licks your cock up and down focusing on just the right spot on the underside
of your cock head. She got it real wet licking around and sucking his balls.
She had the best hands in the world. She rubbed his body with one hand and
stoked his cock with the other
"Now its time American to veel the power of sex attack" She said. She takes
your whole cock in her mouth. Her sucking is amazing. She starts sucking hard
and fast. Giving your the wildest and wettest blow job you ever had.

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   It drives
you crazy.
"You can't take it vittle man" She laughed
"ohhhhhh shit" You mutter. You feel yourself cumming
After less than 3 minutes you are dying for release and she was giving it to
you. Your cum rockets from the head of your cock and you blow your load down
the bitch's mouth. She sucks you dry and keeps blowing you.
She smiles up at you and says, "Give up vittle man, I can go all night. " she
said stoking and sucking your now extremely sensitive cock.
She held you down and started riding you. Her pussy sucked your cock in. Her
cunt tightens and massages your cock gripping your shaft like a chokehold. She
moves under you, doing things to your cock that you didn't know were possible
She laughs as you moan saying, "That is vhy vittle van should tell the truth. "
She rides you harder and faster. Your cock feels like it is wrapped in the
giant tongue. You cum more then should be possible. She pumps herself up and
down on your cock as you cum, the pleasure is almost more than you can bear.

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"Now vatch this" She says
She start riding you up and down so fast that it shouldn't be physically
possible. She is just a blur to you as she fucks you to torturous bliss.
You scream at her, "I can't take you going so fast"