Adventurs of Sherrif Anthony


It was 11:20pm Sheriff Anthony C. Davis had just gotten home after working two shifts to cover for his boy Eric, who had to take off because his kids were sick. Eric was the single dad of three bad ass kids 1 boy and 2 girls every since his tramp of an ex-wife left his black ass for this Harley rider she met at the neighborhood spot one night while Eric was at work. This week the kids were staying with their maternal grandmother so Eric was all alone after getting off of work.   Well anyway like I was saying Anthony had just gotten off work and he was both tired and funky and only wanted to take a hot shower and get in bed. Wouldn’t you know it the hot water heater was busted and there was no hot water available. Anthony, really needing a hot shower and not wanting to go and try and mess around with the hot water heater in the basement, decided to go to the health club and take his shower, it was only three blocks away. After gathering his toiletries and a change of clothes Anthony arrived at the health club. He was greeted at the check in desk by a new face. A young lady about 20 something, dark skinned, shorthair etc. She was actually kind of cute but Anthony was not in the mode to try and get his mack on at that point he only wanted to shower up and get back home and get in bed. Of course there had to be a problem; things just couldn’t go smoothly. His club ID card had become demagnetized and it wouldn’t register and since the young lady at the desk was new she didn’t know Anthony personally so she had to call the manager Harold. Harold came right away and immediately greeted Anthony and let him in. He asked Anthony what he was doing there so late since the club closed at 1am. Anthony told him that he only wanted a shower cause his hot water heater had gone out.

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   They laughed at the scenario and Harold told Anthony that he would make sure his new card would be ready when he got ready to leave. Harold said he would be leaving and Kenya was seeing to it that he got what ever he needed. The young lady from the desk apologized for the inconvenience and Anthony told her not to worry…stuff happens. Anthony made his way to the locker room and finally got the long awaited and needed hot shower. Anthony must have lost track of time while taking the shower because when he got out the clock on the wall said12: 50. He knew he had to rush and get dressed so he could get out of there. When he opened his locker his clothes were gone. In place of the clothes was a handwritten note that read
“ Sorry for the inconvenience I cause you during your check in I would like to make it up to you by offering you, free if charge, a full body massage. I know you can use it because you said you were tired and stressed out. The club is closed and we are alone, so if you like you can meet me in the massage room. If not… your clothes are in locker #12 and you don’t have to see me…just unlock the front door and walk out I will understand…. the choice is yours. ‘K’” Now Anthony was not stupid. Tired or not the thought of a cute hot firm young thing massaging his body was enough to get his manhood to stir a bit. With the shower towel around his waist, Anthony made his way to the massage room where Kenya had the lights dimmed low and soft music playing.

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   Kenya was standing there in candy-apple red matching laced panties and bra. She had on sweat clothes when they had met earlier and they did an effective job of hiding her assets. Kenya was the BOMB…Her chocolate body stood about 5’4”, 125 firm pounds, Ass that would make Beyonce say “Damnnn” and titties that were a wonder delicious firm looking size 34C. Kenya said, “I’m glad you chose to stay awhile and enjoy a massage. I took a chance on getting my feelings hurt and getting fired so I hope you think this will be worth it” Anthony said “ you don’t even have to touch me. just looking at you standing there made this choice worth it” Kenya smiled and told Anthony that he could call her K from now on since that’s what she liked and he could now get up on the table face down.   Anthony complied and before he knew it K had gotten on top of him and her crotch was riding on Anthony’s bare ass as K had removed the towel Anthony had on. K began by pouring lotion onto his back and slowly rubbing it in. K then poured lotion onto Anthony’s muscular legs and began massaging the oil in also. K occasionally would lightly brush her finger tips over the back of Anthony’s balls causing his did to slowly become erect. K knew that Anthony couldn’t be on his stomach much longer because the harder his dick got the more uncomfortable he became in that position. But K didn’t want the session to be a quickie either. K parted Anthony’s legs with her arms and pulled Anthony’s ass slightly up off of the massage table so that his ass hole and balls were fully exposed from the rear and then she took the tip of her tongue and slowly licked the back length of Anthony’s shaft slowly making sure the entire rear of the shaft was well coated with her mouth juices. Then K moved her tongue up the shaft and gently began to apply a coat of saliva on each ball, I didn’t stop as Anthony found himself moaning at the expert attention his dick and balls were getting from K’s warm talented mouth. K, having sufficiently coated the dick and balls made her tongue do a slow inviting dance up the crack of Anthony’s butt hole.

