After School Lessons


CHAPTER 1Extra-CreditThursday Afternoon, AprilIt was a quiet Thursday afternoon at St. Christopher CatholicSchool. The sun was beaming down, for a total temperature of 95degrees. It was hotter than hell, and Christof just wanted to get theout of his Science class. There wasn’t anything to do at this school,and it was all boring crap Christof would learn eventually. There wasan exception, however, to the “Everything here is boring” rule. Christofs’ science teacher, Ms. Thorton. Ms. Thornton was the ONLY reason Christof ever went to scienceclass. If not for her, Christof wouldn’t even come to this school. Fora woman of 30, she was VERY attractive. All the girls in school had towear these VERY sexy plaid skirts, but ChristofWould rather have seen Ms. Thornton wearing one. Just by looking,you could tell her skin was smooth, but Christof had longed to touchit… but not like a rape sort of thing. That’s gross.

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   Christof didn’tswing that way. “All right class, turn to page 332. ” Ms. Thornton demanded. Christof thought that she would be a very demanding person, but thatwas fine. She was most likely worth it- NO! she was TOTALLY worth it. *PLOP!* “Oh… that’s the third time today…” Ms. Thornton said, bendingover, exposing her pink cotton panties. Christof looked with aperverted gaze. This was one of the views Christof hoped would go onforever. As Ms. Thornton bent back up, her black rimmed glasses nearlyfalling off, she caught Christof stealing a look at her snatch. Shelooked at him and smiled, doing a quick wink. OH MY GOD! Did Ms. Thornton just give Christof a kinky wink? Christof could feel himselfgetting a hard on.

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   This was way too awesome for him to forget. “All right class, your dismissed. ” Ms. Thornton said. Everyonestarted getting up to leave, when Ms. Thornton said,” Excuse me,Christof? Can you wait after class? I need to discuss something withyou. ” Christof was feeling more than a little uncomfortable, his hardon still going strong. Holy crap. Was Ms. Thornton going to confronthim on the panty look? Christof no longer had a hard on, instead, itwas replaced with a cold sweat. This was going to kill Christof inside. Ms. Thornton was going to think Christof was perverted! Well, he was,and he was quite proud of it, but she couldn’t know!Everyone in the class had left, except for Christof of course. Imean, WHAT THE HELL! Christof was a guy, and a guy has needs! “WellChris, do you want to tell me what you were looking at while I waspicking up my book?” Ms. Thornton said. 

   I’m sure she knew what I waslooking at, but I was probably going to have to give either anexplanation to Ms. Thornton or the vice principal, so he decided he’drather explain it to a woman than some old guy in his 50’s who wouldtreat him harshly for seeing Ms. Thornton’s snatch before he did. “Well, as you were bending over, and I’ll tell you the truth, I waslooking at the white board. I was writing down the homework. ” FUCKTHAT! Christof wasn’t going to tell Ms. Thornton what he was REALLYlooking at! He may want to do her, but that blatant honesty would mostlikely get him in trouble, or worse, expelled! Then he would never getto look at Ms. Thornton again! Quite a dilemma. “Well Chris, I know what you were really looking at. I’m very hurtthat you couldn’t be honest with me. So, you’re going to have to makeit up to me. ” Ms. Thornton said with a soothing, yet cold stare. “Umm…Make it up to you?” Christof was confused. What would she make him do?“Yes, you’re going to do something for me.

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   You are going to give me abackrub, and you had better make it a good one. I’m very tense afterthe classes today. ” If there were a sound effect for an instant boner,you would insert it here. Christof was living a dream! He was going toget to give the hottest teacher on campus a backrub. It wasn’t sex oranything, but it was a start. “Well… alright…” Christof said withcaution. What if this was just a big joke? What if the school wasactually cruel enough to torture a student like this? The thought leftinstantly after she let him get started. “Umm, is this okay?” Christof asked, not wanting her to think thathe was aggressive. “That’s…that’s fantastic…” Ms. Thornton moaned indelight. Did she really like this? The thought hadn’t crossedChristofs’ mind yet, in fact, Christof wasn’t thinking about anythingright now. I mean, who would be? If you were giving a hot 30 year oldteacher a backrub, would YOU be thinking of anything but how good shewas in bed? Well if you are thinking of anything else that doesn’t haveto do with your teachers hot body, than your gay. Not that theirs’ anything wrong with that. “Hold on a sec, lemme just lower my shirt so you can get at my backbetter” Ms. Thornton said.

