A Soldires return part 2


A Soldiers Return Part 2.
I had a phone call from the owner of the cottage, so had to return to London for a few weeks.
He had got some nasty letters from the Heritage people about repairs that needed doing and he could not afford.
I was missing Jenny, every moment of the day.
So I made my friend an offer and bought the cottage.
Jenny had moved in and we had sex everywhere, in fact there was not a place in the cottage where we had not done it.
Now the cottage was mine, it was mentioned in the Doomsday book (1086), and I was now the proud owner with an awful lot of work to do.
Christmas was coming and there had been a few parties in the village in the last month, where some virgins were deflowered, which was interesting, to say the least. At least I had not been asked to get involved, till the next week!
The following week Jenny’s Dad pulled me in the pub and told me he wanted me for a party tonight, I tried to explain I loved his daughter, but as usual she already knew about it and wanted me there.
Jenny came home and we walked to the pub, after a few pints of sheep-dip as the locals called it, I felt a bit better.
When we left it was snowing and the sight of the virgin snow turned me on.
We arrived at a wonderful thatched cottage, lit up with Christmas lights.
Greeted by a lovely blonde woman who gave us mulled wine and roasted chestnuts from the open fire.
Suddenly the gang of fathers arrived and sat down, then a large Gentleman came in with nothing on, the feeling in that room was electric.
Two gorgeous identical twins walked in naked, my penis hit the roof, their blonde hair flowing behind them.
The Gentleman took sat down, whilst both girls looked nervously at him.

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Seeing their breasts and their blonde mounds fired me up.
The first one started giving him a blowjob, her blonde hair flowing over him as she tried, her sister watching intently, as was I!
He suddenly pushed her away whilst grunting; she lay there with her legs open, and without any foreplay he rolled on top of her and tried to go straight into her.
She squealed at his brutal way, whilst her sister (Jane), held her hand and tried to help, to no avail.
He was very hard with her; luckily he did not last long and came within seconds.
The look on the poor girls eyes when he pulled away said everything to me, what a way to treat a virgin, or so I thought!
I do not like the way he treated her, there was no reason to treat a lovely Girl like that.
I watched as her sister trying to help moved her hand down to her blonde bush, rubbing a finger on it she felt the dew drops of cum now soaking it.
For twins are very close, as I was to find out.
I had a bad feeling as the Gentleman came back shaking his head, saying I can’t, all eyes turned on me.
Jane was nervous after seeing what had happened to her sister, looking at Jenny she just nodded at me.
I took my top of then slowly undressed down to my boxer shorts, it was obvious I had a massive hard on as every one looked at it.
Jenny came behind me and just slipped them down, Jane looked and gasped.
I wanted to be as gentle as possible as she was nervous.
I lay down next to her beautiful body and tried to console her and sympathetic, I felt sorry for her, but a standing penis has no conscience.
I started kissing her, she seemed to enjoy that, then moved on to her neck, then went lower till finally in front of everyone I got to her Clitoris, she seemed to like it but still resisted me.
Then I plunged my tongue into her.

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Her sister was holding her and I noticed Jenny grab her and whisper to her, as my tongue went deeper and deeper.
She was quite wet but not enough, I did not want to make her give me a blowjob as she was stressed enough.
So I sat up.
So I looked at Jenny, she knew what I wanted and immediately wrapped her mouth around it, when it was soaked and rock hard I pulled out of her mouth.
I slowly got on top of this lovely young lady, rubbing my penis slowly up and down her slit, I finally got the tip in, she still resisted me though.
Her legs were fighting me all the way, Jenny said something to her and suddenly she let me in all the way!
She had relaxed; I could feel no Hymen as I entered her, just tightness, so beautiful it was indescribable, then as I continued pumping deeper and faster, the wonderful feeling and sounds of a woman’s first orgasm, as she arched up to except the very last bit of me inside her.
Jenny was encouraging me, so I felt that deep feeling as I came in her.
I really did let some go inside her.
Pulling out was difficult, as Jane gripped me with her arms, eventually I managed to leave my cum everywhere, what a mess!
It seemed to drip out of her as the blonde lady who had let us in wrapped a towel around this lovely young lady, as she stood up it was dripping down her leg.
I got up and went to get quickly dressed; Jenny suddenly stopped me slapping my buttocks.
Jenny helped the twin up and took her upstairs with her sister, so I got dressed anyway, as there was nothing left inside me, it was all in Jane and I was worn out.
When Jenny came back I was enjoying a whisky with everyone and a cigarette.
She seemed annoyed I was dressed; saying I was needed, I explained I was worn out, not only with what had happened, but also with the work on the cottage.
Well you will have to do it in the morning I was told, and went back upstairs.
I really did not know what she was talking about.

