After Dinner


He pulled her in and kissed her letting his hand slide down her ass. She knew he was sneaking a feel but she didn’t mind one bit. He grew hard against her as they kissed. It didn’t go unnoticed. She pressed against him making him want her more. He pulled away from her drinking in her looks. “If we don’t stop now we are never gonna make it to dinner. ” She sighed heavily. “Ok, let’s get going, Beauty. ” He watched her ass as they left the room. He wanted to see that nice round ass lying on the bed in that thong when they got back. Naughty thoughts ran through his head. He wanted her so badly he didn’t know if he could actually wait through dinner. He half regretted making her wait, but the anticipation would make it even better when they finally got naked later. They arrived at the restaurant. It was a really nice place.

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   He had done a great job at picking. It smelled wonderful. She couldn’t wait to eat and get back to the room. She didn’t want to seem to eager but wanted him to know she wanted him. They were seated in a nice corner booth with a leather settee and marble topped table. They scooted in close in the corner of the settee. They ordered dinner and wine. As they waited for their food, they made a little small talk drinking their wine. They chatted and touched and kissed. She felt like the only person in the world. He held her hand. It felt small and delicate in his large strong hand. It was a nice feeling. His other hand was busy working its way up her thigh. She felt excitement start to run through her.

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   He gave her a mischievous grin. She leaned in kissing him. His hand ran higher. She grinned back at him. He was feeling rather bold. He slid his hand up to the fabric of her thong. He could feel her wetness starting to soak through the thin lace of her panties. “Are we a little excited, Baby?” He whispered in her ear. She grinned back at him, “Uh huh, I think maybe I am. ”He rubbed her gently, kissing her harder. She pushed her crotch harder into his hand. She wanted him so bad. She didn’t know if she could make it through dinner. She was definitely not ordering dessert. His hand pressed harder against her.

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   She started to squirm in her seat. She let her hand slid under the tablecloth, pressing against his hardness. It pulsed against her hand. It was good to know he wanted her just as bad. The waiter approached the table. They stopped petting each other. The thrill of almost getting caught turned both of them on more. With wicked grins on their faces, they let him deliver their food. They laughed out loud when he walked away. They ate and talked idly, waiting for the moment they could get back to their room, the place they could block out the whole world. Dinner was finally over. He led her back to the car by the arm. She teased him the whole way back. She reached over and massaged his hard cock through his khakis. He smiled ear to ear.

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   He wanted her so bad and it was nice to know that she wanted him as well. She continued to run her hand up and down his penis. She suddenly had a very naughty idea. She took her hand away from him. He frowned slightly. She grinned slyly. She maneuvered around in her seat. She raised her skirt and leaned against the door of the car. She spread her legs toward him letting him see up her skirt as he drove. “Like what you see, Baby?” She asked teasingly. “Yes, Baby Girl, I do. ” At that moment, he realized she had shaved in the shower. She could see in his eyes he was pleased. She spread her legs wider, offering him a better view. She mindlessly began to rub the top of her mound.

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   She let her fingers wander down farther. She felt her wetness start to seep through her panties. He turned his head as they had stopped at a light. He could smell her arousal. He reached over rubbing his hand over hers. She let him have access to her heated pussy. He rubbed her a little harder pushing a finger in gently. He pulled his finger from her gently licking off her juice as the light turned green. She pulled her skirt back down re-adjusting to the forward position in her seat. They made their way back to the bed and breakfast. They made it to the inn rushing in to their room. He turned the key in the door opening it quickly. He pushed her back against the door as he closed it kissing her hard pressing into her. His hardness pressed into her and she pressed back into him. They walked to the bedroom with out separating their lips.

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   He pushed her back onto the bed. He began to take his pants off as she was taking off her shoes and dress. She lay on her stomach across the bed. Her black thong accented her round ass. He watched her breathing as he took off his pants and shirt. He reached down and caressed her ass. He ran his hand up and down her ass cheeks. She sucked in her breath as his large hands kneaded and massaged her. He ran his had into her crack. He felt her wetness in the folds of her bare cunt. He bent down licking and kissing her ass, making his way down to her little pucker. He slid in his tongue. She rose up to give him better access. He pulled at her thong. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties, he drew them down her creamy thighs.

