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She came awake when the sun shone full on her face. It was warm and bright and beautiful. She flung the covers back to get the effect of warmth on her whole naked body and grinned with delight. A sleepy female voice next to her mumbled into a pillow,
"I can’t understand how you do this every single day after we have a party Stacy. "
Stacy leaned over and whispered back, "It’s because I don’t spend all night doing the work CC. " They both turned hearing a regular thumping on the wall and a low moan. "As I correctly remember, you got your share of work last night. " "Yeah but not as much as Alicia’s getting!"
Amid soft chuckles the perky brunette Stacy slid out of bed and walked over to the window. The sun glinted off her red highlights and caressed her trim naked body. Not overly voluptuous, Stacy made up for it with sheer physical ability. She did everything, Tennis, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, even a bit of ‘touch’ football now and then. She loved the daytime and met every single dawn with the same intensity.
The girl still in bed got up slowly, regretting the loss of night. She did her best work when the sun went down. Her blond hair curly and tangled fell over her shoulders and into her eyes. She gathered up the comforter and moved toward the huge master bath.

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   With a jump Stacy swept the comforter away from her and laughed. Beyond the blond hair and emerald green eyes there stood a body to die for. Voluptuous breasts, slim waist, long shapely legs. "Mmmm", murmured Stacy appreciatively. "You rat" CC mumbled and once again headed for the bath. Stacy pulled on a silk negligee and went downstairs, frowning as she always did at the mess. The girls at the house had made a pact not to drink at their own parties so they could enjoy their escapades more. But their friends didn’t have the same agenda. Spilled food and drink littered the house, paper cups and plates the stairs, and other abundant trifles. Sarah picked up a forgotten denim jacket and didn’t notice the man behind her. "You didn’t have to get all dressed up for me", a voice from behind her spoke teasingly. Steve let his eyes run slowly from her tousled hair to her firm behind which the negligee only half covered. Stacy glanced behind her at the man she had been trying to get to all the past evening and for some reason or another, never did. She smiled and walked into the kitchen, draping the jacket over a banister. The kitchen was a big, bright, open affair with lots of glass and cupboards, just her style.

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   "Well, if you’d like to help me find a counter somewhere I’d be glad to give you a cup of coffee", she said, staring dismayed at the pizza boxes lining every available space there. Steve walked up behind her. She turned around and an apology died on her lips as his steel blue eyes bored into hers. "I was hoping you would give me something else. " he said as he claimed a deep kiss from her half opened lips.
With one arm he swept empty pizza boxes onto the linoleum and with the other lifted her onto the counter. Stacy was so startled she couldn’t do anything but let the flood overtake her. He was nipping at sensitive places and his hands roamed freely. Her nipples stood out boldly against the silk fabric she wore. Work roughened fingers took hold of her hips and his kiss became deeper, more demanding. Stacy tried to control herself but his huge presence was everywhere, pushing her farther down the flood. He pulled her negligee off and stopped to admire her. "Whenever I went for you last night, another person had already gotten there!" he growled. He went into a frenzy of activity, sucking on her modest breasts that had swelled with desire. She wrapped a hand around his head but he was already pulling away to lick her stomach.

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   She groaned with sudden impatience, reaching down with a hand she caressed his hardness through the denim buttonfly’s he wore. He was like a forgotten cowboy who knew every step of the way through her body. He shuddered at her touch and with his own hand gently swept across the lips of her groin. It was almost too much. She felt a flood of wet warmth make her dizzy. "You’re ready for me so soon. . . " Steve whispered. "Good. " He undid his buttons and let the jeans drop to the ground. He dragged her off the counter and kissed her all the way to the warm, soft carpet window seat. Stacy sat and pulled her knees up. She panted as he drew closer. She couldn’t bear to look down; she could feel the heat of him burning her already.

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   She leaned back and closed her eyes as he slid into her body.
The plunge into her was like climbing into a warm spa. She gave a gasp of surprise and a bit of pain; he was bigger than any man she had ever had sex with! Then he began to move, agonizingly slow and she licked her teeth in agitation. Steve closed his eyes and spread his hands over her breasts, languishing in the feel of her muscles sliding underneath her skin, her breath coming hot and fast now as he pumped into her a little harder. She grabbed his tousled blonde hair and he could see she had never expected him to be so big. A sweat broke on his face with an effort of controlling himself. He reached a finger to rub between them and she began to whimper. Hearing it heightened his passion and he began fucking her harder and fast. Her pussy slid onto him like rippling silk, she was crying out now then sobbing. Suddenly everything he was waiting for happened, her pussy gripped him like spandex and as he felt the hot wet flood trickledown his balls, he exploded inside of her.
From far away Stacy felt him cum like he would never stop. They came down from that high slowly savoring every second. When she could move again, Stacy felt him slip from her. His breath warmed her bare chest. When she lifted herself, he kissed her briefly; neither of them said a word through coffee, just stared at each other.

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   Then when he left she wrapped a robe around herself and waved goodbye from the front door. A soft arm encircled her as she watched the jeep drive away. CC’s voice brought her back to reality. "Good thing you know who you come to bed with every night. . . " Stacy let out a very unfeminine snort, "What would you do if I found myself a man?" CC raised her eyes, "Heaven forbid. "

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