Open My Eyes

Erotic Poetry

The smoke fills the room, I sit on my chair.
Across I see him, my eyes shine with glare.
He doesn't see me staring at him, he hunts out his prey,
He sips his drink and focuses on one, whomever it may.
I draw off my cigarette, and the smoke blurs my sight,
it's probably best, she's his tonight.
Nothing I can do to change this scene,
but close my eyes, forget what i've seen.
The music takes control of my thoughts,
in another situation, I'm suddenly caught.
My imagination starts running wild,
tearing off clothes, hardly mild.
Biting my neck in the sweat filled moment,
my body shaking through each movement.
He pulls my hair back, and whispers in my ear,
I'm going to fill your mind, with more than just fear.
My adreniline rushes through my veins,
the acts of indulgence totally insane.
We take from each other, we give just the same,
erotic possessions, name of the game.
He takes me to heights I've never touched,
didn't know he was capable of doing so much.
I was the only woman in the world, at least that's how I felt,
the heat, the passion, the cuffs, the belt.
Next thing, I knew I screamed outloud,
nobody noticed, the music's to loud.
I draw off my cigarette, the smoke blurs my sight,
it's probably best, she's his tonight!