A Plaid Skirt Doesn't Hurt-My wife visits the Principal's Office


Heather was no stranger to the school community. She was as active and supportive of school events as her schedule would allow, but I could not remember the last time she had stopped by during the school day. "I'm on my way," I replied, heading back to my office, uncertain what awaited me. I entered my office to see Heather there. She looked beautiful, as always. She has long blond hair that she usually puts up outside the house. It was down at the moment. She's 5'9 and has a very athletic body. We'll hear more about that later. "Dylan, I didn't like how we left things this morning, and I knew I'd never get anything done today if we didn't work it out," she said as I shut the door behind me. "I know. I'm sorry about that-I should be more. . . ""Shut up. " She had cut me off.

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   Now I was concerned. She seemed genuinely agitated with me and she moved towards the door. "Wait a minute," I said, meeting her at the door as she reached past me and, grinning up at me, locked the door. She took off the long coat she had been wearing and hung it on the hook on the back of my door that conveniently covers the window that looks into my office. I then noticed that all she was wearing was a black lace bra and a nicely pressed, standard issue, green and white plaid, St. Elizabeth's skirt. My jaw dropped as turned away from the door and turned around a few times, letting me admire her body. She was gorgeous-a flat and tight stomach, firm 36 C breasts and a small but perky little ass that was just visible beneath her skirt. She moved over to me as I continued to stand dumbly by the door, and started to undress me. She removed my jacket and tie, and unbuttoned my shirt, running her nails down my chest as she did so. I've kept in good shape since college, training with the school's lacrosse and swim teams. As I'm about five inches taller than Heather, her face nestled right into my neck, where she started to kiss me as her hands began to undo my pants and gain access to my now engorged seven-inch cock. She kissed my all the way down my chest and kneeled in front of me, pushing my back against the door. She ran her fingers along my cock and tousled her hair against me. I could feel her warm breath on me as she began to flick her tongue along my balls, taking one gently into her mouth as her fingers continued to massage me.

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   She moaned very softly, sending a sweet little vibration through me as I ran my hands through her hair. She looked up at me and smiled slyly:"Forgive me?" she teased, moving her lips ever so closely near to the head of my cock. "I love you, babe, nothing to forgive," I relied, sweeping her up off of her knees and leading her over to my desk, running my hands along her pantiless ass. You may be thinking, wait a minute, this is happening in a school-a parochial school no less-this is not right. Well, you're entitled to that. All I can tell you is that it sure felt right last week. I laid her across the desk on her back, where her head fell over the edge. I ran my hands across her belly, and leaned over her, lifting the skirt to reveal her sweet pussy. I spread her legs wide and ran my tongue along the outer lips, carefully avoiding her clit for the moment. I felt her tongue start to lick the head of my cock as I leaned over her. Her hands grabbed my balls and she began using them to force my cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth. My fingers began to work their way inside her pussy and my tongue began to circle, but not touch her clit. She started squirming, trying to get me to touch it, but I continued to tease. "Don't tease me, Mr. Shaun, or I'll tell the Principal on you," she chided.

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  "I'll bet you will, Mrs. Shaun," I replied, finally giving in to her demands. I ran the flat of my tongue along her clit her quickly and then took it into my mouth, running my tongue over it hard and fast. She threw back her head and her body convulsed in orgasm. She did her best to stay quiet, and returned to working on my cock with her mouth, as I continued to work on her beautiful pussy.
    She came three more times before I picked her up again and sat her down on my desk. We looked at one another, flushed and sweating. "The skirt was a nice touch," I said, breathing heavy. "You're not done touching me, are you?" She replied, guiding my cock towards her drenched pussy. "Not even close to done. "I reached behind and removed the black, lace bra that up until now avoided my attention. I leaned her back so she lay on my desk as I stood, easing my cock into her. I grabbed onto her skirt as I began to drive my cock in and out of her more rapidly. Heather began to rub her tits, eventually bringing one up to her lips and running her tongue around the nipple. She knows how wild that makes me, and I began to fuck her wildly.

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       Her back arched as she climaxed, bringing her tits up closer to my mouth, which I used to suck on her erect nipples. She brought her head back up and the two of us licked and sucked on the same nipple, all while I was growing ever closer to orgasm. She lay back down, whispering, "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me!" I did as instructed and continued to fuck my hot wife on my desk. I drove my cock deep inside her, pulled it all the way out and plunged it back into her, over and over. She looked up at me, her body spent from numerous orgasms, saying, "I want to you come all over me, baby. "As I got to that point, I pulled my cock from her warm hole and came all over her belly and tits. She ran her hands over her cum-drenched tits and licked her fingers clean. I sat back in my chair. She moved to me and sat on my lap saying, "I know that my hours are crazy, but I love you. Let's try to make some more time together. ""And I love you-I know how hard you work, and I'll try to be more sensitive to that, and how tired you must be. The skirt was a nice touch though. " We ended up taking the rest of the day off together. There were some stares as we left my office, but I don't care.

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       I love my wife and it's important to take time with the people you love. A plaid skirt doesn't hurt either. .

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