A Break In The Silence - A First Encounter Between Master & Slave


I stopped before you and freed my arms from what was held within them. You reach up and gave the first touch. Your fingers brush across the warmth of my cheek and right through the curls to the back of my head. A few around us had even felt the intensity in the air and turned to see you pull my body flush with yours. The gaze held for just a moment before I rise to my tiptoes and claim your full lips. Only a mere few seconds within your presence and I could not resist you. I had to taste you, to feel you, to have you close. Your fingers coiled within my mane and drew me down from my toes, reluctantly forcing our lips to part. Both of us knew without question that if you continued to pull me down with my hair that I would take to my knees before you right there in the middle of the airport, caring not who might see such a display of complete and utter surrender. You refrained, displaying more control than I would have hoped for. Such a silent pleading with the depths of my eyes that you knew without a word the depth of our union. Bending over to reclaim my belongings, I felt your fingers slide down either side of my spine. Texturing my flesh with small goosebumps. A shudder worked it's way from the inside of my body outwards as if trying to coax more from your fingertips. So very much like the electricity that you knew I craved. Your touch reminded me of the same.

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   The smile upon my full ripe lips confirmed what you had suspected. The connection was growing with leaps and bounds even only after these first few moments. The whoosh of dry, hot air held me within it's embrace as we stepped outside. Vegas this time of the year was unforgiving and reeked havoc upon the silk that adorned my body. Making it like that of a second skin save the hem that caught the breeze. A quick tantalizing peek of the curve of my butt and you more gentlemanly than the cabby who opened the trunk of his taxi for us. You caught him taking a willful look and yet you flashed him a smile as if to tell him to eat his heart out. Again, you managed to think of everything. I had wondered how the ride to the hotel would go with you trying your best to focus on the road. Such curiosity was answered as you slide into the seat beside me and the door closed. This was close enough to being alone for me. Turning upon the bench seat, I casually draped my legs over the tops of your thighs. Drawing myself that much closer to you. Just as I thought your hands were to caress along my legs, you were very exact in your desires. You placed your hand to my outer thigh and gently pushed.

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   Silently you told me what it was that you wanted. Slowly, drawing out my anticipation as well as your own, creamy thighs parted and my outer leg slid over your knees. Leaving my foot upon the floorboard and exposing myself to your gaze, your touch, your every desire should you just reach out and take what is yours. Silk gave way to flesh, flesh then confined with white cotton, it was like a variance to the palette in a gourmet meal, but this was to be taken in by more than just the sense of taste. So vulnerable, so exposed, nerves raw from anticipation. Just one touch and I swore I would never ask for more. Begging however was acceptable and I was to that point. The small of my back leaned to the door. The road causing vibrations throughout my entire frame and as you smoothed your hand in small circles just at my knee. My eyes closed for a moment. Higher and higher your hand traveled. I had to see your eyes as you began to feed our desires. You could feel the heat radiating from the crotch of my panties, urging your touch to come higher. My lower lip claimed between my teeth as I drew in a shaky breath, your fingers traced over my slit which was so perfectly outlined by the tight material. Even with your subtle pressure, you could not be disappointed in how evident it was that you had a hold on me.

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   The moisture making the taunt cotton almost sheer enough that you could see what awaited your exploration. The peeling of flesh upon what could only be described as pleather, I lift my butt from the seat to push into your touch. It only took one glance to my eyes and I lowered back down. No matter how badly I ached for you, you would have me as you saw fit and not a moment sooner. Tracing, teasing, soaking the crotch of my panties with the sweet juices flowing from my body. You hooked your finger at the edge of elastic and drew them to the side exposing the pink lips of my pussy. It was clear that this morning while bathing, I had shaved completely, leaving myself baby smooth and ready for your inspection. Again that finger ran along my slit only this time upon bared flesh. A soft cooing whimper played upon my lips and despite fighting with my instinct to raise my ass again, I managed to contain it to a single roll of my hips. Turning your hand around, you pressed down two fingers on either side of the juicy part and drew your fingers outward. Opening myself up to you and baring such a wet sloppy cunt and a hard swollen clit that begged for your masterful attention. My entire body quivered and my mind raced. I had not realized that we were already parked before the hotel, my bags were sitting at curbside and the driver stood there at the back door, partially blocking the window. Clearly he was in no rush. He had got more than an eyeful and we were afterall still paying by the minute.

