An Anniversary to Remember


She could remember the first night he really touched her as if it was yesterday. It was so passionate and vivid. No one could understand what kind of hold he had on her. It was nothing that he, himself, could explain. Even saying that she worshipped him would not do her feelings justice. He sat there silently reading the text on the screen. Once he finished, he reached over and clicked the power off to the computer. Lourdes's heart felt as if it was going to stop for a moment as she watched him stand up. He walked right past her without a word. Once he had exited the room, she let out a soft, disappointed sigh. She could hear his boots thud with each footstep as he went upstairs. She sat on the sofa, tossing one of the throw pillows into the chair nearby, as she turned her attention back to the work in front of her. She knew if she did not finish with her article, it would never make it to her editor in time. Tonight, she simply could not concentrate on anything. Her mind kept drifting back to him. There was nothing she could do.

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   She never could initiate anything with him. The cruel streak that she loved in him would surface and lead to him mercilessly teasing her. She sat there staring at her laptop in a daze. She just needed a few more sentences to really punch up the ending. The silence was broken by the same heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Quickly, she began to type again. It was not her most inspired work but it would do. Just as she had hit the button to send the draft to her editor, she felt his hands upon her shoulders. Her eyes closed blissfully. His strong hands manipulated the knotted muscles of her shoulders and neck. All she could do was let out a soft purr as he massaged them. She was entranced by his touch. Her head dropped forward as the soft brown waves cascaded around her face. His fingers gently moved, tracing the curve of her cheek as he pulled her hair back. She nuzzled his hand as she turned slightly to look at him.


  His eyes caught hers as a slight smile curved on his lips. It was sheer heaven. He looked at the laptop, then back at her face. Without a word spoken between them, she closed the laptop and stood up. He took her hand in his and escorted her to the stairs. In the angst of finishing the dreaded article, the date had slipped her mind. He on the other hand did not forget it. He picked up the blindfold lying on the banister and covered her eyes. She cautiously followed him up the stairs, holding on to his hand tightly. The soft scent of roses and sandalwood filled the hall as they approached the bedroom. It was the most fabulous aroma. He led her toward the bed once they had entered the bedroom. He began to undress her slowly, slapping softly at her hands every time she tried to help. His warm lips soon caressed the newly bared flesh. She gasped softly as the trail of kisses moved from her neck down the center of her chest.

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   Lourdes swallowed hard, trying to hold back a soft moan. Each kiss fueled the fires that burned deep inside her. His lips moved down her creamy white flesh, down past her belly button to the very top of her red lace panties. He kissed along the top of them from one side of her hip to the other. His fingers gently slipped under the edge of the fabric, pulling it slowly down her thighs. She shivered as the lace fluttered against her skin along with the warmth of his touch. His lips inched down her leg as he pulled the panties completely down. He teasingly planned his spots, never letting his kisses land on an exceptionally erotic spot. She knew if she begged or tried to make him give her what she desired he would withdraw completely from her. It was the nature of their relationship. He knew how to control her without actually having to show the world that side of him. His voice was so smooth and seductive as he encouraged "Lay down on the bed Lourdes. "She knew exactly what he desired. She carefully crawled up onto the bed and lay down on her back. She could feel the rose petals covering the satin sheet as she lay back.

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   He knelt next to her on the bed, gently pulling her arms above her head. He tied a silk scarf around each, binding it to the headboard. She shivered again as his fingertips traced down her arms slowly. He knew just how to make her body react to make it crave him more of his touch. He carefully untied the blindfold and removed it, letting her get a glimpse of the room decorated with long stem red roses and white candles everywhere. He gently spread her legs, gazing at the soft pink heaven nestled there. He licked his lips as he thought about the delectable nectar that he would soon taste once again. He wanted to tease her first. His fingertips barely brushed the surface of her skin. Her body reacted, making her shiver slightly. Her candy pink nipples quickly hardened as his fingers traces around each of them, first the right then the left. He lowered his head, taking one in his mouth and lightly suckling it. Lourdes's body stiffened immediately from the sensation. She was so turned on by his every touch. He took great joy in teasing her.

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   Each touch pushed her further into the abyss of pleasure. She could not even fathom what really fueled his desires nor did she care. The only thought that consumed her was how wonderful his touch felt. She let out a soft moan as he nipped at her distended little pink nub. He caught it once more between his teeth and pulled back slightly. Her back arched as she let out another moan. His fingers faintly traced down her side toward her hip. As they moved across her pelvis and to the smoothly shaven flesh just above her clit. Her chest began to rise and fall rapidly in anticipation of what was to come. He meticulously plotted out a very indirect route to her clit, savoring the agony of waiting. His fingertips finally brushed against her clit, sending a rush through her body. He strummed it lightly as he continued to suckle at her nipple, nipping every so often at it. He slowly let his fingers drift down to her puffy pink lips. They were moist and parted, waiting for him like petals of a blossomed flower. The tip of his finger barely entered her velvety folds, gently stroking back and forth along the inside of her lips.

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   This alone could have made her orgasm but she knew that if she did not fight it he would not continue. He very slowly inched his finger inside her. He released her nipple and stared down at her face. Her eyes opened as she felt his gaze upon her. Her lower lip quivered as she tried to find the words but he just lifted a finger to her lips to quiet her. Her eyes danced as the passion consumed her. He watched the wonder that sparkled in them as he began to probe deeper into her wetness. He could see the need becoming more urgent with every thrust of his finger. He curved it slightly, letting the tip rub against the upper wall of her pussy. She let out a loud gasp as his fingertip grazed her g-spot. He began to concentrate on it, knowing the wonderful torture it was. He could feel the wetness increasing as it seeped from her already drenched pussy. He smiled cruelly as he pulled his finger away. He stood up, leaving her helplessly lying there. He very slowly began to undress himself, laying each article of clothing carefully over the chair across the room.

