A Mug of Coffee


A Mug of Coffee Cynthia was standing just inside the office door, doing up the zipper on her winter coat as I came down the stairs on my way out to my car. ‘Would you like a ride home?’ She worked in our office as a data-entry clerk and I knew she had no car and since she lived off the bus lines, ending up having to do quite a bit of walking to get to and from work, her part-time wages making cabs out of the question. It was starting to get a bit cold to walk, so I thought she might appreciate the lift. She looked up from her zipper ‘Yes that would be nice, if you don’t mind. Thanks, Mike. ’ We walked out to my car in the parking lot, Cynthia a few steps ahead of me, rushing to get out of the chill. ‘Are you going to unlock the car and let us in,’ she said, shivering with her arms wrapped around her chest, ‘or are you going to stand there all evening lusting over my body?’ ‘Huh? Oh, sorry, was it that obvious?’ fumbling the keys out of my pocket into the lock. She giggled and climbed into the passenger side. ‘I really appreciate this and I don’t mind you looking my body, it’s rather a nice feeling having someone lust after me for a change’ she said smiling ‘You’re sure you don’t mind dropping me off?’ ‘No of course not, and I was not ogling, just admiring your curves, well what I could see of them’ I mustered under my breath, my prick twitching at her comment. Cynthia lived on the other side of town and it took us about 15 minutes to get to her place, making small talk along the way. She directed me to her apartment building and as I stopped outside ‘That was so nice of you to offer me a lift. Would you like to come in for a mug of coffee to warm you up? I won’t bite, promise’ Her voice hinted at more than coffee ‘Sure’ parked the car and again followed her as she lead the way, watching her arse sway but this time with deliberate movement, she knew I was looking. The place was a small studio flat, a couch, bed, a small kitchenette and the bathroom. ‘Have a seat’ draping her coat over the back of a chair at the small dining table then disappearing into the kitchen. I took my coat off and put it on the chair over hers and sat down on the couch. From the kitchen came the sounds of coffee making and few minutes later she reappeared with two steaming mugs set them down on the coffee-table.


   ‘All I had was instant, I hope you don’t mind,’ and dashed back into the kitchen, reappearing with a bottle of Bailey’s. ‘Like some?’ ‘Oh yes please. Now that will warm more than my insides up’ giving her a smile. She poured a generous amount of liqueur in each mug then handed me one before settling onto the couch. It was a pretty cosy fit and we tried to sit facing one another from either end while we talked mostly about work and whenever our mugs started getting low, Cynthia would top them up with Bailey’s. By now I was feeling warm and flushed from the booze and Cynthia turned around, her back to me, leaning against me. ‘Do you mind?’ she asked. My prick started to stir, I worried she might feel it through my jeans against her back. ‘No, I don’t mind at all’ as she settled her head against my chest with a contented sigh. I wasn’t sure what to do with my free hand, so I stretched my arm out along the back of the couch as her fingertips gently brushing against my lips. Tentatively, I brought my arm down from the back of the couch and touched her cheek, tracing the line of her jaw and chin with my fingers. She smiled and sighed as I brushed my fingers over her lips her tongue slid out, gently touching the tip of my finger before sucking it into her mouth. I moaned softly and she released my finger, turning her face up toward mine, her eyes half-closed, I lowered my mouth and kissed her, softly at first, then more urgently as her lips parted and her tongue snaked out, seeking out mine. I rubbed my hand over her cheek and into her hair combing it out and she took my hand and placed it on her breast. Through the fabric of her blouse and bra, her nipple was hard and she groaned into my mouth as I started to knead her breast.

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   We broke our kiss long enough for me to stretch out on the couch as she lay full length on top of me. I sucked the soft skin of her neck into my mouth and found her earlobe, running my tongue over it as I sucked, then pulled her blouse from her slacks and ran my hands over the bare skin on her back. ‘Ohh, yes’ she said when my hands found the strap of her bra and undid the clasp. She raised herself off me and stuck her tongue into my mouth as my hands moved to the front and undid the buttons on the blouse. With her shirt open, I pushed up her loosened bra and ran my hands over her firm breasts, the nipples hard in my palm. I lifted my head off the couch and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking hard, flicking it with my tongue and gently nibbling with my teeth as she wrapped her hand behind my head and pulled me into her. Then she pulled away and kissed me hard on the mouth ‘Let’s move to the bed’ she said her tongue in my ear. She got up and walked the few feet across the room to the bed turned and looked at me as I took of my shirt. I moved closer to her as her blouse fell to the floor and slipped the bra straps over her shoulders, letting it fall, lifting a breast to my mouth sucking on her hardening nipple. I leaned down and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, undid her pants and I pulled them down. Underneath she wore a black lace thong, the thin strip of fabric disappearing between the crack of her arse cheeks. She pressed herself against me, reached between us for my belt, undid it then pulled down my jeans and pants. She moaned and cupped my balls with one hand as she dropped to her knees and ran her tongue around the tip of my prick poking into the hole. I shuddered as she took the head into her mouth, still running her tongue around it, then with one sudden movement she took it all into her mouth and I felt her squeezing the head. ‘Ohh, ahh’ I moaned, wrapping my fingers in the long black hair at the back of her head.

