Love bound by steel

Erotic Poetry

Love Bound by SteelA slut and a slave, no less and no moreYour freedom a dream, your life from beforeTaken from you, by right of the strongNow born anew, now where you belongHow could you know, curiosity teasedHow far it would go, that you might be seizedBy one you believed, your lover, your friendTempted, deceived, your life to descendTo service and lust, a master’s harsh willObey as you must, commandments fulfillDefiance is punished, resistance the sameRestraints and the beatings until you kneel tameFeed from his hand, drink from a bowlPermission to stand, your kennel a holeManacles, chains, fetters and barsA cruel master’s collar, his branding iron scarSubmissive your gaze, submissive your thoughtNo longer dazed, now what he had wroughtA lover enslaved, and taught how to feelA lover he’d craved, her love bound by steel.