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   He could see her completely sink into a soft sadness. He had brought her so close to leave her unfulfilled. He smirked as he turned away from her. It was almost too good to stop. He had completely undressed before climbing back onto the bed. She had not moved an inch from where she had laid. Her warm pink flesh was still displayed for his pleasure as the glimmer of hope shown in her gaze. This time instead of his finger parting her swollen lips, the tip of his tongue entered her precious opening. With a few soft flicks against her clit between lapping deeply, he had her on the verge of an incredible orgasm, only to stop once again. Her body was so on edge now that the slightest touch would make her explode. She wanted desperately to beg him, but she knew that would not help her at all. He would only continue with his cruel exploits until HE decided it was time. He drew in a deep breathe, taking the scent of her deep into his lungs before exhaling. He blew the air out slowly, focusing it on her tender flesh. She whimpered softly, wanting so badly to cum.


   He plunged two fingers deep inside her quickly as his mouth quickly covered her clit. He began to suck ferociously on it as his fingers plunged deep with each stroke. This time he did not stop. She knew that he wanted her to let go. Her body bucked and writhed against the bed as she let the orgasm wash over her body like a wave crashing down on the shore. Her juices flooded out of her, coating his fingers and pooling beneath her. He continued to probe the tender, quivering flesh hard and fast until several orgasms attacked in quick succession. Her entire body trembled as she collapsed against the bed at the end of the final orgasm. He withdrew his fingers and began to tenderly lap at the sweet juices until he had cleaned up every drop that clung to the delicate flesh. He then offered his fingers to her, tracing the tips of them over her lips as he nodded. Without hesitation, she parted her lips, taking his fingers into her mouth as she began to suck softly. Her tongue worked frantically to collect every bit of her sweet nectar from his skin. Despite the multiple orgasms she had just endured, her craving for him had not subsided at all. She wanted him now more than ever.
    She wanted to return the fabulous amount of pleasure that he had given her.

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       A disappointed sigh slipped free as he pulled his fingers from her mouth. She looked up at him like a scolded child, searching his face. He did not say a word, just stood up and walked into the bathroom. Her heart sank, thinking she had disappointed her lover in some unknown way. After several minutes, he returned. He released her from the binding and slipped his arms under her, scooping her up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she curiously gazed into his eyes. He kisses her lips softly, sucking the lower one into his mouth and sucking it lightly before pulling away and releasing it. He carried her into the bathroom. The entire room was bathed in the warm glow of candlelight. The flickering light illuminated every subtle curve of her body so elegantly. He carried her to the large bathtub and carefully placed her into it. Rose petals floated on the surface of the water. He climbed in behind her. The warm water engulfing their bodies as he softly stroked her skin, pulling her back against him.

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       His hands continued to roam over her body. His lips began to explore the delicate curve of her neck. She could feel his swollen shaft pressing against the small of her back. She longed to feel it inside her. He continued to kiss the sensitive spot just above her collarbone. She was lost in the moment completely when he stopped. His lips moved to her earlobe, sucking it into his mouth as he nipped at it. He released it. "Turn around Lourdes" he whispered into her ear. She quickly obeyed his request, turning to face him. He repositioned himself slightly before allowing her to straddle him. His fingers wrapped firmly around his throbbing shaft, holding it perfectly still for her. She bit down on her lower lip as she felt the tip parting her lips. He released his grasp and softly held her waist as she lowered herself onto him. Her eyes widened as she gasped.


      Inch by inch he sank into her velvety folds. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. Her muscles stretched around him, conforming to fit him perfectly as she settled on his lap. He was buried deep inside her. His strong hands moved gently over her sides as she began to ride him. Their eyes remained locked on each other's as if they could see straight into the other's soul. The soft lapping of the water and their moans were the only sounds. They did not need to speak. Everything they felt, everything they needed to say to one another, was visible in that stare. Her hands gripped his shoulders as her head dropped back for a brief moment. She let out a loud moan as the first tremor of an orgasm passed through her body. He smiled devilishly as he thrust up into her. Their bodies moved in perfect time with each other. She flexed her muscles around his swollen shaft, gripping it tightly as she fought off another orgasm, wanting this time to wait until he joined her. His hands moved along her glistening, wet flesh.

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       He cupped her soft round breasts in his hands as they bounced. His fingers brushed against her nipples before pinching and rolling them. He watched her face contort with pleasure as she began to ride him harder. They knew each other's bodies so well that they could sense the other's orgasm seconds before it hit. She knew by the way he pulsed inside her that it would not be long now. Her pace quickened ever so slightly. He gritted his teeth as he tried to hold back but she knew what would set him off. She began to slowly rake her nails over his bare chest. He moved his hands back to her hips, pulling her down harder on his swollen shaft. She slammed her body down onto his each time, impaling herself with all her might. The orgasm that had been building inside them both suddenly broke free. He pulled her to him as she continued to ride him. His tongue pushed past her lips and invaded her mouth. Their passion consumed them as the kiss became deeper and more intense. The mingled moans filled the room as thick ropes of his cum flooded into her spasming wetness.


       He could feel her muscles milking every drop from him as the continued. Both of them knowing they could not stop until there was nothing left. Slowly their movement ceased. The kiss was broken as they gazed into each other's eyes again. A smile of indescribable happiness crossed her lips as he looked at her. She had never felt more beautiful, perfect or more loved than she did at that moment. It was as if any insecurity or doubt she ever had melted away in that moment. He smiled at her knowing she finally understood. His voice broke the silence as he softly whispered to her. "Happy Anniversary Lourdes. ".

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