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   This made Anthony jump momentarily for it had been quite a while since someone had place their tongue up his ass. K began to take stabs with her tongue in and out of Anthony’s poop shoot. Damn this felt good thought Anthony. . The best rim job, best nut lick Anthony had had in years. K continued her masterful tongue action deep inside the ass cheek and crack of Anthony. When she felt she had sufficiently completed her mission of the back yard area of Anthony she instructed her willing participant to role over.   Anthony complied with K’s instructions and rolled over onto his back. K took a handful of lotion and rubbed it around in the palm of her hand and proceeded to rub Anthony’s muscular chest with it. Anthony’s dick was in a full state of arousal as K’s body was positioned so that while she strattled his body her ass cheeks rubbed up against the full length of his manhood. K would move her ass cheeks around and around so that Anthony’s dick could enjoy the sensation of her soft ebony skin. K bent down and began to gently suck on Anthony’s nipples causing each to become hard and erect. Anthony moaned to show his appreciation for the pleasure K was showing him. K’s mouth slowly made her way off of Anthony’s nipples as she began a slow tongue trace down pass his stomach to his fully erect manhood. K was delighted that Anthony was…shall we say “BLESSED” .

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   Anthony’s erect manhood stood at least 9+ inches in length and at least two inches in diameter. Although K was no stranger to the wonders of the male anatomy she was somewhat surprised and yet pleased to see that Anthony had shaved balls…He still had a bit of hair on the front of his groin area but for the most part his balls and his dick were shaven. This K quickly figured out made his dick and balls more sensitive to the touch of a warm wet tongue. It also made it much more pleasurable for her to suck on…and suck on them she did. K opened her mouth as far as she could and quickly engulfed as much of Anthony’s cock inside her mouth as would fit. Slowly she raised her head until just the tip of Anthony’s cockhead was on her lips, then she took a deep breath and went in for another dive, this time she relaxed her throat a bit and was able to take more of the massive cock inside of her mouth. . She was up to about 6 inches of the 9+. K was determined to get all 9+ inches of cock inside her throat. She continued on her mission of swallowing cock inch by inch deeper and deeper with each try until finally she felt her lips touch the base of Anthony’s swollen love meat. She kept the cock suspended deep in her throat for a few minutes while she let her tongue simultaneously work its magic on the big vein of Anthony’s man meat.   Of course keeping that wonderful cock deep in her throat was not hard considering that Anthony’s strong hand had grab the back of her head and held it in place. K know as she felt Anthony’s hips rise up off the table that he was enjoying her work and that he was not going to last long if she continued like that. . and besides not that she didn’t on occasions like the taste of a man's love juices oozing inside of her mouth, she had other plans for this mother load.

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   K managed to free her mouth from Anthony’s love pole and she dismounted the table to remove the two articles of clothing she had on.   Anthony had a chance to momentarily catch his breath and once again enjoy the site of K’s wonderful firm body. K slowly removed her bra, revealing the most perfect pair of firm size 34 breast ever to be seen…not a scratch or mark on them and the nipples had to stick out at least a half inch. Anthony smiled at the site of them. . He smiled even more as K wiggled her way out of her matching panties revealing a glorious looking cleaned shaven pussy, with a cute little tattoo of a rose just above the opening. Anthony started to get up off of the table and go to K. . but she told him to stay lying on the table, as it was her intention to run the entire show. No argument from Anthony… K reached up and pulled on each of her nipples as she walked back to the table. She once again mounted Anthony but this time she moved her body up so that her shaved pussy was positioned directly over Anthony’s mouth. Then she took both of her hands and grabbed the back of Anthony’s head and forced his mouth onto her wet pussy. It wasn’t much of a force to get Anthony to dive into it. With Anthony’s head firmly in her hands K slowly fucked his face with her pussy. In and out of Anthony’s mouth K pumped her pussy, which now was fully exposing her beat red clit.

