A Day At The Beach


She looked into her closet to try to figure out which bathing suit she should wear. She decided to wear the new pink bikini that she just brought. She put the bathing suit on and liked the way it showed off her tan. Her hard nipples were poking out of the fabric and she knew that Mike would definately be turned out by this. She stared at herself in the mirror. She was one of the few women who actually LOVED their body. She was 26 and about 5'7 with blue eyes, soft pouting lips and long blonde hair. She had curves in all the right places with a 34 C cup size. She danced for 18 years and she weighed about 115 lbs. She stopped admiring herself and realized it was 1:40. She threw a short white skirt over her bikini bottom. The skirt came a little higher than mid-thigh and left little to be imagined. She grabbed a pink spagetti strap to wear over her bikini top and grabbed a pair of pink flip flops to wear on her feet. She ran out of the house and jumped into her car and got to the beach at exactly 2:00. She went to their favorite place on the beach. It was secluded, yet you could still see everthing that was happening on the beach.

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   When she got there she saw no sign of him. She figured he got stuck in afternoon traffic and she decided to lay there and tan. She applied some cream to her body and spread out her beach towel. She layed down on the towel and draped a small towel across her face and let her body soak up the rays from the sun. Tiffani woke up from her trance when someone came up to her and started to lightly stroke her bare stomach. She pulled the towel off of her face and looked up. It was Micheal. He apologized for being late and told her that he got stuck in traffic. She sat up and kissed him deeply. She broke the kiss to gaze at him. He was 28 with a very nice body. A smooth, hairless chest with washboard abs that just made you want to stare at them. He had light brown hair with amazing green eyes. He noticed her staring and he smiled to himself. "Lets go for a swim," he said as he picked her up and carried her out to the water.

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   The water was warm, but cold enough to cause her nipples to strain and poke through the fabric. She noticed him staring at her chest and went under the water. She came back up to the surface and he grabbed her and pulled her into him. He kissed her passionately and started to untie her bikini top. He turned her around and started to nibble on her ear while her firm ass was grinding into his growing erection. He got her bikini top off and placed his large hands on her hard nipples. She moaned in delight as he sent shocks to her clit. She felt her tight pussy get wetter and wetter as her puffy lips strained against the fabric. He rolled her nipples around in his fingertips causing her to tremble in his hands. She turned herself around and wrapped her hands against his neck. She rubbed her pelvis against his semi-hard prick and leaned her head up to nibble on his earlobe. She knew this was a big turn on for him. As she nibbled and licked his ears, she felt his member get harder and harder against her body. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and he carried her out of the water onto the sand. He layed her down onto her already spread out beach towel and got on top of her.

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   he gazed at her naked breasts and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He flicked the tiny button with his tongue as she arched her back up and pushed her breast into his mouth. With his left hand, he started rubbing the other nipple. Her moaning got louder and louder and she couldn't stop thinking about how bad she wanted him. He took her left nipple into his mouth and rolled her right nipple in his fingers. Her moaning got louder and she started taking short stiffled breaths. He knew that she was about to cum. He stopped playing with her nipples and planted kisses down her body. When he got to her belly button, he slipped his tongue inside. This was a major turn on for her. She arched her back up and let out a loud moan and he knew he had made her cum. He went a little lower and spread her legs. He saw her pouting lips through the bikini bottom which now had a big damp spot where her pussy juices had flown. He rubbed that little spot behind her knee and she started to push her hips up to his face. He put his nose up to her pussy and smelled her aroma through the thin fabric.

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   He licked the edges of the the bikini bottom while stroking her inner thighs. he knew the teasing was driving her crazy but he needed to taste her. In one swift move he pulled the pink fabric off of his lovers ass and threw them aside. She spread her legs wide and he stared at her shaven pink folds of flesh. His cock was at its full 9 inches and was throbbing hard. He poked his tongue out of his mouth and licked from the bottom to her slit up to about her clit. He wasnt going to play with her clit yet. He made small circles with his tongue around her slit while she bucked her hips against his face. He inserted 2 fingers inside of her and she screamed out in pleasure. He flicked her clit with his tongue. Her clit was now fully out of its hood and begging for attention. He closed his mouth around it and sucked it hard while still fucking her with his fingers. Her moans got louder and louder and he knew she was going to cum soon. Her body tightened, her breaths got shorter, and she screamed loud and all of a sudden her nectar started flowing out of her body onto his fingers and onto the towel, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and started tongue fucking her to get all of her juices down his throat. Her nectar started flowing faster and faster when she collapsed onto the towel.