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  You gave a squeeze to my thigh and smiled. Was it approval in your eyes that I saw with the glimmer of pure lust? I will perhaps always wonder about that. We moved from the cab. Moneys exchanged and with your hand to the small of my back, you guide me towards your room. Myself, amazed that the lights and sounds of those gaming at the tables were not more distracting, my focus was upon you and the growing ache between my thighs. The unbridled desire to please you unlike anything you even dared imagine. Just as we enter your room, you turn me without a moments hesitation and press me into the wall near the door. There is no resistance to your touch as I wanted to cry out to do with me as you pleased. Your body pressed to mine, the breadth of your chest to my back as you grab my hips firmly. Instinct kicked in and I pressed back, grinding my firm ass against your groin. Feeling your cock harden within the confines of your pants. You slide your palms upward, dragging with it the silk shroud that adorned my body. Ever conscious of your hand prying between my thighs from behind, you keep me trapped between your body and the wall. My breath coming in short labored pants and fear struck me as I feel you claim the saturated cotton panties that safely conceal my sex from you. One swift jerk of your arm and you tear them from my body leaving cool air to kiss the smooth wet flesh of my pussy.

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   It was clear what you wanted and now it was at a point of no return. I was your own personal slut, your whore and you would remind me of such. Your fingers searching such sweet folds of eager flesh, seeking out the juicy center as you forced my body to accept your probing finger. A small gasp and pushing against the wall only a true slut would revel in such humiliation. The twisting and turning within the confines of my heated pussy, your other hand slid down from my hip to toy with my clit.
    Swollen, emerged from the hood, begging for your attention. You pinch the hard nub of overly sensitive flesh and send a jolt of exciting pain through my body. Had it not been for the strength of your arms, my legs surely would have given out from under me right at that very moment. Rolling my hips, working against your fingers that torture such ripe flesh, soft cooing moans filter out into the quiet cool air of the room. I myself can feel the tightness of my cunt around your exploring fingers as you fuck them into me. And yet I can not help but ache for more. The wash of your breath upon the side of my neck, you gave out a low growl. Your teeth claiming the sinewy muscle of my shoulder and pushing me over the edge. My eyes close as the rush of ecstasy washes threw my body leaving evidence of the effect you have upon me to coat your fingers and run its course down upon quivery thighs. You are relentless with the assault forcing me to ride out the first orgasm you gifted me with.

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      I knew only that you licked your fingers clean when you turned me to face you and pressed your lips bruisingly hard to mine own. I could taste my cum upon your tongue as I sought to drink you in. Your hands ravaging each curve of my body as if to mark it and claim each inch as your own. Full breasts, pert and firm - cupped with your strong hands. Kneading them, squeezing them, teasing me further. Rolling silk clad nipples between your thumb and forefinger causing them to pucker and grow more hard. The thin barrier of silk served no purpose and it was clear it was only a hindrance as you tore your way through to my firm body. Lazily it hung by the straps on my shoulders, revealing to you that which laid behind the sky blue wrapping. Clothing was disregarded quickly, leaving you naked and myself before you posed and trembling in only a garter and the stockings that embraced my long shapely legs. My full weight no measure to your strength, you pulled me from my feet. Your fingers splayed upon the cheeks of my ass, supporting me. My back to the wall, sliding down as you held me open. Lowering me down closer and closer to your thick cock. Heat radiating between our bodies as my soaked pussy met the head. My arms tighten around your neck ever so slightly.

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       I take but a moment to look into your eyes and without hesitation or second guessing this match, I knew undeniably that I was to be your slut. This was my place. A thrust of your hips and you drove your hard cock into what was perhaps the most tightest of pussy's you had ever felt. Heated folds of velvety flesh wrap around you like that of a vice. Rippling along the full length of your cock that you bottomed out inside of me in that one breathtaking stroke. I could feel your shaft throbbing, growing harder still as you rose me up just a little and allowed my body to fall back down. Impaling myself upon your cock yet again only this time at the pressure of my weight. Stretched beyond what I ever dared dream, you began to pound at my sweet pussy. Forcing my body to take all that it possibly could. Such a sweet mixture of pleasure and pain you delivered unto me. Fucking me with what could only be described as a fierce determination, I could take no more. Each muscle within my body grew taut, my pussy spasmed and you had to know without a doubt that another stroke and your cock would be bathed in my hot cum. Had there be any doubt, it was answered as I pleaded in a moment of clarity. “Please Master, let your slut cum, I beg of you!!!”By:MacKenzie Starr.

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