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   Anthony just opened his mouth and accepted her pumping his face with her clit. Each time her clit came forward Anthony would stick out his tongue to meet it.
    Slowly K ceased to pump his face and instead just settled for slow grind of her love button on Anthony’s skillful tongue. Anthony reached up and gripping K’s ass with both of his hands he forced her pussy down onto his mouth where he extended his tongue deep inside her love tunnel. Deeper and deeper Anthony’s tongue went inside of K’s pussy. He would flicker and rotate his tongue while it was inside of her so that she could feel him touch each and every wall of soaking wet snatch. K couldn’t take it no more she felt her clit swell, her juices were starting to boil over her entire womanhood wanted to explode right there right inside of this mans mouth right on his outfuckingstanding tongue. Cum she wanted to do and Cum she did. . K exploded pussy juice all over Anthony’s face all on his tongue all down his chin every where. . Anthony tried his best to lick every drop of her sweet nectar but as hard as he tried her could lap up all of it up as it flowed out faster than his talented tongue and mouth could absorb it. K’s entire body was felt as if it was rushing out through her pussy. Just when she thought she couldn’t cum anymore or any harder Anthony positioned his mouth so that K’s ass was directly over his mouth, then he proceeded to stick his wet tongue deep inside of her anal crack returning the favor she had done to him earlier. Deeper and deeper his tongue explored the inside of her rear entrance until she felt his tongue hit a spot that she didn’t even know she had…and BAM the faucet of her pussy juices came wide open again and again her emotions overcame her as she released wave after wave after wave of hot steamy pussy juice.

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       Finally Anthony released his grip on K’s ass cheeks, allowing her to move her now completely drained body off of Anthony’s soaked glistened mouth. K was completely drained never had she cum so hard from a mans tongue, but never had she came across such a talented tongue as Anthony possessed. K may have been drained but Anthony had yet to release the beast of a load that had been building inside of his nut sack. Anthony maneuvered from underneath K’s limp body and instructed her to lay on her stomach. K knew that she was no longer in control of the scene and that her body was now in the capable hands of the law. Anthony lifted K’s ass off of the table as he spread her legs open to begin his assault on the sweetest pussy he had ever had. Anthony grabbed K by the hips and let his cock find its way to the wet opening of K’s love tunnel. Anthony attempted to shove his cock deep inside with one push but was unable to do so. . as wet as K was her pussy was as tight as a virgin teens pussy. Oh shit this is going to be the shit…Anthony thought…he hadn’t had a pussy this tight since he was…. damn he had never had pussy this tight.   Anyway Anthony repositioned his man meat for the entrance. Taking his cock in his hand he slowly guided his tool inside K’s virgin like walls slowly inserting more and more inches with each stroke until almost all 9+ inches of his man meat were inside. K screamed with pleasure with each stroke of his cock and with each inch of meat that was placed inside of her.

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       Anthony felt the pussy starting to loosen and he picked up the pace of his strokes. Inside Anthony penetrated until the head of his monster cock touched the back walls of K’s pussy. Then slowly he would remove his meat inch by inch so that K could feel each and every vein as it exited her tight pussy hole. Then again he would slowly insert his tool again so that each and every fiber of his love missile was felt. K was in heaven her pussy was on fire. Anthony was working her over like no man had ever done before. K had cum so much and so hard earlier that she couldn’t believe it when suddenly she found herself on the very of yet another climax. She began screaming no. . no. . no but all the while the hot juices boiling inside her pussy were screaming yes yes yes oh god yes…Anthony too had began to reach a point of no return. His balls were aching to release the load of cum that had been building since he first saw K standing at the massage table in her bra and panties. His cock was throbbing uncontrollable his inward thrusts were now done with more force…more pounding …more determination. In and out he went harder and deeper with each stroke.

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       The more K screamed the harder he thrusted. Anthony suddenly exploded gallons upon gallons of hot creamy cum juice deep inside of K’s red hot pussy and just as quick as Anthony came K also came for the final time. This orgasm was even more intense than the one Anthony provided with his tongue. The burning sensation of Anthony’s man meat coupled with the cooling sensation of his liquid love sent K completely over the edge and she burst out in uncontrollable tears as her body shook in spasm after spasm…K feel flat on the table with her body completely lifeless. Anthony fell on top of her, he too completely drained and even more tired than what he was when he first went into the gym. They held each other close for about an hour as they lay on the massage table each thinking about what had just happened. Finally they cleaned up the massage room and showered together. Since Anthony didn’t have any hot water at his house K invited him to spend the night with her. He did spend the night with her and the next night and the next night. and the…. well you get the hint. I hope you enjoyed this adventure of Sheriff Anthony C. Davis…tune in again in the future for more adventures as the Sheriff provides more “service” to the community!!!   Let me know your thoughts. . .

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