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   She slowly unbuttoned her shirt whileChristofs’ mouth was watering at the very sight of it. Never in hiswildest dreams had he of ever thought of this being a reality. Wheneverhe would dream fantasies like this, he was always aware that it was adream, so he would go through it and then clean his bed sheets. “Chris,are you thinking about me during class?” Ms. Thornton asked as Christofstill rubbed her shoulder blades, still in awe of her figure. “My nameis Christof” Christof said trying to keep his cool. “All rightChristof, same question. ” Ms. Thornton snapped back, Christof stillrubbing her back. Christofs’ boner was STILL going stronger than it hadever gone before. He thought of the answer for a long time, not wantingto be to blunt, but finally he answered,” Umm…yes?” Ms. Thornton lookedback at Christof through her square, black rimmed glasses and said,”Christof, do you touch yourself to fantasies about me?”The question dumbfounded Christof. Never in his life had he beenasked such a straight forward question. “Well you don’t have to answer. I already know the answer.

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  ” Ms. Thornton said sensually looking back infront of her with a slight smile on her face. “Here, this would beeasier without my shirt” Ms. Thornton said,” You’d like that wouldn’tyou?” Christof was trying to conceal his hard on, but Ms. Thorntonnoticed once she stood up to take her shirt off. “Maybe I should lockthe door” Ms. Thornton said “Wouldn’t want someone to walk in on us. They might get the wrong idea. ” She said unbuttoning her shirt. Shecasually walked over to the door to lock it and threw her shirt on thenearby chair. Christof was still sweating, nervous at the actions thatmight come to be. Ms. Thornton opened her drawer and pulled out abottle and said,” Maybe this would be easier with some lotion?” HOLYCRAP!“Umm…what would be easier with lotion?” Christof asked, puzzled asto why this teacher had chosen him out of all the other guys. Christofwasn’t the best looking guy in the class. In fact, he was probably thelast the girls would ever pick, but Christof knew that all of the guyswere shallow and the girls would find that out on their own.

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   Maybethat’s why he was picked… or maybe it was the fact that he was hunglike a horse, but who knows. “Christof, I know how you look at me. Doyou think I haven’t noticed? Almost every class, you try looking downmy shirt or looking up my skirt. It’s kind of hard to miss. ” Oh crap,was it that obvious? “Now, start rubbing. I’m still tense and thelotion feels good. It’s so creamy and makes me excited. ” Christof’s wasturning red from being teased for so long. He put the lotion on hishands and started to rub again, only glancing at the teacher’sbountiful breasts. “Ooo…it feels so good… Christof have you done thisbefore?” She said with a soft smile. “Not that I know of. ” Christofsaid quickly still dazed at the fact that this was actually happening. “Christof…rub harder, it feels good” Ms. Thornton said as shemoaned quietly. Christof rubbed a little harder, hoping that she wouldrepeat the request.

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   “All right, I think you’ve made it up to me. ” Ms. Thornton said sighing. “But how about some extra credit?” She said witha devilish smirk. “Umm…Extra credit, Ms. Thornton?” Christof said, alittle more comfortable now. The school, or any reality TV show,wouldn’t go this far to torture a student, or at least any thatChristof had ever seen, and he watched some pretty fucked up things!“Well, you see, my chest has been feeling a little sore, and thatlotion felt good on my back, so maybe you can do the same for myfront?” Ms. Thornton said with another one of her exhilarating winks. Christof had pretty much adjusted to his “penis about to explode”feeling, so that wasn’t bothering him anymore. Also, Ms. Thornton waspretty much welcoming him, so that wasn’t bothering him either, so hegot to it. Ms. Thornton then proceeded to slip off her bra, so Christof couldget at her chest easier, but stopped in mid-unclip of bra strap andsaid,” I want to see if you can do it. I’m sure you’ve done it morethan once in your fantasies. ” Christof was more than happy to oblige toher wish.