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The party went on and as people started to leave, Jenny came down with one of the twins now fully dressed, and looking magnificent.
Over a very large whisky, I suddenly found out.
Evidently the selected father had not penetrated her, he just lasted a few seconds and had come, so she had not been “Done. ”
She did not want the village to know, so was coming home with us!
So Linda (the other twin), trudged through the snow with us, and being a Gentleman I left her to go to bed with Jenny, which was interesting, as they both touched each other, for I could hear them, making certain sounds.
In the morning as I laid by the fire downstairs; I suddenly heard giggling, walking upstairs they were in the bath together, the sight of them together certainly did things to me, which was noticed.
For Linda seemed embarrassed at having her breasts soaped, by Jenny.
For the toilet was in the bathroom and trying to have a piss with a large erection was not easy, especially as Linda was looking.
Going downstairs the door went and it was Jane with the older blonde lady (their Mother as I found out), they both looked down at the hard on I was sporting, although I did have my dressing gown on.
Letting them in, Jenny came downstairs, with Linda who was stark naked.
Her nipples were like Organ stops, immediately she kissed her sister and Mother, then she turned to me.
“Please be careful for I have a Hymen, unlike my sister who broke hers Horse riding, so I know it will hurt!”
“I don’t want to hurt you, I will be gentle. ”
I kissed her softly and passionately, then started to caress her slowly, but suddenly she slipped my dressing gown off.
Slowly running her tongue down my chest, which was an incredible turn on.
Especially as my “morning glory” was even harder by now
Then she knelt in front of me, taking me in her mouth, oh so slowly she tried, but she was inexperienced and although it was very nice it was not was what I was used to, for she grated her teeth on me.
Her Mother (Sue) came out of the blue and pushed her Daughter away!
Looking me in the eyes she said: “ I have not done this for a long time as I am divorced, but as my daughter is a disgrace as all girls in this village are trained, I will do it, but please do not cum in my mouth as I want my daughter to feel that.

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She really was good, starting at my testicles then licking up to the tip, but ever so slowly, I was in heaven.
Slowly she swallowed it; it felt so warm and soft, but the problem was I was stood there looking at a naked blonde with her lovely sister, my Girlfriend with their Mother sucking me.
I was getting very close and Sue knew it as she could feel it, so she pulled out, suddenly standing up she looked at Jenny.
They both got hold of Linda’s ankles and pulling her legs skyward and apart.
I could sense they had either seen that done or done it themselves before, and then they looked at me.
I was so turned on I could not resist, although we had not really had much foreplay, so was concerned she was not wet.
I went on top and entered her slowly; she was wet enough, I could feel no Hymen, then suddenly I could feel something, so pushing against it, she cried out, Sue screamed at her to shut up as she was a shame to the family name.
The softly approach did not seem to be working so I just plunged in harder and suddenly I was all the way in, as Linda gasped.
It was an exquisite experience, a lovely blonde with her legs in the air, now allowing me to really get in deeply.
I really got into the motion; slowly then fast and long, pushing my arms up I was looking down on her moving breasts, as she started to moan slowly, then her moans got louder, I looked up, to see her sister stroking her hair.

    Her aureoles suddenly went small and she started to come, as she did Sue and Jenny pushed her legs back further and seemed to lift her, allowing me maximum penetration, as they did I pushed harder.
    I could really feel her come and heard her gasps of pleasure.
    I could not stop as I suddenly felt a wonderful feeling as I started to come deep inside her, there seemed to be a lot of it as well, as I was very turned on.
    Spurt after spurt pumped into her, as she looked at me with her lovely blue eyes.
    I flopped on top of her to get my breath back, kissing her, then slowly pulled out.

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    As I stood up all three women looked down at Linda’s blonde mound, now with a thick wad of white cum in the opening!
    The two girls picked her up and took her upstairs, whilst I put some more logs on the fire and got Sue and I a glass of port, to keep the cold out.
    She turned to me and said: “ I need you to pop in on your way back from the pub tomorrow, as I want you to do something for me, that only you can do. ”
    I was stunned, then she said: “And Friday as well, for we have a Mothers meeting and we need you. ”
    “What for?” I asked, very cagily.
    “ You may need some Mothers help soon!”
    She would not say any more, as all the girls came down dressed to go out, they all kissed me and walked off into the snow, leaving me alone to think.
    Although I had cooked dinner as usual, Jenny was very late home.
    I gave her a huge cuddle and a kiss, but she seemed shy.
    I offered her a drink but she refused, suddenly she said: “ I have something to show you, do you Love me?”
    That was a silly question as she knew I adored her and told her so.
    She went to her bag and pulled a picture out “ I have been to the Hospital for a scan. ”
    “What for, what is a matter?” I said in a panic.
    She gave me the picture “ it is our Son inside me!”
    I looked at it in disbelief, then burst into tears of pure joy, cuddling her then getting a large drink, I went to light a cigarette but she pointed to outside.
    No smoking in the Cottage anymore.
    Over dinner she told me all about all the tests etc. it sounded frightening to me and all the classes, we both had to go to later on, but we could still make love for about another three months.
    I explained I wanted to go down the village and tell everyone, she said she already had, when she got off the once a day bus, home. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

    “The pub went mad when I told them, wait till you go in tomorrow!”
    I told her what Sue had said and told her I was not going as I did not want anything to do with it anymore.
    She got cross and said: “ That is why I did not want to tell you; for I expect you to help out, as I will need you, but the village does as well, the club needs you and I love to see you enjoying it, so don’t even think about stopping anything!”
    I thought the bump she had was my cooking, now I knew the truth.
    Suddenly the door went, so I opened it and it was Jenny’s Dad with a huge smile on his face, I let him in of course.
    He shook hands with me, then gave me a hug, patting me on the back.
    Opening his bag he pulled a bottle of very rare whisky out, sort me one out as well.
    He suddenly went to Jenny, as she stood up he gave her a huge cuddle, I heard him sobbing telling her he had just heard, so as I got a drink for us, I left them together, in each others arms.
    For all the comments thank you.
    For it was my first story and having to do it on my Mac, and then transfer it to a p. c. was a pain.
    I am English, so my grammar and indeed spelling will be different.
    I hope you enjoy this the second one.

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