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   He pulled them all the way down discarding them onto the floor. He rolled her over and climbed onto the bed with her. He kissed her again pushing himself against her. He could feel the smoothness of her skin against the head of his prick. He moaned into her mouth. His hand found her breasts encased in the black lace of her bra. He squeezed them and tugged at them wantonly. He reached around her back releasing the clasp of her bra. Then, slid the garment off her arms discarding it along side the thong already on the floor. He pulled from her wanting to take in her whole beauty in her nakedness. Her creamy white skin was beautiful in the moonlight. She glowed in the low light of the bedside lamp. He pulled her back into him kissing her more urgently than before. Reveling in their nakedness, they pressed into each other feeling each other’s skin from head to toe. Sliding his hand down her body, he slipped his fingers into her wet sex.

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   She was so wet and ready for him. He had never seen some one so well juiced. He kissed her harder and harder. She broke from him. “Baby, you keep kissing me like that I am going to have to roll you over and ride you right now!” She exclaimed. “Is that a promise or a threat,” he bantered back. Definitely a promise. ”He pulled her back to him. His strong arms surrounded her. He had her so hot and ready. She pushed into him causing him to roll onto his back. She swiftly rolled on top of him. He leaned into him and kissed him letting her over wet pussy slide up and down his rock hard shaft. Her juice coated him. They kissed harder, both of them feeling the need for release.

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   He felt good against her. She was enjoying the fatness of his hard cock. He was enjoying the wetness of her cunt running down his cock and balls. She finally rose up enough to let his hard shaft enter her. This was what they had been waiting for weeks to have. The moment was finally upon them. She let the head of his engorged member rest at her opening. She wanted to savour this moment forever. She sank down over him very slowly letting every inch of him spear her with pleasure. When she was finally at the base of his cock and no more would go in she sat there, feeling him fill her up. They fit so perfectly together. She wanted this to last. She wanted this first time together to be so very special. “God, Baby, you feel so good wrapped around me. You are so fucking wet.

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  ”“You made me that way. You feel so good deep inside of me,” she said as she ground her hips into him. She began to raise and lower herself slowly and deliberately on his shaft. He pushed up into her so he could feel every inch of himself in her. They rocked together as she felt her climax begin to build. She ground her cunt into him pushing her clit into his pubic bone. He groaned with extreme pleasure. Clasping him tightly with her pussy walls, he began to get harder inside of her. She slowed down and rested upon his cock. The look in his eyes told her she was doing every thing just right. It pleased her greatly to know she was pleasing him so much. He gently pushed her to the side and rolled over on top of her. He reinserted his cock into her as slowly as she had sunk onto him. He pushed into her leaning forward and sucking her hard nipple. He rolled it in his mouth biting at it gently.


   She pushed up into him after entangling her legs with his. She wrapped her legs onto his and locked her heels behind his knees. Raising her hips, she bucked into him matching him stroke for stroke. He pushed into her deeply. Suckling her tit, he rammed his member harder into her. He ran his hands down her legs catching her behind the knees. He pushed her legs upward so he could get into her as deeply as he possibly could. He kissed the soles of her feet and sucked her toes as he fucked her harder. He kissed the tribal tattoo around her ankle. His climax was growing. He could feel her getting wetter. He pounded into her harder and sucked harder on her toes. She bucked into him as she could feel her heat get intense. “That’s it, Baby, fuck me with that fat cock. Make me cum on your cock.

