Sweet time at the office part 3

Erotic Poetry

. . . . . . . . . . . . You keep staring at it while one of your hands slowly moves and softly touch it. With the tip of your fingers you touch my shaft and caress it up and down, up and down, in a slow motion and with tender touch. Your other hand now joints the exploration, at the same speed with same softness. From time to time your fingers play with my pubis’s hair, then they move through my shaft up to the tip of my member, while you keep your eyes on it.

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   I like this, your gentle caressing turn me on, fire is burning in my veins, but I keep it under control, looking forward to what could come next. Your eyes widen when you see a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my dick. The dimmed light makes this drop very shiny, it looks like a pearl. You bent and quickly, take it with the tip of your tongue. This sends a flash of excitement through my body and I shake a little: you smile with satisfaction by understanding the power you can have on my body. My hands never stop gently massaging your breast and nipples. You lift your face and we meet our eyes, a wide intensive smile breaks our lips at the same time, an intensive look of reciprocal understanding. This seems a sign between us, as you now turn you face again and softly start licking the head of my dick, cleaning the precum which is now all over it. Your touch is very soft and you know I really love that gentle way. The sensation is so strong that I put my hands on your head and hold it firmly, fully concentrated on the work your tongue is now doing on my intimate part. I feel your rhythm has slightly changed, it runs faster now, still just licking but moving all around the whole head of my cock: all in a sudden you fully open your lips and you take most of my manhood inside your mouth. The sensation of warmth and softness is great, it gives also a feeling of protection and I have the impression of having reach home. A loud moan escapes from my lips……. .
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