A dream come true - part 2


The weekend came and went by slower than I would have liked, and before I knew it Wednesday had rolled around again which meant not only the beginning of a new work week, but also that I would get to see Amber.   After she left my apartment I did nothing all weekend but feel as if I were in a daydream, I just could not forget about her and the time we had spent together.
Generally I’m not a morning person, so when I get up to go to work I’m cranky and usually spend half of the day at work trying to wake up, but today was different because I knew that there was going to be a reason for me to enjoy going to work. I got there a little early and endured the next few hours hoping that Amber would show up at my machine, but as lunch time rolled around she didn’t show. One of the other QA people showed up and when I asked if she had come to work they said that she had called in sick.   Disappointment and sadness clutched at me and the rest of the day just seemed to drag on.
Thursday came and as I got up and ready for work I told myself not to get my hopes up on seeing her today because if she’s sick I’m sure that she’d probably take 2 days off to try to recuperate.   I got to work and suffered thru the next few hours, but much to my amazement Amber came up to my machine moments before lunch.   She took her position at her station and looked up at me and right then and there I could tell that something was wrong because she looked sad and her eyes were red like as if she had been crying.   I silently mouthed to her and asked her if something was wrong and she said that it wasn’t anything to worry about and left to go to the trucks.   After lunch Amber didn’t come back to my machine and by the last break of the day she had neither written me an email or came back, so I was to assume that she had either gone home or was finished in our department.
Saturday rolled around which meant it was the last day of my workweek. The early morning sky was overcast and there was a slight mist in the air. The cold air that was blowing seemed to drive the moisture like needles against my skin as I walked into the building.   I’d not heard or seen Amber since Thursday and was starting to get the feeling that she was trying to ignore me.   Was the moment that we had shared a one-time thing? My heart sank at the mere thought of it, but I had to realize that she was a married woman after all.

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    I got off work and stopped to grab something to eat on the way home, all the while thinking that I wish I could see her again to apologize.   I got home and planted myself on the couch and started flipping channels. Around eight-thirty the phone rang, it was Amber.   We talked for a few moments and I asked her what had happened and much to my surprise she just asked if she could come over and talk for a little bit, so I said that that would be fine.  
She arrived at my door about forty-five minutes later, cold and wet from the rain.   I got her a towel and she dried off as best as she could, but from the torrential downpour outside it had soaked her clothes completely and she was shivering like a newborn puppy.
I told her that she needed to get warm and said that the best thing for her to do was to take a nice hot shower and put on some dry clothes.   With chattering teeth she said ok and made her way to the bathroom.
 I heard the water start up as I searched for her some clothes. I wasn’t too sure what size she wore, so I just grabbed her some sweat pants, a t-shirt and some socks hoping that I wouldn’t be criticized too much for my choice of clothes.  
I was getting ready to go back into the living room when I heard her call out to me asking if I could help her. A moment of fear raced thru me as I thought that maybe she had slipped in the shower, but yet if she had I would have heard a ‘THUD’ or something.
I knocked on the door before I entered. The bathroom was warm and misty from the shower; it was almost like stepping into an early morning fog.
“Are you ok?” I asked.

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   She peeked out from behind the shower curtain and smiled.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just wondering if you could help me take a shower. I sure could use some help washing my back. ”  Wow. I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.   As much as I had thought about her, it had never crossed my mind that I would ever get the opportunity to take a shower with her. I quickly stepped out of my clothes, letting them fall to the floor, not worrying if they were going to get wet or not and within seconds I was opening the shower curtain and stepping inside. The water was warm and relaxing, and the light spray that hit my face and eyes made me back toward the end of the tub and rub my eyes.   She smiled at this and said that I looked like a little kid doing that. I smiled back at her and stuck my tongue out at her.
“Careful with that, I’ll have to bite it if you do it again. ”
“Oh really?” I asked, and I stuck it out again to see what she would do.
Since I’m about 7 inches taller than she is, she had to tiptoe a little bit and grabbed my tongue with her teeth and gave it a little bite.   I looked down at her and gave her a wink as she pulled away and smiled.

