My Brother turn

Erotic Poetry

This is the second part of the "my brother" story. Sorry it took so long to write, my memory of the event is cloudy. . . yes it did happen. . and I was 13. . .

I woke tired and and sore the following morning. I wasn't even sure how I had gotten home, I'm pretty sure I had passed out during the ride. Images flashed in my head of the previous night, so many guys my age and older pounding themselves inside me fromt and back. I was sure no one had used a condom as I recalled clearly powerful busrts flooding my tiny bottom and throat. I was sticky as I moved my legs to the side of my bed my sheets stuck to my body and I noticed a huge wet spot where my bottom had just been. Wow, how many guys and the last one. .

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  . my own older brother. Had he slipped me the drug? If not he certainly knew what was going to happen. Well, I guess I was going to have to find him.
I got up naked and groggy needing to pee and a shower, in the hall  I glanced at the full view mirror. I was mesmerized, my small body was bruised in many places, sore in many more. I was shiney, dried cum was flaking and satiny in spots all over my slight form. My hair was matted to my head my eyes were very blood shot, I was truly waking up and was becoming aware now of my powerful body odor. I smeeled of cum, excriment and piss. Oddly as I looked down I was semi-hard. I bent over looking through my legs in the mirror , what used to be a tiny little hole was now open two inches at least, inflamed and swollen. I needed a shower. . . fast.

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I felt human again as I slipped into my low cut jeans and polo shirt. I was still very sore I realized as I took stock of a very different image in the mirror. I put on some cologne and slipped deoderant under the pits, feeling almost good as new.

I ate breakfast lost in thought, realizing how very quiet the house was I noticed a note card at the end of the table. My mom it seems has been called out of town on business,  won't be back for two days. She hopes I had a good time with my brother last night and even thanks him in the note for taking me. Well he certainly made sure I met the guys! I heard a car door close and quickly looked out the window, it was my brother moving slowly to the back door. "Hey Cory" he says with a genuine smile "I'm beat, you look no worse for the wear tho" and just heads up the stairs. WTF!!! I think, here's the guy that sets me up to be ganged raped by I don't even know how many and all he has to say is that?!! I need to get out of here get on my bike and ride really fast pump those pedals and get the fuzzies out of my head. After a bit of painful posturing I'm riding, fast and hard.

I get back an hour later, a bit tired my mind much clearer. I bound up the stairs and take my second shower of the morning. Naked I walk to my bedroom noticing my brothers door slightly open. He is snoring loudly face down ass up spread eagle on his bed, his clothes all over the room where he had stripped down to his briefs and fell fast asleep. I had always admired my older brother and his high school body perfectly toned even his butt seemed to be sculptured smooth and tight .

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   He had no body hair other that a small patch in the crotch area visable as he would strip down before a shower in front of me. I realized then he has always beeen testing me gauging my reactions to his subtle and not so subtle sexual advances. I was hard again looking at his body which I still was in awe of if not so much the person within.

I wanted him bad and had a plan. I flew to the garage picking my supplies I returned to his bedroom. In minutes I had his wrists and ankles firmly secured to the bedposts with clothesline rope. Expertly knotted I might add with my favorite boyscout knots. He never moved a muscle as I cut a nice long stip of duct tape an pressed it over his mouth. That brought a little movement but still the snoring continued. The exacto knife made fast work of his tight briefs revealing his perfect muscled smooth bum.  I was still naked during all of this my raging hard-on now dripping precum. Positioning myself between his legs I gently parted his perfect cheeks then thrusing my hips as best I could considering the angle quickly and effectively impailing him deeply. It was a brutal move, resulting his frantic thrashing and panic utterings like gutteral screams blessidly muffeled by the tape. He thrashed around for awhlie me japping all the while, his head lifting and spasically turning side to side. I was amazed at how tight he was and slipped out of him for a minute spitting on his now redding hole.

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   With an audible moan as I retreated from my brother a muffled scream was sweet as I thrust again deep inside him this time much deeper and enjoyable for me. I pushed my hips back and forth slowly penitrating and loosening him. I wanted to stay inside him for as long as possible but I could feel the cum rising fast my balls tightening. He was not thrashing as much now accepting his fate if not begining to enjoy my moderate assault. In minutes I flooded deep inside him that familiar gush noise now coming from him not me. I smelled his sex and mine. a very strong scent indeed. Still inside him i slipped a finger then two as my boyhood deflated. He was moaing, not a happy guy, as I pulled out I was satisfied to see his anus held my shape and my seed leaked profusly from his hole. He thrashed about a bit but the metal head and foot board coupled with my great knots  would only serve to add to his fatigue. I slipped myself in and out of his streached hole removing my finger  as I went limp enjoying the feeling of looseness. . his finally. I reached over grabing from the corner of the bed my other suprise from the garage. A rubber mallet wedge thing, its true use a lose for me, shaped like a pear had caught my eye.

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   It was new in its package its usefulness unforfilled until now. The small end was about two inches in diameter then flatening out to an inch then growing to three inches, in all it was seven inches long, it looked a bit like a large defective baby rattle. Lubed with my cum I began to insert the smallest end. More thrashing and "MMmmPPhhhss" which pleased me a lot, his breaths were a bit labored as well. I spoke not a word during any of this as he was to be my slave I needed no permission or willingness. . . he knew it was me anyway. I  continued to feed this odd tool deep inside him slowly but surely as he bucked and groaned until it was in him completely, I just kept pushing and it disapeared. He seemed to be tryig to push it out but his tiny anus folds were now swollen and scarlet (wow it must hurt I thought with a smile) he was still screaming and groaning, thrashing and bucking in a very aggressive way. I rose to my feet straddle standing on the bed over his body  I began to powerfully pee on his head and back leaving him soaked face down. Only then could I leave to take what can only be described as an extreamly painful poo.
While coxing my bowel movement I marveled at how well my plan was working. He would be mine for two more days. I still had a lot of  planning and work to do.

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   I returned to the bedroom to find him sleeping, the large devise still jammed deeply inside him. I scooped a bit of jelly lube and slid my finger inside him hooking the small part of the devise and pulled hard. A startled scream and sploosh sound as it left my brothers tired and raveged body was truly satisfying. I slide the devise in and out easily now his anus worked and abused. I applied more lubricant and began to slowly slide my hand inside him. My hand is not big but still it is a hand and I was determined fill his ass. I had seen this performed on some sex web sites and wanted to see if it could be done! He stopped squarming and just made the strangest scream sounds as I shoved my hand inside him up to my wrist. . . wow I thought, it can be done! His breathing was fast now the sounds more whimpers than screams as I pumped his body with my fist. I heard a bleep and looked over to his computer. . . he had mail.

Perfect, I slid my hand out of him (another ploosh.

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  . more tired sound) and he now had a gaping three to four inch hole where that small little pucker had been just a few hours ago. This is awesum! I was hard again so I jerked off kneeling over him and cum flew all over his face and hair. I watched as the goo slipped over his forehead spilling around his eyes pooling on the bed his face saturated in pee and cum. . . his beautiful back stained with dried or drying cum his ass leaking my cum, some blood and stool. . . hows it feel bro?. . . moving along nicely I thought.

I answered his email, it was a girl and she wanted to "web cam" with him. Oh.

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  . . now this was really perfect! She asked if we could go "community" which basically ment all his "friends" and hers could view on line. . . 2200 myspace people . . . I said sure and the rest is well. . . for another story. . . : )


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