Anchors Away!


This story begins the day of President Kennedy's ultimatum to the Cubans and Russians. We had gotten married that day and were just spending the day riding around the area sightseeing. My Bride was from the hills of Kentucky and had never seen the ocean. She asked if I would show her the Boston Harbor area, so I drove her all around the area for a while before we decided to head for my apartment. She had just come to town that day from Lexington by bus and were going to take a trip up the coast for our honeymoon. I had gotten leave for two whole weeks and had saved up and bought this cute little camper to pull behind my 59 Ford truck. This was going to be a real cozy trip I hadn't seen her since summer and was looking forward to making up some lost time with her. Believe it or not, she was still a virgin when we married and I had only been with one other girl in my life. that was way back in high school and she was known as a roundheel, if you get my drift.
We had just got to the apartment and she was in the bathroom, showering and getting all nice and pretty for me. I turned on the television and saw the President giving his now famous speech. As it ended, I could hear ships at the base only about a mile from the apartment getting underway. The ships' horns were blowing as first one then the other backed out of the piers. One of the Chiefs from my ship lived in the apartment building. He was soon pounding on my door telling me to get dressed and he would give me a ride to the ship. All leaves had been cancelled.

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   He was a Gunner's Mate and they had called him from the ship and told him to tell me to come too. I called into the bathroom and told Janet that I had to go and right now! She ran, dressed only in a towel and kissed me goodbye. She looked so sexy, even without makeup.  I was so tempted to grab her towel and take her to bed before I left, but the Chief was in his car blowing his horn for me. I ran out the door and down the steps to the street. As the door closed on the car, he took off, squealing the tires and moving as fast as he could towards the base. The Marine at the gate wasn't even checking for ID's. he was flagging cars through as fast as they could go, but there was a jam of cars trying to get on the base. We finally got through  and raced towards the ship and pulled into a parking space right at the head of the pier. We ran down the pier and up the brow to the quarterdeck. Guys were running everywhere trying to get things ready to pull out. I ran to my duty station, which was up in the pilot house at the helm. The chief took off to make sure the guns would be ready if needed. A blast from the big horn told us we were underway and getting ready to back her down.
We backed out and turned towards the open end of boston harbor and the open sea.

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   As we broke out into the Atlantic, the word was passed to secure the special sea detail, which meant The regular watch would take the helm and I could go below. As I walked quickly across the deck to grab a smoke before going below, I heard a familiar voice from the shadows, " Psst, David!  Over here" I turned and saw my wife standing there in one of my uniforms and a peacoat with her short blonde hair tucked under a white hat. I froze at the sight. If she was discovered, we both were in a world of hurt. She would be taken off the ship in handcuffs and I would be courts marshalled. i grabbed her and headed aft to where the boat was slung in the ways. I undid the cover over the motor whaleboat and pushed her over the side into it. I stood there in the shadows and asked her what was going through that pretty head of hers to risk stowing away on a warship headed in harm's way. She said she wasn't going to let me leave her without me making her a real woman. I tried hiding a smile about that idea and told her to keep her head down and be quiet till I returned. I turned and walked into the darkness and lit another smoke while I tried to figure out where to hide her. I knew we were headed for Norfolk, VA to pick up a SEAL team and some more supplies, then on to Cuba. If I could only hide her till we got to norfolk, maybe I could sneak her off the ship in a working party.
After the midwatch was set and things were quiet on board, I strolled back to the ladder leading up to the whaleboat. I slowly unfastened the boat cover and looked in.

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   She was sound asleep. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and slipped silently into the boat with her, pulling the cover over the top rail on the boat so it looked fastened down in the darkness. I lay beside her and put my arm around her. She moaned softly and snuggled close to me. Immediately, my cock was pushing at her butt. She woke and kissed me passionately, then began peeling her clothes off. Here I was, at sea on a warsip and looking at my new bride's naked body for the first time. there was just enough light coming through the open spot on the cover to see every curve on her body.  I began shedding my own uniform as fast as I could and remain silent in the boat. I had seen her only in a bikini before this and the sight was making my dick stand at full attention, I knew that if she was a true virgin, There might be some stains on the bottom of the boat, so I spread out the only thing I could think of to not only soften the hard bottom for her but to absorb anything that might be there. I spread out the Peacoat she had been wearing and helped her scoot her butt onto it. I was on top of her in a heartbeat, exploring ever inch of her luscious body. I held her firm breasts in my hands and kissed each one, feeling her nipples harden. She had chose not to wear a bra under my uniform in hopes of not having her boobs sticking out too much, but the fact is, she was firm enough, she didn't need one anyway. My dick was poking and probing for her pussy.

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   I reached down to guide myself to her and felt that she was soaking wet. I had seen pornos and pictures of guys eating pussy but had never tried it. I moved around and started kissing her on her flat tummy and started down towards her pussy. She was trimmed some, but nothing like today's young women do. Her hair felt odd as I pushed it aside and began to lick her slit, tasting her juices for the very  first time. I began to slide my tongue in and out of her, pausing to lick her clit as I had seen guys do in porn movies.
    Her hips began to respond, moving up and down in time to my tongue thrusts. I felt her grabbing my stiff cock and then starting to lick it gently, trying to get used to the taste and feel. She soon raised up and took my whole cock into her hot mouth. I thought I was going to explode right then. I whispered to her to stop until i had her ready to cumm. I ate her pussy like I had seen done and soon had her on the edge of her first orgasm with a man. She told me that she had mastubated a few times, thinking of me and dreaming about us making love. suddenly, she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and began to slam her hips upward to meet my tongue thrusts. She muffled her cries of passion as she began to shudder and shake and held my face down on her pussy like she was trying to shove my face inside her.

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       Her movements took me over the edge and I blasted her mouth with a load of my sperm. She started to gag as she tasted sperm for the first time but then began swallowing it as it squirted out of my pulsating cock. I buried my face in her pussy to muffle my own noises as she brought me off for the first time. This was nothing like masturbating. I felt as if my whole insides were coming out through my cock.
    As soon as we both had cumm, we lay trying to catch our breath and calm down. I soon felt her hand trying to stroke my cock. I moved so she could get to me easier and soon was hard as before, if not harder. I slowly moved over her until my cock was rubbing against her pussy, which was still wet from my tonguing it. I held my cock aganst her lsit and rubbed a few times to lube my head. I then started to push the head of my cock into her. I felt it pushing through her lips and then against the resistance of her hymen. I leaned down and kissed her real deep to keep her from making any noise and pushed harder until the resistance left and my cock slid a few inches inside her. I stopped pushing, letting both of us get used to the feeling of my cock inside her. I then slowly pushed until I had the whole length of my cock inside her with my swollen balls resting on her ass.


       I had lifted my mouth to let her breath and also so I could breath as well. i moved to a firm breast and began to suck her nipple, licking it with my tongue. I then began to move in and out of her pussy which was clamping down on my cock like a vise.  The combination of her tight pussy clamping down on my cock and the movement of her sexy body was more than I could take and I came, pumping stream after stream of sperm deep inside her. She muffled a scream by kissing me and began to orgasm herself. I fould feel the waves of her orgasm squeezing my cock and pumping me dry. I kept buried to the hilt until I was empty. I lay resting on her firm body, thinking to myself that we had just consumated our marriage on a warship headed for possible combat. I glanced at my wristwatch and saw that i had only a little bit of time to get ready to take my turn at the helm. I sqirmed around, getting my uniform on enough to hurry down to my bunk to change for my watch. I fastened down the boat cover and slipped away into the night.
    I the next episode, I will tell you how we got her off the ship and Headed back to Boston and the safety of our apartment.   

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