A Widow's Adventure


I trudged the 100 yards to the building and ducked into the door, the wind almost blew me thru it, but the warmth felt good and the place seemed nice enough.   Then I started to take in my surroundings. Porno magazines and "Marital aids in packages lined the walls as far as the eye could see!. Large posters of busty naked women jumped out at me, and the inventory section of video tapes had headliners announcin the subject matter in bold print.   Cocksucking. . Anul Sex . . . Incest. . . . Animal sex. . .

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  Straight fucking!!  I got on my cell phone and called my emergency road service.   The dispatcher said it would be at least 90 minutes before they could promise any help. "Please hurry  i said , the place I'm calling from isn't the greatest".   Soon as we get a truck you'll be the first he said, and hung up.           After about 5 minutes I noticed the man behind the counter watching me, and I began to feel uneasy. . . . . . "hey lady, you can't just stand there, house rules, either buy something, buy a ticket for the movie, or get tokens and go to a booth.     "Well I'm not buying any of YOUR merchandise, and certainly am not watching that kind of movie,  but you mentioned a "booth" , whats that?  "There's privat booths thru that door he pointed , and you buy tokens to watch movies on a small screen.    "Do the booths have doors that lock? I asked.    Yeah , buy you can't just sit there ya gotta put the tokens in the machine to run the film, can't have loiterers back there.   "Alright I said how much for one hour of tokens, and will you let me know when the tow truck gets here?".

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  .   Sure sure  that'll be $10. 00.    A rip off I thought but what choice did I have ?  I went into the darkened rear of the store a selected a booth near the middle, After securly locking the door i sat on a small stool like device in one corner and dropped 10 tokens in the slot.   On the screen a couple appeared locked in a passionate embrace totally naked and screwing like teenagers. In fact they were teenagers! Where do they find people so attractive, and so young to make these films I wondered. I watched the action on the screen for about 5 minutes when out of the corner of my eye I saw two fingers poking thru a hole in the wall on my right side. There was a hole in the wall leading to the booth next to mine, in fact there was two holes, one a bit higher then the other, and the same set of holes was on the other wall of my booth!!. Some privicy I thought. The fingers disappeared and I felt more at ease, until I heard the sounds of sucking comming from the booth next to mine.   Being more courious the frightened I leaned over and peeked thru the hole to see what was happening, and got the shock of my life!  In the next booth a man was kneeling in front of the wall with the holes and he was making the sucking sounds I had heard! Now my sex life had been limited to my husband and a couple of backseat romances in highschool, but we had both enjoyed oral sex and there was no mistake that guy was giving "head!"   Holy shit,   what kind of a place is this I thought?   Then I heard the door to the booth on the other side of mine open, close and lock. Tokens drop in the slot and  A ZIPPER SLID DOWN!!! What's going on I worried, and without a how do you do a flaccid half erect COCK  was pushed thru one of the holes. !!  My God I thought what have I got myself into?  "Comon, get me hard" said a gruff voice through the wall ,"What are you waiting for bitch?" My husband always said I was a bit of a  submissive , and I instinctivly reached out and took the cock in my hand and began to stroke it!.   It seemed to come alive in my hand and was fully erect in just a couple of strokes .   "Gee's you got a great touch " the man said, and to my embarrasment I felt complimented.

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   Now I haven't seen many cocks but this would be considered a nice one by any one. Straight and 8inches of curcumcised manhood with a large head that was beginning to glisten with precum. I stroked the full length and was becomming hypnotised by the sight a the smell of his cock when the voice said "Get to it , I ain't got all day.   You gonna suck it or not?"  Suck it! My God ! I couldn't do that in a million years I said to myself, but when I felt him start to pull that nice cock back thru the hole I just leaned over and PUT MY MOUTH ON IT !! I was sucking on a total strangers cock and I seemed to be "getting into it" as they say. I turned to face the wall and began to take more of his cock in my mouth, and remembering the things my husband used to like so  I started sucking so the slurp sound I made as the head of his cock slipped through my lips was clearly heard. And as I bobbed my head up and down on it I tounged the underside of and took it deep into my mouth.   I did like it when I gave pleasure to my husband and I now began to feel the same thrill giving head to this stranger.   "Oh man , your good " the voice said , and I felt as though I was special.   I must have sucked him off for about 10 minutes when I felt this lovley cock begin to throb and push deeper in my hot sucking mouth.   He was going to cum, what do I do Now, suck, spit , jerk him off, what?   Before I could decide I felt the first sprut of cum hit the roof of my mouth, and I just had to finish him off, I thought.   His cum was not my first, but it was the most.   He kept cumming for what seemed a really long time and I kept sucking until my mouth was actually full !  I had to pull back, and I spit the thick mixture of cum and saliva on the floor of my booth.   "Thanks pal" and the cock and the man were gone. The door opened and he was gone!  The taste of a strangers cumm in mouth was exiciting and not bad , but what was I thinking of ? !  Giving a blowjob to a stranger. .

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  . in a place like this. . . . and he thought I was a man.   How perverted can a woman get? I wondered. Just then I heard the door open again as a new guy came into the same booth and again I heard the sound of a zipper comming down. Well. . . I guess we'll soon know , I said to my self.   Sure enough a new cock was presented for me through the hole and this time it was BLACK!!  I mean BLACK, and BIG!  Atleast 10 inches and already erect!  My eyes must have popped at the sight, and I had butterflies in my belly. What a beautful cock!!  Can I . .

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  . should I. . .   what will happen if. . . . . . "Please" a rich baritone voice said.   A gentleman I thought, oh well it's a day of firsts' .   As I wraped my hand around this black love stick I became aware of the girth and had doubts regarding the size fitting between my lips.   I opened my mouth wide and slowly let his cock slide over my lips. .

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  tounge. . and finally well into my mouth. . It was big, but I could take almost half the length into my mouth, but found it difficult to really suck  it was so wide. . . So I used my mouth like a pussy, sliding up and down the length and stopping only to lick the underside if his enormous cock head.   I was just getting a good rythum going when I felt my jaw begin to cramp.   When I paused to rest he began pumping his cock like a piston.   It made me wonder what it would be like to be fucked by this black beauty.   Not made love to, but really FUCKED!  I began to finger my pussy thru my skirt and panty hose and I could feel the wetness around my pussy lips dampen my panties.   Quickly I stood and almost tore my hose and panties to my ankles, flipped my skirt up over my ass and presented my pussy doggie style to the magnificent cock. I guided the head into my cunt lips and was about to push when the voice from the other booth said. "I don't fuck gay ass man"!  He pulled away!!  "HEY lady , your tow truck is here" the counter man hollared .

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   And I put my self together, open the booth door and walked out . Right into a very nice looking black man standing in the aisle. His eyes widdened and he trid to say something but could only gawk at me.   I smiled and as i walked past him I said "I'll be back".    And I did go back , and that story I'll tell you later.
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