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   He fondled with the strap for about 3 seconds and thenunbuckled it. Her breasts were amazing looking through her shirt, soyou can guess how good they looked without any cover at all. “Get torubbing. That is, if you want to please me. ” Ms. Thornton said with aseductive tone to her voice. Now, Christof was motivated. He squirtedsome lotion into his hands and got to rubbing. Her breasts were godly,not too big and not too small. Christof cupped her firm breasts in hishands, as Ms. Thornton moaned in ecstasy. He moved his hands in aback-and-forth motion. “Christof, are you sure you’ve never done thisbefore?” Ms. Thornton said, eyes closed and still moaning slightly. Allof a sudden her moans got loader.

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   She was now moving massaging her ownbreasts, as she pulled Christof down, and kissed him. She moaned loaderand loader until she let out one earsplitting scream and she calmeddown. Christof was still in disbelief as to what had just happened. HadMs. Thornton just cummed, and did Christof make her? These questionsraced through his mind until Ms. Thornton said,” How would you feelabout after-school tutoring?”CHAPTER 2PermissionTuesday Morning, AprilThe next few days were awkward for Christof. After the after-schoolencounter, he had to convince his parents to let him get the “tutoring”that Ms. Thornton was offering. When he had finally gotten his parentsto let him, he eagerly left to school, not being able to wait a minutesooner. He had been abstaining from masturbation just so he would beready for the actions to be, but it was 9:30 at night, and schoolwouldn’t be until morning! Christof went right to bed, so he would bewell rested for tomorrow. Christof awoke early the next morning and walked to school earlythe next morning, anxious to tell Ms. Thornton that he had finallygotten permission. “But wait a minute! I don’t have science until 6thperiod!” Christof thought. But Christof had an idea. He was sure shewouldn’t mind if he went and told her at Break.


   So Christof waitedpatiently until after 3rd period. He then went to her room, eager tosee what her reaction would be. When he reached the room, he knockedthree times. The door slowly opened, and a voice said,” Christof? Whatare you doing here so early? You’re supposed to come after school. ” Ms. Thornton said in a surprised voice. “Here, come in. I don’t have a 4thperiod. ” Ms. Thornton said with a sensual smirk. Christof walked in,already giddy in a sense that he could guess what was going to happen. “Well, I’ve come to tell you that I got permission for after schooltutoring!” Christof said with a smile. “All right Christof. Well, Ihave to tell you that you’re failing my class, so are you interested insome more “Extra-credit?” Ms. Thornton said with a wink.

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   “Well, I don’tknow. I do have a fourth period. ” Christof said. He really wanted tostay, but he did have a fourth. Ms. Thornton than grabbed Christof bythe collar and said,” I’ll write ya a note. ” She then started tounbuckle his pants. “Ooo, Christof, this is the first time I’ve seen the guydownstairs!” Ms Thornton said, jerking Christof off. “I didn’t know youwere packing like this” MS. Thornton licked the head of Christof’sdick. She slid his 7” meat in and out of her mouth, working it aroundwith her tongue. “I’ve bet you’ve had THIS fantasy more than once” Ms. Thornton said, briefly taking his cock out of her mouth, and thenputting it right back in. Christof was enjoying this, the fact that herwet mouth was on his cock, and she was moaning up an erotic storm. “Shouldn’t we lock the door?” Christof said nervously, still enjoyingthe awesome blowjob he was getting from his science teacher “Someonemight get the wrong idea.

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  ” Ms. Thornton took his cock out of her mouthbriefly, still jerking him off to keep him hard, and said,” Shut up andfuck my mouth!” Christof needed no more say in the matter. He grabbedthe back of her head and pushed her on his cock. Ms. Thornton wasmoaning with a tone of being impressed that she was enjoying sex thismuch. None of the guys she had ever gone out with had ever satiated herneeds, in yet, one of her students was fucking her mouth like his lifedepended on it. “Ok, I think you’ve earned this. Jerk yourself off fora sec while I take off my bra” Ms. Thornton ripped off her button downshirt, spreading buttons everywhere. She then pulled down her pants,exposing a pair of white cotton panties. “Do you like what you see?” MsThornton said as she rubbed her perfect ass “I’m going to cut the crapChristof. I want you to fuck me long and fuck me hard. Judging by yourlittle friend down there, I doubt you’ll refuse” Who needs moremotivation than that? Christof pulled down her panties, staring in awe of her tight,shaven pussy and perfectly formed ass. He slammed her on the desk,doggy style, and slid his cock inside her snatch. She moaned withpleasure, as Christof accepted the fact that he was about to plow hishot science teacher. 

