A Welcomed Visit Part Two


After a brief doze in your arms, I woke to my neck being licked and your hands caressing my hard nipples.   I purred softly in your ear, asking if it was my turn now.   You laughed into my neck and pulled my shirt over my head.   You climbed on top of me and held my hands down lightly.   “You’re mine. ” You whispered in my ear, echoing the same sentiment I had whispered to you.   Your tongue wet a trail down to my heavy full breasts.   Letting go of me, you took both of my breasts in your hands, feeling the weight.   You complimented me on my soft skin.   I watched as you kiss my hard pink nipples, squeezing my tits in each of your hands.   Your mouth alternated, making each nipple feel special.
I tried to run my hand through your hair but you refused to let me.   I laughed softly, almost regretting doing the same to you earlier.   Your mouth dipped lower across my belly, kissing my belly button softly, before sucking and licking on my right hip.   I had told you earlier that it was my spot.   I sucked in my breath as you teased me.

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    My pussy was getting wetter, begging for your attention.   I started to squirm but you held me firm.   I felt your breath across my wet stomach as you blew it across, making my skin goose bump under your tender care.  
You continued lower, kissing and sucking my inner thighs causing me to say your name softly, begging you to kiss my clit.   You ignored me while you paid close attention to my hips, my thighs, and my mound – anywhere but my clit and pussy.   My fists clenched and I spread my legs further for you.   I whimpered loudly as your mouth finally covered my dripping pussy.   I felt your tongue explore my lips and dip into my slit, tasting me.   You whispered that I tasted so good and took my hard clit into your waiting mouth.   I arched my back as you slid your fingers into my pussy, pumping them in and out.   With your mouth on my hard clit and your fingers ramming themselves into me, it didn’t take me long to cum.   You licked me dry, refusing to let go until you had your fill.

    With a predatory look in your eye, you began stroking your all ready hard dick.   I could see the pre-cum on it.   I licked my lips involuntary and moaned.

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        I’ve waited for this moment for years.   It happened in slow motion.   You stood before me naked just as I laid before you naked.   Your left hand ran down between my tits and across my quivering stomach.   You called me dear before you plunged your cock into my wet pussy.   I screamed out, momentarily speechless as you covered my body with yours.   Our sweat mingled and I clung to you tighter.   I grabbed your ass and lifted my hips to bring you deeper into me.   I felt your cock stretch me just as my pussy contracted around you.   You called me a dirty slut and bit me on my breast.   I raked my nails up your back, growling and begging for more.   I moaned loudly and called out your name, asking you to fuck me.   My orgasm rocked me – wave after wave sending me into an upside down spin.   I clung to you, my earth, as I felt your load exploding inside of me. Sighing contently,  you kissed me on my lips and laid down on your back with a goofy grin on your face.

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    … to be continued.

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