Inner Desires

Erotic Poetry

Can you feel me there?
Feel the protrusion
Such a cock tease
Can you feel what you do to me?
The look of your sensational ass
Spins me like a top
Then you showing off your stomach
Making me want to cum all over it
Gonna make you mine
Gonna rape your behind
Tear your clothes off
Tired of your tease
Rip your shirt from your body
Exposing your bra covered milky white breasts
No longer can I take it
I grab your breasts
Rape, rape, rape,
Rape, rape, rape,
Have you figured it out yet?
Have you figured it out yet?
I kiss you
Shoving my tongue inside of you
Muffling your screams
No longer can I hear your pleas
I take off my shirt
You claw and scrape at my chest
“Can’t you see you’re only turning me on even more?”
I smack you across your face, putting you in your place
I tie your hands and feet
To the bed posts
“Quit your crying”
“You know you want this, bitch”
I kiss your beautiful cleavage
Then kiss and lick down your flat firm stomach
Oh how I love your stomach
How you must work out daily
Rape, rape, rape,
Rape, rape, rape,
Have you figured it out yet?
Have you figured it out yet?
I rip off your skirt
Only to expose a thong, a g-string
“I knew it”
“I know you were a slut”
I slowly take off your thong
“Oh what is this?”
“You shave”
“And look how wet you are”
Slut, Slut, Slut,
Slut, Slut, Slut,
That’s what you are
That’s what you are
I shove three fingers right up inside you
No warm up for you
I fuck you with my three fingers
Screaming for me to stop
You scream louder and louder
“Scream louder”
“Only making me harder”
“Come on scream!”
“Fuck you, bitch”
“You know you want this, bitch”
“I am going to fuck you”
“Fuck you like the slut you are”
I replace my fingers with my tongue
I lick your pussy
Oh it tastes so sweet
Like nectar, sweet woman nectar
I lick your pussy one last time
Lick up your wet slit
Up your firm stomach
To your breasts
I unclasp your bra
Setting your tits free
“My, my, my, look at those nipples”
I flick then pinch your hard nipples
You scream in pain
I only pinch and twist harder
“Bitch, you’re only making me harder”
“Scream bitch; scream!”
I engulf your nipple into my mouth
Swirl my tongue around your nipple
Then I clamp my teeth down like vice grips
Rolling your nipple between my teeth
I only bit harder
I grab your other breast
Beginning to grope it
I let go of my vice grip on your nipple
I raise my head
“Please stop!”
“I’ll do anything, just don’t fuck me!”
“Shut the fuck up bitch, you’re mine now”
I stand up, and take off my pants
Then stripping off my boxers
Exposing my thick veiny cock
I gently stroke it looking at you, a slut I’m about to fuck
I straddle your chest
Forcing my cock into your mouth
“Suck it bitch, if you bite, I will fuck your ass”
You continue to cry while I fuck your beautiful face
I pull my out my big piece of meat
Then slap you across the face with it
Then I stick it back in your mouth
I stick it down your throat
You start to gag
I just continue fucking your throat
“Take it bitch, TAKE IT!”
I continue fucking your throat raw
Finally had enough of your throat
I pull out
“Good, bitch”
I tell her
I stick my tongue down your throat
While grabbing both of her breasts
Squeezing them, groping them
Forcing my tongue deeper and deeper
I break the sloppy kiss
Then lick your face
Tasting your sweet tears
“You have everything to fear”
You spit in my face
“Stupid bitch!”
I slapped you across her face
Leaving a red hand print across your cheek
I smack your tits
“Your screams
Only make me harder”
You are gonna get what’s coming to you
I line my cock up with your pussy
“Please, don’t do this mister!”
Ignoring you
I slam my thick white cock inside of you
You let out a scream
As I break your hymen
Only getting hornier and harder
From your screams of pain
I continue to pound you
Thrusting my cock in and out
I pull my cock all the way out
Then only shove it all the way in
“You like this bitch, don’t you?”
“You’re getting wet, you fucking slut”
“You’re now my little fuck doll”
I lean over and force my tongue into your mouth
I continue my brutal rape of you
Smacking your tits raw
Slapping your thighs
Making you scream louder and louder
My balls slap your ass
As I clamp my teeth down on your hard nipples
Rolling it between my teeth
“Oh god, bitch, I’m about to come deep inside you”
“NOOOOOOOOOO”“Take it bitch, you know you want it!”
“Take it like the cum slut you are”
“Oh god it’s close!”
I start to moan
Just as you scream, “NOOOOO!”
My cock twitches inside of you
Releasing my cum deep inside of you
You lay there motionless
As I continue to fuck you
Through out my orgasm
Finally I have had enough
I pull out
Looking at this motionless body
“I am going to go take a shower”“You stay here, when I’m done I want to fuck that ass of yours”