   Fuck all the jocks that said he would never get agirl and that he would be a virgin for life! He was doing it with theteacher they all wanked off to, and loving every second of it. “OooChristof, fuck me deep! Ahh! Oh!” Christof traversed deeper into hisscience teacher’s snatch, not wanting to disappoint. Christof wasfeeling’ good, so he changed speeds from moderate to hard and long!Christof was on the verge of cumming, so he pulled out, giving the cuethat he was going to release. Ms. Thornton grabbed his dick and shovedit her mouth, and jerked Christof off, practically begging forChristof’s jizz. “Oh my God! IM GONNA CUM!” Christof announced. Ms. Thornton took his cock out her mouth for a brief second to say,” You’dbetter cum!” and put his dick right back in, right as Christof wasCumming. Christof had a large load since he hadn’t jerked it in 4 days,but it wasn’t a problem for Ms. Thornton, who swallowed it whole. Christof pulled out, his limp dick still wet from his hot teacher’smouth. “That…. that was fantastic” Christof said softly, stillrecovering from the amazing sex.
    Ms. Thornton stood up, pushing herblack rimmed glasses back up to her eyes.

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       She took off her bra andreached into one of her desk drawers, revealing one of the plaid skirtsthe girls had to wear. “Who said anything about you being done yet?”She said as she slipped the skirt on, letting out another one of herwinks. Christof got another hard on to finish the job. Ms. Thornton bent back down, grasping Christof’s cock. She jerkedhim off, saying,” I know you stare at my tits every day. How abouttakin em’ for a spin?” Ms. Thornton pushed her breasts together andslid them over Christof’s dick, working them up and down. “Oh Christof,how many times have you fantasized about this?” Ms Thornton said,licking the head of his dick, while still jerking him off with herbreasts. Ms. Thornton was moaning loader than she ever had, making iteasier for Christof to cum, since it was exciting him. “Oh crap! I’mgonna cum again!” Christof said with a look of worry. He wanted this togo on for SO much longer. “Hold it in for a little bit, big boy! Don’tworry, it’ll be worth it!” But Christof couldn’t hold it in any longer. He cummed all over Ms.

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       Thornton’s face and tits, creating a wonderfulmess, to which she just licked off. After cleaning her self off, Ms. Thornton and Christof fell into a deep and loving French kiss, forcingtongues down each other’s throats. Ms Thornton took her tongue out andsaid,” Be at my house, every day at 7:30 p. m. If I’m not there,entertain yourself with this. ” She threw her bra at him “Incase I’m notaround” She said with one of her winks. “Here’s my address, and don’tbe late. ” Christof would NEVER be late for another one of these visits. “Here’s your note. Now get to class” Ms. Thornton said with a smile. Christof pulled up his pants and went to history. “Here’s my note sir”Christof said, and sat down at his desk. His best friend Brian nudgedhis shoulder,” Dude, what happened? You get in trouble with Thornton?”to which Christof replied,” Nah, just doin’ tit- LIT and stuff….

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      . ”CHAPTER 3Another Thornton to Tend ToWednesday Night, AprilChristof was excited for his first “tutoring” session with Ms. Thornton. What would happen at her house? Was she impressed with howwell he performed? These questions raced through his mind as he reacheda fancy looking two-story house. “Well, this is the address” Christofsaid to himself as he walked up the stone steps. Christof hesitated toknock. What if she didn’t think he would actually come (no punintended)? Well, that was a risk Christof was going to have to take. She had given him a key to the house, just incase he ever wanted tosurprise her. He unlocked the door and stepped in. “Where is she?”Christof thought to himself. He walked into the living room and foundno Ms. Thornton. , so he decided to “entertain” himself. Christof hadnever masturbated in anyone’s house before, but hey, he’d never had sexwith a teacher before a week ago. “Eh, might as well” Christof thought,whipping out his cock, already hard from thoughts of the actions to be.

