Alone in Paradise


Being desperate and alone, isolated in the middle of nowhere is the cruelest thing life can do to you.   When you are 24 and in the prime of your life it’s even worse.   That’s exactly what happened to me 15 years ago.   I was freshly out of graduate school, a master in business degree and for a woman that’s an accomplishment.   Standing nearly 5’8” and weighing 108 pounds, I was attractively built, 34-22-36.   Bright blonde hair tailored to my face and highlighting my sky blue eyes and tanned complexion, I had a bright future ahead of me.   I had turned down eight men so far and two very rich ones at that.
Instead I headed to Hawaii and the South Pacific, but along the way things changed.   My private jet went down about three miles off the shore of a very remote island.   Uninhabited Island I should say, and the pilot was lost in the crash, as was the director of the company that was flying with me.   This was suppose to be an incentive flight to paradise and in the hopes that perks like these would attract me to work for them.   As I struggled to swim to shore I watched it sink into the deep blue along with my previous life.
I fought the tidal waves that rocked the shoreline to swim in and as I made land, I passed out.   When I awoke it was night and not a light anywhere except the stars.   I stumbled to my feet and found myself in total disarray.   My blouse was torn open and worthless to me, and my short pants were torn on the left side.

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    I was bare foot and the wet sand squished between my toes.   All I had was gone and I could find nothing in the dark, so I felt my way up to the edge of the sand until I could see a little better in the dark.   They say your eyes adapt and they are right, the dim starlight began to allow me to see forms and shapes of trees and I made my way under two bent palm tress and collapsed crying.   I fell asleep sometime later from fatigue and awoke the next day at sunrise.   If I had planned the trip it would have been paradise.   The golden sun and slightly red parched sky going to blue purple and then black was a masterful piece of art.   The serene gentle breeze through the air and the waving leaves of the palm above me were perfect, except that I had no food, clothes or drinking water.   I began to search the coastline and then scout around the beach area and suddenly by luck I found an emergency kit from the jet and some other items bobbing up and down in the lagoon that I had washed ashore in.   I made my way to them and found a medical kit, a survival kit and my suitcase.   There were also some finned visitors just a few yards away and I recognized them and quickly got out of the water, as two hammerhead sharks approached me.   I got the supplies to shore and found some canned meats in the survival kit along with peaches, corn and beans. Two bottles of drinking water and a blanket along with a plastic map of the pacific, all secured inside this backpack in my hands.   There was a flashlight, two flares, a box of wooden matches and bottle of fluid and an old timer lighter.   The multi blade knife wasn’t big but the blades were sharp, as was the small hatchet.   Then I found a loaded 38 and a box of bullets.

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    There was a compass and some weird little gadget that looked like a protractor and some pencils and an unopened small pad of notes.   The medical kit had bandages, creams and ointments and a few dozen packs of aspirin.   Just the basics for a cut or headache and one big surprise a bottle of vodka and another on of hydrogen peroxide.   I opened the vodka and swallowed half the pint before I knew it.   Then I opened a can of the meat and lapped it up and sat back under the trees with my haul until I realized I needed to get some clothes on.   I opened my case and found almost of them were wet as could be and filled with sand.   I found a tank top and a black pair of silk boxers and stripped myself and put my rags in the case and then placed the new ones on.   I also had a pair of flip flops in the case and quickly covered my bare feet.   Then I pulled the bags all together and drifted off to sleep on the beach on top of them.
I awoke late afternoon and the sun now behind me and began to get bold enough to look for real shelter.   I also knew I needed to find some firewood and most of all drinking water.   I wondered up the trails that were open areas between the palms and then along a small ridge until I heard water rolling along in a stream.   I followed the sound and happened upon a small fresh water inlet that was bubbling along and not more than two feet deep and crystal clear.   I flopped into it and drank and played in it as I rejoiced at my good luck for a change.   Then I began to look for shelter and just on the other side of the stream was the oddest looking thing I could imagine.