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   Neither one of us said anything. We looked into each other’s eyes forever it seems. Her eyes seemed to have something to say but held back for reasons unknown. I leaned forward to kiss her and our mouths met slowly and softly; it was the kind of kiss that could best be described as pure and clean.
I felt her arms wrap around me as I did the same and pulled her close to me.   The feeling of her body pressed against mine felt wonderful. Never before had I ever met anyone who felt so good in my arms; it was a moment in time that I would cherish forever.
She pulled away from me and gave me a light smack on the butt and asked me if I could wash her back for her, and she turned around facing away from me.   I grabbed the soap and moved her hair out of my way.   My eyes ran down her neck, over her well-rounded shoulders, across her smooth back and down to her lovely ass cheeks where I let them linger for a few seconds before lathering her up with the soap. I watched as the suds ran from her shoulders and down her back and across her butt. This had more of a reaction than I thought it would because by now my cock started getting hard.
 I reached down and gave her a small pat on the butt. Much to my surprise she leaned forward and planted her hands on the shower wall and stuck her butt up in the air.   I put the soap away and reached down between her legs.

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   Although the water was running over her backside, I could still feel that she was wet in more ways than one.  
She let out a slight moan and pushed down against my hand. Right then I knew that she was wanting more between her legs than just my fingers.   I withdrew my and reached down and grabbed my cock, which was by this time rock hard, and eased it between her legs. I’m not going to lie, but her pussy was hot, and by the time I was all the way in it felt like my dick was in a furnace.
“Oh God that feels so fucking good!” she almost screamed out and pushed back harder against me. I held it in for several seconds and then slowly started moving in and out of her. With each forward thrust she would let out a moan, and each time I’d back off I could feel her vaginal muscles grip at my cock, not wanting it to leave. I reached down and grabbed her by the hips and started to quicken my pace, and before long I was pounding my cock in her as hard as I could. Each time I’d thrust forward, the water that would collect between our bodies would shoot out on onto her back.   Oddly enough I found this extremely erotic, as it gave me the idea that I was shooting load after monstrous load of cum onto her back. I guess I got wound up in my own fantasy because I almost didn’t hear her as she started bucking against me and screaming that she was going to cum.
Now I’ve been with several women in my life and I like to think of myself as pretty decent in bed; I’ve never had many complaints considering that I’ve always tried to make sure that my woman was satisfied in bed, so it was nothing new to me to hear a woman scream that she was going to come. But tonight was different.   Moments after Amber announced that she was going to come, it seemed like as if the floodgates of Heaven had opened up and let loose.

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   While my cock was still pounding away at her I suddenly felt her legs start to tremble and her vaginal muscles grip my cock like a vise and a gush of hot liquid splash against my balls and lower thighs. It was then that I realized that Amber was experiencing true female ejaculation.   I’d only ever met one other woman that could do that, and had read that it’s kind of rare, so with this newfound revelation it turned me on even more so, and I quickened my pace with renewed vigor. The harder and faster that I pounded, the more and more she seemed to cum. Eventually her legs started to give out and she started to slip down in the tub. My cock slipped out of her and slapped hard against my groin.
 I helped her off of the bathtub floor and turned the water off.   Her body was shaking and shivering almost as bad as when she’d first come out of the rain.   I told her to wait a few seconds and I came back with a towel and a bathrobe to wrap her up in.   She was still shaking when I laid her down on the bed and covered her up. I took a few moments to dry myself off before I crawled in bed and lay down beside her. Amber almost immediately snuggled up next to me, wrapping her right arm around me and laying her head on my chest.
We lay in silence like this for several minutes before Amber started to rub my chest.   She ran her fingers thru the hair on my chest and started to plant light kisses at the same time as she worked her way past my stomach and down to my cock. She started at the head and worked her way down the full length of my shaft, planting soft kisses along the way until she got down to my balls.