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      Christof had been jacking off for a couple of minutes when he heard asound from beyond the closed doors of the living room. Christof onlyknew one other person who had doors for his living room, and that washis best friend, Brian. “Eh, probably just something outside” andChristof went on jacking. The thoughts and possibilities raced throughhis mind, until he heard the door behind him slowly open, and a gigglecaught his ear. He whipped around, just to be looking in the eyes of asmoking hot female, who just happened to NOT be Ms. Thornton. She was about 16 years old by the look of her. She was a brunettewith green eyes and a NICE rack, probably about 32D, which madeChristof gaze. He then suddenly remembered that his cock was still out. In fact, he had been holding it the WHOLE TIME and totally forgot aboutit. He quickly tried putting it back in his pants, but putting a 7”erect penis into your pants is not the easiest thing to do when astranger walks in on you. Christof finally put the beast back in thehole, but the girl had already seen it, and she just smiled. “Um,hello” Christof said awkwardly. “Oh, don’t let me stop you” The girlsaid with a wink. WAIT A MINUTE; Christof recognized this wink, thewink that had been given to him on that day of school.

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       Could this beMs. Thornton’s daughter? “Umm, I’m sorry…. I shouldn’t have been doingthat in here…” Christof looked down in shame. “Well, I’m kind ofimpressed you had the balls to do that in someone else’s house” Thegirl stepped closer,” Now tell me who you are before I call the cops”she said with a seductive smile. Oh yeah, this was definitely Ms. Thornton’s daughter. “Well, you’re Ms. Thornton was supposed to tutorme tonight, but I got bored…” Christof still looked down at his shoes. “Well, my mom is gone for the next 2 days. I’m surprised she didn’ttell you that” she said to the 14 year old guy looking down at hisshoes, who had just been masturbating in her house. “Well then I bettergo! I’ll just tell her I don’t need tutoring…” Christof strolled overto his backpack, still embarrassed that he had been caught doing hisdirty deed. He picked up his backpack, still looking down at his blackconverse, and started for the door. Christof was almost at the door,but as he walked past Ms. Thornton’s daughter, she grabbed his arm. “Mmm, rather muscular eh?” She said looking at him.

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       “Look at me. I wantto see your eyes. ”Christof was hesitant to look up. He wasn’t teary eyed oranything, he was just really embarrassed. He looked up anyway, just tolook into the soft green eyes of Ms. Thornton’s daughter. Christof hadalways had bluish-grey eyes, and he was rather proud of them. He wouldusually think most girls would be too. “My names April. ” She saidlooking straight into his eyes. “What’s yours? I think I have the rightto know since I just caught you wanking off on my couch. ” April saidwith a rather jolly tone to her voice. “M-mines Christof” Christoflooked back down at his converse. “What grade are you in?” April asked,not minding that he was still embarrassed. “Umm…err, I’m a freshman inhigh school.

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      ” Christof said. “You’re kind of shy for a freshman” Aprilsaid, bringing Christof’s eyes back up to hers. “Or are you only thisshy when you’re talking to a pretty girl?” April said with a smirk. That pretty much just hit the nail on the head. “Err…. umm that is…. . nocomment?” April giggled at the statement. April walked over and sat onthe couch, patting the seat next to her,” Put down you’re backpack andsit next to me. ” April demanded in a happy tone. Christof put down hisbackpack, and strolled over to the couch he had been so wellacquainted, plopping down in the seat next to her. “So…umm…are you mad about the rather lewd act I was committing onyour couch?” Christof asked, not looking at her. This was still areally awkward moment since he was sitting where he was when he wascommitting the act. “Not really. I already said it, but if you want tohear it again, I’ll tell you.


       You’ve got balls to wank off on someoneelse’s couch like you did. ” Christof felt a little less awkward. He gotthe impression that she was impressed at what he had done. “Well then,I’m still sorry…” Christof said shyly. “Well you could make it up tome, and my mom will never know. ” Déj.
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