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   He kissed her wet pussy lips and moved back up and stared at her face. Her pupils were dilated and she looked like she was in heaven. She sat up and pushed him down onto the sand and she got on top of him. She leaned over and kissed his lips and told him to stand. He stood up and removed his swim shorts and his big cock sprang out of his pants and she moaned at the sight. She took his 9 inch member in her hand and failed at an attempt to close her fingers all the way around it. She felt the blood pulsing in her hand and her pussy flooded with juices. She planted a small kiss on the head and started flicking the hole with her tongue. She let go of her grip on his dick and started licking the underside of it. She licked it until his member was covered in her saliva and she licked the precum off of the tip. She closed her mouth around the large purple head of his member and placed her hands on his huge balls. She started to deep throat his cock while massaging his balls. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold his cum in for long but he tried as hard as he could. She swirled her tongue around his cock and precum started flowing out. she swallowed this and he grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth.

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   He pumped her mouth faster and faster. "OH GOD," he screamed "I'M GONNA CUM!!!!!" his grunting got louder and louder and she felt his hot cum flow down her throat. He kept pumping out his white cum. She couldnt swallow it all and it started flowing out of the sides of her mouth. She lapped up as much as she could. His cock became semi soft and he layed down on the towel. She got on top of him and as he was thinking about what was about to happen, his cock got fully erected again and he was dying to be inside of her. She straddled his now throbbing cock and he guided her onto his member. He slid into her no problem and she moaned loudly. She started bouncing on him and he matched her strokes. He felt her tighten around his big cock and she came hard! She kept bouncing on him and he filled her up like no one else could. Her tits kept bounching in his face and he kept thinking about how lucky he was to be fucking this hot girl. She came again and he felt her juices trickle down to his ass hole. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her off of him and with a small "POP" his cock sprang free of her tight pussy. He placed her on her back and he got on top of her and whispered "i'm going to fuck you hard" His cock was now a steel pole between his legs and he placed the tip of it between her bloated pussy lips.


   He slid it up and down her slit and all of a sudden slammed it into her. She screamed loud and wrapped her long slim legs around his waist. he pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed into her again. Her scream was louder this time and he began to pull in and out of her slowly. She was moaning uncontrollably and his pubic hairs were tickling her clit. Her pussy walls tightened again and a flood of her juices came out. He started fucking her faster and faster and his balls were slapping her ass. He sucked her nipples and slid his cock in and out of her and he felt the semen begin to swell in his balls. He fucked her harder and harder and faster and faster and kept sucking her nipples. She was screaming in pleasure and his grunts got louder. "OH GOD I NEED TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM INSIDE OF ME" she yelled. He fucked her as fast as he could. "OK BABY HERE IT CUMS," he grunted as his balls tightned up and his hot cum flowed into her. He slowed his pace but kept thrusting his hips inside of her. "UHH UHHH OH GOD" he moaned as he kept ejaculating inside of her.

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   When his cum stopped flowing, he pulled his semi-soft member out of her and layed next to her. "That was amazing," she whispered. "I love you baby," he said to her. "I love you too Mike. " They got up to look for their bathing suits and they couldnt find them. Luckily mike had brought another pair of shorts with him. He slipped on his khakis and a white tee-shirt and she put on her white mini skirt and her pink spaghetti strap. Neither one of them had anything underneath. Hand in hand they walked to his car. THey decided they'd go out to lunch and come back and pick up her car later. As they got into the car she leaned over and kissed him deeply and she pulled his semi-hard cock out of his pants. She started stroking it slowly. "Hun, if you keep this up we're going to have a car accident!"To Be Continued. . .

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