A day without video games


One day I woke up and said to myself, “today I’m gonna do something besides play video games. ” I’m 15 and about 6’1”. I walked downstairs and remembered that about 2 months ago I had gone fishing down at the creek and got a fishing lure jammed under a rock. I had tied the line off on a tree branch hoping to one day retrieve it from the water.
I got out my bike and started to ride down
Main Streetto the creek. I got there, parked my bike against a tree and walked over to where I had tied the line. After looking around a little, I noticed a rock by the water. Laid across it were two towels, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of socks and two pairs of shirts and pants. The thing that caught my attention though, was a lone bikini top.              I walked around the bend and there were two girls in the water. I recognized one from my school. She had her back turned to me, but the other girl was in front of her staring wide eyed at me. The first girl, lexi, quickly spun around, saw me and froze. Just for a second. Then a grin broke out on her face. Of course by now I wasn't looking at her face, my eyes were glued to her exposed breasts that she didn't seem very intent on covering up.

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She rose out of the water sopping wet. I realized I hadn't stopped looking at her boobs since she had turned around.   I blushed and turned away.
“Why don’t you jump in and cool off?” she asked. I kind of stood there dumfounded for a second before she said,
”c’mon, its too hot for clothes, take your shirt off. ” What the heck, I thought and took off my shirt and shoes.
      Of course I hadn’t brought a swim suit or anything so I just jumped in with my shorts on.
      “Aw, your not gonna take the rest off for me?” she asked, swimming up to me. She got real close and rested her hand on my chest while her hand reached down toward my groin.
      “Sure, but why isn’t your friend here saying anything?” I said glancing over at the girl who still hadn’t moved.
      “C’mon Ruthi, take off your clothes,” said Lexi. Ruthi undid her bikini and took off the bottom too. I took off my shorts and boxers revealing my already hard 7” cock. Both girls gasped and reached for it. Seemed like they knew exactly what to do.

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 Lexi started rubbing my cock while I massaged her and Ruthi’s breasts.  We all got out of the water and I laid down in the grass. Lexi started licking my cock up and down while rubbing it with her hand. Ruthi positioned herself so her pussy was right above my face, so I stuck my tongue out and licked it for a little bit.
Ruthi started moaning and Lexi was slurping away at my cock. A few minutes into it, I felt I was going to cum soon.
“slow down girl, your gonna make me cum too soon. ” She smiled and still holding my cock she positioned herself over me. Without hesitation I rammed my cock in her, making her gasp. I pumped in and out as fast as I could while she moaned away.
“damn girl that pussy feels great. ”
“oooh, your cock feels better. Fuck me harder. ” She started bouncing up and down, getting into the rhythm. I resumed licking Ruthi’s pussy.

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   She was starting to buck her hips back and forth and had her finger in her mouth and her eyes were closed.
“Mmmmmm, I’m gonna cum soon. ”
It was an incredible experience having two girls moaning intensely, one bouncing on my cock, and the other getting licked in the pussy.
      I started speeding up on my thrusts in Lexi and Ruthi started moaning even louder. I paused my licking to tell Lexi I was going to cum any second, which made her pound on my cock even harder.
      “fuck yes, lick my pussy oooooh yeah,” ruthi was moaning.
      “fuck I’m gonna cum!” screamed Lexi. She arched her back as both of us came at the same time.
      “fuck yeah cum in my pussy baby!” I thrust my cock as deep into her as I could. Lexi got off of my cock and I got up from under Ruthi. Ruthi, who still hadn’t cum yet looked somewhat saddened by the fact that I had already cum in Lexi.
      “don’t worry baby, your next”
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