A former student, 2 teachers and a childhood friend.


Last summer i went back to my old school to drop off all the books i had collected over the years and never returned. The school was open to any teachers who had any last minute exams to mark.
I went to the reception desk and handed in my books, i found my self wandering around the halls remembering the fun times a had there, but they would not compare to this day. . .
One of the gcse subjects i had taken was Art. On monday's i would have a make-shift model, the long blonde hair, the toned body and the long legs, Ms. Lucas On Fridays lesson i would have a slightly more curvy woman, with an outstanding ass and massive tits who had short black her. You could always see her nipples through her tops despite whatever she had on. They could of cut glass, Ms Turner. . .
All the guys would sit at the back with there hard-ons gorping over the teachers. They where always very flirty but the girls laughed as they new the teachers had us in the palm of there hands. . .

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I went back to my old Art room to have a look at some of my work on the wall which had been there years. . .
The class room has three entrances, two were locked and the other door pulled closed, i entered to my amazement the sound of orgasms. The art room has a cut off office for the teachers, i slowly put my head to the small window in the door. Where i saw Ms. Lucas with a strap on cock pushing into Ms. Turner, Ms. Turner was enjoying screaming with delight holding the back of her co-workers head, slowly she opened her eyes. Altough she say me, she did nothing except thrust harder back at the huge strap on dick. She gently said come in. To the amazement of Ms. Lucas who pulled away and covered her naked body, Ms. Turner did nothing but ly back on the glass workbench they had been fucking on. I had moved away from the glass panel in the door, but ther was no way in hell i was leaving.

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   My erection had gone away from the shock of the reactions.
The next thing i saw was ms. turner fully naked without a care in the world, her sweaty body and her dripping pussy. She hadn't caught her breathe. I was wearing cream shorts. i regained a cast iron hard on, Which pulled up the end of my shorts and revealed itself, my reaction was to turn away but she began to stroke it. . .
She pulled me into the class room and managed to remover my shorts. She stripped off my top and rubbed my eight back of muscles. I had forgotten any one else was in the room.
She pointed me to a draw, and she threw me the key to it. It was filled with dido's butt plugs and lubricants. . .

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   oh and condoms, she said pass me the lubricant and stick and condom on. What a beautiful way she had with words. . . She poured on what seemed like a whole tube of lube into her hand and massaged it over my dick, she then turned around and bent over resting her arms head and body over the glass work bench.
i put my hand around my cock to get lubricant and i gradually massaged my fingers through her tite ass, as it began to open she urged me to lick it, i licked round the opening and my tongue found its way into give me a sensation i had never felt before. I licked up her wet body and bite her ass, back and neck on my way. I slowly injected my hot dripping cock into her ass, beginning slowly but building up to a rampage worthy of a bull.
I then her a scream from behind me, ms turner inserting her hand into her dripping pussy, masturbating over me fucking her mistress. I felt my self ready to cum so i quickly pulled my dick out and flipped her over and stuck my tongue into her darkest place, after five minutes of stimulating her clit, i found her back beginning to arch, a sure sign she was about to orgasm, i found my tongue cramping up but i knew it would be worth my while, i then was loaded with her pearly cum dripping down my face and i sound i would never forget, and to my further suprise, ms lucas walked over to me and licked off the cum. I pushed her up again the art wall to a still wet peice, i lifted her legs to my shoulders and gave it to her hard, her screams where  faster, and harder from which im sure would echo through the school, i then heard a giant roar of a woman's orgasm to some sexy accompanied music come on the speakers and i very dirty porno come on the laptop screen behind me. I thrusted harder and faster, she then said she wanted it in the ass, i flipped her over, squezzed her tits and rode her like a winning jockey. i slowly moved my hand down to her pussy and inserted three fingers, she sharply moved upright and urged for more. I was ready to blow and on-cue i injected into her as she left a gliconing pile on the floor.
I sat back and regained my strenth absoloutly nack'rd to find my energy regained as my two new best friends attempted to stick there heads in each others pussies.

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    . i watched them romping with butt plugs and dildo's masturbating eachother to the porno film when there attention turned back on me. Ms Lucas pulled me up and stuck her mouth around my cock, she grapped hold of my hand and put them on the back of her head. She then grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.
    Now im not gay but im not going through life with one hand tied behing my back.
    I slowy felt a hard cock being shuv'd in my ass and two very hard nipples i had early sucked pressed in the back of me. I had not noticed the webcam which was set up at the side angel, as i looked for i saw myself getting pleasured by two of the hottest milf's aka the most bitchiest teachers in exsisant. My back slowy made an arch over ms. lucas and i grabbed on the table to hold on but i soon realesed a fluid into the mouth of the teacher who had given me more detentions than any other.
    After my fantasy was realized i put my clothes on and left feeling joyed, the filth teachers come out with these days. I had slight paint stains on my favourite shorts and a throbbing penis. The day later so turned on, i went across the road to my childhood friend. I came by with a hard cock aching to get through my jeans. She told me she had a boyfriend.

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       Me and this girl holly have always been friendly but havent talked in a while, we was together constantly as kids but now just friendly hello's, she told me to come into her living room, she sat on the seeT across from me and watched T. V. as she allowed to wank over her. As i cum'd, she came over a whiped it all of with a tissue and through it in the bin. She then said, bye. didnt look me in the face. i left. and i was came home to a message on my answer phone she had just sent me moaning down the phone. i rang her back and she said phone sex isn't cheating right???
    save that story for later.