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    It was shrouded in jungle floral and vines and plants but it looked like a silver wing.   I went over to it and found the remains of an old bomber that had crashed there many years ago.   I nosed around inside and used a palm branch to clear away the cobwebs and found it empty and bare, but also a perfect shelter.   No holes in the top of it and an area big enough to sleep in.
I went back to the lagoon and carried all my supplies up to the wreckage and before the darkness set in I had moved it all inside and also found enough wood for a small fire.   Then as the night closed in I secured myself in the blanket and fell asleep.   After eating the canned peaches and drinking some of the fresh water I ventured out into the unknown once more and made my way along the ridge until I came to sharp overlook spot near the summit of the island.   The brisk wind began to swirl around me and as I looked out over the land, I could see nothing but trees and water.   On all sides of this island there were no other signs of life.   I had heard birds and see a couple of wild boars along my way, but nothing else lived here, but me.   I found and recognized some native plants that were edible from the pamphlet in the survival kit and gathered them up using my tank top as a grocery bag.
Now if you had told me a week earlier that I would be topless, picking berries and herbs and alone on a desert island I would have laughed, yet here I was.   The sun beat down on my skin, and I had no problems with that as I was already tanned.   It felt good and natural and seeing that I no one to hide myself from, I dropped my shorts at the camp and then scampered around looking for wood in the puff.   Along about the midday I got horny, and feeling quite pleasant to the touch I began to fondle myself and finger my pussy as I fantasized about being taken by one of the men who had tried so many times.

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    Then suddenly I started shuttering madly as my climax arrived in a way not like any before.   I yelled loudly and cried out so sharply that the birds hushed and flew away.   Then panting and moaning I realized how god you could feel if you just let go for a moment.   I went back to my camp and made a dinner of the things I had gathered and I used the hatchet to open and extract the milk of a coconut for my meal.   Then afterwards I built my fore at sundown and settled in my little nook for the night.   Day after day I survived this way and week after week.   No one but myself to talk to or share anything with, most notably my body, as almost every day I masturbated for hours in the warm sun or the cool water.   Then one day while out scouting I happened upon an old cave and went inside to examine it.   I found that once someone else had been marooned here and they left a book and some things I needed.   There was an axe, two old wooden tables not well made but still in good shape.   A hammock made from a parachute and a homemade rock stove in the cave.   Along with a way to get water from the lower parts fresh using a bucket on a pulley.  There were at least nine or ten thick blankets on what appeared to be a stone bed.   Then I found some interesting carved toys, dildos.   And one of a woman or at least her torso.

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I moved my camp to this remote area and set up shop here as I found it was easy to build a fire and kept it going using the oil that was in the drum the previous occupant had pulled in here.   It took very little wood to build one and the oil kept it burning longer and stronger.   I found a case of big wooden boat oars and a few small ones, so this must be the people from the plane I had found.   Then as I read his diary, it was clear it was the pilot who survived and was marooned here.   He buried the other three men behind the wreckage and then found this cave a few days later.   He recorded everything and some very interesting kinky dreams, hence the hand carved dildos.   I think he was normal at first but went gay after his only meeting with another person, a male native who was stranded here with him during a typhoon.   They couldn’t really speak but according to the entries the man was seduced by the native and was more his woman than a man afterwards.   The last entry spoke of the pair of them building a raft and heading towards the sun.   It sounded really strange but it said, “Open seas for three days lead to the paradise for me.   We only have to make it past the rip tides and then we can drift home.   We can do it if we swim out then paddle off. ”
I had no understanding of this at all, but after a few more weeks I began to accept my fate and enjoy it.   I started to go out in a storm one morning to play around in it, I was nude and horny and as I walked out the wind blew harder and the rain poured down.   I placed my naked body over three very smooth hard stones and spread my legs up and open and allowed the water to beat upon my flesh.

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    It was truly awesome to be naked as the lightening flashed around me and the hard rains poured down on me.   The pelting of my inner folds brought me to a squirting frenzy orgasm and then as I remained there finger my clit and squeezing my boobs something wonderful happened to me.   A small snake, the non poison kind slithered out of his flooding hideaway and into my uncontrollable pussy.   I was watching it happen and unlike any other time in my life when I would have fled screaming instead I screamed for it to stay in there.   I cupped my hand over the bottom portion and held it inside me as I felt it coil and recoil inside me.   I was creaming so much that I almost flooded it out of me.   The large heavy rain hitting my breast and nipples and upper clit and the snake rolling inside me sent me into a panicked climax that only ended long after the storm had ebbed to a drizzle.  
Still keeping my slithering lover inside me I hurried raced to the cave and found an old coffee can and slid it out and held it in the can.   It was eerie and weird but over the next few weeks I came to fall in love with this bright green little reptile.   It wasn’t trained by any means but I somehow managed to help train it, and soon at the end of each day, it would sleep inside me safely and give me the most erotic crazy sex and fantasy ever.  
I began to rely on its feeling and touch and one day when I couldn’t find my green lover I cried for hours and panicked over the fact it may have left me.   That entire day I wasted away until late that night it came home and coiled up inside my pussy once more.
A few years had passed by now since my arrival.   I had managed to keep track of time somewhat by marking the walls with lines and I counted 975 days in the cave and figuring I spent two months in the plane I had been there well over 3 years total.   In that time I learned to fish in the lagoon for crab and small fish.