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There she used her tongue and lightly flicked each one independently before taking them in her mouth to suck on. She did this for a few moments then started to lick her way back up my shaft all the way to my head where she circled her tongue around it before taking it into her mouth.   Her soft, full lips gradually worked their way nearly down to the base of my cock, and then came back up to the head to repeat the process while at the same time stroking me up and down. This was pure Heaven. I reached down and stroked her cheek, moving her hair away from her mouth.   I watched her work magic on my cock and I could feel my balls start to draw up.   She really started getting into it and increased her rhythm as I moved my to meet her hungry mouth.   Before long I was bucking like crazy, literally slamming my cock in and out of her mouth.   It wasn’t too long before I felt an immense orgasm welling up inside of me. Amber sensed that I was getting ready to cum and deep-throated me just as I let loose and shot load after load of cum down her throat. I don’t think she was expecting me to have cum so much because a couple of times she gagged and had to suck up some of it that had seeped out around her mouth. I didn’t think that I was ever going to stop as my body was wracked time and time again by one immense orgasm after another.
Finally after what seemed like eternity my body fell limp, but this didn’t stop Amber from finishing up what she had started and cleaning up afterwards by licking and making sure that she hadn’t let a single drop escape. When she got finished she came up and put her head back on my chest and softly ran her fingers thru my hair. I reached over and stroked her hair.

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“I love you Amber,” I said.
She stopped rubbing my chest hair. I could see that her hand had gone from open-handed to a white knuckled closed fist. I could sense that her breathing had changed, and seconds later she got up and headed to the bathroom.   I got up and followed after her, but she closed the bathroom door before I could get to her.
“Babe, are you ok?” I asked. I tried the door handle but she had locked it behind her. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry. Please come out. ” I could hear her crying behind the door. I wasn’t sure what to do so I sank down to the floor and laid my head against the door and listened to her cry and sniffle.  
I’m not sure how long she was in there, but when she opened the door I almost fell into the bathroom and onto the floor. She walked past me and towards her wet clothes that were lying on the floor. I got up and walked to her.
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“I have to go. ”
“Look babe, I’m sorry. ”
“Sorry for what?”
“I’m sorry for hurting you. ” I said and tried to put a consoling hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away.
“No, you have nothing to be sorry about. This is all my fault. ”
“What do you mean?”
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m a married woman who is sneaking around and sleeping with a guy that I work with. I shouldn’t have done this. ”
“I’m sorry, but you know we’ve been talking for a while and I told you before that I could fall in love with you. I can’t help it. ” She turned around and stared me straight in the eyes. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her eyes red and puffy.
“You knew that I was married and I told you how I felt about this. You knew that I would feel guilty. We should have stopped this before it went too far.

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“Why?” I asked now almost lost in the moment
“Because Dan, have you ever stopped to think that I was afraid?”
“Of what?”
“Of falling in love with you. ” An awkward silence took hold of the moment.
“Do you love me?” She turned back around and continued getting dressed. “Do you?” I asked again.
“Does it matter?”
“I’d like to think that it does because I fell in love with you the moment I first laid eyes on you. ”
“Well you know Dan, that’s the problem; You fell in love with a married woman, knowing that we could never have what you wanted. ”
“You didn’t want this?”
“Dan look, I do love you. You make me feel better than my own husband does and that’s what I’m so afraid of. I’m afraid of getting emotionally attached to you and falling too far in love with you for my own good. ” I could see the tears again start to stream from her eyes. “Maybe if I was single it would be different, but I have a family that I have obligations to…. ” She trailed off and hung her head as emotions took over and the tears started to flow freely.
I came up behind her and gently placed a hand upon her shoulder, not sure what to do next. She slowly turned around and buried her face in my chest.   I wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me and whispered to her that everything would be ok.

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The next few weeks at work were rough for everyone.   Amber found out that her husband was not only seeing her best friend, Brenda, but he was also going out on dates on Saturday nights with other women instead of going to play Poker like he had been telling her. Amanda filed separation papers after he openly admitted that he was merely staying with her so that she could support not only his gambling habit, but also provide him with money to go out on dates.
Brenda eventually admitted that she had made a move on Amber's husband shortly after they were introduced and that a lot of times she would ask him to come by her house at night when he got off of work.
As for me, I still live alone.   Amber and I have started seeing each other more often and she has admitted that what we have is what she has always wanted and needed for a long time. She comes over to my apartment almost every day and I have to admit that I have never seen her happier in the entire that I’ve known her. I fell for this woman from the moment I first met her and will always do my best to make sure that she is happy. __________________________

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