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   Cynthia was moaning as she sucked me and I could feel her saliva running down the shaft to my balls. Then on an upstroke, she’d let my prick slip from between her lips and looking up at me with her lustful eyes as she rubbed my glistening prick all over her lips before deep throating me as one hand rubbed my soaked balls and the other over my arse, searching, then pressed inwards as it found my rear entrance. Sucking harder and moving back and forth on my prick she slid a finger in and pushing upwards, she found my gland and pressed against it. ‘Ohh God, that feels so good I’m going to cum’ I gasped in pleasure and erupted into her mouth. She moaned as it ran down her throat, greedily drinking what I offered, then took me out of her mouth pumping as I came on her tongue a few spurts hit her cheek and pressed her tongue against my shaft, running it up and down to squeeze out the last of my cum. ‘Jesus. ’ I said, collapsing to my knees in front of her. I kissed her, pushing my tongue between her lips, tasting my cum in her mouth, licking it off her chin before kissing her again, feeding it back to her as Cynthia continued to stroke my softening prick with her hand. Getting up on the bed, she climbed up and lay on her back as I reached down between her legs and felt the wet fabric of the thong. I pulled it off, spread her legs and burying my mouth between her swollen lips, my tongue flicking across her clit sucking it into my mouth as my fingers probed between her lips. Her hips came up off the mattress and pushed against my face and I moved a wet finger from her pussy to her arse, her pucker soaked from my saliva and her juices. ‘Oh my God’ she moaned as I slipped a finger in, ‘Ohh, God yes finger my arse. Ohh Mike, I’m going to cum, no, no, I’m cuming Ohh Jesus Mike yes Ahh. ’ Her pussy gushed against my face and hand, her juices running over my mouth and chin. As she came down from her orgasm, Cynthia moaned ‘Fuck me, Mike.

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   I want your prick in me. ’ With my prick getting harder, I slowly slid my finger out of her arse and climbed between her legs and my prick slipped into her pussy.
    We kissed as I slid all the way into her, pausing for a few moments to savour the warmth of her pussy around my prick and her juices running down my balls then I fucked her with hard deep strokes. ‘Oh yes, Mike, this feels so good. Oh, yes, feeling your hard prick in my pussy. Push it in deep, I need it deeper, let me turn around’ she whispered in my ear ‘take me from behind, doggy style’ and rolled over onto her hands and knees. I moved between her spread thighs and pushed back into her pussy and as she pressed back against me, I grabbed the cheeks of her arse and squeezed them hard, pressing a thumb against the pucker. Cynthia was grunting as I fucked her, my balls hitting her clit as I pushed deeper. ‘Oh Yes, nice and deep, I can feel you all the way in. ’ Then she looked back over her shoulder and shook her long, black hair from her face. ‘Fuck me in the arse, Mike,’ her eyes glazed over with lust. ‘Put your prick in my arse. I know you want to slide your throbbing shaft into my arse and I want your prick buried deep in there. ’ I looked into her eyes and could see lust and desire in them as I grew harder, then pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of my prick against her arse hole, wet with her juices, I slid right in. I stopped when the tip broke past the sphincter, to give her a chance to get used to it, but she pushed back against me with a lustful wail until I was buried to the hilt.

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       She lowered her head to the mattress and I started pumping in and out of her arse. ‘Oh God’ I moaned ‘Your arse is so tight. ’ ‘Fuck my arse, baby,’ she groaned. ‘Ohh, God, your prick feels so good in there, this is going to make me cum. Ohh dear God, that feel so good. Ohh sweet Jesus Mike, your making me cum with your prick in my arse. ’ And she groaned as her orgasm swept over her, pushing back on my prick and squeezing her arse around it as her pussy let go a flood of juices. ’ I pulled out rolled her over onto her back raising her legs until her ankles were at the sides of her head and pushed my prick back into her arse and reached down to rub her clit. She started to wail ‘Oh yes. Ohh, oh, I’m cuming. Oh, fuck me hard, fuck my arse hard baby, I’m cuming. ’ Her arse squeezed my prick tightly as I continued to pump through her orgasm. I could feel the tingle start in my balls ‘I’m going to cum’ I panted. ‘In my mouth, Mike, cum in my mouth. I want to taste us.

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       I want to taste your cum again. I want you in my mouth. I want your cum over my face down my throat. ’ I pushed into her arse one more time then pulled out as she moved on her knees in front of me, took my prick in her mouth, squeezed my balls, slid a finger inside my arse and pressed my gland, hard as I filled her mouth for the second time. She held the cum and let it coat my prick as she moved back and forth on it, then taking it out of her mouth pumped me, spraying cum over her face. When I stopped she looking up at me with a smile, cum dripping from her face, pushing her tongue between her lips as a web of cum formed then she slowly swallowed as we collapsed together in a tangle of limbs. I woke up feeling Cynthia slide her head off my right arm and move down the mattress. As I opened my eyes I saw the top of her head in the dim light of dawn coming through the window. Her hair rubbing softly against my stomach as her tongue trace its way across my hip until it touched the tip of my soft prick, still sticky from the night before. She took my prick into her mouth, sucking on it as one hand cupped my balls. I could feel myself growing in her mouth as she started slowly moving her head up and down, running her tongue around the head before swallowing me. ‘Ohh’ I moaned, raising my hips to meet her face. She looked up, holding my now hard prick in her hand and grinned ‘I hope you don’t mind’ she said. I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair and she deep throated me, stroking with her hand and sucked, releasing me every now and then to take one of my balls into her mouth then lick down to my arse, probing with her tongue trying to push it in. It only took a few minutes of this before I felt the tingle in my balls.

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       She moved her mouth back as the first shot hit tongue, then took her mouth from my prick and pumped me my cum splashing her cheeks and chin as she tried to catch it in her mouth. When I finished cuming, she took my prick back into her mouth and slowly sucked up and down my softening shaft before moving back up and kissing me deeply, my juice rubbing all over our faces. ‘I love the taste of your cum, the feel of it on my face and in my mouth’ she said ‘I told you I don’t bite. Do you think I might need a ride home again tonight?’ anerotic54.
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