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    Eat coconuts and herbs and berries and occasionally when luck was with me, I could knock a passing bird from a palm tree with a home made sling shot, my old bra that I had long since stop wearing.   Now my hair had grown long in the back and was tied with old shoe laces I found in my suitcase.   My pussy hair was a jungle as were my legs until I found by luck the man’s razor that had dwelled in the cave before me.   It was wedged between two rocks near the stone bed.   I used it and shaved away the hair from my legs and pussy and sharpened regularly on the lava stones in the mouth of the cave.   Totally emerged in my current struggle for sanity and survival I forgot about the other world.   I instead began to enjoy myself here and the feeling of my green friend, the wooden toys and my own fingers.   Then late one day, just before sundown I happened upon body floating in the water.   The man was dead and his face bloated badly by the sea.   I had not seen or heard neither a boat passing nor a plane overhead for almost a month.   I had no ideal how he got there but I pulled him inland and buried him for it was the right thing to do.   Then as I went on down the shore I found wreckage of a small plane that was being washed up.   Torn clothes and cushions and a box and some bottles.   Then luck was with me and I found his companion alive and unconscious.   She was older than I was by some years. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

    Her dress was torn and her arm badly bruised and cut.   I helped her to wake up and as I held her I realized I was naked.   She did too instantly and cried out, “Where am I and where is Stan?”
It took me almost two days to explain it all to her as my voice had been use to whispering to me only.   I took her to his grave when she was stronger and she wept uncontrollably for weeks afterwards.   In that time I found some crates that washed up and she filled me in on what they were and what happened to them.   Her name was Irene, 45, a former flight instructor from the main lands.   She was traveling around the world when her plane was struck by a flock of gulls.   The engine died and they nose dived down into the sea.   Her husband tied his vest to hers to keep her afloat and then he disappeared in the rip tides.   She managed to make it to the shore.   She was flying them to a small island resort that was only an hour by plane from this desolate place as she called it when the accident occurred.   We started to go through the crates and found a couple of phones but they were damaged by the water and worthless.   Then we found a satellite phone that worked.   She managed to make contact with someone on the island and using the map I had determined about where we were.   After a long drawn out debate between them, they agreed that in two days they would be able to find us.

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    So we went out and built a signal fire on the crest of the tallest ridge and waited to light it until the rescue teams were near.   That night we sat back and had a party.   The two of us danced in the moonlight, me still naked and Irene semi naked, as she was so glad that we would be found soon.   By the time she calmed down my inner feelings were mixed, I wanted to go but I also had grown very fond of my island prison.   I almost wanted to stay here.   Then Irene convinced me, she swept me in her arms and began to kiss me and as we kissed she told me, “I am very bisexual and very much a horny old woman.   When I saw you the first day I wanted you now I am going to take you. ”
It took her almost three hours of her persuasive ways to get me in her spell, but after a long moaning climax and a bustling fondling time, I began to see her point.   She wanted to go home and she wanted me to go with her.
The rescue took place the next afternoon and soon I was whisked away to be shown on all the news shows and talk shows.   I was famous and better still I was beautiful as Irene paid to have me enhanced and toned up all over.   She moved me into her house in the country and we lived there for the next few years, until I grew tired of being sought after and pawed over by her friends.   She had basically turned me into her little bitch.   I was no more than a sexual plaything for her at best and a way to get more fame and money for herself.   Not to mentioned she used me to lure other women to her bed and then shared me with them for her own gain.

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So I packed up one night and now nearly 40 myself, I headed across the sea once more.   I made two stops just short of my now well known island retreat.   Then I landed on it with a small boat that I purchased with my royalties and fame and docked it near the cave.   I carried up the nine cases of supplies and the three duffel bags of things I might needed and then I returned and freed the boat to the call of the sea.   It was pulled out quickly and smashed by the undertow that ruled the edge of the island and then as it fell away, so did my clothes.   I stripped naked and retreated to my little rock home and there I made myself at home once more.
If you ask me why I came back, it was to enjoy myself fully for the first time since I was rescued.  I thought that someone else could make me happy, but I was wrong and when I found out the truth I returned here.  Here is where I am and want to be alone.  Well at least here and alone with my pet Boa I called Winnie.  The two dozen or so toys I brought also help as well.



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