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   I want you to feel my pussy cum on your cock. ”“I want to feel your sweet little pussy cum on me. Let your Pussy cum on me, Sweetness,” he replied breathlessly as he continued to fuck her with abandon. A few strokes more and her pussy exploded all over him. He leaned in and kissed her deeply sucking the moan from her mouth as her pussy walls gripped and stroked his cock. He continued to fuck her through her climax, making her cum longer and harder. She trembled under him as her orgasm subsided.
    He moved over onto his back. “You are gonna wear this Old Fucker out if you keep that up. ”She grinned back at him. Climbing back on top she lowered back down on him. “All you have to do is sit back and enjoy, Baby, I would have been more than glad to do all the work. I guess I better be careful not to put you into cardiac arrest. I can see it now trying to explain how I fucked you to death. ” They laughed together at this as they enjoyed the feeling of him being buried deep inside of her.

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       She began to rock her hips and work her muscles stroking his cock barely moving. She buried him deep inside of her and began to slide up and down on him. It was a warm night and they were both beginning to show a glistening of sweat on their skin. She rode him, enjoying the feeling of being full. She leaned forward and kissed him as she rode his prick, sliding it in and out, the tip lightly brushing up to her clit. This sent him skyrocketing. It felt good to have the tip of his cock sliding in and out of her. Rubbing her clit onto him, she continued in the manner for a few minutes. She felt him begin to get harder inside of her. She began to ride him harder, kissing him, pressing her tits into his chest. The hairs tickled her nipples making them hard. She moved up and fed him a tit to suckle while she rode him. He bit at the hardened pink tip of her breast. She ground into him harder. They were both going to give in to their pleasure at the same time.

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      “That’s it, Baby, ride my cock hard. I want to fill your bald little cunt with my load. ”She sat up straighter, placing her hands on the middle of his chest. She raised herself so he could watch his prick move in and out of her shaved pussy. She rode him harder, grinding into him. She wanted to bring him off with her. She wanted to feel him fill her up. She needed to make him cum in her. She needed to cum with him. This was going to be a very intense experience. She drove his shaft to the deepest place in her steaming sex. She sat there grinding into him and he grinding back to her. They were crazy with fuck lust and need. He could feel her getting wetter and her cunt getting tighter around him. He knew she was close and wanted to explode with her.

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       His cock got harder and pulsed within her. “I am going to explode all over that cock of yours. Fuck back at me. Make me cum with you. ”“God, yes, rub that pussy on me baby. Milk that cum from my cock and balls with that tight fucking pussy. ” She rode him harder. He pushed back harder. They were on the brink. She ground her clit into him and she felt his cock get as hard as a rock inside her slit. They fucked hard and passionately. As they reached their peak she leaned into him and kissed him. She kissed him sucking his tongue as her cunt was sucking his cum from his cock. He pushed his cock deep into her as he released his load. “ I am filling that little cunny up baby, use it to suck my cum out of my balls.

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       I wish I could fuck you hard enough to get my balls inside you. ”That was enough to push her over the edge as well and with that she exploded all over him. Her cum ran down over him and bathed his balls in their combined juices. She sat straight up on him enjoying the sensations of their orgasm. Her pussy continued to twinge on his cock. He was still hard in her and he let his member soak in her as they came down from their high. Droplets of sweat ran from her forehead. Her hair was damp. Her skin was glistening. He had never seen any one more beautiful than she was at this moment. He pulled her in tight and held her there. He stroked her hair and face. They kissed and touched and wallowed in their pleasure. They lay there until his cock softened and slid out of her. She slid limply off to the side of him.

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       He slid down her body kissing a path to her hot wet sex. He tasted their passion on his lips sucking it out of her. He gathered their nectar within the warm hollow of his mouth, scooping it out with his tongue. He moved back up to the head of the bed. He leaned over her slightly opening his mouth letting the frothy treasure inside drip onto her luscious lips. She licked it off with lust in her eyes. He leaned in kissing her passionately passing their juices between them. Wrapping his strong arms around her, he pulled her in close. Brushing her fiery hair from her face, he gently kissed her neck. She nuzzled into him wrapping herself around him. They were as close as two people could be. Content in their love for each other, they knew they were right where they belonged. .
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